Review of 10 Recommended Water Filters for the Best Faucets (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – There are various types of water filters on the market, with various brands of the best faucet water filters. Some put it on bathroom faucets, kitchen faucets, garden faucets, and other water faucets. Usually this product is sought after by people because the water in their homes is not clear and smells. If consumed without using a filter, of course, it will affect health.

Best Faucet Water Filter
Faucet Water Filter Illustration / Muypymes

You can feel itching, stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and it can even affect the performance of the kidneys if the water you consume is not filtered first. The cause of the disease is of course due to the presence of germs or harmful compounds in the water. So you need to choose the right product to prevent bad things from happening.

By using a water filter, you are one step ahead of maintaining the health of you and your beloved family. Then, how to choose a water filter for the best faucet? Come on, see the following review!

How to Choose a Water Filter for a Good Faucet

If you want to find a product with good quality, of course the process of choosing it should not be arbitrary. Well, here are some ways to choose the best faucet water filter that you can do so that the water quality at home is better.

1. Choose the type of faucet water filter as needed

Not only the best faucet water filter brands are different, there are also various types. There are electric and non-electric faucet water filters. Of course, this type of electricity requires the help of electrical energy in order to operate properly. That doesn’t mean it has to be plugged into an outlet every time it’s going to be used, right!

There are batteries of various capacities inside that store energy. Well, the function of the battery is usually for monitoring the water in the best faucet water filter. If the type is non-electric, of course, it does not need the help of electrical energy at all. Usually there are types of water filters that have two flow points, but there are also those that only have one water flow.

2. Pay attention to the faucet water filter material used

In order to produce clean water, of course there are several materials used in making the best faucet water filters. Some of the materials used include Ceramic Composite Filter Elements, Stainless Steel Strainers, Natural Ceramic Diatoms, Calcium Sulfite Particles, Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, Medical Stone, Tourmaline, Activated Carbon, PP Cotton, and Stainless Steel Strainers.

These materials will usually be arranged into layers so that the water filtration process becomes more leverage. The water that flows from the best faucet water filter can be more hygienic. Not that every product uses the same ingredients, yes!

3. Know the features of the faucet water filter

There are some of the best faucet water filters that have additional features. Examples of these features include the Tap Water mode, which only needs to be touched until the water comes out directly without being filtered. Then, there is the Pure Water mode where the water flows after being filtered first. Then, there is a Cleaning mode which functions to clean the filter. Not only that, there are also the best faucet water filters that have a backwashing filter system to prevent clogging.

Like other household products, water filters for faucets are also produced by various brands which are then sold at various price options. Well, here are ten recommendations for water filters for the best faucets selected by Ainun that can be used as an alternative in choosing a faucet filter.

1. Niitaka Repure

Water Filter for Faucet Best Niitaka Repure
Filter Kran Niitaka Repure

The first recommended faucet water filter is the Niitaka Repure which has three modes. 
The first mode is Tap Water, where you can use the water to wash your hands, dishes, or clothes. Then, there is the Pure Water mode where the filtration results can be used for cooking, washing rice, and drinking.

Meanwhile, the third mode is called Cleaning with its function to clean the filter which can be run for at least 30 seconds every day. That way, the filter cartridge will not be easily damaged. In addition, the advantage of this faucet water filter is the backwashing filter system that can prevent clogging. This best faucet water filter also complies with the Japanese Standard JIS S320.

2. Faucet Water Filter Micoe

Water Filter for Faucets Best Micoe Faucet Water Filter
Faucet Filter Micoe Faucet Water Filter

This faucet water filter is made by Micoe whose products are not only sold in Indonesia, but also in various other developed countries, such as America, Russia, and England. 
Means the quality is unquestionable, right? The elegant design coupled with the advantages it has, makes this product can last up to six months. It still depends on the quality of the water source and how it is used, yes!

Well, another advantage that the Micoe water filter has is that it can maintain mineral elements that are good for health. No need to worry because this best faucet water filter can be used to filter cold or hot water. The speed of flowing water can be up to 2.5 lpm with a filtration accuracy of up to 0.1 Mm. So, are you still hesitating to choose it?

3. Waterplus+ FFT-022

Water Filter for Best Faucet Waterplus+ FFT-022
Filter Kran Waterplus+ FFT-022

If you are looking for a water filter that can flow up to 2 lpm, then the Waterplus+ FFT-022 can be the choice of faucet water filter. 
By using Waterplus+ FFT-022, you can purify water from rust deposits and other harmful substances. Interestingly, you can apply this best faucet water filter to various types of faucets, such as wall faucets, garden faucets, goose faucets, kitchen mixers, bath mixers, and basin mixers. However, the condition is that the faucet is not a type of faucet with an inward aerator or a short thread.

If you attach this filter to the kitchen faucet, then you can rinse dirty kitchen utensils faster. The water temperature can be up to 20°C. So, the flowing water will feel fresh. For example, the cartridge has started to get dirty, you can immediately know the condition because the cartridge cover is transparent.

4. Midea Water Purifier MC122-2

Water Filter for Best Faucet Midea Water Purifier MC122-2
Filter Kran Midea Water Purifier MC122-2

The next faucet water filter recommendation is the Midea Water Purifier MC122-2 which is a non-electric filtration type. 
In this product, you will be given a faucet with a filter or without a filter. Can be adjusted to the wishes and needs, yes! You can get clean water after the water passes through the four filter levels on this product. The first level has SUS304 Stainless Steel Screen, PP Filter, Carbon Fiber Filter, and PP Filter again.

Even though it passes through four filter levels, you can get clean and hygienic water quickly. This best faucet water filter can absorb up to 96 percent chlorine. Water that has been filtered by Midea Water Purifier MC122-2 can be used for various things, such as washing your face, washing vegetables and fruits, or boiling to make coffee and tea.

5. PENNYU Ceramic Water Filter

Water Filter for Best Faucet PENNYU Ceramic Water Filter
PENNYU Faucet Filter Ceramic Water Filter

There are various materials used to make faucet water filters, one of which is ceramic which is designed in a modern way. 
Well, you can get these products when you choose a faucet water filter from PENNYU. In it there is activated carbon which serves to kill dirt and germs in the water up to 99 percent. That way, the water produced becomes more hygienic.

If it is hygienic, the water can be used for baby needs, washing your face, fruit, and vegetables. For example, if the water source is cloudy, then you must clean the best faucet water filter cartridge as often as possible so that the quality of the filtered water remains good. PENNYU products are guaranteed at least one year. So, if there is damage, you can take advantage of the warranty.

6. Xiaomi Yimu

Water Filter for Xiaomi Yimu Best Faucet
Filter Kran Xiaomi Yimu

You must be familiar with the Xiaomi brand, right? 
This brand makes several electronic products, one of which is Xiaomi Yimu. If other faucet water filters don’t use electrical energy, it’s a different case with this Xiaomi product. Well, the function of the 1000mAh battery on this Yimu water filter is to turn on the water monitoring feature.

With this feature, you can know real time and accurate water quality calculations. Well, you can see the data from the color of the ring light on the body filter, right! If you want to know other more complete advantages, just check the application on a smartphone. Interestingly, you will be given three choices of adapters of different sizes so that they can be attached to various types of faucets.

7. Starco Diatom Ceramic Filter

Water Filter for Best Faucet Starco Diatom Ceramic Filter
Filter Kran Starco Diatom Ceramic Filter

The next faucet water filter recommendation is the Diatom Ceramic Filter which is made of ABS with a transparent body to make it easier for you to control the filter. 
Well, viruses, bacteria, chlorine, and other impurities can be separated from running water because this filter uses good quality coconut shell activated carbon. There are 7 levels of high purity and 5 precision filtrations that deliver up to 90 liters per minute of filtration.

You don’t need to worry because this product can be attached to many types of faucets in the bathroom, kitchen, and so on. In addition, this best faucet water filter is also easy to clean using gauze. If you are diligent in cleaning it regularly and the water quality is not too dirty, this product can be used for up to 6 months.

8. Kenmaster Activated Carbon Water Filter KM-29

Water Filter for Best Faucet Kenmaster Activated Carbon Water Filter KM-29
Kenmaster Faucet Filter Activated Carbon Water Filter KM-29

Are you looking for a faucet water filter at an affordable price? 
If so, then you can choose the Kenmaster Activated Carbon Water Filter KM-29. Although affordable, this water filter can be placed on both indoor and outdoor faucets. Well, the material is elastic so it can be used for various types of faucets at home.

This product can work to filter water from various germs and harmful substances because of the active carbon and siliceous ions. If you don’t like this best faucet water filter, which is blue, you can choose another color. You can get this product easily online or offline.

9. KONKA Water Purifier

Best Faucet Water Filter KONKA Water Purifier
Filter Kran KONKA Water Purifier

The next faucet water filter recommendation is a product from the KONKA brand which is already known by many people, both Indonesia and abroad. 
This product is made using Ceramic Composite Filter Element material which is of course food grade. In addition, this product also includes a type of faucet water filter that does not require electricity. Even so, the water flow can be up to 2 liters per minute without a break so that the process of washing vegetables, fruit, dirty utensils becomes faster.

This product has 9 layers of filters to improve water quality, namely Stainless Steel Strainer, Natural Ceramic Diatom, Calcium Sulfite Particles, Coconut Shell Activated Carbon, Medical Stone, Tourmaline, Activated Carbon, PP Cotton, and Stainless Steel Strainer. That way, running water can be cleaner and odorless. Take it easy because the good minerals that are beneficial for health will be maintained.

10. Zernii Water Filter

Water Filter for Faucets Best Zernii Water Filter
Filter Faucet Zernii Water Filter

Dirty water will certainly make your skin feel itchy if used continuously. 
Therefore, you need a faucet water filter to make the water cleaner and healthier. Well, the recommended faucet water filter that is also affordable is the Zernii Water Filter. This product can also be installed on various types of faucets, yes!

There are two filters in this best faucet water filter, namely through cotton and activated carbon. When water passes through the cotton, dirt and fine dust will be filtered out. Then, the water is further purified when it passes through the activated carbon. If you live in a boarding house and the water is not clear, then buy this product at the nearest household supply store.

How to Install a Faucet Water Filter

If you buy the best faucet water filter, of course you also need to know how to install it. Well, here are the steps that need to be done to install a faucet water filter. Although they are different, in general, the installation method is the same. So, you don’t need to ask a special technician for help, right!

1. Make sure the type of faucet for the bathroom, kitchen, garden, or other faucets where the filter will be installed has an aerator out or a long thread.

2. Make sure the best faucet water filter you have chosen is clean before you install it on the faucet.

3. Install the appropriate connector or adapter between the filter and the faucet head to prevent leakage. Not only one, there are several filter brands that will provide several adapters so that they can be used in various kinds of water faucets.

4. Attach the faucet water filter directly to the faucet head and make sure it is firmly attached. Usually you will be given a wrench that can help to tighten the installation of the water filter.

5. Check the filter by immediately opening the faucet water flow for some time. Make sure the water flow smoothly without any obstacles to be comfortable when used.

6. Don’t forget to do regular cleaning, starting from the best faucet water filter body and the filter cartridge part. You can use other supporting tools to clean these parts, such as brushes, gauze, and so on.


It is undeniable that water has an important role for the life of living things, one of which is humans. But unfortunately, there is still dirty or contaminated water in the house. You want to use or consume clean and healthy water, right?

From the review of ten recommendations for water filters for the best faucets above, which product do you think you want to choose? Make sure it matches the criteria for the desired product, yes! That way the quality of the water consumed or used for various needs can be better.

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