10 Best Hearing Aids Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For most people, the ability to listen may be taken for granted. However, the response will be different if you have hearing loss. The inability of the ear to receive a certain level of sound must be assisted with hearing aids in order to capture sound more clearly.

Hearing aids were created to help people with certain conditions that cause their hearing ability to weaken. If you are one of them, of course you need a hearing aids. There are many options available, ranging from different brands, types, and capabilities of capturing sound. Choose the one that suits you best!

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How to Choose a Good Hearing Aid

For those of you who are struggling to keep your hearing ability, hearing aids are a product that you can use. Cyber ​​Sonic, Beurer, BSL, and Siemens are a line of brands that release tools to help with hearing for those of you who have a hearing loss.

There are several types of hearing aids, each with a different ability to pick up sound frequencies. For that, you should first identify the various types of hearing aids and continue with understanding what level of hearing loss you have. Here’s the explanation!

1. Three types of hearing aids

Today, you will find many different brands and features of hearing aids. But basically, hearing aids are only divided into three types, namely the type of ITE (in the ear), BTE (behind the ear), and the type of hearing aid that resembles a walkman, or better known as the pocket type. The function of each tool is the same, but the capabilities can be different, including who is ideal to use them.

If you wear glasses, an ITE (in the ear) hearing aid is the best choice. This type will not make direct contact with the eyeglass frame. Its small size makes this tool easily inserted directly into the ear. Hearing is more natural because the tool is close to the eardrum. However, the ITE type does not have earplugs that vary in size.

For those of you who do not wear glasses, it would be better to use a BTE type hearing aid or one that is attached to the ear. This type has the ability to capture sound better than the ITE type. The variety of designs available allows you to match the tool to your taste in style. In addition, this type is also safer for children because it is not prone to falling.

For the pocket type, the physical pocket resembles a walkman. There are two tools, namely to hear and to receive sound, like a microphone. If you want to talk more clearly, place the microphone in front of the person you are talking to. Pocket-type hearing aids are generally adjustable in volume, but in terms of appearance, they can be quite annoying.

2. Measure first how serious your hearing loss is.

You and other hearing loss sufferers are, of course, different. If you don’t know the extent of your hearing condition, consult a doctor so you can get a referral from an expert to use when choosing a hearing aid. However, for those of you who don’t know it, here’s a guide to measuring how serious your hearing is.

  • Hearing level of 30–35 dB. Still relatively weak, you can use the ITE type if you have hearing loss at this level . You can’t hear a whisper at close range to identify it.
  • Hearing level of 45–68 dB. At this level, you begin to have difficulty having a conversation back and forth. The person you are talking to has to be loud enough for you to hear them.
  • Hearing level of 61–70 dB. In severe cases, the recommended hearing aid must perform very well and be sensitive to sound. At this level, the sounds around you are difficult to hear. When chatting, the person you are talking to should come close to your ear so that you understand what is being said.
  • Hearing level of 71–90 dB. At this level, you are nearing a deafness phase and the chances of being helped with hearing aids are very difficult. It will be difficult for you to hear sounds that are loud and close to your ears. At this level, it is also dangerous for you when walking alone because the sound of the vehicle will be difficult to hear, you can only see the physical.

3. Choose based on the level of your hearing loss. Ensure long-term performance.

. You have identified the three types of hearing aids and measured your hearing level in the range of levels. In the next step, you need to adjust the product you want to use to your hearing loss level.

If you have a hearing loss of up to about 45 dB, choose an ITE-type hearing aid for more comfort. However, when your hearing loss level reaches 60 dB and above, it is recommended that you use a BTE-type or pocket-type hearing aid because of their better performance in reaching sound.

Use a hearing aid product that not only performs well, but is stable and can last up to several days. Always do your best to choose products that can reduce noise so that your comfort is guaranteed during use.

10 Best Hearing Aids 2021


Here we go

The right hearing aid will help you communicate more smoothly, like people with normal hearing. Below, tomslead.com has selected ten of the best and brightest hearing aids that might be right for you. Yes! Choose the one that really suits your needs.

1. Cyber ​​Sonic

Best Hearing Aid Recommendations Cyber Sonic
Cyber ​​Sonic

Cyber ​​Sonic is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of assistive devices. It has a feature to adjust the volume of the sound from level 1 to 6. You can adjust the settings to get the maximum response. This one product is designed to be super sensitive and sensitive.

Your weakened hearing will be helped with this tool. This product can be used by all ages, including children and the elderly. Cyber ​​Sonic provides 3 silicone ear plugs, small, large, and medium. It’s up to you to choose which size is the most suitable and comfortable for your ears.

2. Sonic YL10

Best Hearing Aid Recommendations Sonic YL10
Sonic YL10

If you want to buy a hearing aid for a friend, relative, or maybe your grandparents who have decreased hearing ability, give Sonic YL10 as a special gift for him. This hearing aid will make it easier for them to communicate.

The Sonic YL10 has a frequency range between 300 Hz – 40,000 Hz. If you want to buy this tool, it’s better to buy a few batteries in stock. This tool runs on an LR44 type battery, which you can buy through online stores.

3. OEM HAP-20F

Best Hearing Aid RecommendationsOEM HAP-20F

It is equipped with features to suppress incoming sound noise, and its role in capturing and sending sound to the eardrum is very good. You will be greatly helped by this tool. The OEM HAP-20F is formulated behind the ear.

The size of this tool is small enough so that its presence is not so annoying even if it is used all day. In addition, the OEM HAP-20F is also easy to install. With the ability to capture sound up to a distance of 10 meters, this product could be the right choice for those of you who want to socialize smoothly.

4. Beurer HA50

Best Hearing Aid Recommendations Beurer HA50
Beurer HA50

Operation of the following Beurer hearing aids is very easy. You can memorize the buttons or switch settings without taking much time. Manufactured by a German manufacturer, the Beurer HA50 guarantees an audio output of up to 128 dB.

If you have severe hearing loss, try this tool. With a frequency range from 100 Hz to 6000 Hz, it really helps you to receive outside sounds more clearly. There are 2 batteries and 3 accessories included in the purchase, including a box to keep the tool clean when not in use.

5. Siemens Pockettio

Best Hearing Aid Recommendations Siemens Pockettio
Siemens Pockettio

Siemens is a manufacturer with experience in producing electronic goods, including hearing aids. This pocket hearing aid from Siemens is perfect for those of you who want to communicate in style.

Its MP3-like appearance makes it seem less like a hearing aid. This tool is suitable for use by all ages. However, we recommend it for the elderly or those of you who have a hearing loss below 120 dB. This tool is also equipped with 3 types of earplugs that can be of different sizes.

6. BSL SE-220

Best Hearing Aid Recommendations BSL SE-220
BSL SE-220

If you are bothered by the distinctive physical appearance of your hearing aid so it is easy for people to recognize, we think the BSL SE-220 will be a product you will like. This hearing aid was created to resemble the shape of a headphone. Instead of wearing a hearing aid, people think you’re wearing neck headphones.

This tool will help you stay active, especially in business matters. You can also focus on capturing the points intended by the other person when holding an important meeting. This BSL SE-220 can be connected to a smartphone. This function is useful for receiving voice mail or even listening to music.

7. Redcolourful YKL-801

Best Hearing Aid Recommendations Redcolourful YKL-801
Redcolourful YKL-801

At its launch, the Red Colorful YKL-801 immediately attracted public attention. The reason is that the tool is designed to have the exact shape of the headset. The smaller size makes this hearing aid comfortable to wear for a long time.

You can keep the microphone in the front shirt pocket. YKL-801 from Red Colourful is equipped with echo reduction and noise cancellation features, all echo or noise effects will be muted by these two features. This hearing aid can also be integrated into your smartphone via a micro USB connector, you know!

8. BION BTE C-108

Best Hearing Aid Recommendations BION BTE C-108

The battery life on each hearing aid is different. You may run into unexpected issues like battery drain at critical times, and this can be a pain in the ass. To avoid this problem, use this hearing aid.

The battery in this product is rechargeable. A charger is available in the BION BTE C-108 purchase package. That way, you can always keep the battery full. Because the charging period is quite time-consuming, which is 4 hours, you can recharge it at night.

9. AXON X-136

Best Hearing Aid Recommendations AXON X-136
AXON X-136

In addition to hearing problems, vision problems are sometimes experienced by the elderly. If you are planning to buy a hearing aid that is easy to operate for your parents, grandparents, or grandparents, the AXON X-136 will be the perfect fit for them.

The large adjustment buttons are easy to feel and even see for people with visual impairments. This pocket-type hearing aid is also flexible. In order to receive the voice sent by the other person, the microphone of this device only needs to be brought closer to the other person.

10. BION BTE X-168

Best Hearing Aid Recommendations BION BTE X-168

If you need a hearing aid with a maximum level of 50 dB, the BION BTE X-168 is a product worth considering. In addition to its friendly selling price, this tool also only accepts 5% distortion. For those of you who have mild deafness, we highly recommend this product.

The BION BTE X-168 is equipped with an on/off button so that you can not only adjust the usage time, but you can also save battery life when the tool is not in use. The on/off feature also allows you to turn off the device when in a crowd.


Using a hearing aid can be a solution for you to be able to communicate fluently with other people. In this case, you should be able to find people who can really communicate well without having to worry about each other’s shortcomings. This way, you will also not be burdened mentally due to your hearing loss.

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