10 Best Grated Cheese Tools Recommendations & Prices (Updated 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Cheese grater or cheese grater has the main use for grating hard cheese, for example Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese and Cheddar cheese . Currently, grated cheese is very easy to find in e-commerce, ranging from those that cost thousands to hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

Some graters are even multifunctional which can also be used to cut or grate other food ingredients. In this article, we will discuss in full how to choose and recommend grated cheese, as well as some tips for caring for it.

How to Choose a Good Cheese Grate

Nice Cheese Grater Tool
Cheese Grater Tool Image

Even for personal use, choosing a cheese grater can’t just be in terms of design, there are still several other factors to consider. Here’s more.

1. Choose based on the type of grater on the market

There are several types of cheese graters on the market, there are standard types that can only be used to grate cheese, but there are also multifunctional ones for grating various food ingredients. The standard type of cheese grater is usually used by grating the cheese on the surface of the grater, so the cheese can be added directly to the dish. Most standard cheese graters are relatively small so they can be stored with other kitchen tools and easier to clean.

If you want to feel the fun sensation of sprinkling cheese on the preparations you are making, you can start with a standard cheese grater. Unfortunately it takes extra strength to grate the cheese with this grater, so that the grated results are maximized.

Some cheese graters are designed with a container at the bottom of the grater, so that anyone can use them easily. So after use, the grated product can be immediately accommodated in the container and is suitable for preparing food that requires a lot of sprinkling of cheese or for beginners in the field of cooking. The grated results are also neater, because the position is more stable and doesn’t shake easily.

Apart from these two, there are cheese graters which are multi-sided in design and combine a combination of various grater styles in one tool, usually consisting of four to six sides. Such a design allows this type of grater to be used to make various forms of grated cheese, both long and long in shape to small powder form. There is even a grater that can also be used to cut vegetables, so its use is much more practical.

The texture of the cheese that is grated using a multi-sided cheese grater can change, depending on how it is grated so that it can be used for cheese that will be used to add texture to dishes. But this cheese grater is quite large, which of course requires more space in your kitchen.

Finally, there is a lever type cheese grater which is very easy to use, just put the cheese on the inside and turn the lever until the grated product comes out. Unlike the previous type, the brush type grater has a grater blade that doesn’t directly touch the hand, so it’s safer to use. The cheese that is put in it can be grated to the last grater, even to the smallest size. However, this type of grater is quite difficult to clean compared to other types.

Nice Cheese Grater Tool
Cheese Grater Tool Illustration Image

2. Determine according to the results of the grater

In a way, the cheese graters on the market are all made of stainless steel , because they don’t rust easily and are durable. To produce very small grated cheese, or even powder, you can choose a cheese grater with a small blade. The distance between the blades also determines whether or not the texture of the resulting cheese is smooth.

If you want to produce grated cheese that looks bulky as a topping for cakes , cakes, or other things, you can choose a grater with a large blade. Usually the blades on a large cheese grater are designed with a fairly tenuous distance.

Meanwhile, if you want to make a grater with longish cheese, you can choose a grater that has several blades at the end. Such a design will make the resulting pieces of cheese not easily cut off and will look tempting when used as a food topping . It’s no wonder that this type of cheese grater has been popular in recent times.

10 Best Grated Cheese Recommendations

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Whether at Shopee, Tokopedia, or other marketplaces , it’s not difficult to find cheese graters with varied designs, even starting at around 5,000 rupiah. In the following, Ainun reviews recommendations for several grated cheese products, some of which are multifunctional.

1. DDS Stainless Steel Flat Grater Cheese Grater

Cheese Grater Tool, Price - DDS Stainless Steel Flat Grater Cheese Grater
Cheese Grater – DDS Stainless Steel Flat Grater Cheese Grater

Made of 
stainless steel as the main ingredient, the DDS Flat Grater is a standard type of cheese grater that will produce medium-sized grated cheese. This product has two types of specifications, there is a stainless handle with a length of 10.2 cm and a width of 5.3 cm. There are also those who use a plastic handle with a grater length of 11.5 cm and a width of 5.8 cm.

The price of the DDS Flat Grater is very affordable, only around 4000 rupiah for products with stainless steel handles and 6000 rupiah for those with plastic handles. With such a cheap price, this cheese grater is suitable for beginners who are not used to using a cheese grater.

2. CaTalina Grater Multipurpose Grater 6 Sides

Cheese Grater Tool, Price - Multipurpose Grater CaTalina Grater
Cheese Grater – CaTalina Grater Versatile Grater

If you need a versatile cheese grater, CaTalina Grater 6 in 1 can be the right choice. 
Having six different types of graters allows you to grate not only cheese, but also vegetables or other tough ingredients. The handle part of this product is made of thick and quality plastic material that will not easily come off when held. For the part of the grater, food grade verified 
stainless steel is used so it is definitely safe to use.

CaTalina Grater 6 in 1 is made in sizes 8 inches and 9 inches, which can be adjusted according to needs. Available in two color choices, namely blue and pink, this grated cheese sells for around 45 thousand – 50 thousand rupiah, depending on the size chosen.

3. Goodlife Multi Slicer & Grater

Cheese Grater, Price - Goodlife Multi Slicer & Grater
Cheese Grater – Goodlife Multi Slicer & Grater
Every time you buy a Goodlife Multi Slicer & Grater product, you don’t only get a cheese grater, but you also get a cutting and slicing tool for various kinds of fruit or vegetables.

This product is equipped with 8 levels of blade thickness, 4 levels of cut depth, hand protector , slicing blade , cutting blade , and leg stand that allows you to make up to 32 variations of cuts without the need to change blades. With such complete features, the price of the Goodlife Multi Slicer & Grater is quite affordable, around 90 thousand rupiahs.

4. Quality GTS-48 Grated Cheese 4 Sides

Cheese Grater Tool, Price - Quality GTS-48 Cheese Grater 4 Sides
Cheese Grater – Quality GTS-48 Cheese Grater 4 Sides

Designed with four sides, each of which has a different type of grated cheese, GTS-48 Quality will make it very easy for you to produce grated cheese as needed. 
This product is made of 430 
stainless steel which has been confirmed to be food grade and will not rust for a long time.

Even though it’s four sides, the Mutual GTS-48 measures only about 8 inches, so it won’t take up too much space in a storage cabinet. If you are interested in trying this grated cheese, you can order it through e-commerce at a price of 40 thousand rupiah.

5. Freemir Multifunction Stainless Steel Grater 3 Levels

Cheese Grater Tool, Price - freemir 3 Level Multifunctional Stainless Steel Grater
Cheese Grater – freemir 3 Level Multifunctional Stainless Steel Grater

Freemir Grater Stainless Steel is designed with 3 devices at the same time in one container, there is a cheese grater or other food ingredients, a dryer, and a basin. 
As for the knife itself, it can be used as a fine grater, slicing knife, cutting knife, as well as a coarse grater, without the need to replace it.

So not only can it be used to grate cheese, this tool can also be used as a dryer for freshly washed vegetables and fruit, mixing bowls , and can even be used to heat food or cook soup.

Available in Pantone 325c green, this cheese grater from Freemir is made from 1 mm thick stainless steel. The price of Freemir Grater Stainless Steel is quite affordable, only 100 thousand rupiahs, and you already have a 26 cm pot, rice strainer, and planer all at once.

6. Trinity Kitchen Cheese Grater Rose Gold Series with Silicon Handle

Cheese Grater Tool, Price - Trinity Kitchen Cheese Grater Rose Gold Series with Silicon Handle
Grater Cheese – Trinity Kitchen Cheese Grater Rose Gold Series with Silicon Handle

To facilitate use, the 
handle of the cheese grater is made of silicone. Measuring 24 cm long and 5.5 cm in diameter, the Trinity Kitchen Cheese Grater will be very easy to use for grating medium to large sized cheese.

The grated part is made in rose gold color which looks luxurious with colorful handles , there are pink, navy, tosca, and gray. Sold at a price of 70 thousand rupiah, Trinity Kitchen Cheese Grater can be ordered directly through the Trinity Kitchen official store .

7. Boska Cheese Grater Oslo

Cheese Grater Tool, Price - Boska Cheese Grater Oslo
Cheese Grater – Boska Cheese Grater Oslo

For those of you who want to make 
cheese cake with long grated results, try using the Boska Cheese Grater Oslo. Unlike some previous products, the handle of this grater is made of oak wood which is long, slender and very easy to grip.

Because of its long grater, this grater is perfect for adding grated cheese to pasta, pizza , to soup. Boska Cheese Grater Oslo is made measuring 20 cm by 7.5 cm wide and costs around 240 thousand rupiah.

8. Cypruz Tool Rubber Touch Black Medium Grater

Cheese Grater Tool, Price - Cypruz Tool Rubber Touch Black Medium Grater
Cheese Grater – Cypruz Tool Rubber Touch Black Medium Grater

If you want to produce medium-sized grated cheese, for 
cheese cake, pizza, pasta, spaghetti, or other foods, the Cypruz Tool Rubber Touch can be the right choice.

The handle part of this product is covered with thermo plastic rubber which will not slip when used. Made with a size of 25 cm x 10 cm, the Cypruz Tool Rubber Touch can be ordered through the marketplace for only 29 thousand rupiah.

9. Chefio Stainless Cheese Grater

Cheese Grater Tool, Price - Chefio Stainless Cheese Grater
Cheese Grater – Chefio Stainless Cheese Grater

Chefio Grated Cheese is made from the main ingredient 
stainless steel 304 which is known to be anti-rust, food grade, thick and does not fade easily even though it has been washed many times. In this cheese grater, there are three different shapes of holes, ranging from small to large, so you can produce 3 different shapes of graters at once.

Apart from grating cheese, Chefio Grated Cheese can also be used to grate fruits, vegetables, chocolate, and other ingredients. Coming in dimensions of 30 cm in length and 11.5 cm in width, this grated cheese is sold at a price of 100 thousand rupiah.

10. Joseph Joseph Prism Box Grater

Cheese Grater Tool, Price - Joseph Joseph Prism Box Grater
Cheese Grater – Joseph Joseph Prism Box Grater

The Joseph Joseph Prism Box Grater is designed in a unique pyramid shape, so collecting the grated cheese is easier. 
Like the previous cheese grater, this product is made of 
stainless steel complete with 4 types of grating blades, for coarse, fine, extra-fine, and star size cuts.

This product is made with dimensions of 19 cm x 15.5 cm x 5.5 cm which is easy enough to put in the dishwasher. Even though the price is relatively more expensive compared to other products, which is 340 thousand rupiahs, the quality of the Joseph Prism Box Grater makes it very worth it to buy.

Tips for Cleaning a Cheese Grater

Cheese grater is indeed small, but its use is no less important than other kitchen tools. In order for it to last long enough, there are some tips that need to be followed to care for grated cheese as follows.

  1. Use dry white bread to clean the iron grater, just take a piece of dry white bread, then grate the bread on the grater which will also remove the dirt stuck in the grater. After that, wash the grated cheese using running water and dish soap like washing kitchen utensils in general.
  2. Apart from using dry bread, cassava can also be used to clean dirt or even rust from grated cheese. The method is very easy, take one piece of cassava that has been peeled, grate the cassava, let it sit for about an hour, then wash it and rub it with cooking oil. Leave the grater for a few moments, then wash again like washing kitchen utensils in general.
  3. Apart from using the two ingredients above, dirty grated cheese can also be soaked using clean water or soapy water for a few moments so that the dirt is completely removed. The soapy water will remove any dirt stuck to the grater, then wash the grater as usual, and dry it thoroughly. But this method can be used to clean the dirt on the grater that is not yet crusty.
  4. Cheese graters usually have fairly sharp blades, so it’s better to use an iron sponge to remove the dirt on the grater. It may be difficult to use, but metal sponges are better than soft sponges because they don’t rip easily. After the dirt is removed, just wash the grated cheese under running water to rinse it.
  5. A toothbrush can also be used to remove dirt left in the grate hole. It’s easy, all you have to do is prepare dishwashing soap in a bowl, put a brush in it and then brush it on the grater until it’s clean, then rinse and dry as usual. To make the dirt easier to remove, you can first soak the grated in warm water for about 5 minutes.
  6. After the cheese grater is used to grate cheese and coconut, try continuing to grate raw potatoes. Raw potatoes will make the cheese and coconut stains lift off the grater, so it will be easier for you to wash them off. After that, wash the grater using soap and running water until it is perfectly clean.

Cheese graters on the market are usually made of stainless steel which is quite rust resistant. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with routinely putting the grated that has been washed into the oven at 70 degrees for about 10 minutes, so that the adhering water quickly evaporates and prevents the grate from rusting relatively quickly.


For lovers of baking activities, a cheese grater is certainly a must-have tool in the kitchen. In this article, we have discussed in full how to choose and recommend several brands of grated cheese, including tips on caring for them.

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