10 Best Mini Dispenser Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For a boarding house child, the presence of a mini-sized dispenser is the best solution to maintain the availability of water. Having a water dispenser in the room will certainly be much more efficient than having to constantly buy bottled drinking water. In addition, the mini dispenser will also make it easier for us to get hot water without having to bother cooking the water first.

The advantage of the mini dispenser lies in its small shape, so it will be suitable for being placed in a limited space. The mini dispenser will also be lighter and more compact, and therefore be able to be moved easily. Not only that, mini dispensers are also sold at a cheaper price than large water dispensers.

Water Dispenser MiniIllustration Image of Mini Water Dispenser / (Little Dimple Brand)

Given the importance of mini dispensers, the following will recommend 10 choices of the best mini dispensers that can be considered. But before that, let’s look at the following tips for choosing the best mini dispenser.

Tips for Choosing a Good Mini Dispenser

Currently, various brands have competed with each other to produce a wide selection of the best mini dispensers. Each product has its own criteria and advantages. Some provide a choice of hot and cold water options, some are portable, and so on. So that you don’t make the wrong choice, let’s first look at the explanation of the following tips for choosing a mini dispenser.

1. Choose a Mini Dispenser Based on

The first tip to consider when buying a mini dispenser is the type. In general, there are two types of mini dispensers that can be found on the market, namely dispensers with gallons and dispensers without gallons. Of course, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

On the market, mini dispensers with gallons are easier to find. whereas the gallonless dispenser is a little harder to find. However, a mini dispenser without a gallon looks more minimalist because it doesn’t need a gallon, so it doesn’t take up too much space. While the gallon dispenser is easier to install.

2. Adjust the features

as needed. The next thing to consider when buying the best mini dispenser is to pay attention to the features provided. Generally, there are two faucets in each dispenser for hot and cold water. But there are also those that provide a dispenser with three faucets for hot, cold, and normal water.

In addition, pay attention to the child safety lock feature. So, a mini dispenser that has been equipped with a child safety lock is not easy for children to play with. The reason is, it is feared that the children will even press the hot water faucet. Of course this will be very dangerous for children.

3. Pay attention to electricity consumption. 

Of course, mini dispensers, which are equipped with hot and cold water features, require electricity to function. However, each dispenser product requires different electricity consumption. So, make sure the electricity consumption of the mini dispenser that you want to buy is in accordance with the electricity capacity at home.

Not only adjusting to the electricity capacity at home, but also making sure the consumption of mini dispensers does not make the electricity bill swell. Therefore, pay close attention to how much electricity the mini dispenser consumes.

4. Adjust to Budget

The last tip that must be considered when buying a mini dispenser is to adjust to the budget you have. Each mini dispenser product certainly has a very varied price. To make it easier to find the dispenser you want, set a budget first. That way, from the many dispensers that are sold, it can be reduced by selecting them based on the existing budget.

The purpose of setting a budget when you want to buy a mini dispenser is so that the expenses are not too large. It’s also a good idea to set a minimum and maximum budget, so that the mini dispenser selection process becomes easier again.

10 Best Mini Dispenser Recommendations


After knowing some tips for choosing the best mini dispenser, it might be easy to quickly find the right product choice. However, if you still feel indecisive and doubtful, here at tomslead.com some of the best mini dispenser product choices that can be an alternative. 

1. Little Dimple Water Dispenser HWD-817

Water Dispenser Mini - Little Dimple Water Dispenser HWD-817
Little Dimple Water Dispenser HWD-817

In the first place, the recommendation for a good mini dispenser to choose from is the Little Dimple Water Dispenser HWD-817. It is a type of smart water dispenser, the latest innovation that allows users to adjust the water temperature as desired.

This mini dispenser comes with a stainless steel inner pot, which can maintain the water temperature that has been set, maintained constantly for up to 24 hours. This sophisticated dispenser from Little Dimple has also been equipped with a digital temperature display, as well as a modern touch screen.

2. Cosmos CWD 1060

Water Dispenser Mini Galon - Cosmos CWD 1060
Cosmos CWD 1060

Cosmos is a brand that is very well known for a wide variety of household electronic products. Of course, this one brand does not miss presenting various types of water dispensers, including mini ones. The Cosmos CWD 1060 has dimensions that are quite compact, with a length of 29 cm, a width of 26 cm, and a height of 35 cm.

This mini dispenser from Cosmos is a type of dispenser with atop loading. Cosmos CWD 1060 has also been equipped with settings for hot and cold, so it can be used for various purposes. With 385 watts of power, this dispenser is energy efficient and suitable for boarding children.

3. Xiaomi Mijia JMEY Water Dispenser Mini

Water Dispenser Mini - Xiaomi Mijia JMEY Water Dispenser Mini
Xiaomi Mijia JMEY Water Dispenser Mini

The next best mini dispenser recommendation to choose from is the Xiaomi Mijia JMEY Water Dispenser Mini. This is a portable water dispenser product that can heat water instantly. That means, to be able to enjoy hot water, we don’t have to wait a long time.

Weighing less than one kilogram, the Xiaomi Mijia JMEY Mini Water Dispenser can also hold 1.3 liters of water. In addition, this mini dispenser also comes with 7 temperature setting modes, as well as an LED screen that can display the status and temperature of the water at that time. Its very compact shape makes this mini dispenser suitable for offices, cars, or boardrooms.

4. SAP SA-2008 Mini Dispenser

Water Dispenser Mini Galon - SAP SA-2008 Mini Dispenser
SAP SA-2008 Mini Dispenser

In the next order, the best mini dispenser recommendation is the SAP SA-2008 Mini Dispenser. This dispenser is a type of top loading dispenser, where the water is poured from above. It comes with a body , with dimensions of 28.5 cm long, 19 cm wide, and 18 cm high. This dispenser can hold up to 5 liters of water.

The advantages of this mini dispenser from SAP are its anti-rust tank, which can keep drinking water hygienic; low power consumption, which will keep electricity bills normal; and automatic temperature regulation that can prevent excessive hot water. Furthermore, this mini dispenser is very strong and safe for plastic materials, so it will definitely be more durable and long lasting.

5. Miyako WD 185 H Mini Dispenser

Water Dispenser Mini Galon - Miyako WD 185 H Mini Dispenser
Miyako WD 185 H Mini Dispenser

As one of the leading manufacturers of household electronics, Miyako certainly has the best mini dispenser products to consider. The product in question is the Miyako WD 185 H Mini Dispenser. The design of this dispenser is very simple, but its function can certainly meet the needs of its users.

It comes with hot and cold temperature settings. This best mini dispenser from Miyako consumes 350 watts of electricity. The hot water tank itself has been made of stainless steel, which can keep the water clean and safe for consumption. Of course, this fairly large capacity dispenser has also been equipped with safety features for children.

6. Arashi Character Mini Dispenser ACD 04

Water Dispenser Mini Karakter - Arashi Character Mini Dispenser ACD 04
Arashi Character Mini Dispenser ACD 04

Are you looking for a choice of mini dispensers for the needs of your sister or child at home? So this mini dispenser recommendation from Arashi is worth considering. Arashi Character Mini Dispenser ACD 04 itself is a mini dispenser that comes with a cute character design.

With a capacity of 4 liters, this mini dispenser from Arashi can be placed in a child’s room or in his study room to keep his little one’s fluid needs met. This mini dispenser has also been equipped with an LED light, so it can also be used as a night light. For charging itself, the mini dispenser only needs to be recharged using a micro USB cable.


Water Dispenser Mini Galon - SHARP SWD-T40N-PK

The next mini dispenser that can be an option is the Sharp SWD-T40N-PK, which has a top loading of 25.4 cm in length, 29.5 cm in width, and 38.7 cm in height. This mini dispenser comes with a minimalist design and a choice of attractive pastel colors. This mini dispenser will fit anywhere, including being placed in the office, bedroom, or kitchen.

SHARP SWD-T40N-PK has a hot water tank made of stainless steel, which is definitely strong and not easy to rust. This mini dispenser, with a capacity of 4 liters, has also been equipped with a double safety that will prevent the water from getting too hot.

8. Sanex D-102 Portable Dispenser

Water Dispenser Mini Galon - Sanex D-102 Portable Dispenser
Sanex D-102 Portable Dispenser

The Sanex D-102 Portable Dispenser is one of the best mini dispenser products issued by the well-known brand Sanex. This dispenser, with dimensions of 20x20x30 cm, is a type of top loading dispenser, which comes with an ergonomic design and is also equipped with two choices of hot and cold water.

It comes with a power of 300 W. This 2 liter capacity dispenser is able to heat water up to 30 degrees Celsius. In addition, this Sanex D-102 Portable Dispenser also has a closing valve with a safety lock, which will prevent leakage after taking water.

9. Niko NKD-8W-P/N

Water Dispenser Mini Galon - Niko NKD-8W-PN
Niko NKD-8W-P/N

Niko NKD-8W-P/N is the next mini dispenser recommendation that should be considered. type dispenser has an ergonomic design and a hot water tube made of stainless steel . That means, apart from being easy to lift, the mini dispenser will also be able to keep the water hygienic and safe for consumption.

The hot water tube from Niko NKD-8W-P/N itself has a capacity of 0.5 liters, which can serve hot water in about 15 minutes. This mini dispenser has also been equipped with an anti-spill feature, which will facilitate the process of taking water from it.

10. LeFannia Water Dispenser

Water Dispenser Mini Kulkas Jus Portable - Le Fannia Water Dispenser
LeFannia Water Dispenser

In the last line of recommendations for the best mini dispenser, there is the Le Fannia Water Dispenser, which has a small, slim, and compact shape, with dimensions of 26 cm long, 17 cm wide, and 10 cm high. This water dispenser is often placed in the refrigerator to store cold drinks, such as juice, syrup, or plain water.

The process of pouring water on this mini dispenser is very easy, just by opening the faucet on the front. Its small shape makes this Le Fannia dispenser suitable for celebrations or to be placed in the room so you don’t have to go back and forth to the kitchen again.

Tips on Caring for a Dispenser to Stay Good & Durable

After all the hard work of getting the best mini dispenser, of course it would be a pity if it was damaged quickly. Therefore, so that the best mini dispenser is not damaged quickly, it is mandatory to carry out maintenance. As for some of the maintenance that needs to be done on the mini dispenser, namely as follows.

1. Avoid Exposure to Direct Sunlight

In order for the newly purchased mini dispenser to last longer, it is best to place it in a position that is not exposed to direct sunlight. This is because direct sunlight can disrupt the performance of the cooling engine inside. So, you should place it in a shady place and avoid the sun.

But keep in mind, keeping the mini dispenser away from direct sunlight does not mean placing it in a humid place. Precisely putting the mini dispenser in a humid place can damage it. Just make sure the mini dispenser is not exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Turn off the dispenser if there is no water.

If there is no gallon or water in the mini dispenser, then you should unplug the power supply. Maybe this sounds very trivial, but in fact, this can trigger damage to the dispenser. For once, it may not have an immediate effect. However, if you do this too often, the service life of the dispenser will continue to decrease.

Instead of having to buy a mini dispenser again due to negligence, it would be better if you made sure the dispenser is always filled with water. This not only anticipates the damage that may occur, but also ensures that the daily adequacy of drinking water is met.

3. Routinely Clean the Dispenser

The next step that needs to be taken so that the mini dispenser can be durable is to clean it regularly. Not only to maintain the dispenser so that it lasts, but cleaning the dispenser is also important so that germs and bacteria do not contaminate drinking water.

Therefore, you should regularly clean the mini dispenser as often as possible. At the very least, the mini dispenser should be cleaned once a month. Clean every part of the dispenser with a rag or anything that can be used to clean it.

4. Put the Dispenser in the Right Position.

Tips for the position of placing the dispenser are also important to note, namely the position of placing the mini dispenser. This is important to note so that the mini dispenser can stand firmly and not easily roll over. Of course, if the mini dispenser is overturned, it can be damaged or endanger children.

If you want to put the mini dispenser on the table, then make sure the table is in solid condition and doesn’t wobble, so it doesn’t roll over easily. If you have small children, you should consider placing the mini dispenser out of reach of them.


Maybe that’s enough explanation of the 10 mini dispenser recommendations that are worth considering. Don’t forget to always apply some of the selection tips that have been explained to find the right dispenser. In addition, also apply the tips on caring for the mini dispenser so that it is not easily damaged.

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