10 Best Spice Blender Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Many people choose to use a spice blender because it saves more energy than having to grind the spices manually. Until now, there are several brands that provide these products, including Philips, Mitochiba, Oxone, Maspion, and many other brands. Of course, every brand has its own standard when making a product.

How to Choose a Good Spice Blender

Here are things to consider when choosing a good spice blender.

1. Select the type of spice blender you want

There are several types of spice blenders, namely electric blenders that require the help of electricity and manual blenders that only need to be driven by human power. Well, electricity can be obtained by plugging the cable directly into the wall socket or using a battery and charging it with a USB cable when the battery starts to run low.

There are several models of manual spice blenders, which are driven using a crank or a special pull made of string to be pulled. Usually, the price of an electric spice blender will be set at a higher price than a manual blender.

Best Spice Blender
Mitochiba Seasoning Blender / Brand Illustration

2. Know the materials used to make a blender

Each spice blender must consist of several parts, so you need more than one ingredient to make a blender. These materials include stainless steel, steel, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), PP (Polypropylene), PS (Polystyrene), and so on.

Of course, each material has advantages and disadvantages that are different from each other. By knowing this, indirectly you can also know how to clean and care for it so that it lasts longer.

3. Pay attention to the number of blades you have

In order for herbs or other food ingredients to be mashed properly, of course, you need the help of a knife blade. There are spice blenders equipped with 2, 3, 4, or more blades to help with the process.

Some products even have blades that are stacked in two layers so that the spices can be smoothed more quickly. In order for one product to be multifunctional, there are also manufacturers who add whiskers to be installed alternately with the blades.

4. Select the capacity of the spice blender you want

The next point to consider when choosing a spice blender is the large capacity of a product. The greater the capacity of the blender jar or container, the process of smoothing food ingredients can be done in large quantities as well.

Usually this will also affect the amount of electrical power needed. That’s not to say there aren’t brands that have large product capacities but require little electrical power.

10 Best Seasoning Blender Recommendations

Here we go

So, here are ten of the best seasoning blender recommendations chosen by Ainun to meet your kitchen needs.

1.Philips Series 5000 HR3210/55

Philips Series 5000 Best Spice Blender HR3210-55
Philips Seasoning Blender Series 5000 HR3210-55

This brand does sell good quality products to meet customer needs, one of which is the best seasoning blender Series 5000 Accessories for Blender HR3210/55. 
This product is compatible with several blender machines, including HR2221, HR2222, and HR2223. The capacity of this BPA free seasoning blender reaches 400 ml so that spices can be mashed in quite large quantities. Spices will smooth more quickly because it has a sharp blade.

Not only spices, this Philips product can also be used to grind other ingredients such as nuts and meat. When finished, Philips’ best seasoning blender can be cleaned manually by hand or in a dishwasher. Don’t worry, because this spice blender is more resistant to breaking than an ordinary glass jar.

2. Ollahom Chopper 2L

Best Seasoning Blender Ollahom Chopper 2L
Ollahom Chopper Seasoning Blender 2L

One of the must-have tools for small-scale culinary entrepreneurs is the best seasoning blender from Ollahom. 
Usually there are several ingredients that need to be mashed when cooking, such as large chilies, small chilies, shallots, garlic, and tomatoes for the chili sauce. Salt and sugar can be added at the same time to the chopper containing these ingredients. Apart from cooking spices, this spice blender product is also able to 
puree meat for meatballs, nuggets, and so on.

Of course, this process cannot be separated from the help of four blades made of Stainless Steel 304 which are safe for food. In addition, the best seasoning blender with a capacity of 2 liters also requires around 300 watts of electricity. There is a choice of high speed and low speed that can be adjusted according to needs so that the chopped results can be smooth or coarse. Then, food grade rubber was also chosen to make the connector seal part of this ergonomic blender

3. Mitochiba Food Magic Chopper CH-200

Best Seasoning Blender MItochiba Food Magic Chopper CH-200
MItochiba Food Magic Chopper CH-200 Seasoning Blender

There are some of the best spice blenders that are not sold separately, but are combined with other products. 
This applies to Mitochiba Food Magic Chopper CH-200 because when you buy you will be given a 2 liter mug with 3 blades and a 700 ml size which has 2 blades. The two mugs function as a grinder and refiner for kitchen spices. Then, the completeness of other products received is a whisker for beating eggs or making dough.

With a machine that uses tornado power technology, this best spice blender can be used to grind meat or crush ice cubes until smooth in seconds. All you have to do is select the desired speed setting in this spice blender because there are two options. Of course, this speed is also related to the need for electric power which needs at least 300 watts.

4. Oxone Eco Mini Chopper OX151

Best Spice Blender Oxone Eco Mini Chopper OX151
Oxone Eco Mini Chopper Seasoning Blender OX151

This product is one of the best seasoning blender recommendations because it has a large enough capacity but relatively small electric power. 
Oxone Eco Mini Chopper OX151 from China with a capacity of 350 ml can operate smoothly if there is at least 120 watts of electricity. There is only one setting button to turn the machine on or off. However, the modern and minimalist design of this BPA free and environmentally friendly plastic chopper is still able to attract the attention of many people.

No need to worry because the jar is easy to install and remove which makes the cleaning process easier. The best spice blender weighing 1.2 kg also has a sharp blade made of stainless steel which is anti-rust so that the blending process can be faster. Buy a spice blender product from the official store so that you get a guarantee and can be claimed in the event of damage. Of course, the submission of a claim must be in accordance with the terms and conditions that apply.

5. Maspion MT 1273 PL

Best Seasoning Blender MASPION MT 1273 PL
MASPION MT 1273 Seasoning Blender PL

Another brand of household electronic equipment that has been around for decades and is SNI certified is Maspion. 
Well, one of the products is the best seasoning blender type MT 1273 PL which consists of a juice jar with a capacity of 1 liter, a wet mill with a capacity of 100 grams and a jar of 50 grams for a dry mill. Of course there are differences between wet and dry seasoning blenders. Wet kitchen spices that can be ground using a wet mill include chilies, ginger, shallots, garlic, while grinding coriander, pepper, soybeans, or coffee can use a special dry mill jar.

At least this 3 in 1 product and its engine weighs 2.5 kg with a power requirement of around 230 watts. There are also on, off, and pulse buttons. Apart from using a large number of blades, this product is also equipped with SUS304 Stainless Steel which is food grade, sturdy, durable and anti-rust. Then, the strong motor part is made from pure copper coils so that the blender machine becomes more durable.

6. Multifunctional Mini Electric Blender Padabanic

Best Seasoning Blender Padabanic Multifunctional Mini Electric Blender
Padabanic Seasoning Blender Multifunctional Mini Electric Blender

The next recommendation for the best seasoning blender is from the Padabanic brand which can be used to grind herbs, nuts, meat, and so on. 
If some of the other products need to be plugged into a wall socket, then this one is different because the electricity comes from the battery. When the electricity runs out, just charge it using the USB cable that is usually used to charge cellphones. But you don’t need to worry because the battery capacity reaches 1200 mAh, while the electricity needed every time you operate this product is only 30 watts.

The USB port section is also covered with a waterproof cover so as to minimize short circuits. Just like other products, this best portable spice blender also uses high-quality, sharp and corrosion-resistant stainless steel for the blades. When buying, two jars of 100 ml and 250 ml will be included which can be adjusted according to needs.

7. Han River Blender HRJRJ-S2BK

Best Seasoning Blender HAN RIVER Blender HRJRJ-S2BK
HAN RIVER Seasoning Blender Blender HRJRJ-S2BK

Another best seasoning blender that has a large capacity but not too much power is this Han River product. 
With a power of 250 watts, this 2 liter capacity product can puree herbs, meat, vegetables and fruit in no time. This certainly does not escape the role of the four blades of the two-level S model which are made with Stainless Steel 304. There are two speed settings at the top, namely slow mode for soft materials and fast mode for harder materials.

The interesting thing about Han River’s best seasoning blender type HRJRJ-S2BK is that the machine will automatically turn off when the temperature is too high. Then, there is a rubber seal on the lid of the blender which prevents the spices from spilling. Some brands choose glass and plastic as jar materials, but the majority of these product parts are made using stainless steel. In addition, the use of steel can also minimize worries because the product does not break easily when it falls.

8. Mamilo Blender Manual Press

MAMILO Best Spice Blender Manual Blender Press
MAMILO Seasoning Blender Manual Blender Press

The recommendation for the best spice blender on this one also doesn’t require the slightest bit of electricity because it only needs to be pressed. 
The capacity of the container is quite large, which is 2 liters so that it can grind quite a lot of spices at once. Not only seasoning, this product is also capable of chopping vegetables and grinding meat with the help of four sharp stainless steel blades.

In order for the spices to remain in the container, a cover is provided which immediately blends in with the blade rotating press. If you are going to make the dough, usually there are several ingredients that need to be stirred until they are evenly mixed. Well, this best spice blender is also equipped with a plastic stirrer. All you have to do is replace the blade with the mixer, then start stirring as you wish.

9. Miisoo Blender Mini Manual

Best Seasoning Blender Miisoo Mini Manual Blender
Miisoo Seasoning Blender Mini Manual Blender

Different from some of the previous products, the recommendation for the best spice blender on this one doesn’t require electricity at all. 
If you want to operate it, you only need to pull the handle provided several times until the spices are smooth as desired. That way, the process of smoothing the spices can still be done when the power goes out. It doesn’t take much time and effort because the stainless steel blade is sharp and the jar capacity reaches 170 ml.

Apart from stainless steel, other materials chosen to make these product parts include ABS, PC, and PP. There is no need to hesitate to choose this product from Miisoo because it is guaranteed food grade. With a mini size, making the best spice blender does not require large storage space and is easy to carry anywhere.

10. Freemir Versatile Manual Chopper

Best Seasoning Blender - Freemir Versatile Manual Chopper
Versatile Manual Freemir Chopper Seasoning Blender

The recommendation for the best seasoning blender on this one also includes the manual type because it doesn’t require the slightest amount of electricity. 
The difference between the Freemir product and other manual choppers is that it uses a crank to rotate the blade. At the top of the cover, there are two holes to attach the crank as well as a place for setting the speed. There are quite a lot of spices that can be blended because the container has a capacity of 520 ml.

There are three stainless steel blades owned by this Freemir product. Other materials chosen to make the best spice blender weighing 214 grams include ABS, PP, PS, 430 stainless steel and silica gel. To prevent it from shifting and falling easily, the bottom of this gray and green product is equipped with anti-slip. In accordance with a very affordable price, this product is suitable for the needs of small quantities.

How to Use a Spice Blender for Best Results

Different types of the best seasoning blenders are chosen, of course there will be different ways to use them. Check out the following reviews!

1. Electric blender

As the name implies, the best electric type spice blender definitely requires electricity to work properly. Well, this power source is usually from the battery or directly from the wall socket. On the spice blender there is a special button provided to turn on and turn off the machine.

However, there are also several spice blender products that are equipped with speed setting options so that they can be adjusted to your needs. If you select the fast button, then the spices can be smoothed faster too and vice versa. Usually the dial on the best spice blenders is used to grind ingredients that are rather dense and hard. Meanwhile, a slow button is provided to smooth out softer materials.

2. Manual blender

In contrast to the electric blender type, this type does not require electricity, but human power. Of course it is very safe when taken to the mountains to refine food ingredients. If you choose the crank type, simply rotate the crank so that the blade can move. Meanwhile, the way to use a blender that has a special pull, you just have to pull the handle that is connected to the thread until the blade wants to rotate.

Usually there is a choice to play fast or slow. Apart from that, there are also manual blender products where you have to press how to use them. Usually the press tool is already part of the lid of the spice blender. Immediately, press gently when you want to smooth the herbs and other food ingredients.


The use of a spice blender is best done to speed up human work when they want to grind some herbs or other food ingredients. The selection certainly needs to be done by considering several things and adjusted to the needs.

Hopefully the review of the ten best seasoning blender recommendations reviewed previously can add reference. After choosing and knowing how to use it, be sure to take care of it and store it in a special place so that it will last longer.

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