10 Best Slow Cooker Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The slow cooker is certainly the right choice for you to help prepare various MPASI recipes. In addition, the use of a slow cooker in the kitchen is also for boiling, making porridge, cooking meat, and other benefits.

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Usually when you buy a slow cooker product, you also get a variety of recipes that can be prepared using a slow cooker. The way it works is quite easy because you only need to enter all the ingredients, plug the slow cooker cable into the socket, make some settings provided by the slow cooker, and wait until the food is cooked.

How to Choose a Good Slow Cooker

Everyone certainly wants to choose the best product so that it can function properly and, of course, last a long time. Well, here’s how to choose a slow cooker with good quality that you can do.

1. Know the capacity and power required for the slow cooker.

In general, every brand that sells the best slow cookers will provide several capacity options because everyone’s needs are also different. Usually, the amount of this capacity also affects the amount of electrical power needed. The greater the capacity, the greater the amount of electrical power consumed.

However, that does not mean that there is no best slow cooker product that has a large capacity with less power or low wattage. Well, this will usually affect the selling price of the product, which is higher because it is not easy to make such an electronic device.

2. Make sure the slow cooker material is easy to care for to make it last longer.

Another thing you need to consider when choosing the best slow cooker is the selected ingredients. Each product usually has several parts, so there are several types of materials needed.

The outer part or body is usually made of ABS or stainless steel, which is easy to clean using a slightly damp cloth, while the pot or pot is made of ceramic or pure fermented clay, which is easy to wash. As a complement, there is a handle made using heat-resistant materials and thick and durable glass as the best slow cooker lid.

3. Know the features of a slow cooker

The higher the price of a slow cooker, the more often it will also have more attractive features. Well, these features are usually located on the buttons on the front that make it easier for you to operate them. Some only provide On and Off options or High, Low, and Warm options.

In addition, there are also brands that complement their products with various menu choices, such as porridge, rice, soup, dessert, and so on. The best slow cookers also have a timer option, so you don’t have to monitor it too often.

10 Best Slow Cooker


Each product has its own characteristics, so it’s not surprising that the selling price can vary. Well, here are some of the best slow cookers from various brands of tomslead.com choices that you can add to your reference.

1. Maspion MSC-1825 Slow Cooker

Best Slow Cooker Brand Maspion MSC-1825 Slow Cooker
Maspion MSC-1825 Slow Cooker

Currently, Maspion has been known to be one of the electronic brands with good product quality, so it is not surprising that there are many Maspion users in Indonesia. One of the electronic products provided by Maspion is a slow cooker with type MSC-1825 in yellow and brown. This product, with a power of 180 watts, has a large enough capacity, which is 2.5 liters, so you can cook for several people without using too much electricity.

This best slow cooker has several parts, namely a durable outer body equipped with a heating element, a heat-resistant ceramic pot with a diameter of 21 cm x 14 cm, and a lid made of glass. With the choice of glass material, you can monitor dishes more easily without having to open them first. In addition, the best slow cooker product from Maspion also has several setting options, such as Power, Off, Low, High, Auto, and Cook. Each of these options, of course, has a different function.

2. Baby Safe LB06D With Auto Menu

Best Slow Cooker Brand Baby Safe LB06D With Auto Menu
Baby Safe LB06D With Auto Menu

Another slow cooker recommendation that can be used as a reference is the Baby Safe LB06D with the Auto Menu feature. There are several menu buttons that you can choose from on the front of the best slow cookers, such as soup, porridge, rice, dessert, and broth. This product can not only be used for cooking but can also be used to warm your baby’s food. In addition to the menu, there is also an Auto On button to set the time to turn on automatically, a Timer as an option for cooking duration, and a Function Cancel button to cancel commands.

With these buttons, the slow cooker cooking process can be more practical and fun. However, you can get products made using food grade materials at quite affordable prices. You don’t need to doubt the quality because the best slow cooker with 160 watts of power from Baby Safe is BPA free and has been certified by the European Safety Standard.

3. Miyako Slow Cooker SC630

Best Slow Cooker Brand Miyako Slow Cooker SC630
Miyako Slow Cooker SC630

In addition to breast milk, complementary foods or complementary foods for breast milk should also be given to support the nutritional needs of babies. Therefore, Miyako makes the best slow cooker product type SC630 which has SNI and food grade with a capacity of 5 liters. That way, you can cook large quantities to eat all day. The amount of power needed to cook using this slow cooker is only 260 watts, so you can still save electricity.

Not only for making solids, this Miyako product can also be used for boiling, making porridge, and so on. According to the type, this product takes a long time to cook, but the level of doneness can be more perfect. You can take the Miyako SC630 slow cooker everywhere because of its convenience. Like the best slow cookers in general, this product has several parts, consisting of a non-stick ceramic pan, a glass lid, and buttons with various settings.

4. Takahi Slow Cooker 1.2 L

Best Slow Cooker Brand Takahi Slow Cooker 1.2 L
Takahi Slow Cooker 1.2 L

If the previous slow cooker product has a large enough capacity, then this product from Takahi has a capacity of only 1.2 liters. That way, you can cook for two or more people. Not only that, Takahi also provides other good slow cooker products with varying capacities, so you can choose them more freely. In addition to capacity, Takahi also provides various attractive product colors, namely pink, red, and blue.

Unlike some previous products, this slow cooker pot is made using the best clay material so that the vitamin content in the food will not be lost. Interestingly, you can use these clay pots to cook on a small fire stove. This slow cooker from the Takahi brand also has several settings that you can control, namely Off, Low, High, and Auto Shift. When you select Auto, this best slow cooker pan will have a constant temperature for hours while cooking.

5. Russell Hobbs 6L Slow Cooker

Best Slow Cooker Brand Russell Hobbs 6L Slow Cooker
Russell Hobbs 6L Slow Cooker

If you are looking for a slow cooker with a large capacity, then this Russell Hobbs product could be the right choice. With a 6 liter capacity, you can cook delicious meals for up to eight people at once. The electricity consumption of the best slow cooker, which has a heat element around it, is, of course, higher at 320 watts. If there is any damage, you can take advantage of the two year warranty provided. when purchasing this Russell Hobbs product, as long as it complies with its terms and conditions.

This slow cooker has three main parts, namely a ceramic pot that can be removed and washed with a washer dish, a glass lid to view food without opening it, and a slow cooker body equipped with Cool Touch Handles. In addition, there are also three temperature settings that you can choose from on the front, namely Low, High, and Auto. As the name implies, Low is for low-temperature cooking after the best slow cookers have preheated for about 20 minutes, and High is for high-temperature cooking. If you press the Auto button, the slow cooker will cook in high mode and then switch to low mode.

6. Hi-Cook Slow Cooker SC-06

Best Slow Cooker Brand Hi-Cook Slow Cooker SC-06
Hi-Cook Slow Cooker SC-06

If you don’t want to overcook or only want to cook for one meal, then you can choose a good slow cooker from Hi-Cook with the SC-06 type, which has a capacity of only 0.6 liters. Thus, the electrical power consumed will also not be too large, at 70 watts. This product is also equipped with a 1.2 meter long cable, so that a socket that is a bit far away is no longer a problem. But that doesn’t mean this brand doesn’t have other slow cooker sizes. There are several options that you can choose according to your needs.

This product, weighing 1.3 kilograms, has rubber feet that are easy to place with stability. In addition, there is a handle that is cool to the touch on the body of this slow cooker. Like other top slow cooker products, this product also has a pan that is easy to remove and clean. You can also see the condition of the food in the slow cooker through the tempered glass lid.

7. Oxone Slow Cooker OX821OV

Best Slow Cooker Brand Oxone Slow Cooker OX821OV
Oxone Slow Cooker OX821OV

The next slow cooker recommendation is the Oxone OX821OV which has a capacity of 5 liters with a power consumption of 290 watts. From these two figures, it can be seen that this product has a large capacity, but the power is low enough so that you can cook for more people and still save electricity. Compared to some of the best slow cookers, Oxone’s pan is longer, which allows you to put a whole chicken in it.

No need to worry, the chicken can be cooked perfectly because it is cooked at a stable temperature for a long period of time. You can monitor it periodically from the glass lid of this slow cooker, whose material is resistant to high temperatures. If it’s still hot, you can still hold the slow cooker pot safely because it is heat-resistant. In addition, the best slow cooker with a one year warranty also has several settings, namely Low, High, and Warm.

8. Idealife Slow Cooker IL-325

Best Slow Cooker Brand Idealife Slow Cooker IL-325
Idealife Slow Cooker IL-325

If you like to be creative in making various kinds of dishes while maintaining good quality, then the best slow cooker from Idealife with type IL-325 is suitable to be chosen. In addition, this 26 cm diameter product is also equipped with a red indicator light that helps you know that the product is on and functioning properly. Underneath there are also several options, namely Off, Warm, Low, and High, like slow cooker products in general. Well, you only need to plug a 1.2 meter long cable into a wall outlet so that the product can be turned on.

In addition, the relatively large 2.5 liter capacity only requires 160 watts of power. The body of this slow cooker is made using stainless steel, which is easy to clean and equipped with a heat-resistant handle. Meanwhile, the pot is made of ceramic, which is easy to move and easy to clean using a manual or washing dish. Similar to other top slow cookers, Idealife also chooses glass as the main material for the cover.

9. Emily Slow Cooker Claypot 2L

Best Slow Cooker Brand Emily Slow Cooker Claypot 2L
Emily Slow Cooker Claypot 2L

If you don’t like the sound of a noisy slow cooker, then this Emily’s product may be the best choice. This product, with a capacity of 2 liters, has a slow cooker pan whose ingredients are different from those of other slow cooker products, namely Pure Fermented Clay. While the material chosen to make the body is ABS Polypropylene Plastic and clear and thick glass as the lid material. Interestingly, this best slow cooker has been equipped with a Preset Mode for up to 9.5 hours and a Smart Button Menu setting panel.

They’ve been designed to be as easy as possible, so you can use them with just a twist and the push of a button. With only 175 watts of power, you can cook various menus using this slow cooker, including various kinds of soups, smooth porridge and other types of porridge, and desserts. No need to worry because your food can be kept warm with the Keep Warm function in the best Emily brand slow cooker.

10. Kris Slow Cooker

Best Slow Cooker Brand Kris Slow Cooker
Kris Slow Cooker

The last recommended slow cooker is a product from Kris, which you can easily find at Ace Hardware. This 1.5 liter capacity product has several settings that you can choose from on the front, namely Off, Low, High, and Warm. This best slow cooker uses 120 watts of power. You can use it to cook a variety of foods for several people.

Just like other good slow cooker products, Kris also chose ceramic as the material for this slow cooker pot. It is common knowledge that ceramic materials are known as materials that are easy to clean. While the body is made using stainless steel which is famous for being strong and not easy to rust. That way, you only need to use this slow cooker in the right way and carry out regular maintenance so that Kris’s products will last longer.

The Benefits of Using a Good Quality Slow Cooker

Not only a rice cooker, a slow cooker can also provide you with several benefits. Well, here are some of the benefits that you can get.

1. Easy to use and saves resources.

The best slow cookers can be said to be easy to use because you only need to plug the cord into the wall socket and press the button provided to operate them. In addition, you don’t have to spend a lot of energy or use various cooking utensils if you cook in a slow cooker. You only need to wait for the food to cook at the specified time while doing various activities.

2. Foods can be cooked more evenly

The use of a stable temperature in the best slow cookers allows dishes to cook more evenly. In addition, the heat element in slow cooker products is designed to be able to spread in all directions. The food will not only be evenly cooked, but the good content of the food will not be lost due to overheating or excessive evaporation. The food you give to your family will certainly be tastier and more delicious.

3. You don’t have to worry about the food getting burnt.

. Another benefit that you can get from cooking using the best slow cooker is that you don’t have to worry about the food getting burnt. When the cooking process is complete, the slow cooker will switch to warm mode, which will continue to warm the food until you pick it up and eat it.


That’s a review of ten recommendations for the best slow cooker products, accompanied by how to choose and the benefits of using a slow cooker. In general, slow cookers do take longer to cook. However, it is worth the benefits you get. So, don’t be surprised if until now there are still many brands that sell the best slow cookers and the number of users is also large.

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