10 Best Bread Mixer Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – To make delicious bread, of course, you need the perfect dough. In addition to the completeness of the ingredients, the dosage of the ingredients also needs to be adjusted and the combination of these ingredients also needs to be maximized. There is no need to mix these ingredients manually anymore. Now you can use a bread mixer. To get the perfect dough, you must use the best bread mixer.

Best Bread Mixer
Illustration of Stand Mixer / Brand MITO

Talking about bread, of course the topic is not far from the bread mixer. Where this tool is one of the determinants of the delicacy of the bread. Well, this article will discuss in detail the best bread mixers. Starting from how to choose a good mixer, the differences between Planetary Mixer and Spiral Mixer to 10 recommendations for the best mixer products and their reviews. Intrigued by the topic this time? Come on, see the full review as follows.

How to Choose a Good Bread Mixer

Every brand certainly presents the best products to meet people’s needs. It’s the same with the bread mixer. Now there are lots of the best bread mixers that have been marketed in online stores and physical stores. So that you don’t get confused about choosing the right product, consider the following tips on choosing the best bread mixer.

1. Know the capacity of the mixer

The first thing in choosing the best bread mixer is to know the capacity of the mixer. If you have a business in making bread, you should choose a product that has a large capacity. This will be very helpful in making a lot of dough. Meanwhile, for those of you who are interested in making bread in a small capacity, you can freely choose products with small or large capacities.

If you buy a product with a small capacity, then you don’t need to spend a budget as big as a product with a large capacity. However, if you choose a large capacity, who would have thought that in the days ahead you would want to make bread in a large size, you don’t have to worry about making a lot of dough. For this need, you can also adjust to the budget that you have prepared.

2. Know the required voltage

Because it requires electricity to operate, you also need to know the voltage needed to run the bread mixer. As much as possible, choose a mixer with low electrical voltage requirements. This will greatly affect the electricity costs that you have to pay. With the need for low voltage electricity, you have made savings related to electricity money.

3. Choose products that are easy to clean

When finished using every kitchen item, the usual thing to do is clean these items and then store them neatly. There are items that must be washed, there are also items that can only be wiped. Same thing with the best bread mixer. After using it, you should clean it first and then store it neatly. Some parts of this mixer are washable, some are not and can only be wiped.

Therefore, you need to consider a bread mixer that is easy to clean. You can tell this from the type of material used to make the mixer. One of the materials that is easy to clean is aluminum.

4. Consider the additional features offered

Next, always consider the additional features offered when choosing a bread mixer. One feature that many people consider is the mixing speed of the mixer. In addition, there is also a timer feature which functions to stop stirring based on the time that has been previously set.

If you need these features, it’s best to choose a product that offers them. However, if you don’t think you need it, you can choose a product that doesn’t offer that feature. Please note, that the more features that are equipped in the mixer, the higher the price tag of the product. For that, you need careful consideration for additional features.

Those are some tips that you can use as a reference when buying the best bread mixer. By knowing the tips above, it is certain that you can choose a good product according to your needs.

10 Best Bread Mixer Recommendations

Here we go

After knowing some tips on choosing the best mixer product, now is the time for you to be presented with 10 product recommendations from the mixer. What brands are you curious about? Following are the options for Ainun.

1. Oxone OX-855 Planetary Stand Mixer

Best Bread Mixer Oxone OX-855 Planetary Stand Mixer
Oxone OX-855 Planetary Stand Mixer

The first bread mixer comes from the Oxone brand, the OX-855 Planetary Stand Mixer. 
This product comes with a very capable feature, namely the speed of stirring and mixing the dough which can be considered perfect. For its own speed, this mixer has 6 speed choices. That way you can freely process your dough using any speed.

Not only its features, this one of the best bread mixer products is also designed with beautiful color choices to make your kitchen look more elegant. Easy to clean, this mixer product is made of quality stainless steel. In addition, this mixer is also equipped with a thermostat so that the machine does not heat up easily and remains stable for a long time.

2. Philips Daily Collection Mixer HR1559

Best Bread Mixer Stand Mixer Philips Daily Collection Mixer HR1559
Stand Mixer Philips Daily Collection Mixer HR1559

Coming from a well-known brand, Philips is now presenting a mixer for making the best bread, namely the Philips Daily Collection Mixer HR 1559. Being a mixer with low electricity requirements, this Philips mixer can be used to process bread and cake dough. 
As for speed, this good mixer comes with a 5-level speed and a very compact body that’s easy to move.

In its use you can freely set the speed you want. When the mixer is in the on mode, the mixer bowl will rotate automatically where the capacity is 2 L. You don’t need to worry about shifting it because this tool is equipped with anti-slip.

3. Mito Mixer MX 100

The Best Bread Mixer Stand Mixer Mito MX 100
Stand Mixer Mito MX 100

Comes with a very slim and elegant design, the next best bread mixer comes from the Mito brand, namely the Mito Mixer MX 100. This mixer comes with a 12-speed feature with a power requirement of up to 350 watts only. 
Very, low isn’t it? For its capacity, this mixer has a capacity of up to 5 liters where the maximum dry flour is 600 gr.

Made of stainless steel, this mixer product is equipped with 3 hooks, namely planetary, dough hook and beater. Just like the previous product, this mixer is also equipped with a thermostat to prevent overheating. For the warranty, this product is given an official warranty by Mito for 1 year.

4. Cosmos CM9000 Professional Stand Mixer

Best Bread Mixer Stand Mixer Cosmos CM9000 Professional
Cosmos CM9000 Professional Stand Mixer

Are you looking for a bread mixer that has qualified features at an affordable price? 
You must consider the best bread mixer product from Cosmos, namely the Cosmos CM 9000 Professional Stand Mixer. This cosmos mixer product comes with a capacity of 4 Liter which is made of durable metal gear type material.

For the speed level, this mixer has been equipped with 6 speed levels with a power requirement of up to 600 watts. Not only that, this mixer is also equipped with a thermostat to protect the motor from overheating. This Mixer product is also equipped with a bowl cover that can make it easier for you to pour the dough results.

5. Midea HM-51R Hand Mixer

Best Bread Mixer Hand Mixer Midea HM-51R
Hand Mixer Midea HM-51R

If the previous mixer products came with a standing type, now comes the best hand type bread mixer from the Midea brand, namely the Midea HM-51R Hand Mixer. 
Please note, this mixer product has pocketed a food grade stainless certificate so that the product is guaranteed to be safe for use in food processing. The required electric power can reach 200W.

Equipped with 5 speed levels, you can use this hand mixer product as an alternative to bread mixers with a not too big budget. This is because this mixer is priced at a very affordable price. Guaranteed for 3 years, purchasing the mixer kit you will receive a pair of beaters and also a hook.

6. Miyako Stand Mixer SM-625

Best Bread Mixer Stand Mixer Miyako Stand Mixer SM-625
Stand Mixer Miyako Stand Mixer SM-625

Marketed at a very affordable price tag, the next best bread mixer comes from the Miyako Stand Mixer SM-625 series. 
This standing type mixer comes with 5 levels of stirring speed and 1 level of turbo. For the bowl itself, this product has a uniqueness that is rarely owned by other mixers, namely the bowl cover. Even so, you can still see into the dough through the bown window provided.

Requiring only 190 watts of electricity, buying a set of this product will get 2 beaters, as well as 2 kneaders and 1 bowl. The process of kneading the dough is a rotating bowl. Please note, this mixer machine will operate when a click sound is heard on the lid.

7. EHM 9595 Turbo Mixer

Best Bread Mixer EHM 9595 Turbo Stand Mixer
EHM 9595 Turbo Stand Mixer

The following recommendation for the best bread mixer comes from the EHM 9595 turbo series. This mixer is designed with a capacity of 5 liters which is made of safe, rust-free material which is coated with aluminum. 
This product is equipped with a locking button that functions to lock bowls, stirrers and hinges. That way these tools will not be separated when the machine is working.

Equipped with 7 levels of stirring speed, this product comes in 3 types of stirrers, namely whisk, beater, and also dough. Being one of the mixers with very powerful features, it should be noted that this product requires quite high electrical power, which can reach 600 watts.

8. Stand Mixer Electrolux Assistant Kitchen Machine EKM5570

The Best Bread Mixer Stand Mixer Electrolux Assistant Kitchen Machine EKM5570
Stand Mixer Electrolux Assistant Kitchen Machine EKM5570

Still on the same topic, the best bread mixer for the next checklist comes from the Electrolux Assistant Kitchen Machine EKM5570. 
This product is equipped with 2 bowls with different capacities. Some have a capacity of 2.9 liters, some have a capacity of 4.8 liters. Very unique, right? In addition, this product is also equipped with a feature that is rarely owned by other mixers, namely PerfectRiseLid which functions to help ferment in the bowl.

For speed, this product is equipped with 10 levels of stirring speed with a high enough power requirement of up to 1200 watts. How? Are you interested in this cool mixer?

9. Stand Mixer Bosch Kitchen Machine MUM44R1

Best Bread Mixer Stand Mixer Bosch Kitchen Machine MUM44R1
Stand Mixer Bosch Kitchen Machine MUM44R1

A bowl with a capacity of 3.9 liters and a power requirement of up to 500 watts, now comes the best bread mixer from the Bosch brand, the Bosch Kitchen Machine MUM44R1. 
This mixer has very fast mixing power with 4 speed levels which are very easy to adjust. In the package you will get 3 types of stirrers.

Not only that, this product also provides a separate room for storing cables so that storage becomes tidier. For the mixer feet, this product is also equipped with anti-slip so it won’t shift easily even when the engine is running. As for the design itself, this product has a fairly compact body that makes it easy to move.

10. Stand Mixer Idealife IL-221

Best Bread Mixer Idealife IL-221 Stand Mixer
Stand Mixer Idealife IL-221

Finally, there is Idealife IL-221. 
This product is the best choice of bread mixer from the checklist which has low electrical power requirements. However, the performance of the mixer remains optimal and also requires a fairly short working time. With a capacity of 5 L, this mixer is also recognized as a mixer that is not noisy when in use. The resulting noise strength is only 76 db.

The legs have been equipped with anti-slip, this product can stand firmly. As for the speed of stirring, this mixer presents 6 speed options that can be selected according to your needs. Please note, this mixer product also has the advantage that the product is easy to clean.

Difference between Planetary Mixer and Spiral Mixer

Being the type of mixer that is most often used to make bread or cake dough, Planetary Mixer and Spiral Mixer have the same main goal, which is to mix the dough evenly. Even though they are often called the same or even still not familiar to many people, did you know that these two mixers are different products. There are some very significant differences when you start using them. Curious? This is the difference.

1. Planetary Mixers

The way this mixer works is a static bowl which is then attached to the mixer. The bowl will be raised when the mixing process will begin and then lowered again when the mixing is complete. The mixing process is that the bowl will stay still while the beaters will rotate around the bowl. So, in this case the dough beater is moving. Just like the rotation of the planets. No wonder the type is called planetary. This process is claimed to produce a flat and soft dough.

Usually, planetary type mixer products will be equipped with additional functions such as Dough hook, Mixing paddle and also Whisk.

2. Spiral Mixer

Unlike the previous product, the spiral mixer’s stirring process has a static bowl, the same as a dough beater. So, the result of the resulting dough mixture becomes more evenly distributed and also soft. Usually, this product is widely used to make dough on a large scale.


After an explanation and a brief review of the best bread mixers, now is the time for you to be given the conclusion of this article. In this article, of course, you already know how to choose the best bread mixer product. You have also read a full review of the differences between the Planetary Mixer and the Spiral Mixer. Not to forget, you have also been presented with product recommendations for the best bread mixers. How? Has this article answered your curiosity about bread mixer products? Hopefully yes.

So, for those of you who have already got a choice of mixer products to buy, don’t just stop at the shopping cart. Just check out at your favorite store. Don’t forget to read the reviews of the respective stores before buying the bread mixer of your choice. Happy shopping. Don’t put off your intention to make bread, now is the time for you to accept the challenge to make delicious bread with the best bread mixer.

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