10 Great Big Rice Thermos Recommendations (Updated 2023)

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Best Blog Review – A rice thermos has a function to keep the temperature of the rice warm, without having to use electricity, so it is often used by catering entrepreneurs , food stalls, or when there are certain events, such as weddings, picnics, and when gathering with large families.

The size of rice thermos on the market is quite diverse, ranging from small sizes under 6 liters, 10 liters to the largest sizes which reach 30 liters. However, in the Ainun article this time, we will only discuss recommendations for large rice thermos products from various brands, one of which is Lion Star.

Tips for Choosing a Good Rice Thermos

Best Big Rice Thermos
Illustration of a Large Rice Flask / (Lion Star Brand)

Because it will be used as a food container, you need to be very selective when choosing a large rice thermos. Here are some tips that can be applied when buying a rice thermos.

1. Ensuring the constituent materials are food grade

If the manufacturer of the large rice thermos doesn’t write down the plastic material to make the product, then make sure there is a food grade logo on the selected container. The existence of this label is very important because it is directly related to your health, because several thermos manufacturers use dyes that fade easily when exposed to relatively high temperatures. If it gets on soft and wet objects, such as rice, the dye may stick to the rice.

If left continuously for a long time, these dyes can accumulate in the body and cause serious health problems. Therefore, don’t forget to check whether or not there is a food grade label on the large rice thermos you are going to buy.

2. Knowing the type of plastic used

As a tool that functions to keep the temperature of the rice warm even if you don’t leave it in the rice cooker or magic com , a large rice thermos must be made of heat-resistant and strong plastic. However, rice that has been processed into rice will become heavier because it already contains water. In Indonesia, there are several types of plastic that are often used to make large rice flasks, one of which is PP or polypropylene .

Baaha PP is known as a plastic that is strong, lightweight, stable at high temperatures, and has a shiny appearance. This plastic is not easily decomposed by heat or chemicals, so it is often used as a material for making food containers, including large rice thermos and baby food containers.

Apart from PP, there are actually other types of plastic that are classified as food grade and are often used as food containers, such as HDPE, PET, LDPE, polystyrene and polycarbonate plastic. However, these materials are usually used as disposable containers, so they are rarely found in large rice thermos.

To make it easier to observe whether or not a product is food grade , usually food container manufacturers, including large rice thermos manufacturers, include a certain logo. There is a spoon and fork logo indicating that the packaging is guaranteed food grade , a wave logo indicating that it is safe to put in the microwave , or a snow – like logo which means the container is safe to put in the freezer .

3. Adjusting the capacity of the thermos to the needs

Large rice thermos usually has a capacity of between 6 liters and 30 liters. A rice thermos with a capacity of 6 liters is sufficient for daily needs, such as picnics, outings, and small-scale family events. Meanwhile, for larger needs, such as catering businesses, restaurants, or large celebrations, use a thermos with a capacity of more than 10 liters, or even 30 liters.

In addition to the various things above, you also need to pay attention to other things when buying a large rice thermos, including a double-walled thermos and separated by an airtight space and no holes or other defects. Also make sure that the outer construction of the thermos, including the handle, is strong enough, so it won’t break easily when it bears a heavy load. To be able to maintain the temperature properly, the lid of the thermos must also be ensured that it closes tightly and perfectly.

10 Best Large Rice Thermos Recommendations

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In glassware stores, supermarkets, or supermarkets, it is not difficult to find large rice thermos products. One of the best-selling is Lion Star and Maspion, because they are known to be strong and reliable for a long time. Here are some recommendations for rice flasks that are worth buying.

1. Lion Star Rice or Ice Bucket

Size of Large Rice Flask, Price - Lion Star Rice or Ice Bucket
Termos Nasi – Lion Star Rice or Ice Bucket

Lion Star Rice or Ice Bucket is made from high quality food grade
 plastic and is known to be easy to clean, odorless, and durable. The walls are designed to isolate energy, so rice placed inside will stay warm and fluffier for a long time. With a size of 28 cm x 28 cm x 34.5 cm and a capacity of 12.5 liters, this large rice thermos is sufficient for both family events and small-scale restaurants.

The Lion Star Rice or Ice Bucket large rice thermos comes in 5 color choices, there are blue, purple, red, black, and green. This product can be purchased directly through the official Lion Star store or at the nearest hardware store for Rp. 160,000 and comes with a free scoop of rice.

2. Rice Thermos Maspion

The size of a large rice thermos, price - Maspion rice thermos
Rice Thermos – Maspion Rice Thermos

Apart from Lion Star, the large rice thermos from Maspion is also one of the best-selling in the community. 
Made of strong and thick 
plyurethane foam , Maspion Termos Nasi can maintain the temperature inside for a long time. So the rice placed in this product can stay warm even after hours, even up to 12 hours.

Aside from being a container for rice, Maspion Termos Nasi Besar can also be used to store ice. Present in a choice of red, blue and green, this product is sold at only 140 thousand rupiah for a 17 liter capacity. If you need something bigger, this product is also available in a 30 liter capacity.

3. Geneva Rice Bucket USA SCP

Large Rice Thermos Size, Price - Geneva Rice Bucket USA 17 Liters
Rice Thermos – Geneva Rice Bucket USA 17 Liter

The plastic material used to make this large rice thermos from Geneva is PP plastic. 
With a capacity of 17 liters and a USA model, the Geneva Rice Bucket is quite easy to travel with. Although the total capacity is 17 liters, a maximum of 7 liters of rice can be placed into it.

This large rice thermos is made with dimensions of 270 cm x 470 cm and comes in three color choices, namely red, blue and green. Sold at a price of 100 thousand rupiah, there is a bonus saucer and rice scoop for every purchase of the Geneva Rice Bucket.

4. Global Eagle Rice Rice Flask

Large Rice Thermos Size, Price - Global Eagle Rice Rice Thermos
Rice Thermos – Global Eagle Rice Rice Thermos

Apart from using food grade
 plastic , the walls of this large rice thermos are made of two layers which are insulated using plyurethane foam . Made with a size of 27.7 cm x 41.5 cm, Global Eagle Rice Thermos Nasi has a maximum capacity of 14 liters of water. But because rice is a mixture of rice and water, the maximum rice capacity is around 7-10 liters.

Global Eagle Rice Rice Thermos is available in three colors, namely blue, green and red, just choose which color is your favorite. For the price, this large rice thermos costs 118 thousand rupiahs, complete with a rice bowl.

5. Lion Star Rice or Ice Bucket Hanami

Size of Large Rice Flask, Price - Lion Star Rice or Ice Bucket Hanami
Rice Thermos – Lion Star Rice or Ice Bucket Hanami

Measuring 34.5 cm x 34 cm x 30.8 cm, the plastic used to make Lion Star Rice or Ice Bucket Hanami is of very good quality, odorless, thick, and of course free of BPA. 
On the walls there is a layer of 
polyurethane foam which works to retain heat. Its unique shape and elegant design make this large rice thermos suitable for traveling, for example going on vacation to the beach, or other needs.

Lion Star Rice or Ice Bucket Hanami comes in four color choices, namely blue, red, brown and green. This large rice thermos has a capacity of around 12.5 liters and sells for around 150 thousand – 170 thousand rupiah at the Lion Star official store , depending on the variant chosen.

6. Green Leaf Rice Bucket Elvira (5818)

Large Rice Thermos Size, Price - Green Leaf Rice Bucket Elvira 8L
Termos Nasi – Green Leaf Rice Bucket Elvira 8L

Present in a choice of beautiful colors, Elvira’s Green Leaf Rice Bucket is made using plastic which is free of harmful chemicals, so it is safe for anyone to use. 
This thermos is made with a size of 27 cm x 25 cm x 39.3 cm and a total capacity of 8 liters which is perfect for picnics and other activities.

Apart from its elegant appearance in orange , Tosca green and pink, Elvira’s Green Leaf Rice Bucket is also very easy to clean. For the price, this product is priced at 100 thousand rupiah and can be ordered through the Green Leaf official store .

7. Bubble Star Rice Bucket Yukari

Large Rice Flask Size, Price - Bubble Star Rice Bucket
Rice Thermos – Bubble Star Rice Bucket

Bubble Star Rice Bucket Yukari is made using PP plastic material which is known to be lightweight, durable and easy to clean. 
As a heat barrier, this large rice thermos uses a 
polyurethane insulator attached to the wall. The existence of this insulator makes the warmth of the rice placed in this container even last for 6 to 8 hours.

The largest size of Bubble Star Rice Bucket Yukari has dimensions of 36.8 cm x 43.9 cm with a maximum capacity of 26 liters. Such a large capacity is sufficient for the needs of your catering business and your restaurant. For the price, this large rice thermos is priced at 260 thousand rupiah on various e-commerce sites.

8. Kimplast Rice Thermos

The size of a large rice thermos, price - Kimplast rice thermos
Rice Thermos – Kimplast Rice Thermos

Like the previous large rice thermos, the Kimplast Rice Bucket is also designed with a 2-layer wall which is insulated using 
polyurethane foam so that it can withstand temperatures up to 6-8 hours.

This product is made in diameter 25 cm, height 36 cm, with a maximum capacity of 17 liters, so it is enough to meet the needs of rice containers for small to medium scale events. Available in green, blue and red colors, Kimplast Rice Bucket is sold at IDR 70,000.

9. SUSAN Rice Bucket 065

Large Rice Thermos Size, Price - SUSAN Rice Bucket 065
Rice Thermos – SUSAN Rice Bucket 065
Even though the size is not as big as some of the previous large rice thermos products, the SUSAN Rice Bucket 065 can still be relied upon to carry rice for certain purposes, for example when you are traveling.

This product is made using plastic material which is ensured to be BPA Free, so it does not smell, is easy to clean, and is safe for anyone to use. The price of the SUSAN Rice Bucket 065 is relatively more expensive, which is 90 thousand rupiah for a 6.5 liter capacity, but it is comparable to the strength of the material provided.

10. Lion Star Square Ice Rice Box

The size of a large rice flask, price - LION STAR Square Ice Rice Box
Termos Nasi – LION STAR Square Ice Rice Box

In matters of household appliances made of plastic, Lion Star is arguably the champion. 
In addition to Hanami’s large rice thermos, Lion Star also issued a Lion Star Square Ice Rice Box product measuring 26 cm x 24 cm x 28.5 cm with a maximum capacity of 10 liters of water.

Because it is made using a very thick and strong plastic material, this thermos will be safe to travel with, even though the rice inside is at maximum capacity. Available in a choice of green, red and blue colors, the Lion Star Square Ice Rice Box is priced at IDR 130,000.

How to take care of a rice thermos to keep it good & durable

Even though it is made of strong and thick material, the large rice thermos that you have still requires maintenance so that it can last for a long time. Follow the steps below to take care of the rice thermos that you have.

1. Wash with warm water, soap and a sponge

Like other cutlery, a large rice cooker at home is best washed with dish soap, a sponge and warm water. Make sure to choose liquid dish soap, not cream soap, so it doesn’t leave odors on the plastic material of the thermos. To keep the thermos from smelling metallic, separate the sponges used for cleaning rice thermos and other equipment. If you want to remove dirt more quickly, use warm water can also be considered.

2. Avoid using a microwave

Although the rice thermos is designed from heat-resistant plastic, it is not designed for microwave use . Putting food or drink in a thermos not only has the potential to damage the device, but can also release harmful chemicals from the thermos.

3. Filling without exceeding the dividing line

Even though the capacity is quite large, that doesn’t mean you can fill your large rice thermos as you like. So that the contents inside don’t spill over everywhere, make sure to fill the flask according to the mark. So there is still a little cavity between the filling and the lid.

If the large rice thermos you have still smells even though it’s been washed, try using the following methods to get rid of the smell.

  1. Sprinkle table salt, or baking soda to taste into a large rice thermos that has been drained. Close the thermos and leave it overnight until the smell is completely gone.
  2. Alternatively, take pandan leaves and clean them first, cut them into small pieces, and put them in a large rice thermos. Close the thermos and leave overnight. So not only does the unpleasant smell disappear, but the pandan aroma also appears in the thermos.
  3. If you want to remove the thermos using vinegar, all you have to do is pour five tablespoons or so of liquid vinegar into it, then cover the thermos tightly, and wait about five minutes. After that, wash the thermos again until it is clean.
  4. If you don’t have the ingredients above, old newspapers can also be used to deodorize a thermos. The method is very easy, make a lump of newspaper, put it in a large rice thermos that has been drained, close it tightly, and leave it for a while. Wash the thermos again until it’s clean, then use it.


One way to keep rice warm even without electricity is to use a rice thermos. Both large and small rice thermos are usually made of plastic covered with polyurethane foam insulator. If you are looking for any large rice thermos products on the market, this article has discussed the complete recommendations.

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