10 Best Rice Container Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The rice container is not only used as a storage container, but also protects the rice from insects, rats and dust. Since every family cooks rice at a different rate, make sure you adjust it according to your needs.

In this article, we will review how to choose a rice bowl based on the material, size and other aspects to consider. Don’t forget, in the next section we will provide recommendations for the best rice containers from several manufacturers, such as Cosmos , Maspion , Tupperware , and Lock & Lock .

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How to choose a good rice container

The rice holder will help you store rice more easily. When choosing a rice container, decide in advance where you will place it. Some materials for rice storage have different characteristics. Some are resistant to sunlight, high humidity, or hot room temperatures.

By using a rice bowl, you don’t need to be afraid of the risk of dry, cracked, or even moldy rice due to the high humidity in the room. So, before deciding to buy a rice bowl, pay attention to the aspects when choosing a rice bowl. Here we review the tips!

1. Choose the right material for storage location

In Indonesia, putting rice in the kitchen is actually enough. Meanwhile, Europeans or some other Asian countries store rice in the refrigerator. As long as the storage room is cool or not too hot, it doesn’t matter if you put rice in that room. However, if you want to store rice in a hot enough location, then pay attention to the material where the rice is used.

The humidity factor also affects the quality and taste of the rice. So, you have to really pay attention to the materials used for your rice bowl, whether it’s plastic, wood, glass, enamel, or tin. Come on, first get to know the characteristics of each material where the rice is.

  • Plastic Material . Plastic rice containers are lighter so they are easy to move. Because the display is generally transparent, you can monitor the amount of rice without having to open the lid. Although practical, plastic materials are not suitable for placing in rooms with high temperatures or humidity because plastic rice containers are usually not too tight.
  • Paulownia wood material . Paulownia wood is a natural wood that retains constant moisture. Rice stored in this wooden box will be well preserved and mold will be avoided. Another characteristic of Paulownia wood is that it has an insecticidal effect so it won’t make insects stick to the place or even the rice that is stored.
  • Glass Material . Consider a high-density glass rice bowl if you want to keep it on your counter or under the sink. A fashionable appearance will spoil your eyes and beautify your kitchen room. However, the glass material is easily cracked or broken if dropped. So, be careful when storing glass rice containers.
  • Enamel material . Compared to glass, rice bowls made of enamel are easier to find. The characteristics of the enamel material which is resistant to scratches, dirt, and does not transfer odors will keep the quality of the rice good. Enamel can also block sunlight well so you can place it in a room that is hot enough.
  • Tin Material . The characteristic of the tin material rice place has changed. Now, tin rice containers are made tighter and able to withstand sunlight. You can also move it easily because some are equipped with a wire rope to carry the rice container or wheels so that it is easy to move.

2. Choose the size that fits the amount of rice you usually buy

If you are used to buying rice above 5 kg, then you need to find a rice container that has a capacity of that size. However, if you find that you are stocking up on rice for up to several weeks, it would be better if you buy more small rice containers.

By choosing a partitioned rice container, you can store some of it in the fridge and you can put the rest in a row in the kitchen or it doesn’t matter if you put them in a different room. However, make sure to return the material from the rice container so as not to damage the rice when it is placed in a location that matches the material characteristics of the rice container.

3. Choose one that has a measuring cup and measuring scale

The amount of rice cooked certainly differs from one family to another. To make it easier for you to take out the rice as needed, you should choose a rice container that is accompanied by a measuring cup so that you can take the rice with the right amount.

It would be even better if there was a measuring scale in place of the rice. With a measuring scale, you can pour rice directly into the rice cooker without having to use a measuring cup. Nowadays, rice containers with automatic measurements have also been produced, so you no longer need a measuring cup or measuring scale printed on the body.

10 recommendations for the best rice places

Here we go

Ainun has summarized the ten best rice places that you can make reference to. You can purchase any of our recommended products below through your favorite online store!

1. Place Rice Rice Tin Box

Nice Rice Place Rice Tin Box
Rice Tin Box Products

The following rice containers have a capacity of ± 6 kg. 
You can store rice in this container and place it wherever you want. Because it is made of tin with a high density lid, the quality of your rice will always be maintained.

Designed with a cute appearance, those of you who like shabby chic home decor will surely fall in love with this product of our choice. Make your kitchen space even prettier by placing your rice in this 23.5 x 26 cm Rice Tin Box.

2. Loloky Rice Place LRB-28

Good Rice Place Loloky LRB-28
Product Loloky LRB-28

If you are looking for a light rice container, this one product should be a list of choices. 
Made of plastic, this material not only makes it easy for you to move this product, but is also durable because it is resistant to rust.

Loloky also chooses high-quality plastic material so that the surface is not easily dented. This rice box can store up to 28 kg of rice. Made vertical, you can tuck it between kitchen furniture. With wheels, you can easily move this rice container to another place.

3. Cosmos Rice Box Bio 12

Good Rice Place Cosmos Rice Box Bio 12
Product Cosmos Rice Box Bio 12

A well-known brand in electronics manufacturing, Cosmos, participates in producing iron rice bowls. 
For those of you who have trusted Cosmos products for a long time, this Rice Box Bio 12 is worth choosing. Holds up to 12 kg of rice, you can provide rice for up to a week or more.

With a design that implements a first in first out system, there is no such thing as rice left in it for too long. Thanks to this feature, you also don’t have to bother sorting out new and old rice. On the surface, Cosmos includes powder coating technology to make it smoother and rust resistant.

4. Saga Lunar Rice Box SRB 28

Good Rice Place Saga Lunar Rice Box SRB 28
Product Saga Lunar Rice Box SRB 28

You can rely on Saga Lunar Rice Box to store large amounts of rice. 
It is stated that this product can accommodate up to 28 liters of rice or ± 25 kg. We recommend this product for those of you who often forget the last time you bought rice.

The circle component in the middle is very useful for you to indicate when you last bought rice. Rotate and adjust every time you put new rice into it. One more advantage, the rice container measuring 36 x 28 x 70 cm also has an airtight chamber so that the rice is free from mold and musty odors.

5. Maspion Rice Box MRD 12

Good Rice Place Maspion Rice Box MRD 12
Product Maspion Rice Box MRD 12

The entry hole to put rice into the rice bowl is designed to be wide, so you can do this activity more easily and comfortably. 
Maspion designed this product to be able to accommodate a total of up to 12 kg of rice, which is perfect for those of you who are looking for a place to store large capacity rice.

In addition, the body which is made of plastic also makes this product relatively light so that you can adjust the placement easily. Then, the low market value of this product is also suitable for those of you who may not have a large budget to buy a new rice container.

6. Cosmos Rice Box FIFO-38

Nice Rice Holder Cosmos Rice Box FIFO-38
Product Cosmos Rice Box FIFO-38

A modern impression will be created when you place this rice container wherever you want the room. 
We recommend keeping it in the kitchen so that it is easily accessible whenever you want to cook rice. With a capacity of up to 38 kg, this product is worth choosing for those of you who have a family.

Even though the size is quite wide, which is 110 x 60 x 85 cm, this rice container is equipped with wheels so that it is easier for you to adjust the position of its placement. In addition, the iron material used also makes this product strong and effective in preventing rats from eating away at the body of the product.

7. Miyako Rice Box TB-38

Good Rice Place Miyako Rice Box TB-38
Product Miyako Rice Box TB-38

You don’t have to buy more than one rice container to stock a lot of rice in it. 
Through this product, Miyako will help you keep your rice tasty and good regardless of the total amount that must be stored. Imagine that at an affordable price, this rice container can hold up to 38 kg.

Even though it is not equipped with wheels, this product is made of plastic so you don’t need to worry about the risk of rust or the difficulty of moving it because of its heavy weight. With 3 choices of measuring buttons, you can adjust the rice that is issued as needed.

8. Tupperware Rice Smart

Nice Rice Place Tupperware Rice Smart
Tupperware Rice Smart products

Are you a loyal user of products from Tupperware? 
If so, of course Rice Smart, which is also released by Tupperware, is an option that you will like. Present with a variety of minimalist color choices, this product will beautify your kitchen space.

As usual, Tupperware designed this product to be stable in storing rice in it. Equipped with a slider that can measure 150 grams of rice automatically, you can also adjust the amount of rice you want to cook without the hassle of measuring with a glass.

9. Lock & Lock Classic Food Container HPL510

Nice Rice Place Lock & Lock Classic Food Container HPL510
Product Lock & Lock Classic Food Container HPL510

Lock & Lock Classic Food Container HPL510 has a size of 22 x 33.4 x 26.5 cm. 
This product is equipped with a 200 ml measuring cup so you can more easily calculate the amount of rice you want to cook. The lid that is accompanied by a seal makes it airtight.

Insects and humidity won’t get in because of the silicone seal used for the lid. Not to mention the use of polypropylene material which makes this product resistant to cold temperatures. With a capacity of ± 9 kg or 12 liters, you can also control the remaining rice because of its transparent design.

10. Wooden Rice Place

Nice Rice Place Wooden Rice Place
Wooden Rice Place Products

This paulownia wood rice bowl can prevent pests and insects from entering thanks to its natural insecticidal effect. 
This product is also environmentally friendly, unlike the commonly used plastic materials. By purchasing this product, you can decorate a natural themed room.

Besides being environmentally friendly, the Paulownia wood material used can also prevent moldy rice. The ability to maintain the right humidity will ensure that the rice stays good and delicious when cooked. This product is equipped with a small square measuring cup made of wood, making it even more unique!


Use a rice container so that the quality of the stored rice is maintained. There’s no need to fear mold, dust, dirt, or the taste of the rice changing when you store it in the rice bin. By using a special rice storage area, you can also decorate the kitchen room or other room to make it more beautiful.

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