10 Recommended Luxury & Beautiful Cookie Jars (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – It is common knowledge that pastries are synonymous with Eid al-Fitr or Lebaran, so it is not surprising that many jars of luxurious and beautiful pastries are sold online and offline before the big day. These products are in great demand because they can make pastries more presentable and attractive. Well, the cakes that are usually served include nastar cake, cat’s tongue, peanut cake, and many more. In addition to cakes, candy can also be a treat because it is preferred by children who visit.

Everyone certainly wants to have a good product, including a jar of pastries. What’s more, the jar will be served to all guests who come to the house. Well, here are some ways you can do when choosing a luxurious and beautiful cookie jar.

1. Choose the Model of the Luxury Cookie Jar You Want

Each brand will usually provide luxury cookie jars with various sizes, shapes, and colors. Well, of course it was made because everyone’s needs and tastes are different. There are jars that are sold individually, but some are sold as a set with various jar sizes.

Nice Fancy & Beautiful Cookie Jar
Beautiful & Luxurious Cake Jar Illustration / capodimonte.co.id

The forms of jars that are sold in the market, there are boxes, tubes, round, some even look like carnival tents and trophies. Not only that, the colors offered are also varied, such as a combination of white with gold, purple, a combination of transparent jars with black, and many other beautiful colors.

2. Make sure the material of the jar is as needed

There are various kinds of materials used to make fancy cookie jars, such as ceramics, plastic, glass, and so on. Each material certainly has different characteristics so you need to adjust it to your needs. If you want to choose a ceramic material, it should only be used for certain moments because it is prone to breaking.

So that the pastries served can be seen, you can choose a luxury cookie jar made of glass. However, plastic cookie jars will be the right choice if you want to get an affordable price and not break easily. Well, the thing you need to make sure when choosing is that the jar is BPA Free and airtight.

3. Choose an Easy-to-clean Fancy Cookie Jar

Another thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a luxury cookie jar is whether or not the jar is easy to clean. Basically, cleaning the jar that will or has been used is mandatory so that the stored cake is not easily moldy. By choosing a jar that is easy to clean, you only need to do simple maintenance so you can also save energy and time.

Of course, everyone has different needs and tastes, so it’s no wonder that there are so many types of jars today. So, here is Ainun, a review of ten recommendations for luxurious and beautiful cookie jars from various brands that you can choose from.

1. Capodimonte Ceramic Jar Contents 3 Pcs

Top Luxury & Beautiful Cookie Jars Capodimonte Ceramic Jars 3 Pcs
Cookie Jar Capodimonte Ceramic Jar Fill 3 Pcs

If you’re looking for a luxury cookie jar with ceramic material, then Capodimonte Ceramic Jar can be the right choice. 
Well, this type of New Bone China ceramic is made using bone ash, feldspathic materials, and kaolin so that it has the best quality. In addition to the material, another thing that makes this product look luxurious is the white base color combined with the gold color. Then, the shape of the jar and the handle on the jar body and lid are also designed to look luxurious.

This product consists of three fancy cookie jars of different sizes. The large jar is 19 cm high and 17 cm in diameter and the medium size jar is 16 cm long and 14 cm in diameter. While the size of the small jar is 14 cm high and 12 cm in diameter. This luxury cookie jar can also be used to store candy, sugar, salt, and coffee so that it looks more attractive.

2. Vicenza Gemini Motif Cup Jar

Vicenza's Best Luxurious & Beautiful Cookie Jar Jar of Gemini Motif Cups
Vicenza Cookie Jar Cup Gemini Motif Cup

The next luxury cookie jar recommendation is Vicenza Gemini Motif Cup Jar, which has three different jar sizes. 
You can store up to 700 ml in a small 13.5 cm diameter jar and 800 ml in a 14 cm diameter medium jar. In addition, more cookies can be stored in large jars that have a diameter of 14 cm with a volume of 1000 ml. Well, Vicenza also chose ceramics to be used as ingredients to make this luxurious cookie jar.

If the previous product had a simpler motif, then Vicenza’s jar is different. As the name implies, this luxury cookie jar has a Gemini motif and the jar is designed like a cup. Therefore, you can use this product not only to store pastries and candies. You can also make this jar weighing a total of 7 kg as a display or decoration at home so that the room looks beautiful.

3. Mizu Toscana Glass Jars

The Best Luxury & Beautiful Cookie Jars Mizu Toscana Glass Jars
Mizu Toscana Glass Jars

This luxury cookie jar is more suitable for those of you who like glass jars. 
You don’t need to worry because the glass material is free of lead so it’s safe to use for storing food. In addition, this product also has an embossed grape motif so that it can add to the impression of luxury. Unlike the previous two luxury cookie jars, the ingredients and motifs in this jar make the stored cookies a little more visible.

You can more easily find out the stock in the jar without having to open the lid first. This type of luxury cookie jar has two size options that you can choose to suit your needs. The small jar measuring 8.4 x 11.3 cm weighs 358 grams, while the large jar measures 9.8 x 11.5 cm and weighs 420 grams. Not only pastries, you can also use this Mizu Toscana Glass Jar to store jewelry and other small items.

4. Luminarc Anthia Jar Set – 3 Pcs

Best Luxurious & Beautiful Cookie Jar Luminarc Anthia Jar Set - 3Pcs
Luminarc Cookie Jar Set Anthia Jar – 3Pcs

If the previous luxury cookie jar was made of glass that wasn’t too transparent, then this Luminarc Anthia Jar Set is different. 
Your guests can more freely see the contents of the jar because this product is made using transparent, high-quality glass. Not only that, Luminarc also provides beautiful floral motifs with a blend of red, pink and green. Well, the lid of the cookie jar is also designed in such a way as to make it look luxurious.

This Luminarc product is very easy to clean, you can even wash it using dishwater. Not only for serving pastries at home, you can also place them in offices, cafes and restaurants. In addition, you can also pack these three luxury cookie jars beautifully to make gifts to give to your loved ones.

5. Korken Clear Glass Jar 13 Cl

Best Luxury & Beautiful Cookie Jar Korken Clear Glass Jar 13 Cl
Korken Cookie Jar Clear Glass Jar 13 Cl

You certainly know that IKEA is one of the brands that sells good quality products, so it’s no wonder that many people like to shop there. 
You can find IKEA easily because the stores are already present in various big cities, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, and many more. Well, one of the products being sold is Korken Clear Glass Jar 13 Cl made from glass, real rubber and stainless steel. This luxury cookie jar recommendation is suitable for those of you who like small products that are simple but elegant.

Cookies stored in these Korken jars stay crunchy thanks to the airtight seal. Not only pastries, you can also store pickles, jams, and other spices to keep them durable. But before that, make sure you wash it before use. If you want to sterilize these fancy cookie jars with hot water, it’s best to preheat them with warm water to prevent the glass from cracking.

6. Formia Betawi Cake Jar 20 cm

Best Luxurious & Beautiful Cookie Jar Formia Betawi Cake Jar 20 cm
Cake Jar Formia Betawi Cake Topper 20 cm

Another luxury glass cookie jar that you can choose is Formia Betawi Cake Toples 20 cm. 
With a size that is long enough, you can store more cookies at once. This imported jar has a unique shape and interesting motif so that this product can also be used as a display in the living room or family room. In addition, you can also store various kinds of candy in this fancy cookie jar.

When you buy Formia products, you will get a jar box to store the product so it doesn’t get dirty easily. Sometimes pastries stored in a jar have prints so you need to clean them first before using them to store other cakes. Well, this fancy cookie jar is made using easy-to-clean glass so you can save time and effort.

7. Mili jar 757

The Best Luxury & Beautiful Cookie Jar Jars Mili 757
Jar of Cookies Jar of Mili 757

This luxury cookie jar recommendation is suitable for those of you who have a limited budget. 
The Mili 757 jar is sold at a more affordable price because the material used is thick transparent plastic. Therefore, it is not surprising that this product has a fairly light weight of around 300 grams. Even though it’s transparent, the manufacturer gives a motif on the lid to make it look more attractive.

Well, you can get this Mili 757 jar measuring 10.8 x 10.8 x 6 cm easily at plastic stores around the house. Usually these products are sold in dozens, so they are suitable for selling your pastries, such as nastar cakes, cat tongues, peanut cookies, and so on. You can add a sticker label on the lid to let consumers know it’s your product. However, the capacity of each jar of these luxurious pastries depends on the shape of the cake.

8. CPM Hansel Food Jar Set 6 Plus Tray

Best Luxury & Beautiful Pastry Jar CPM Hansel Food Jar Set of 6 Plus Trays
CPM Cookie Jars Hansel Food Jars Set 6 Plus Trays

If you’re looking for a fancy cookie jar that has a large quantity in one set, then this Hansel Food Jar Set 6 Plus Tray CPM is for you. 
In addition, the price is also affordable because the material used is transparent plastic. By choosing this product, you can be more calm because this luxury cookie jar is not easily broken. Even so, this product also doesn’t look cheap because of the contemporary lid model and the pattern on the jar body is transparent.

You also don’t need to worry because the lid of the jar is also tight so that the pastries that are stored can stay crunchy. Other recommended jars do have different sizes for each set, but the sizes of the six CPM jars are all 10 cm in diameter and 8 cm in height. In addition, the choice of colors given is also interesting, there are purple, pink and green.

9. Soebi Antiq Carnival Glass Jar

Best Luxury & Beautiful Cookie Jar Soebi Antiq Carnival Glass Jar
Jar of Cookies Soebi Antiq Carnival Glass Jar

One of the most popular luxury cookie jar models is the Carnival Glass Jar from Soebi Antiq. 
It is called Carnival because its shape is similar to the carnival tents in cartoons. In order to meet the needs of different consumers, this product is provided in various sizes ranging from 100 ml, 250 ml, up to 500 ml. Therefore, the mouth diameter, bottom diameter, and height of each jar will also vary.

This jar is also made using glass that is BPA free so it is safe for storing food. Not only that, this product has been designed to be airtight so that the crispness of your pastries can be maintained. Even though it uses glass, the price of this luxury cookie jar is also quite affordable. Especially if you buy it by the dozens, of course the price of this luxury cookie jar can be cheaper.

10. Oxone OX301 Plastic Storage 3 Pcs

Best Luxury & Beautiful Cookie Jars Oxone OX301 Plastic Storage 3 Pcs
Oxone OX301 Plastic Storage Cookie Jar 3 Pcs

The last recommendation for a luxury cookie jar comes from the Oxone brand, which also sells a variety of household needs. 
You can buy this jar on the official account on the marketplace to get the original product. When buying this type of product, you will get three jars of different sizes at the same time. That way, you can adapt it to your needs.

You don’t need to hesitate to buy Oxone OX301 because apart from being affordable, the lid also makes the jar airtight. This plastic luxury cookie jar is combined with black so that it can add an elegant impression. In addition, this transparent product is also designed ergonomically which is easy for anyone to use.

Tips for Storing Crunchy Cookies in a Jar

The hope of everyone who stores cookies in a fancy cookie jar is that they stay crisp. So, here are some storage tips that you can do.

1. Make sure the cookies are completely cooled

If you’re making your own cookies, make sure the freshly baked cookies are completely cool before placing them in the fancy cookie jar. You need to do this because the hot cookies still contain moisture. If stored in moist conditions, I’m afraid the cake won’t be crispy anymore even though it hasn’t been put in the jar for a long time.

2. Choose an Airtight Fancy Cookie Jar

This one thing is really important for you to pay attention to because a fancy cookie jar that is not airtight will make the cake not crunchy anymore. If that happens, then the pleasure of eating pastries can also be reduced. Typically, an airtight jar with a tight, tight rubber cover.


Well, that’s a review of ten recommendations for luxurious and beautiful cookie jars that you can choose to complete your collection at home. Make sure to choose the right product so that it can meet your needs.

Usually these jars are not only used for storing cakes, you can store candies, herbs, medicinal concoctions, jewelry, and other small items.

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