10 Best Fishing String Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Fishing is indeed a very enjoyable hobby. Of course, using the best fishing line is one of the requirements so that fishing can be more confident. Fishing is not just a hobby, many even make it the main profession for men. To get lots of fish, one of the main indicators is the use of good fishing line.

Best Fishing Line
Illustration of Fishing String / SaltStrong

No wonder anglers are willing to spend a large budget to get comfortable strings to use when fishing. Not a few anglers are often disappointed with their fishing rods. One of the reasons is the fishing line that is not suitable for use by anglers. Why is that?

This is because the many types of fishing line need adjustment where and when you have to use it. That’s why to get maximum results you need to adjust the type of fishing line you will use. What are the types of fishing line? Here’s the review.

Types of Fishing Lines

Fishing line has several variants. These variants have their respective advantages. Curious? Here are the types of fishing line.

1. Senar Monofilament

The first is the Monofilament String. This string has a very high level of popularity among anglers. Has properties that are invisible to fish but can be seen by anglers.

Based on its name, mono which means single and filament which means fiber. So it can be said that this fishing line consists of only one single fiber. Which later this string experienced development, namely monofilament nylon strings.

One of the drawbacks of this fishing line is the elongation when it is being pulled. So that the angler may not feel anything when the fish is eating the fishing bait.

2. Senar Fluorocarbon

The second is Fluorocarbon strings. These strings are deliberately made to overcome the weakness of monofilament nylon strings. These strings are made of polyvinyledene fluoride (PVDF).

This fishing line has a refractive index that is very close to water, which is 1.43, while water is 1.34. This string has the advantage of being solid so it does not change easily when wet or dry.

The drawback is that this string has a relatively low level of bond strength, which is around 60%. And of course these strings are inferior to nylon monofilament strings.

3. Senar Braided / PE

The last one is Braided / PE fishing line. Having many fibers, this string is made of polyethylene (PE), namely dyneema. This string is a type of multi filament string. It doesn’t stretch when pulled and also has strong knot strength.

What this fishing line lacks is that it is not transparent and easily absorbs water. This type of string is widely used for sea fishing locations. Because in a place like that it takes a long and strong string.

Well, there are 3 types of strings that anglers usually use. Next is how to choose the right fishing line for you who will be fishing. The method is short. Check out the following reviews.

How to Choose Good Fishing Lines

Already know the types of fishing line. Now is the time for you to be presented with tips on choosing good and right fishing line so that the fishing atmosphere becomes more enjoyable. Here are tips on choosing the best fishing line.

1. Adjust to Needs

The first is to choose the string according to your needs. If you want to fish in the sea, choose a string that is specifically used or can be used at sea.

In addition, if you want to fish that are not too big or of medium size, you also need to adjust the strength of the strings you use.

Adjusting these needs can help you to get maximum results while fishing.

2. Check the Main Material of the Strings

Then, when you want to fish, make sure you know the material that forms the fishing line that you are using. Because the string material also greatly affects your ease of fishing.

Those are 2 tips that you can use when you want to find strings for fishing. Next are the best fishing line products that are recommended for fishing. Here’s the list.

10 Best Fishing Line List

Here we go

Already know the types of fishing line and also how to choose it. Now it’s time for you to take a look at the 10 best fishing lines. What are you curious about? Let’s peel it thoroughly in the following Ainun review .

1. Senar Pancing Cordial Clarity

Cordial Clearity Best Fishing Lines
Senar Pancing Cordial Clarity

The first is the Cordial Clearity string. 
This fishing line is one of the Soft Monofilament type strings. These strings are available in a wide variety of sizes. One of them is a string with a length of up to 1268 m with a power of 10 lb which can lift up to 5 kg.

It has a fairly thin diameter of 0.25 mm. If usually Japanese-quality fishing line is priced quite expensive, this Cordial Clearity line is priced quite cheap, you know, tens of thousands to hundreds, depending on the variant.

2. Senar Pancing Vip Access Alphalon

Alphalon Vip Access Best Fishing Line
Senar Pancing Vip Access Alphalon

The second best fishing line is Vip Access Alphalon. 
This string product is very much found among anglers. It’s no wonder this string is perfect for anglers who hunt big fish.

Having a size of 0.3 mm, this string has a strength of up to 25 lbs which is recognized to be able to withstand weights of up to 13 kg. Besides having strong characteristics, this string is also recognized as not easy to loosen.

Having good quality, this fishing line is priced at a very affordable price. This product is priced at 150 thousand rupiah to 200 thousand rupiah.

3. OPT-HT Optima Fishing Line

OPT-HT Optima's Best Fishing Line
OPT-HT Optima Fishing Line

Next up is the OPT-HT Optima string. 
The best fishing line for this one is a Fluorocarbon type line. The advantage is that it is not visible to fish because it is transparent, this string is also easy to sink. Because of these advantages, this fishing line is recognized to be used for fishing anywhere, especially for fish that have a high level of sensitivity.

The OPT-HT Optima strings have high tensile strength and high strength. It is undeniable that anglers also recognize the comfort level of using this fishing line when used for fishing. For the price, this string is priced at a fairly cheap price, which is around 90 thousand to 120 thousand. So it’s very safe for anglers’ pockets, of course.

4. Senar Pancing PE Shimano Ocean Plugger Tuned Ex8 PE

Shimano Ocean Plugger Tuned Ex8 PE
Senar Pancing PE Shimano Ocean Plugger Tuned Ex8 PE5

Next is the best fishing line from PE Shimano Ocea Plugger Tuned Ex8 PE 5. For those of you fishing lovers, of course this string is familiar, right? 
This Japanese string product is recognized as the best string product that has very good quality. So it’s no stranger if this product is the most expensive string and of course the most powerful.

This string has a very small size, namely a diameter of 0.35 which can lift up to 40 kg of weight. These strings are up to 400 meters long. This fishing line is very suitable for sea fishing, supported by its length which reaches almost half a km.

5. Senar Pancing Ogawa Qian Liu

Ogawa QianLiu Best Fishing Line
Senar Pancing Ogawa Qian Liu

The next best fishing line is Ogawa QianLiu. 
Having a thin diameter and having a high enough strength is what most anglers want.

And this is present in Ogawa QianLiu’s fishing line. If this string has a thickness of 0.28, it is still much thinner than V-TRO fishing line, which has a fishing line size of 0.28 in general.

Having the quality that anglers really want, it’s no wonder that this string is one of the most wanted strings by anglers. The price is not a problem to get this product. These strings are priced at a very affordable price.

6. Hi Speed ​​Exori Fishing Line

Best Fishing Lines Exori hi Speed
Exori hi Speed ​​fishing line

Next up is the best fishing line from Exori hi Speed. 
This string has a strength of up to 25 lb or can be said to be able to lift weights up to 12 kg with a diameter of 0.3 mm.

This string is highly recommended for those of you who want to fish for cork, pomfret or catfish. This string is very popular among anglers.

For those of you who want good quality strings without having to spend hundreds of thousands, these strings are highly recommended for you. These strings are priced at tens of thousands and certainly not up to hundreds of thousands.

7. Saltwater Variations Fishing Lines

The Best Fishing Line for Saltwater Variations
Saltwater Variations Fishing Lines

The next best fishing line is Varivas Saltwater. 
This string is specifically for anglers in the sea area. So it’s no wonder that this brand is very popular among sea anglers.

These strings are equipped with VEP nylon which can be used for resistance to abrasion. So for those of you who want to fish in the sea, this string is highly recommended. For the price, you also don’t need to worry, this string is priced at a very affordable price.

8. PE fishing line Daiwa Saltiga Boat X8

Best PE Fishing Line for Daiwa Saltiga Boat X8
Fishing Line PE Daiwa Saltiga Boat X8

Next is the best fishing line from PE Daiwa Saltiga Boat X8. 
Who doesn’t know this Japanese product? This string has a size of PE.8 or 0.5 mm.

Due to its great strength, this string can lift weights up to 45 kg. What is unique, this string has a very colorful or multicolor with a length of up to 0.5 km.

Having unquestionable quality, this fishing line is priced at up to millions of rupiah. Naturally, right? With the best Japanese brands and also very qualified quality.

9. Senar Pancing V-TRO CS

Best Fishing Line V-TRO CS
Senar Pancing V-TRO CS

The next best fishing line is the V-TRO CS line. 
This string is a type of Fluorocarbon string. Having transparent properties makes this string invisible to fish which can make it easier for you to fish.

These strings are available in various sizes from 0.18 to 0.35 mm in diameter. For a diameter of 0.18 these strings can lift weights up to 1.5 kg.

And for a diameter of 0.35, the strings can lift up to 47 kg. For the price, this V-TRO CS string is priced at a very affordable price.

10. Tufline XP Fishing Line

Best Tufline XP Fishing Line
Tufline XP Fishing Line

The last one is the best fishing line from Tufline XP. 
This fishing line is PE type fishing line. Not only famous in Indonesia, this string is very popular in almost all corners of the world.

For the price offered, this string is indeed priced quite expensive, up to millions of rupiah. Naturally, because this fishing line is made with a high-tech touch, it produces very high-quality strings.

This line is a very tight braided fishing line that has a small diameter and a soft texture. The quality is very high, it’s no wonder that this string is used by anglers all over the world, right?


Well, how about this. Do you already know the recommendations for the best fishing line? Now is the time for those of you who want to fish to determine the choice of fishing line. Of course, choose according to your wishes and needs. If you are in doubt, you can also buy fishing line with several different brands at once.

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