10 Best Motorcycle Tire Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Motorbikes are very common vehicles. It can be said that every house must have a motorbike. This 2-wheeled vehicle is very familiar to the people of Indonesia. Besides being able to be used for narrow roads, this vehicle is also very helpful for us on jammed roads. Having 2 wheels to move, motorbikes now have many types. So the wheels used are also of course different.

The Best Motorcycle Tire Brands
Motorcycle Tire Illustration / redhillmotorcyclewerx

Talking about motorbikes, everyone must be familiar with this vehicle even though there are some who have not been able to drive it or have never ridden it. However, everyone must have seen this 2-wheeled transportation. Without these two wheels, this motor certainly cannot be used. Not only that, the type of wheel used must also be appropriate. Of course using the best motorcycle tires. Well, for those of you who are curious about the topic of motorcycles and motorcycle tires. Don’t miss the following reviews.

How to Choose a Good Motorcycle Tire

There have been so many products with various brands of motorbike tires on the market, maybe not a few of us will feel confused when we want to buy these products. Well, for that you need some tips for choosing the brand and product choice of these motorbike tires. What are the tips? Check out the following reviews.

1. Choose the right tire size

Choosing the right tire size can be done by adjusting the wheel size of the motorcycle. This is something you should pay attention to when you want to change a motorcycle tire. If you want to use tires that are larger than your motorcycle’s rim size, you should choose a size that is not more than 2 inches larger than the factory standard size.

2. Select the appropriate engraving

In addition to size, carved motorcycle tire motifs also need to be considered. The carving of each motorcycle tire has a different performance when passing on the road. Good for tires for wet and dry roads you should choose carvings with a unidirectional profile. The meaning of unidirectional is sideways at an angle of 45 degrees from front to back.

3. Choose a surface with a medium palm

The next thing to note is the type of tire surface. We recommend that you choose tires with medium tread. This aims to make it easier for the engine power used is not too excessive. Not only that, with medium palms it can also make the motorbike more agile when crossing the street.

4. Choose tires with a good brand reputation

Furthermore, when choosing an outer or inner tire product, you should choose a motorcycle tire brand that has a brand with a good reputation. This can also make it easier for you when choosing the right motorcycle tires with good quality and can be the most durable. When the brand reputation of the motorcycle is good, that is a sign that the tire has been used a lot and the users will also like it. That way you don’t need to be afraid to try it even if it’s the first time using the brand’s motorcycle tires.

Those are some tips that you can use when you want to buy new motorbike tires. That way you will not feel sorry or choose the wrong one for your motorbike. Next, you will be presented with 10 product recommendations and of course from the best brands whose products are available in Indonesia. Curious? Don’t miss the review.

10 List of Recommendations for the Best Motorcycle Tire Brands

Already knowing the right way to choose the list of motorcycle tire recommendations, now is the time for you to be presented with the 10 best motorcycle tire brands selected by Ainun Curious about which brands? Come on, take a look at the following reviews.

1. Motorcycle Tires IRC (Inoue Rubber Company) NR91

The Best Motorcycle Tire Brand IRC (Inoue Rubber Company) NR91
IRC (Inoue Rubber Company) Motorcycle Tires NR91

The IRC brand is well known among people who are closely related to transportation such as cars and motorbikes. 
For now, we will be using the best motorcycle tires from the IRC brand, namely IRC (Inoue Rubber Company) NR91 Motorcycle Tires. Having a very cool feature, this tire is usually used for automatic type motorbikes.

Has the advantages of low rolling resistance, which is to reduce engine load, non-aromatic oil, which is a chemical that is good for the environment, shock absorbent booster, namely the construction of high-tech tires and ultra high speed which can provide maximum performance on the motorbike.

This tire has a size of 80/90 with a ring of 14. For its design, this tire has a symmetrical and unidirectional carving. So, what less? Have you used this tire on your motorcycle? Come on, let’s try. Don’t miss it.

2. Battlax Motorcycle Tires (Bridgestone)

Best Motorcycle Tire Brand Battlax (Bridgestone)
Battlax (Bridgestone) Motorcycle Tires

Even if you are a layman in automotive matters. 
You certainly know this one brand. Bridgestone is a brand that is also very familiar to the public. Known for its quality, this brand of motorcycle tires has also been widely used and received positive responses.

Made with state-of-the-art technology, these tires are of unquestionable quality. This tire has the advantage of pro-tech technology that is able to save fuel, provide maximum stability when passing through corners and also excellent braking performance.

This is because the tires from the Bridgestone brand are made with sophisticated technology and are full of precision. Very cool right? However, please note, this tire has a drawback where the price tag is quite high. Very reasonable right? This is also balanced with the quality provided.

3. Michelin Pilot Street Motorcycle Tires

Michelin Pilot Street Best Motorcycle Tire Brand 110-70-17
Michelin Pilot Street Motorcycle Tires 110-70-17

Want the best durable motorcycle tires that have optimal grip with a sporty design? 
The Michelin Pilot Street 110-70-17 Motorcycle Tire is a pretty good one for you. This motorcycle tire is made of high quality synthetic rubber. This is evidenced by the fact that the material has a certificate that proves its quality.

With these tires you can cross uneven roads with less pronounced vibrations because they have been dimmed and also have a stable balance. Not only that, these tires are also not easily damaged and worn out so that they are durable in use for quite a long time. Reliable for dry and wet roads, this Michelin tire has a pilot street series tire design in the form of a transverse tread groove.

With a size of 110-70-17, this one motorcycle tire is suitable for sport type motorcycles. For daily use, these tires are suitable for touring or daily trips. Having advantages and unquestionable quality, you need to know that these tires are priced quite expensive. Types of tires with other sizes are also available, this brand can certainly be an alternative choice for your motorbike.

4. Dunlop Motorcycle Tires

Dunlop's Best Motorcycle Tire Brands
Dunlop Motorcycle Tires

Do you know the biggest tire company in the world? 
Maybe you have seen the brand often or even used it but you are not aware of it. The name of the company as well as the brand is Dunlop. This brand provides the best motorcycle tires of course.

This Dunlop brand tire has the expertise to divert water while crossing it so that the vehicle will not feel slippery. It is their innovative feature called hydro-paddle. That way your safety will be more awake when driving. Very good isn’t it? Come on, try it now for your motorbike.

5. Corsa S22 Tubeless Motorcycle Tire

The Best Motorcycle Tire Brands Corsa S22 80-90-16 Tubeless Motorcycle Tires
Corsa Motorcycle Tires Tubeless Motorcycle Tires

Made in the country and a local brand, you should know that this motorcycle tire has the same advantages as other best tire products. 
It should be noted that one motorcycle tire is not only recognized domestically but other countries have also recognized it. This tire is designed with a ring of 16 which has outstanding performance for this type of motorcycle or moped.

Made with very high quality materials as evidenced by the traction and handling that is very cool. This is also supported by the design with the development of the letter S shape and the center line which can provide excellent handling on dry roads. Not only that, the cold construction of this tire can also provide high comfort while driving. For the price is also very good, these tires are priced at an affordable price.

6. Swallow Classic SB135-17

The Best Motorcycle Tire Brand Swallow Classic SB135-17
Swallow Classic Motorcycle Tires SB135-17

Well known to many people, this motorcycle tire from the Swallow brand has become a favorite in Indonesia. 
Swallow tires are highly recognized in terms of their durability which reaches 1 to 2 years according to their use. The quality is certainly not in doubt. This is also proven by the SNI certificate which was once a tire with a national championship. This also proves that these swallow tires can compete overseas.

It’s the same with the Swallow Classic SB135-17 motorcycle tires. These motorcycle tires are specially designed to give a classic look with a vintage feel. Made with a 17 ring design, this tire is suitable for custom motorcycles that have a classic style. In addition to a very stunning appearance, these tires also have very good quality. The grip is very stable, anyone who drives will feel safe while crossing the road.

7. Aspira Motorcycle Tires

The Best Motorcycle Tire Brand Aspira
Aspira Motorcycle Tires

It has been around since 1973, this motorcycle tire is designed with durability and safety in the face of all types of roads, maneuvers in urban areas and can also be used when touring. 
Very cool right?

Having excellent grip, this Aspira motorcycle tire also has high traction for off-roading. This aspira tire provides a very long cruising range and high durability. How? Are you one of the users of this motorcycle tire. If not, let’s try it for your motorbike.

8. FDR Motor Motorcycle Tires

Best Motorcycle Tire Brand FDR
FDR Motor Motorcycle Tires

Being one of the motorcycle tires, who would have thought that this FDR motorcycle tire was a motorcycle tire produced by a local company. 
Having a very capable and cool performance, this tire is equipped with a dual compound technology feature which guarantees the quality of the rider’s safety when used on the road.

Not only that, this tire also has excellent grip and stability. As for its design, this tire has an asymmetrical pattern that aims to perfectly cut through the water when crossing wet, watery roads. This is called aquo driven technology which has a tread pattern design in the shape of the letter V.

9. Zeneos ZN91 100-80

The Best Brand of Motorcycle Tires Zeneos ZN91 100-80
Zeneos ZN91 Motorcycle Tires

Produced by the Gajah Tunggal company which is claimed to be the largest company in Southeast Asia, the motorcycle tire is Zeneos ZN91 100-80. 
This Zeneos tire is made with Advance Grip Design (AGD) and HSG (High Speed ​​Grip) compound. This is very supportive for those of you who really prioritize safety and also comfort when driving. It should be noted that the products from Zeneos have received domestic and international certificates for each of their products. It’s the same with the Zeneos ZN91 100-80 tires.

This type of tubeless motorcycle tire is made with a very strong material that can provide control with maximum stability and comfort when driving. For its size, this tire is designed in size 100/80 with Ring 18. Not to forget, this tire also uses Tread Under Cushion technology which can overcome tire separation.

In addition, this tire is also equipped with a non-aromatic oil feature from chemicals that are safe for the environment. For the motif design, this tire is made with the Advance Grip Enhancement Design which is made by computerization so that it produces excellent precision for draining tire water. For motorbikes that are suitable for this type of tire are sport motorbikes and also motorbikes used for touring.

10. Mizzle Vireo

The Best Motorcycle Tire Brand Mizzle Vireo 90-90-14
Mizzle Vireo Motorcycle Tires

Being one of the best tires made by a local company, one of the Mizzle Vireo 90/90-14 tires is made by PT Banteng Pratama Rubber. 
One of the advantages of this brand is its environmentally friendly tire products. This 90/90 ring 14 motorcycle tire has a leaf-shaped pattern that has a very maximum level of comfort when used.

The design is very stylish, it is a very cool design from the nation’s children. This tire is suitable for use on wet or dry roads. This has also been reminded of the part of the tire that reads For Wet and Dry Road.

Those are the 10 best motorcycle tire brands that you can use as a reference when you want to buy motorcycle tires. How? Have you found the right tires for your motorcycle? If you have found a suitable product, just order it at your favorite store.

Know 5 Types of Motorcycle Tires

In addition to the product, please note that motorcycle tires also have many types. Here’s the review.

1. Sport (Semi Slick)

The first is a sport type tire suitable for supersport motorbikes. For its use, these tires have a tendency to be faster than ordinary motorcycle tires.

2. Touring

Next there are touring tires. These tires are suitable for motor sport or motorcycles that will be used for touring. So when you want to tour, you should replace your tires with this type of tire.

3. Sports Touring

This type of sport touring is a type of motorcycle tire that has a longer durability. The grip of this sport touring tire is better than sport or touring type tires.

4. Cruisers

This type of cruiser tire has a unique characteristic and appearance and technology. This type of tire is made with an uncomplicated line pattern. In addition, these tires also have better resistance than sport-type motorcycle tires.

5. Racing Tires Racing (Wet Type)

This type of racing tire is a racing tire that is suitable for use on wet roads, whether it’s raining or after rain. This tire has lots of grooves for water disposal which can keep it treading on the road.

Those are 5 types of motorbike tires based on their uses. How? Has this article about motorcycle tires helped you find the information you want? Come on, don’t forget to visit other recommended articles.

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