10 Best Recommended Badminton Racket Bag Models (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Badminton bags have quite an important function for those who have a hobby of badminton. Its function is not just to store rackets, but also as a storage place for all sports needs such as shoes, towels , food and drinks. Several well-known badminton bag brands such as Yonex, Li-Ning, Victor, RS, Astec to Flypower. Of course, each of these bags is priced at different prices according to the model design and features.

Because it has many functions, you can have a badminton racket bag from the best brands by choosing the model that suits your needs. What are the best badminton racket bag brands? Let’s find out the recommendations for the best badminton bag brands through the following reviews.

Best Badminton Bag
Li-Ning Badminton Bag Illustration Image / lining.studio

Before deciding to buy a badminton bag from a particular brand, it is no less important to consider a number of tips before buying it. Because every bag is different even if it comes from the best brand, one of which is about size. In addition, knowing tips on buying a badminton bag can prevent you from disappointment such as the material used is not good enough that it cannot accommodate a lot of weight. For more details, let’s look at the tips on buying a badminton bag below.

Tips for Choosing a Good Badminton Bag Model

You can use tips on choosing a badminton bag product as a reference to get the best product. Here are tips for choosing the best badminton bag, including:

1. Have the Right Material and Air Circulation

Because badminton activities are carried out indoors which may appear damp, it is important for you to check the quality of the materials and the air circulation. This is done to avoid moisture in the bag.

For badminton bags with good air circulation, choose products made of polyester. Apart from polyester, waterproof bags are no less attractive and can be an option when the rainy season hits. That way those of you who travel by motorbike don’t have to worry about the bag getting wet.

2. Customize Design with Taste

Badminton bags have a number of designs that are quite varied, you can adjust them to your taste. This is because a badminton bag can add confidence when performing in front of many people.

Not a few people choose a badminton bag that has a current design and looks different from a number of other owners. Besides appearing confident, it can also prevent the bag from being confused with other people. You can consider a badminton racket bag in a calm color so it’s not too flashy.

3. Has Additional Storage

Additional storage space is required to store a number of other items, besides rackets. That way you don’t need to carry lots of bags to store match needs. Especially if you take a long trip so you need more equipment.

An additional storage area for badminton bags is needed as a separator between one item and another so it doesn’t pile up in one place. Especially food should not get together with dirty or wet clothes.

4. Adjust the Racket Capacity as needed

The racket capacity in a badminton bag is no less important to note, especially if you are an athlete who needs a number of spare rackets. Of course it’s not funny if during a tournament the racket breaks and doesn’t have a spare.

So, the number of rackets is not only 1 or 2, it can even reach 8 in one bag. Unless you are only going to use it to play around the house or at close range, so you can choose a badminton bag with a small capacity.

10 Best Badminton Racket Bag Recommendations

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A badminton bag will make it easier for someone to carry rackets, especially if there are a lot of them. Even the badminton bag is equipped with additional storage so that the luggage is simpler. These bags certainly have a number of benefits over just racket storage as some of them can be used for everyday use like camping or school. In the following, Ainun provides recommendations for the best badminton bags, among them

1. Wilson Badminton Bag

Wilson's Best Badminton Racket Bag
Wilson’s Best Badminton Racket Bag

Wilson’s badminton bag can be one of the best recommendations at a relatively low price
, you already have a 3-box badminton bag with 2 large zippers and 1 medium zipper. Not only for storing badminton equipment but also for storing tennis equipment.

Based on buyer reviews, Wilson’s badminton bag has advantages in terms of materials and models. The thick shoulder can load a lot of rackets so it won’t disappoint. In addition to the material, the model can also be adjusted to your liking, can be carried, slung or carried.

2. Badminton Polozer Thermo Single Bag

The Best Badminton Racket Bag Polozer Thermo Single Bag
The Best Badminton Racket Bag Polozer Thermo Single Bag

A badminton bag that is no less cheap is the Polozer Thermo Single Bag. 
Even though it’s cheap, it doesn’t look cheap because of its trendy design and looks elegant, especially black. Apart from black, it is also available in red. In terms of design, how to carry a badminton racket bag Polozer Thermo Single Bag can be carried or carried.

The Polozer Thermo Single Bag badminton bag is made of waterproof material so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet. In terms of security, the Polozer Thermo Single Bag is equipped with thermo to keep the racket strings from breaking easily, keeping the racket moist and avoiding corrosion.

3. Basic Cakra Maritime Badminton Bag

The Best Maritime Basic Cakra Badminton Racket Bag
The Best Maritime Basic Cakra Badminton Racket Bag

For beginner badminton players and looking for badminton bags at an economical selling price, you can choose a basic chakra maritime bag. 
This badminton racket bag is quite 
a best seller , has a total of 327 sales and good reviews of 500 sales. Having a price of one hundred thousand, the design of the basic chakra maritime bag is classy and not inferior to some of the latest models.

For detailed information, the basic chakra maritime badminton bag measures 25.5 cm in length, 23 cm in width and 70 cm in height. In terms of materials, the maritime badminton basic cakra bag is made of synthetic waterproof nylon 750 outer material and the inner material is made of synthetic waterproof torin. Meanwhile, the racket storage capacity can reach 5 pieces.

4. Badminton Bag Li-Ning ATSP529-2

Best Badminton Racket Bag Li-Ning ATSP529-2
Best Badminton Racket Bag Li-Ning ATSP529-2

Badminton bag Li-Ning ATSP529-2 original production has a more durable and thicker material. 
Dominated by polyester material, the Li-Ning ATSP529-2 bag is suitable for all types of fields, both open and closed. On the outside of the bag is also equipped with a thermoguard to keep the racket from expanding when exposed to the hot sun.

As for appearance, the badminton bag Li-Ning ATSP529-2 original production is suitable for use by all groups, both women and men. Especially with the combination of neutral black and lime green so it looks fresh for anyone who wears it. Not only that, the Li-Ning ATSP529-2 is equipped with 3 main bulkheads, 2 zippers for storing rackets and 1 for other equipment.

5. Yonex Haversack SUNR 9612MS Badminton Bag

Yonex Haversack SUNR 9612MS Best Badminton Racket Bag
Yonex Haversack SUNR 9612MS Best Badminton Racket Bag

The Yonex Haversack SUNR 9612MS Production badminton bag can be a solution for those of you who like to travel and carry large amounts of badminton equipment. 
Now there’s no need to be complicated anymore, because the Yonex Haversack SUNR 9612MS Production has 5 rooms. Plus, you won’t feel shoulder pain when you carry more weight.

The Yonex Haversack SUNR 9612MS Production badminton bag is made of polyester and PU leather which can spoil the eye visually. This badminton bag from the Yonex brand has 4 color choices, namely neon red, virgin red, blue and neon green. The inner layer also features a refreshing neon green color.

6. Badminton bag Victor BR 3603

Best Badminton Racket Bag Victor BR 3603
Best Badminton Racket Bag Victor BR 3603

Victor BR 3603 Production is a badminton bag made in Taiwan which has a fairly wide shape. 
You can carry the Victor BR 3603 Production bag over your shoulder without fear of sore shoulders because it is equipped with soft padding and easily adjustable straps. Not only slung, how to carry this badminton racket bag can be carried like a backpack or carried on hand.

The Victor BR 3603 Production badminton bag is equipped with two mini pouches and one small compartment on the front. For other equipment, athletes can take advantage of multifunctional pockets for small items such as cell phones or headbands. Because the space capacity is quite large, some people often use it to store equipment for other sports.

7. Badminton Bag Adidas U5 Shoulder Bag

The Best Badminton Racket Bag Adidas U5 Shoulder Bag
The Best Badminton Racket Bag Adidas U5 Shoulder Bag

The Adidas U5 Shoulder Bag has the latest model, typical for young people and has 2 main compartments. 
The front compartment can be used as a racket holder while the back can be used to store a number of other needs. Not only that, the bottom of this badminton bag is equipped with a shoe area.

The adidas U5 Shoulder Bag badminton bag looks different from the others when viewed from the length of the hand carry. In addition, this bag from the Adidas brand is more like a tote bag or what is known as a shoulder bag. Unfortunately, the Adidas U5 Shoulder Bag is available in limited quantities, so you need to buy it as soon as it is available.

8. Flypower Sapphire Badminton Bag 3

Flypower Sapphire 3 Best Badminton Racket Bag
Flypower Sapphire 3 Best Badminton Racket Bag

The Flypower Safir 3 Badminton bag has a distinctive motif on both sides of the bag, one of which is decorated with a machete batik motif and the other side has an ornate Flypower inscription against the backdrop of the Indonesian map. 
Can you imagine how cool it is? Besides being cool, it also shows the identity of our country when competing in the international arena.

The quality of the Flypower Safir 3 badminton bag made in Indonesia is not inferior to that made in a number of other countries. This is because the Flypower Sapphire 3 bag is made of quality poly material and has strong stitches. It’s no wonder that this badminton bag is in great demand by Indonesian badminton lovers.

9. Astec 2 Reet Badminton Bag

Astec 2 Reet Best Badminton Racket Bag
Astec 2 Reet Badminton Racket Bag

For those of you who are looking for cheap badminton bags, the Astec 2 Reet is the solution. 
The Astec 2 Reet bag has a fairly affordable selling price, but the quality cannot be doubted. The Astec brand is also quite popular among experienced and beginner badminton players.

The Astec 2 Reet badminton bag has a box-like shape and looks more minimalist. Meanwhile, the Astec writing with additional colors from this badminton bag can be seen clearly on the front. No wonder the Astec 2 Reet is lighter and easier to carry. But avoid carrying too much weight so that it lasts longer.

10. Badminton Reinforce Speed ​​RS Player bag 14

Best Badminton Bag Reinforce Speed ​​RS Player 14
Badminton Reinforce Speed ​​RS Player 14 bag

The Reinforce Speed ​​RS Player 14 badminton bag has a layer of aluminum foil to store the racket. 
With this layer of aluminum foil, the racket will last longer because the layer is able to maintain temperature stability so that the racket will not expand. Because of the layers it has, the Reinforce Speed ​​RS Player 14 badminton bag is much sought after by badminton lovers.

The Reinforce Speed ​​RS Player 14 badminton bag is made of strong poly material so it is water resistant and has a number of separate storage spaces. One of the two is a large storage area for clothes and shoes in the front area. Meanwhile, a small area can be used to store cellphones or other small items.

Badminton Bag Type

Badminton is one of the most popular and affordable sports in Indonesia, after football. To cultivate this hobby, you definitely need a badminton bag. The following are the types of badminton bags that you need to know, including:

1. Racquet Cover Type

Racquet cover is a type of badminton bag with a standard size and sleek design. This type of badminton bag can only be used to store 1 to 2 rackets, and cannot accommodate a number of other sporting needs. So if you choose a racquet cover type bag, you need another bag to accommodate a number of badminton equipment. Because it has a small capacity and is not equipped with protective shields, it is only suitable for practice or regular matches at close range.

2. Type of Racquet Bag

The next type of badminton bag is the racquet bag. The racquet bag type is the most widely used by badminton athletes. Racquet bags are available from slim to thick shapes. The capacity is larger than the racquet cover type, which is around 4 to 8 rackets, so it can be used to store spare rackets. In addition, the racquet bag type is also equipped with additional storage space, but not as big as the tournament type, which has a larger capacity.

3. Tournament Bag Type

The tournament bag type has a larger size than the previous three types of badminton bags. Having a much larger capacity makes tournament bags widely used in a number of championships. With a tournament bag, you can carry more than 8 rackets and can even add 2 pairs of shoes and other important equipment such as a change of clothes and drinking water. In addition, it is equipped with separate compartments so that the luggage is stored neatly.

4. Backpack Type

Choosing a backpack type badminton bag can make your hands more free to move when doing other things. Equipped with ropes on the right and left, it is quite easy for those who carry it on motorbikes. The backpack type is indeed made thicker with adequate cushioning. The backpack type badminton bag actually has two types of straps, namely one shoulder strap  and  two shoulder straps which you can choose according to your preference and comfort when carrying it.

Generally, the most commonly found badminton bag is sideways, but you can choose a badminton bag in the form of a backpack so you don’t get bored. A badminton bag in the form of a backpack or sling can be used for everyday purposes because the design is elegant, stylish and doesn’t look like an ordinary sports bag. With a stylish design , sling bags have their own selling points and can even be more expensive than ordinary designs. Even though it looks elegant, it still adjusts to ability.


Of the 10 recommendations for badminton bags above, you can choose one of them. The ten badminton bags that we recommend, of course, take into account the number of reviews given by buyers so that you won’t be disappointed with the quality they have.

In addition, don’t forget to pay attention to the type of badminton bag according to your needs because each type has a different capacity, especially if you need it for a tournament and accommodate a lot of equipment.

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