Review of 10 Best Bike Glasses Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Cycling glasses have been in high demand lately. This is because, during the pandemic, many feel bored at home. Therefore, many end up starting a new hobby, namely cycling. However, this cycling will not be complete if it is not equipped with various accessories such as using bicycle glasses.

Best Bike Glasses
Illustration Image Using Bicycle Glasses / myWellTraining

Basically, various brands of bicycle glasses have been sold in the market. However, you may find that there are so many choices that you end up getting confused. This is a challenge for those of you who want to buy. But you don’t need to worry, because in this article, we will present 10 recommendations for the best bicycle glasses that you can consider.

However, in choosing bicycle glasses you can’t just choose them according to personal preferences. There are a few things you need to pay attention to first. What are the things that need to be considered in choosing the best bicycle glasses? Read on for the explanation below.

How to Choose Good Bike Glasses

How to choose bicycle glasses is important for you to pay attention to. If you do not pay attention to the methods below, it is feared that the best bicycle glasses you bought will not be used because they do not match your needs. So, consider the ways to choose the best bicycle glasses below.

1. Pay attention to the type of lens

The first way you need to do in choosing the best bicycle glasses is to pay attention to the type of lens. In general, there are several types of lenses that are often used in bicycle glasses, namely plastic, glass, polycarbonate and CR-39. Of the several types of bicycle eyewear lenses, polycarbonate is claimed to be the most preferred and not easily broken. The reason is, the type of polycarbonate lens is very strong but thin and also light.

2. Choose The One Against UV Protection

In addition to the type of lens, you also need to pay attention to UV protection on the best bicycle glasses. The reason is, when you are cycling, you will be exposed to UV rays from the sun, so it is important for you to choose bicycle glasses that provide UV protection. Generally, the price of bicycle glasses will determine how strong the UV protection provided.

3. Pay Attention to Lens Color

The next thing to consider in choosing the best bicycle glasses is the color of the lenses. The color of this lens is not determined by the favorite color, but from their respective functions. There are 6 color choices for bicycle glasses, gray can reduce the heat of the sun, brown is suitable for foggy environments, yellow is for use at night, green and blue are suitable for use during the day, and pink and red can reduce glare of light.

4. Pay attention to the shape of the glasses frame 

Choosing frames is a way of choosing bicycle glasses that you can do next. Basically, there are several materials used in eyeglass frames, namely metal, polycarbonate and plastic. However, for the best bicycle glasses, you should choose those that use a lighter and more comfortable polycarbonate material. In addition, choose the size of the bicycle eyeglass frame that suits you, so that it is comfortable when used.

10 Best Bike Glasses Recommendations

After previously being given tips on how to choose good bicycle glasses, then below are some recommendations for the best bicycle glasses on Ainun reviews that can be used as options.

1. Hamlin Elodie Sunglasses

Hamlin Elodie Sunglasses Best Bike Glasses
Hamlin Elodie Sunglasses

In the first place, the recommendation for the best bicycle glasses is a product from a well-known brand, Hamlin. 
As one of the brands that is already quite popular, of course, the quality of the product of Hamlin Elodie Sunglasses bicycle glasses is no longer in question. Included in the type of 
polarized sunglasses, these Hamlin bicycle glasses have been equipped with 5 lenses made of original and high-quality polycarbonate material.

The width of the lens of this bicycle glasses is about 150 mm, with a height of 47 mm. On the corner of the glasses there is also the Hamlin logo which in this case can be the main attraction for the best bicycle glasses that come in several different color variants.

2. Under Armour UA 0003/G/S Sunglasses

Best Under Armor Bike Glasses UA 0003 Sunglasses
Under Armor UA 0003 Sunglasses Sepeda

In the next position, the recommendation for the best bicycle glasses that is no less popular is the UA 0003/G/S Sunglasses, which is a product of the Under Armor brand. 
Under Armor itself is one of the largest sportswear retail brands in the world, which in this case has presented various products to support sports activities, including bicycle glasses, namely UA 0003/G/S Sunglasses.

These best bicycle glasses from Under Armor are perfect for sports, especially cycling. Having a minimalist design, with a choice of solid dark lens colors, these bicycle glasses can protect your eyes from UV rays, up to 100%. On the nose is also equipped with a silicone pad, so it will feel comfortable when used.

3. Decathlon ROCKRIDER XC Race

Best Bike Glasses Decathlon ROCKRIDER XC Race
ROCKRIDER XC Race Dec Decathlon Bike Glasses

If you are an active cyclist who often participates in cross-country cycling exercises, then wearing the best cycling goggles is a must. 
The bicycle eyewear product that we recommend for this need is the Decathlon ROCKRIDER XC Race.

These bicycle glasses have a wide field of view, due to the wide lens. This will allow you to have perfect and complete vision during a fairly intensive journey. In addition, the coverage of the best bicycle glasses is also very maximum, and will be able to protect your eyes from dust, wind, or water spray. The special shape can also minimize the problem of foggy glasses during travel.

4. Baellerry OULAIOU 3015 ORIGINAL

Baellerry OULAIOU 3015 Best Bike Glasses ORIGINAL
OULAIOU 3015 ORIGINAL Baellerry Bicycle Glasses

In addition to prioritizing the function of the bicycle glasses themselves, of course there is nothing wrong if we also strive for the selection of the best bicycle glasses that also look 
fashionable and trendy. If this is one of the important things that you are considering, then the Baellerry OULAIOU 3015 ORIGINAL can be the answer.

Comes with a sporty and attractive design, these bicycle glasses have a yellow frame made of polycarbonate material and a minimalist handle made of quality plastic material. In terms of functionality, the best bicycle goggles that are designed with strong, are also able to protect the eyes from the dangers of UV rays during the process of your journey to do bicycle sports.

5. Rockbros 10131 

Rockbros 10131 Best Cycling Glasses
Rockbros 10131 Bicycle Glasses

For those of you who are looking for the best bicycle glasses with a minimal budget, then Rockbros 101311 can be your choice. 
even so, these bicycle glasses offer features that can provide a comfortable feeling when cycling for a long time.

Some of the advantages of this Rockbros 10131 is that it has a photochromic  lens that can turn dark when exposed to sunlight. Not only that, these best bicycle glasses can also protect from harmful UV rays. Not only that, Rockbros 10131 also uses an acetate frame so that it is light when used so that cycling becomes more comfortable.

6. Shimano Spark CE-SPRK1 Matt White

Best Bike Glasses Shimano Spark CE-SPRK1 Matt White
Shimano Spark CE-SPRK1 Matt White Bicycle Goggles

The next recommendation for the best bicycle glasses comes from Shimano. 
Shimano itself is a bicycle brand originating from Japan and has been established since 1921, thus making it a trusted bicycle brand throughout the world. Not only producing bicycles, Shimano also produces several bicycle accessories, one of which is glasses.

Shimano’s bicycle eyewear product is the Shimano Spark CE-SPRK1 Matt White. Bicycle goggles from Shimano can provide protection from UV rays that come from the sun. Not only that, the lenses and frames of the best bicycle glasses on this one are also quite strong and durable. Guaranteed you will feel comfortable when using these Shimano Spark CE-SPRK1 Matt White glasses.

7. Oakley EVZero Pitch

Oakley EVZero Pitch Best Bike Glasses
Oakley EVZero Pitch Bicycle Glasses

The Oakley EVZero Pitch might be the best bike goggles you can consider. 
This one bicycle goggles can give you safety when cycling. The reason is, the Oakley EVZero Pitch has high definition optics technology so that it can provide protection against collisions and the quality is unquestionable.

You will also feel comfortable when using these bicycle glasses because they have a frame made from injected . Not only that, these bicycle glasses also have black iridium colored lenses that can provide protection from exposure to harmful UV rays. The shape of the lens is also a box, making it even more suitable to be the best bicycle glasses.

8. Polygon Mark

Best Bike Glasses Polygon Mark Eyewear
Polygon Mark Eyewear Sepeda Bicycle Glasses

The next best bicycle glasses come from one of the well-known bicycle manufacturers, namely Polygon. 
Maybe many of you are familiar with the Polygon brand that has crossed the globe in the cycling world. This bicycle manufacturer from Indonesia has been established since 1989 in Sidoarjo. With a variety of experiences, making this one bicycle brand one of the best bicycle brands.

Not only bicycles, Polygon also issued bicycle glasses, namely Polygon Mark. When you buy the best bicycle glasses from Polygon, later you will get 2 additional lenses, namely clear lenses and rainbow lenses so that they are not glared when used during the day.

9. Eiger Kerato Glasses

Best Bike Glasses Eiger Kerato Glasses
Eiger Kerato Glasses Sepeda

The next recommendation for bicycle glasses comes from a local brand that is famous for its adventure products, namely Eiger. 
As one of the local brands, Eiger sells its best bicycle eyewear products at relatively more affordable prices but still comfortable to use. For those of you who are looking for bicycle glasses with a mediocre budget, maybe you can include the Eiger as one of the considerations.

One of the best bicycle eyewear products issued by Eiger is Eiger Kerato Glasses. These bicycle glasses can provide comfort when used. The reason is, Eiger Kerato Glasses have been equipped with lenses that can protect the eyes from exposure to harmful UV rays. Not only that, a good appearance can also make your appearance even cooler.

10. Fans unite 

Tifosi Alliant's Best Bike Glasses
Alliant Tifosi Bike Glasses

The last recommendation for bicycle glasses you can consider is Tifosi Alliant. 
The reason is, the best bicycle glasses on this one are able to overcome the problem of dew on the glasses when used. This is because, Tifosi Alliant has four small vents on the sides of the lens so that it can increase air circulation.

These bicycle glasses also have photochromic technology so they can be used comfortably both at night and during the day. Not only that, these best bicycle glasses can also turn clear or dark according to weather conditions. In addition, Tifosi Alliant is also equipped with UV protection that can block radiation exposure from the sun.

How to take care of bicycle glasses to keep them good & durable

Anyone would want their best bicycle glasses to stay durable so they can be used for a long time. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the ways to care for bicycle glasses below.

1. Clean Using Special Liquid

The first thing you need to do in caring for bicycle glasses is to clean them using a special liquid for glasses. You can get it easily, like optics or other online stores.

Avoid cleaning bicycle glasses with alcohol because it can loosen the glue on the glasses. In addition, alcohol can also leave residue on the lens surface.

2. Clean Using Soap And Running Water

If there is no special liquid for bicycle glasses, you can clean them using soap and running water. First wash the glasses with soap and rub gently.

After that rinse your bicycle glasses using running water. After that, gently shake the glasses until the water on the lens surface is reduced and then dry the glasses using a special glasses cleaning cloth or using a clean cotton cloth.

3. Use With Both Hands

Maybe many of you often use or remove bicycle glasses using only one hand. But it should be noted, when using glasses, you should use both hands.

Avoid using or removing glasses using only one hand will make the glasses become tenuous. Finally, your best bicycle glasses are no longer comfortable to use.

4. Store in a safe place

The next way to care for bicycle glasses is to store them in a safe place. Maybe many of you who after using the best bicycle glasses just put it anywhere.

You should immediately avoid habits like this, because you might forget to put it or it can be played by children until it breaks. Therefore, when finished using the glasses, store them in a safe place such as the case and place them in a location that is not easily accessible by children.

5. Check the Condition of the Glasses

The last thing that needs to be done is to check the condition of the glasses. After some time of use, maybe your bicycle glasses will start to have looseness like the stem, you should check them regularly and make sure they are in good condition.

Also, you can place the glasses on the table with the stems exposed and check to see if any of the stems are misaligned. If there is an misaligned stem, you should immediately fix it to increase comfort when used.


It’s enough to come here first to discuss the recommendations for the best bicycle glasses that you can consider. Whatever bike glasses you want to choose, you should pay attention to several ways to choose glasses that have been described previously.

In addition, also make sure that the reviews from the shop that sells the bicycle glasses that you want to buy have a good rating in order to avoid being scammed or getting bad items. Then the last thing is, always take care of your best bicycle glasses properly so they can last a long time.

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