10 Best Stylus Pen Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Along with the popularity of using touchscreen gadgets, especially tabs, the popularity of stylus pens is also increasing, especially among illustrators. This tool not only facilitates the operation of smartphones and tablets, but can also be used to play several games .

For those of you who are looking for a stylus pen to support your daily work, this Ainun article will be discussed in full, starting from how to choose to a list of good products to choose from.

Tips for Choosing a Good & Appropriate Stylus Pen

The Best Stylus Pens
Stylus Pen Illustration Image

The many variations of stylus pens on the market might make you confused when choosing one. Therefore, consider some of the things below so you can get the best stylus pen product .

1. Checking the ends

The tip or nib of the stylus pen is divided into three types, namely sharp, thick, and round which of course have a specific purpose of use. Pens that have a pointed tip are usually made of resin and are electrostatic, making them more suitable for handwriting or illustrations. When using such a pen , the feel is like drawing on paper with a pencil and makes the illustration smoother.

Stylus pens with a pointed tip are usually included in active stylus pens and have various electrical features, such as operational buttons and a built-in eraser . Therefore, this product uses a rechargeable battery as a power source and is generally only compatible with certain devices. There is also a pointed tip pen which is equipped with a transparent disc to protect the surface of the screen that is in contact with the tip, so it can produce more accurate detailed images.

If you want to use a stylus pen to play games or browse , then you should choose a round tip. This type is usually made of conductive fiber or silicone rubber and is ideal for playing games that require a lot of swiping . Round-tipped pens are usually of the capacitive stylus pen type which are not equipped with electrical features like active stylus pens . Many call this pen a universal stylus pen because it can be used for all cellphones, including Android, such as Samsung , Xiaomi , Oppo, and others.

If you need a stylus pen to create works of art similar to calligraphy, then choose one with a brush-like tip. This type is also suitable for ink painting, watercolor , and oil painting applications, it will even make you feel like you are drawing with real paper and brushes. Unfortunately, it is still difficult to find brush-tipped stylus pens in Indonesia.

The Best Stylus Pen Brands
Stylus Pen Illustration Image

2. Consider a product that has a palm rejection feature

The palm rejection feature functions to disable the response of smartphone and tablet screens to the touch of a hand or arm so that the screen will only respond to the tip of the stylus pen without being affected by hand movements. This feature will be very useful if the pen is operated on devices with large screens, such as iPads and tablets. Thus, you can feel like on paper because the work is not interrupted even though your palms or fingers touch the surface of the screen.

However, stylus pen products that are equipped with a palm rejection feature are usually not compatible with all devices and only work on iPad or iOS devices. So be sure to double check the compatibility of pen products purchased with existing devices.

3. Verify pen sensitivity and dimensions

An illustrator needs a pressure sensitive stylus pen so he can make thick and thin lines by adjusting the pressure applied to the pen. Some products with this feature can usually be used in Bluetooth-compatible apps, so be sure to check those out too.

Apart from the various things above, you also need to consider the dimensions of the stylus pen , because this is directly related to user comfort. For people who have large hands, use products that have a wide body, and vice versa. Meanwhile, for the need to write quickly, a pen that is finished and light can be the right choice. But if you are going to use it to draw patterns, like the work of architects, then it’s better to use a heavy pen .

10 Best Stylus Pen Brand Recommendations

Here we go

Due to increasing public demand, various brands of stylus pens can now be found easily in e-commerce. Some of the stylus pen products below can be used as a reference for those of you who need one.

1. Baseus 2 IN 1 Capacitive Pen

Best Stylus Pen - Baseus 2 IN 1 Capacitive Pen
Baseus 2 IN 1 Capacitive Pen

Baseus 2 in 1 Capacitiva Pen comes with a pointed nib made of silicon with a special coating, so the resulting image will be clearer. 
With a tilt level of up to 180 degrees, you can also use this 
stylus pen to take notes so that work efficiency can increase. Made of aluminum alloy, Baseus 2 in 1’s durability is unquestionable, in fact it can last for years if used with care.

The length of this stylus pen is only dozens of cm, so it won’t require too much space in your bag. The Baseus 2 in 1 Capacitiva Pen is universal so it can be used for iOS, Android and Windows smartphones . The price of this product is quite affordable, around 100 thousand rupiah at the Baseus official store , including a 6 month warranty.

2. MIXIO G6 Universal Stylus Pen

Best Stylus Pen - MIXIO G6 Universal Stylus Pen
MIXIO G6 Universal Stylus Pen

MIXIO G6 also includes a universal 
stylus pen that is compatible with various devices, be it iPad, Samsung, Oppo, Xiaomi, and others. The body of this product is made of aluminum alloy and has a pencil-like design, so it can be used for drawing, painting, designing, and keeping track of important things related to your work. Before use, make sure you press the button above the pen until the light turns on.

As a resource, this stylus pen uses a battery that can last up to 12 hours. Then what if the pen runs out of power? Just plug in the micro port on the pen. MIXIO G6 can be purchased through the official MIXIO store on Tokopedia at a price of 160 thousand rupiah.

3. USAMS ZB135 Capacitive Stylus Pencil for iPad

Best Stylus Pen - USAMS ZB135 Capacitive Stylus Pencil For Ipad
USAMS ZB135 Capacitive Stylus Pencil For Ipad

If you are looking for 
a stylus pen for iPad that is quite affordable, the USAMS US-ZB135 can be the right choice. Made of aluminum alloy with a weight of only 17 grams , this product is equipped with a palm rejection feature to make your work easier. The tip of the pen is made of POM material and measures 1.2 mm which will greatly support the process of drawing, designing and other work.

This stylus pen uses a lithium battery with a capacity of 140 mAh which requires charging time for 90-120 minutes to full and can be used to work for 15-20 hours. USAMS US-ZB135 sells for 280 thousand rupiah and is compatible with iPad 2018 or higher, iPad 5th – 8th gen , iPad Air 3-4th generation, and iPad Pro 11″ and 12.9″.

4.Lenovo Digital Pen

Best Stylus Pen - Lenovo Digital Pen
Lenovo Digital Pens

For Lenovo users who need 
a stylus pen to support their various jobs, you can try using a  Digital Pen. This product is equipped with 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity which will give you the sensation of using an ordinary pencil, so you can draw on a tablet more easily. To facilitate operation, whether it’s creating or editing files, the Lenovo Digital Pen is equipped with two built-in customizable buttons at the base of the pen.

Lenovo Digital Pen is made with a diameter of only 9.5 mm which will not make it difficult for you to hold it. This stylus pen can be purchased via e-commerce and costs around 540 thousand rupiah. You can use it for various Lenovo laptops, starting from the Yoga, Ideapad, and Flex series.

5. Microsoft Surface Pen Surface Pro

Best Stylus Pen - Microsoft Surface Pen Surface Pro
Microsoft Surface Pen Surface Pro

Available in four color choices, namely black, blue, red and platinum, the Microsoft Surface Pen already features 
Bluetooth 4.0 Connectivity and 4096 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity which will help with your various jobs. This stylus pen uses AAAA batteries, so replacing the battery when the power runs out is fairly easy, because AAAA batteries themselves can be found in various convenience stores and supermarkets. If you are interested in trying the Microsoft Surface Pen, you can buy it for 1.4 million rupiah.

6. Logitech Crayon Stylus Pen Digital Pencil for Apple

Best Stylus Pen - Logitech Crayon Stylus Pen Digital Pencil for Apple
Logitech Crayon Stylus Pen Digital Pencil for Apple

The Logitech Crayon 
stylus pen is 163 mm high, 12 mm wide, and weighs only 20 grams, so it’s not at all heavy to carry around. This digital pencil dedicated to Apple will help you with many tasks, whether it’s design, pattern, drawing, or writing related work. With a unique flat shape, the Logitech Crayon will not roll over when placed on the table so it can last longer. The product, which sells for 1 million rupiah at Logitech’s official store , is compatible with iPad OS 12.2 or the latest OS, for example the first to fifth generation iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPadOS 14 Scribble.

7. WH870 Universal Active Stylus Pen

Best Stylus Pen - WH870 Universal Active Stylus Pen
WH870 Universal Active Stylus Pen

If you are looking for an HP 
pen that is universal, has full features, but is not too expensive, the WH870 Universal Active Stylus Pen might be worth a try. This stylus pen is intended for capacitive touch screens on smartphones and tablets from any OS, be it Android, iOS, or Windows. The body of the pen is made of stainless steel , while the nib is made of copper measuring 1.45 mm and can be pressed.

For its resources, a 140 mAh capacity re-chargeable lithium polymer battery is used, which can even be used for up to 8 hours non-stop . You don’t need to worry about the battery capacity running out quickly when you forget to turn it off, because the WH870 is equipped with a Smart Power-Saving feature that allows the stylus pen to turn off automatically if it’s not used for 30 minutes. The WH870 Universal Active Stylus Pen is sold at quite affordable prices on various e-commerce sites, around IDR 200,000. Make sure you have pressed the button at the top of the pen when you are going to use it.

8. Apple Pencil Gen 2

Best Stylus Pen - Apple Pencil Gen 2
Apple Pencil Gen 2

This latest Apple HP pencil is very reliable for many tasks, such as taking notes, writing and drawing. 
One of the advantages of the Apple 2nd Gen 
stylus pen over other products is that it can attach magnetically to the iPad Pro and charge wirelessly, so the pen is always ready when needed. With a size of about 166 mm x 8.9 mm and a weight of only 20.7 grams, the Apple Pencil 2 nd Gen will be easy to carry anywhere.

If you want to use Apple 2nd Gen , make sure the iPad you have is the 6th generation iPad mini, the 4th generation iPad Air and later, the 3rd generation iPad Pro and later, and the 11th generation iPad Pro 11 inches. 1 and later versions. You can buy it at iBox or other official Apple distributors at a price of 2.5 million rupiah. This Apple Pencil also supports Bluetooth connectivity.

9. Dux Ducis Apple Pencil

Best Stylus Pen - Dux Ducis Apple Pencil
Dux Ducis Apple Pencil

Even though the price is not too expensive, the Dux Ducis Apple Pencil already supports the 
palm rejection feature, so the work being done with this stylus pen will not be disturbed by the palm of your hand. The material used to make it is Nano Nib High Precision which is known for its precision, even for writing or drawing on small sizes.

If not used for five minutes, the battery of this stylus pen will automatically turn off to extend battery life. Interested in trying the Dux Ducis Apple Pencil? You can order it through Tokopedia or other e-commerce at a price of 260 thousand rupiah.

10. Basice Universal Stylus Pen CP09

Best Stylus Pen - Basike Universal Stylus Pen CP09
Basice Universal Stylus Pen CP09

The Basice Stylus Pen CP09 is 
a universal HP 
pen , so it can be used by tablets or smartphones that use Android or Apple OS. The body of this product is made of aluminum with a special coating that makes it more comfortable to hold. Although the price is not too expensive, the Basike Stylus Pen CP09 has quite complete features, such as anti-mistouch , magnetic adsorption to place it on the side of the device, and an automatic shutdown feature when not used for five minutes.

This stylus pen uses a rechargeable battery with a capacity of 130 mAh which can be used for 20 hours non-stop . If you are interested in trying the Basike Stylus Pen CP09, just order directly through the official store and the price is around 250 thousand rupiah.

Tips for Caring for the Stylus Pen

Like other electronic devices, stylus pens also need to be cared for properly so they can last for years. You can apply some of the tips below to take care of your HP pen .

  1. Keep away from electronic items, such as TVs, refrigerators, and radios because the greater magnetic power can trigger damage to hot objects, such as stoves or even exposure to sunlight, which can also potentially damage components in electronic devices.
  2. Make sure your hands are not dirty and sweaty when you are going to use the stylus pen, because this can interfere with the magnetic waves sent by the coil in the pen. As a result, the pressure sensitivity of the pen can be disrupted and work becomes hampered. However, this problem can be overcome by wiping the pen using a tissue and then waiting 15 minutes before using it again.
  3. For stylus pens that use USB as their connectivity, you should immediately unplug the USB when it is no longer in use. But if the operation uses Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity which requires a battery power supply , be sure not to use it while charging because it can make the input and output power of the pen less stable.
  4. Always keep the surface of the tablet clean by cleaning it with a slightly dampened microfiber cloth .


The stylus pen is a modern solution for people who want to draw on their smartphones, tablets or even laptops. Some of these pens are made universal for all OS, but some are just compatible with the iPad. If you are looking for the best HP pen product for your touchscreen device , this article has discussed the product recommendations in full.

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