10 Best Gel Pen Recommendations (Latest 2023)

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Best Blog Review – Being one of the most used writing tools in everyday life, a pen is a must for many people. Currently, pens are available in many variants, one of which is a gel pen. Gel pens are pens that have ink made of gel.

One of the uniqueness of this pen is that it is available in many attractive colors. For those of you who want to write beautifully in your diary, this gel pen is sure to give you a more colorful beauty. You know, not a few of writing creativity like scrapbooks use this best gel pen. Have you used this pen before?

The Best Gel Pens
Illustration of a Gel Pen

So, speaking of gel pens, in this article we will discuss in detail how to choose a good gel pen. Not to forget, this article also discusses some of the best updated choices of gel pen products that can be used as an option. Intrigued by this one topic? Let’s look at the following review.

Tips for Choosing a Good Gel Pen

It has been widely marketed in physical and online stores, currently the best gel pens are very easy to obtain. However, of the many variants of these gel pens, not a few people are confused about which gel pen product to choose which is good and comfortable when used. So, so you don’t get confused, find out some of the following tips for choosing the best gel pens.

1. Make sure the handle is comfortable to grip

When using a pen that is comfortable to hold, you will definitely not tire easily when writing. So, for that, always make sure the gel pen you choose is comfortable to hold so that it is also comfortable to write with.

If you have a typical writing style with strong pressure, choose a gel pen that has a thicker diameter. And for those of you who typically write with weak pressure, you should choose a pen that is not too thick in diameter. By ensuring this, you will get a pen that is comfortable to use.

2. Know the quality of gel pen ink

Please note that gel pen ink also has its own quality. And usually this quality greatly affects the price of the pen. For the quality of your gel pens, you don’t need to worry anymore. This is because gel pens can give a more real color when writing on paper.

To find out the results, you should try the pen before buying. So, for those of you who are going to buy it online, make sure you ask the seller first or you can also look at the available testimonials. There are 2 types of gel pen inks, find the most comfortable for you.

a. Tinta Pigment

Waterproof and also durable, this ink is usually suitable for professional activities such as wet signatures on important documents. Usually this ink is not available in many colors.

b. Tinta Dye

On the other hand, these pens come in many colors and are usually used for less formal things. For example, you can use this dye ink pen to write letters to friends, family and friends. From these two types of ink, choose the one that suits your needs.

3. Adjust the diameter of the pen eye to the need

From the first point, it has been mentioned that in choosing a pen, make sure it is comfortable in your hand so that the pen is comfortable to use. To find out this comfort, you can make sure of the diameter of the pen. You can find out several options for the diameter of gel pens on the market below.

a. Diameter 0.4 mm

Producing a small and very thin writing size, a pen with a diameter of 0.4 mm is suitable for writing in notebooks.

b. Diameter 0.5 mm

For a diameter of 0.5 mm, it is suitable for writing titles or addresses because this pen has quite clear writing.

c. Diameter 0.7 mm

Having a fairly thick diameter, this pen is widely used to write details. Please note, this type of pen is the most common pen found in the market.

Those are some tips on choosing the best gel pens that you can use as a reference when buying gel pens. Always make sure to choose the one that suits your needs.

10 Best Gel Pen Recommendations

Here we go

Already knowing how to choose the best gel pens, now is the time for Ainun to discuss some of the best gel pen recommendations. Curious from any brand? Let’s look at the full review below.

1. Zebra GelPen Cockroach

Best Gel Pen Recommendations - Zebra GelPen Kokoro
Gel Pens – Zebra GelPen Kokoro

Having an ergonomic design, one of the best choices of gel pens that first came from Zebra Gel Pen Kokoro. 
These pens are priced at an affordable price and are widely used by students. Present in various color variants, this pen eye has a diameter of 0.5 mm which is included in the medium thickness category.

For those of you students who have the task of writing in a notebook, you must try this gel pen. This is because this pen is very suitable for use for long periods of time. That way you won’t feel sore because the design of this pen is very comfortable when used.

2. Crayola 6 Colors Washable Gel Pen

The Best Gel Pen Recommendation - Crayola 6 Colors Washable Gel Pen
Pulpen Gel – Crayola 6 Colors Washable Gel Pen

Packaged in 6 colors at once, then comes the best gel pen from Crayola 6 Colors Washable Gel Pen. 
This pen comes with 6 different colors which are perfect for making school notebooks look more attractive. That way you will also be more happy when you repeat the lesson. This pen comes with a retractable design which is enough to use by pressing the back of the pen.

And for its own appearance, this pen is designed with a casing that has the same color as the color of the pen ink. Please note, this pen has ink that is washable. That means you don’t have to worry if the pen ink gets on your clothes.

3. Pilot Juice 0.5

Best Gel Pen Recommendations - Pilot Juice 0.5
Gel Pens – Pilot Juice 0.5

Who doesn’t know this pen brand, Pilot is a pen brand that is very well known in Indonesian society. 
This time the pilot comes with the best gel pen, namely pilot juice 0.5. This pen can be used for writing, drawing and also for signing. Even though it already has a very well-known brand, this pen is presented at a very affordable price tag.

For the color, this product comes in a complete range of colors, such as red, blue, black, green and many more. For those of you who want to make beautiful study notes to read, you must use this product.

4. Zebra Sarasa JJ15

Best Gel Pen Recommendations - Zebra Sarasa JJ15
Gel Pen – Zebra Sarasa JJ15

Being one of the best-selling pens sold in online stores, the next best gel pen comes from Zebra Sarasa JJ15. 
Zebra Sarasa JJ15 is a gel pen that comes in the most complete colors and has many size and nib types. So you can choose according to your needs. Please note, some of these pen colors can also be refilled. That way you don’t need to buy new products anymore for variants that can be refilled.

Priced at an affordable price, this pen has fairly good ink quality. For its size, this pen comes with nib sizes of 0.5 mm, 0.7 mm and 1.0 mm and more than 30 colors.

5. Deli E6793 Pen Gel

Best Gel Pen Recommendations - Deli E6793 Gel Pen
Gel Pens – Deli E6793 Gel Pens

Having an adhesive that can be placed on the table, the next gel pen product comes from Deli E 6793 Pen Gel. 
These pens are widely used in offices, banks and other agencies. With the smiley concept, this pen adhesive is useful so that the pen doesn’t get lost and can stick to the place that has been adjusted.

Did you know that this pen has components that come from Germany and Switzerland? So the ink for this pen comes from Germany and the tip comes from Switzerland. No wonder this pen is highly targeted and liked by the public. The thickness is 0.5 mm with the pen stand mechanism being opened and closed.

6. KENKO Eco Gel

Best Gel Pen Recommendations - KENKO Eco Gel
Gel pens – KENKO Eco Gel

If you’re looking for a pen with neat and precise results, you should try this one of the best gel pens. 
Kenko Eco Gel is a pen presented by the Kenko brand, which has a relatively low price tag. This pen comes in a pack that is suitable for personal or office use. Designed simply, this pen is perfect for everyday use. With a nib size of 0.5 mm, you can write comfortably and also get neat writing results. However, for the color, this Kenko pen is only presented in 2 colors, namely black and blue.

7. Snowman Ballpoint Pen V5

Best Gel Pen Recommendations - Snowman Ballpoint Pen V5
Pulpen Gel – Snowman Ballpoint Pen V5

Present in dozens of packaging, the next best gel pen product is the Snowman Ballpoint Pen V5. 
This pen can be used for all groups including students, offices and daily writing needs. This product is designed with a clamp, so you can keep this pen in your pocket without worrying about it falling.

With a slim design you can easily store this pen in the pencil case and it’s also very convenient for writing. This one of the best gel pens has a 0.5mm nib size, you can produce neat handwriting. Please note this product comes with 3 colors, namely red, blue and black. However, pen colors with red ink are recognized as rare,

8. Faber Castell Super True Gel Pen

Best Gel Pen Recommendations - Faber Castell Super True Gel Pen
Pulpen Gel – Faber Castell Super True Gel Pen

Next, there are the best gel pens available from well-known and trusted brands, namely Faber Castell Super True Gel Pen. 
This pen comes with a ballpoint diameter of 0.7 mm which is very comfortable to write with. This best gel pen is equipped with a cushion tip that can provide more comfort when writing.

Did you know this product is designed to provide more comfort for its users. The writing results do not fade easily, the colors produced from this pen are claimed to last for years. For the color itself, this product is available in black, blue, pink, green, brown, red and orange.

9.Lamy Type 339

Best Gel Pen Recommendation - Lamy Tipo 339
Gel Pens – Lamy Tipo 339

Still on the same topic, the next best gel pen product comes from Lamy Tipo 339. With a very practical retractable type, you just need to press the back of the pen to use this product to write. 
The writing results from this pen are beautiful and neat fountain pens thanks to the very unique ink colors.

With a sleek design, this pen is perfect for those of you who like a modern style. This pen can be used in all circles from students, offices and others. With a practical design you can easily store this product easily in the pencil case or tuck it in your shirt while working.

10. Standard Gravity Gel

Best Gel Pen Recommendations - Standard Gravity Gel
Gel Pens – Standard Gravity Gel

Finally, there is the best gel pen from Standard, namely Standard gravity gel. 
Who does not know this old brand. This product comes with a relatively cheap price tag with neat writing results. With a nib size of 0.5 mm, this pen is available in black, blue and red. One of the advantages of this pen is that it can be used against the direction of gravity.

Please note, this gel pen is made using orbit cut and spaceball technology from Switzerland. No wonder the tip of the pen can rotate so freely that it adds comfort when used.

Difference between Gel and Non Gel Pens

Did you know that apart from gel pens, there are many other types of non-gel pens such as ballpoint pens, rollerballs and pens. Curious what’s the difference with gel pens? Come on, find out from the following reviews.

1. Pena

The first is a pen type pen. This type of pen has 4 ink reservoirs which can be refilled with a pipette. For this type of pen you can adjust the tip of the pen type to the size of the line you want. Usually this type of pen is priced at a higher price. For the purposes of this pen is widely used for signing contracts and other official meetings.

2. Roller ball

With water-based ink, this type of rollerball pen has lower ink density and flow compared to other pens. No wonder with this pen you don’t need to spend a lot of energy. Please note this pen comes in many colors. However, it should be noted that this pen is very liquid, it can penetrate the paper behind it. Especially when you write on thin paper. Please note, these pens are often referred to as liquid ink pens.

3. Pena

Next there are pen type pens. This type of pen can be refilled using a pipette. This pen has a tip that can be adjusted to the desired line size. Priced at a higher price compared to other pens, pen type pens are suitable for formal activities only such as contact signatures, official meetings and other official events.


Now comes the end of the article about the 10 Best Gel Pen Recommendations. How? Has this article answered your questions regarding the gel pen product you are looking for? Hopefully, yes. From the reviews above, of course you already know how to choose the best gel pens. Starting from adjusting it to the grip, knowing the quality of the ink and also knowing the diameter of the pen.

Well, to find out the comfort of the pen you can also find out by trying it directly. That is the way if you buy it directly. And for those of you who buy it online, you can see and consider it through the available testimonials. To get information regarding other updated product recommendations, you can visit Ainun. Enjoy exploring.

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