Review of 10 Best Crayon Recommendations for Coloring Contest (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – In addition to colored pencils and watercolors , children and adults prefer crayons to color their drawings. Although there have been many other coloring devices, the existence of crayons is still in demand by the market because they are considered quite good. Are you currently planning to buy a crayon? In this article, we will accompany you on your hunt for the best crayons.

This drawing tool made of solid wax is still used because of its advantages that other drawing or coloring tools have not been able to do. Crayons have properties that are not easily broken and the color is difficult to fade, so many children and adults remain loyal to this product. If you are interested in owning a crayon especially for a coloring contest, we can start discussing it right away!

Best Crayons for Coloring Contest
Crayon Color Types Illustrations

How to choose a good coloring crayon for adults and children

It is not difficult to choose a crayon. But, you also can not underestimate this selection step. For that, we will provide a guide in choosing the best crayons that will later help you find the most suitable product when coloring. Ready? Come on, look at this section carefully!

1. Choose by type of crayon

There are various kinds of crayons in the market, such as water crayons, beeswax crayons, and oil crayons. Each crayon can produce a different touch of color. The advantages of one type of crayon with another also need to be taken into consideration when choosing. Especially for children to use, besides being good when used, make sure the product is safe for him.

Water crayons are crayons that can be used for both children and adults. This type of crayon is better at producing color combinations on canvas or drawing paper. The advantage of this crayon is that it is easy to clean or remove with water. That way, you don’t have to worry about giving your child water crayons to draw on the floor because they are easily washed off by water.

Meanwhile, beeswax crayons are the main recommendation for your child who is for the first time or at the stage of learning to draw. This type of crayon can be said to be the safest among other types. The reason, beeswax crayons are made from beehives that have not been used. Because it is made from natural ingredients, this product is also very safe for your baby to use, even when the child puts the crayon in his mouth.

Then, another type of crayon that is no less popular is oil crayon. As the name implies, the coloring of this crayon looks a little oily with a natural and attractive impression. However, oil crayons are not suitable for children because they can cause a sticky effect when the crayon hits the floor or wall. If you want to buy oil crayons for children, you should prepare large drawing paper so that your child will not draw outside the drawing paper provided.

2. Make sure the selected product is easy to grip

Other drawing tools such as markers, colored pencils, and watercolors have their own challenges partly in the difficulty of offering a handheld process. The different levels of difficulty in these products make crayons the most ideal for children to adults. Especially for those who are not skilled, choosing crayons as a drawing tool is the right step to do.

The ease of grip offered by each crayon is an aspect that you need to pay attention to. That way, your child or yourself will have no difficulty when using it. The nature of crayons that are not easily broken, dynamic, and easy to move gives them more value than other coloring tools. Not only that, crayons are generally also accompanied by a wrapper so that your hands are not dirty due to direct contact with the crayon.

10 Best Crayon Recommendations for Coloring Contest

Of course you agree that choosing crayons is an easy job, right? Well, in this section, Ainun will present a selection of various products with the best crayon brands that can be used for both children and adults to color pictures. Happy deciding!

1. TiTi TI-P-55S

TiTi TiTi-P-55S Coloring Crayon Drawings
Copper Pencil TiTi TI-P-55S

The first product we want to recommend comes from TiTi. 
TiTi is not a new name, you may already know this brand, right? In the range of colorants, TiTi presents oil-type crayons made from non-toxic waxes.

Thanks to being free of harmful content, TiTi TI-P-555 is ideal for use by children and adults. The advantage offered by this product is that it does not fade easily. In fact, this crayon is famous for its ability to survive despite being splashed or washed with water. If you want to create perfect picture quality that doesn’t fade easily, use this crayon

2. Faber Castell 24 Erasable Crayons

Faber Castell 24 Erasable Crayons Coloring Pages
Gambar Crayon Faber Castell 24 Erasable Crayons

In addition to issuing a series of colored pencils, Faber Castell also provides crayons, you know. 
This is an oil crayon that puts the safety aspect first. Just like products from TiTi, crayons offered by Faber Castell are also non-toxic to the solid wax material used.

What’s interesting about this crayon is that the tip can be sharpened. You don’t need to buy a special sharpener separately because Faber Castell has it equipped in a set purchase. With a friendly price, which is in the range of 40-50 thousand, you can already color or draw with this tool. In fact, each of these crayon sticks allows you to draw straight lines that can be erased, such as looking crooked.

3. Joan Miro Baby Roo-Silky Crayon

Joan Miro Baby Roo-Silky Crayon Coloring Pages
Joan Miro Baby Roo-Silky Crayon Crayon Pictures

Maybe you are not too familiar with this one brand. 
It doesn’t matter, the most important thing is that you can feel the advantages offered by this one crayon. Joan Miro Baby Roo-Silky Crayon is perfect for you to give to babies who are still toddlers. If you want to give it as a gift to a friend or relative, this product will certainly be liked by your friends’ children or relatives.

Joan Miro created this aqueous crayon (water crayon) so that the level of safety is guaranteed. Children are free to be creative on the floor or walls of the house. You don’t have to worry about the color of the crayon being difficult to remove because of the nature of this product which is easy to clean with just a few swipes of water. More interestingly, this product does not need to be sharpened because it is a swivel crayon type.

4. Paintmate Washable Silky Crayon 4112SPP

Coloring Crayon Drawing Paintmate Washable Silky Crayon 4112SPP
Gambar Crayon Paintmate Washable Silky Crayon 4112SPP

Although designed as an aqueous crayon, this Paintmate Washable Silky Crayon 4112SPP offers genuine-looking results on drawing paper. 
Each crayon is given a protective layer in the form of a sturdy and durable plastic. Not only that, each handle of this crayon stick is also easy to grip so that even children will feel comfortable while using it when coloring.

In one package there are 12 pieces of color that are stacked into 2 stacks. This product can be used as regular crayons, oil pastels, or color paints. Because it has high functionality, your child can vary its use as desired. After coloring the image with crayons, you can see the magic just by layering the color with a wet brush. The image will instantly look like the result of a watercolor image.

5. Greebel Artist Oil Pastels 36 Colors

Greebel Artist Oil Pastels Coloring Pages 36 Colors
Greebel Artist Oil Pastels Coloring Pages 36 Colors

To produce images that seem alive, many artists apply the concept of layering in their coloring. 
You can train your child’s or yourself’s ability to fill in the colors to create the perfect combination with these crayons.

Even though it’s an oil crayon type, in fact Greebel Artist Oil Pastels 36 Colors don’t leave dirty stains or a sticky impression. For those of you who want to increase your skill level in drawing, we highly recommend this drawing and coloring tool.

6. Faber Castell Hexagonal Oil Pastel 60 Pcs

Faber Castell Coloring Crayons Hexagonal Oil Pastels 60 Pcs
Gambar Crayon Faber Castell Hexagonal Oil Pastel 60 Pcs

There are 60 color choices that are ready to be used to give a certain impression based on the wishes of the child or yourself. 
In fact, even your child who has studied cultural arts in junior high school can start learning about surrealism, realism, or the like with this coloring tool.

Faber Castell formulated the following products in a sturdy packaging so that it will not be easily damaged or the contents broken when put in a bag and carried on a trip. These colorful crayons also have easy to clean properties, you no longer need to worry like crayons about children’s clothes.

7. Joan Miro Beeswax Crayon

Joan Miro Beeswax Crayon Coloring Pages
Crayon Image Joan Miro Beeswax Crayon

Sharpen your child’s artistic spirit with this drawing activity using beeswax crayons. 
Joan Miro provides products that are proven to be safe for use by every child from the preschool age range up. In this series, there are two choices of cute shapes. You can choose a crayon child with a dinosaur pattern or fruit packaging at the same price.

Not only does it look funny, Joan Miro Beeswax Crayon still offers quality in terms of image coloring. No need to press too much, the color of these crayons can already be seen on your child’s canvas or drawing paper. This product is also ideal for children who are learning to draw using crayons for the first time because each crayon stick is designed to be easy to grip when coloring pictures.

8. TiTi TI-BW-12PP

TiTi Coloring Crayon Drawing TI-BW-12PP
TiTi Coloring Crayon Drawing TI-BW-12PP

If your child is just entering the stage of learning to draw, you don’t need to prepare crayons with so many color choices because it will only confuse them. 
As a first step, you can give it TiTi TI-BW-12PP. This crayon with 12 color choices will be suitable for use by every child who is just starting to learn to fill in colors on the printed images available on paper.

This product is made from beeswax that has been compacted and colored. The dyes used have been tested to be safe for children, you don’t have to worry about bad things that have an impact on children’s health. TiTi designed each crayon stick with a diameter of 1.3 cm which makes the crayon more durable and strong so it won’t break easily when used.

9. Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Crayons 16 Count

Gambar Crayon Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Crayons 16 Count
Gambar Crayon Crayola Ultra-Clean Washable Crayons 16 Count

Do you often meet children who scribble on walls or other places that should not be used as canvases? 
If so, you don’t need to take children’s drawing tools. Just replace the tool with a product from Crayola. This coloring tool will no longer make you bother removing color stains that may be difficult to remove on walls, tables, or other home furnishings.

Crayola innovates with this product so that your child remains free to express himself even where you don’t want him to. For example, if you find a child making writing or shapes on the wall, you only need to clean it with water. Every child’s image will not leave a permanent imprint while using this product.

10. TiTi TI-CP-12/P

TiTi TiTi-CP-12/P Coloring Crayon Drawings
TiTi TiTi-CP-12/P Coloring Crayon Drawings

It is not uncommon for children to tear the crayon protective paper so that their hands become dirty with a mixture of colors from the crayons. 
If you’ve had this problem and are traumatized by giving them crayons again, you’d better get rid of your worries now because we recommend these different designed crayons.

TiTi TI-CP-12/P is a coloring tool that each stick is protected with plastic. Thanks to this kind of protection, children’s hands will not be fun to tear the protective paper that is usually found in ordinary crayons. However, to use it, you will need to rotate the crayon so that the tapered end comes out on one side. In order not to break easily, you should set the distance out of the tip so that it is not more than 1 cm.


By using the best crayons from our recommendations, of course the results of your child’s painting or coloring work will give you happiness every time you see it. In fact, you might want to hang it on your wall, right? For example, if you want to stick a painting on a wall or on a table, make sure you spray a fixative and a crayon coat so that your image is free of dust and not contaminated by small flying debris.

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