10 Best Scientific Calculator Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – The scientific calculator is a calculating tool that is usually used by students majoring in science and other fields of science, for example for statistics, there is even a sophisticated scientific calculator that can do simple programming.

Several well-known brands, such as Casio, Deli, and Joyko, have released a number of scientific calculators with various types, specifications, and prices. For those of you who are looking for a scientific calculator product, this Ainun article will discuss in full how to choose, product recommendations, and how to use it.

How to Choose a Good Scientific Calculator

Best Scientific Calculator
Scientific Calculator Illustration Image

The scientific calculator has functions to help various complicated calculations, such as trigonometry, logarithms, fractions, limits, exponentials, and geometry, which can be completed faster with this calculator. Therefore, this type of calculator is equipped with more complex buttons and is also used by engineers, teachers, scientists, and professors. However, to get the best scientific calculator on the market, you need to consider the following points.

1. Choose the type of calculator according to your needs

At least currently there are three types of scientific calculators , namely standard, programming, and graphical types. The standard type calculator features many functions, such as fractions, exponents, logarithms, trigonometry, and calculus. Of course, the number of functions available on each brand varies, but this type is most suitable for use in schools because it provides a variety of basic functions in mathematics.

Next there is a standard scientific calculator that has a programming function in it, so it is also called a programming calculator. Indeed, this calculator is not as sophisticated as a computer, but it is reliable enough to do basic programming. Thus, it will be of great help to you to set up the necessary calculation program in advance. However, this type of calculator is still rare in Indonesia and the price is quite expensive.

The third type is a graphical scientific calculator that can be used to draw simple graphs. This type of calculator is best used for statistics, for example when drawing scatter charts and bar charts. Interestingly, various graphing calculator products are now equipped with color LCDs and can simulate functions using the graphs installed in the calculator. One well-known calculator brand, namely Casio, has released a calculator that can display graphs, but the price is still quite expensive.

2. Adjusting to the field of knowledge occupied

In addition to the type, the scientific calculator that will be purchased also needs to be adjusted to the field of study occupied, be it engineering, science, economics, mathematics, or other fields. On the market, there are scientific calculators that only contain 100 functions, there are also those with high specifications of more than 700 functions, but most of the standard calculators have around 400 functions. When you know what functions are contained in the calculator, you can adapt it to the field you are concerned with, so you will avoid buying the wrong calculator.

3. Verify the scientific calculator display

If you are used to using a scientific calculator, you can choose a calculator with a conventional display. This calculator is designed with a special format to display its functional calculations and was commonly used until the 2010s. However, because the appearance looks ‘old school’, this product is not suitable for use by beginners because errors can occur when entering data and calculations.

As for beginners, you should choose a scientific calculator with a natural look. This calculator displays formulas and numbers according to mathematical equations written in the book, so it will minimize input errors and calculations performed.

4. Consider comfort and energy sources

There are many things that affect the convenience and comfort of a scientific calculator, including size, screen display, ease of pressing buttons, and compact form. If you have to carry the calculator everywhere, then choose one that is less than 15 cm long and less than 10 cm wide so you can put it in your clothes pocket. But if you want a calculator that is pleasing to the eye, for example for people with farsightedness, then a calculator with a large screen size is the right choice.

After confirming the various factors above, you can also consider the energy source used in the scientific calculator that will be purchased. Now there are many calculator products that use two kinds of energy sources at once, namely batteries and solar power, so there is no need to worry if one of them runs out of energy. If the battery energy is running out, just activate the solar mode as a power source. Conversely, if there is no sun as a power source, the battery will keep the calculator working.

10 Best Scientific Calculator Recommendations

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There are several well-known brands of scientific calculators in Indonesia, one of which is Casio, which produces a lot of calculator products to answer the needs of its consumers. Below are recommendations for several scientific calculators, ranging in price from tens of thousands to millions of rupiah.

1. Casio Calculator FX-991

Best Scientific Calculator - Casio Calculator FX-991
Scientific Calculator – Casio Calculator FX-991

The Casio FX-991ID can be called the first scientific calculator that uses the Indonesian language and its settings have been adapted to the Indonesian high school curriculum and basic statistics for tertiary institutions. 
This scientific calculator has a total of 451 functions, providing a natural, notebook-like view in high-resolution dot matrix . No need to worry about any wrong equations, because the Casio FX-991ID provides a check function for equality or inequality.

Other features provided by this scientific calculator are editing data in tabular format, fractional functions, combinations and permutations, standard deviation, regression, new equation mode, random integers, vectors, differentiation, matrices , equations, integrals, and many more. As a resource, the Casio FX-991ID is equipped with a battery and solar power. You can buy this product through Casio ‘s official store and the price is around 280 thousand rupiah.

2. Deli Scientific Calculator 1700

Best Scientific Calculator - Deli Scientific Calculator
Kalkulator Scientific – Deli Scientific Calculator

If you are looking for a scientific
 calculator that is quite complete but is sold at an affordable price, try this Deli Scientific Calculator 1700 product. Crafted in sizes of 16.5 cm x 2.3 cm x 8.8 cm, the Deli 1700 features up to 240 mathematical functions. The LCD screen is wide enough, so you won’t have any difficulty seeing the numbers listed.

Deli Scientific Calculator’s net weight is only 120.2 grams, so it’s quite practical to carry anywhere, be it a school, campus, or office. For resources, two batteries are used and do not support the use of solar power. The Deli 1700 scientific calculator comes in white, pink, blue, and is sold for only 56 thousand rupiah.

Best Scientific Calculator - ALFA LINK Calculator CD 350
Kalkulator Scientific – ALFA LINK Calculator CD 350

Apart from Casio and Deli, Alfalink is also a 
scientific calculator brand whose quality does not need to be doubted. One of the newest products is the Alfalink Scientific Calculator CD-350 which offers various features, such as 10 + 2 digit numbers, 240 functions, 2 line displays, and statistical calculations . This product also has multi- reply functions that allow the user to repeat calculation orders if an input error occurs in the previous stage.

Comes in size 8 cm x 1.1 cm x 15.5 cm, the outside of the Alfalink Scientific Calculator CD-350 is protected by a protective cover to make it more impact resistant. This scientific calculator is sold at only 100 thousand rupiah and already allows the use of solar power as a substitute for batteries.

4. Canon Calculator Scientific F-715SG

Kalkulator Scientific Terbaik - Canon Calculator Scientific F-715SG
Kalkulator Scientific – Canon Calculator Scientific F-715SG

Canon has also issued several series of 
scientific calculators, one of which is the Canon F-715SG. There are around 250 functions in this calculator complete with 17 store and recall memories , undo or copy of a function, as well as calculations for statistics and trigonometry. To facilitate operation, the Canon F-715SG has a 10-digit mantissa and a 2-digit exponent display.

The size of the Canon F-715SG is around 16.8 cm x 8.63 cm x 1.78 cm with a weight of 124 grams, so it’s still compact enough to be taken to school or the office. This scientific calculator is available in pink, black, blue, and costs around IDR 200,000.

5. Texas Instruments TI-30 XB Scientific Calculator

Kalkulator Scientific Terbaik - Texas Instruments TI-30 XB Multi View Scientific Calculator
Kalkulator Scientific – Texas Instruments TI-30 XB Multi View Scientific Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-30 XB is supported with many features that will make your calculations easier, such as conversion of fractions to decimals or percents and vice versa, 
random integer generators, combinations and permutations, trigonometry, logarithms and antilogs, angle conversions, and many more. This scientific calculator has a classic look and supports MathPrint™ entry and output mode for checking calculations in mathematical notation, including answers regarding π, square roots , and fractions.

Not only does it support calculations for mathematics, the Texas Instruments TI-30 XB also allows it to be used for statistics, engineering, biology, and chemistry. This scientific calculator can be purchased through e-commerce and is priced at around 380 thousand rupiahs.

6. M&G Scientific Calculator with Cover

Kalkulator Scientific Terbaik - M&G Scientific Calculator with Cover
Kalkulator Scientific – M&G Scientific Calculator with Cover

scientific calculator comes with 12 digits and 240 calculation functions, from basic calculations to complex calculations. Using this calculator, you can easily calculate fractions, permutations and combinations, and coordinate transformations. To support its operations, the M&G Scientific Calculator is equipped with two power sources, a battery and solar power. The price of this product is quite affordable, only around 90 thousand rupiah.

7. Casio FXCG 50 Calculator Scientific

Best Scientific Calculator - Casio FXCG 50 Scientific Calculator
Kalkulator Scientific – Casio FXCG 50 Calculator Scientific

If you need a scientific
 calculator that can present a color graphic display , the Casio FXCG 50 can be the right choice. There are quite a lot of features in this product, there are basic functions, angle conversions, trigonometry and its inverses, hyperbolics and inverses, exponents, logarithms, roots, powers, coordinates, combinations and permutations, and many more. As a complement, the Casio FXCG 50 has engineering symbol calculations and notations, coordinate graphing, tables, sketches , and picture plots . With the various completeness of these calculations, this product is sold at quite expensive prices, around 3.4 million rupiah.

8. Basic Color Scientific Calculator

Kalkulator Scientific Terbaik - Basic 240 Function Color Scientific Calculator
Scientific Calculator – Basic 240 Function Color Scientific Calculator

The scientific
 calculator from Bazic is made in a size of 15 cm x 8 cm which is quite practical to bring to school, office or campus. This product has 240 calculation functions with a 10+2 digit display to support its operations. Even though it is sold for only 60 thousand rupiahs, the Bazic Scientific Calculator is equipped with dual power, namely a battery and solar energy as a source of power.

9. Deli Scientific Calculator E1725

Best Scientific Calculator - Deli Scientific Calculator E1725
Kalkulator Scientific – Deli Scientific Calculator E1725

Like the previous scientific
 calculator from Deli, Deli Scientific Calculator E1725 also features 240 calculation functions and the screen can display up to 12 digit numbers. The cover is equipped with a picture of One Piece so that the calculator looks more attractive, especially when you bring it to school. Deli Scientific Calculator E1725 can be purchased directly through the official Deli store and costs around 100 thousand rupiah.

10. Joyko Calculator Scientific CC-29A

The Best Scientific Calculator - Joyko Calculator Scientific CC-29A
Kalkulator Scientific – Joyko Calculator Scientific CC-29A

The Joyko CC-29A 
scientific calculator is equipped with quite complete features, such as roots, squares, differentials, vectors, matrices, to standard deviation. With 471 functions and a screen display that supports up to 13 digits, this product is very suitable for use in statistics, especially in regression analysis calculations.

The size of this scientific calculator is standard 16.5 cm x 8.6 cm x 1.3 cm with a weight of 200 grams, so it’s still easy to carry around. Joyko CC-29A is sold at a price of 160 thousand rupiah and supports the use of battery and solar power sources.

Usability of the Basic Keys on a Scientific Calculator

Using a scientific calculator is somewhat more complicated than a regular calculator. Hundreds of functions that are present in scientific calculators may confuse beginners, but if you already know the use of each of these functions, this calculator will really help with various difficult calculations. Here are some of the basic uses of the buttons on a scientific calculator to help with calculations.

  1. M+ (Memory Plus) to add calculation results to calculator memory.
  2. MR and MRC (Memory Recall) to search for results that have been stored.
  3. M- and MC (Memory Clear) to clear numbers stored in the calculator’s memory or set the memory to state 0.
  4. C and CE (Clear Entry) to clear the last input incorrect number.
  5. Min to save all calculations that are on the screen at a moment’s notice.
  6. GT (Grand total) to display the total of all counts in memory or to perform a continuous count. For example, when calculating 5+5+(4×2) = 18, add 5+5=10 and store 10 with M+, then 4×2 = 8 and press GT to get the result.
  7. AC (All clear) to clear all calculation results on the screen and at the same time reset all functions that have been entered, but will not clear calculations that have been stored in memory.
  8. EXP (Exponential) to calculate exponentials.
  9. Shift to access additional functions available on the calculator.
  10. Auto Review to display the calculation results automatically according to the sequence, so that financial report calculations can be used using a calculator.
  11. Recheck to re-check the calculations that have been entered. It is usually marked with 1 beep if there is an error, while there is a 2-time beep at the end of the calculation if it is correct.

However, each scientific calculator brand has a different button name, even though the function remains the same. One example is that some calculators use the MR button for Memory Recall, but some use the MRC button. Both have exactly the same use, only the symbols are different, and that often makes users confused. Therefore, various brands of scientific calculators are generally equipped with manuals so that users are not confused when using the calculator.


To perform quite complex calculations, for example statistical calculations, engineering, physics, or other fields of science, a scientific calculator is needed so that calculations can be carried out quickly and accurately. This article has discussed in full the workings and recommendations of various brands of scientific calculators, including the use of some of the basic buttons on a scientific calculator.

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