10 Best Protractor Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A protractor is a measuring tool used to observe the magnitude of angles in a figure, diagram, and other line components. This tool is generally used by children who are in elementary school in mathematics lessons. It will be easier for children to use a protractor to measure the angle of an object on paper.

Not infrequently, the protractor is used by children who have stepped on high school to college. So, make sure that you or your child is wearing an appropriate protractor. For that, we will explain how to choose a protractor and provide a selection of the best products. Happy reading!

Best Protractor
Best Protractor

How to choose a Good Protractor 

If you are going to buy your child a protractor, make sure he can wear it easily. There are many factors that make a protractor easy to use, such as precise scales, easy-to-read numbers, and the type of bow itself.

Ranging from hundreds, thousands, to tens of thousands, protractors have different characteristics. The thickness of each bow is also different which affects its use and storage. So, understand the protractor based on its ease of use. Here are some considerations for you to make when choosing a protractor.

1. Choose one that has large and clear numbers

Put functionality first when you buy a protractor. Therefore, choose a product that has a large measurement number. Besides being large, make sure that the numbers are easy to read without having to focus. That way, your child’s eyes will not be burdened when making observations while seeing the right angle according to the scale shown.

Usually, to make it easier for users to see the number of angles, manufacturers provide different designs on a series of measurement numbers. For example, adding a contrasting background color, such as black for a background with white numbers. A design like this will make it very easy to know the measurement results.

2. It is better to choose a transparent field color

Measuring tools which in this case is a protractor began to be produced with attractive designs. You may find bows in a variety of colors or even characters, some with sketches. If you want to buy a bow for your child to wear at school, then avoid products that are designed in color. Why?

Colors on the arc plane may look attractive, but it takes away from its ease of use. Maybe your child actually has difficulty seeing numbers due to being blocked by a non-transparent base color. Meanwhile, for those of you who want to buy a bow with color accents, choose the color that is in the numbers, not on the arc as a whole.

3. Types with or without margins also need to be considered

Each school generally does not give a standard or preference to a protractor. Even so, not a few schools also make provisions for students to follow in the selection of this protractor. If your child is skilled enough, choose a bow product that has white margins so that it will be easier to match the size of the angle.

On the other hand, if your child is not skilled enough in using a bow, please choose a bow without margins which makes the field of vision wider and observations can be more precise. However, look again at the provisions provided by your child’s school so that your child can follow the lessons well.

The 10 best protractor recommendations

Based on previous reviews, of course you agree that the selection of a protractor should not be arbitrary. In choosing the wrong product, the measurement results can be inaccurate or even children have difficulty using it. Well, below, Ainun recommends the ten best protractors, each of which has an advantage. Happy choosing!

1. Bow Ruler

Ruler arc
Ruler arc

This Bow Ruler is one of the easiest to find at most copy shops or stationery stores. 
Besides being cheap, this product also has a number print that is thick enough so that it will be easy to read large angles. It’s just that, when exposed to water or sweat too often, the foam figures fade and make the numbers look blurry.

When you want to buy this product, first check whether your child is one who sweats easily or not. In addition, this measuring instrument also has a transparent field so that it can maintain the child’s concentration. The basic color that is not transparent will actually make the child’s concentration split.

2. Protractor


Less than a thousand rupiah, the protractor can be used by your child. 
If you want to introduce your child to a protractor, you can buy him this product. However, when your child starts to like measuring activities, replace this product with a protractor that is quite thick.

Even so, this product is also ideal and easy to use. The transparent arc area with numbers and red scale lines makes reading numbers easier. This product is also not easily broken because it is quite thin and the plastic is elastic.

3. Maped Essentials 180o – 12 cm

Maped Essentials 180o – 12 cm
Maped Essentials 180o – 12 cm

Maped provides a special section to fill in your child’s name. 
That way, this protractor will not be easily confused or even your child will lose the measuring tool. With a price of less than five thousand, this product will help your child to take measurements with precision.

The excellent quality makes this product widely used, especially by children who like math lessons. Maped, a well-known manufacturer of school supplies, designed this bow with numbers in a row at a diameter of 12 cm so that children can also use it to make straight lines.

4. Maped Twist ‘n Flex 180o

Maped Twist ‘n Flex 180o
Maped Twist ‘n Flex 180o

When we said that you should avoid colored protractors, the Twist ‘n Flex 180 
o is one of the exceptions. As the name suggests, this product is made of flexible material so it can be bent without worrying about breaking.

Your child can not only learn while playing, but read the measurement numbers with ease. Despite being in color, Maped renders the measurement numbers and scale lines on this protractor in black which is very contrasting so it is easy to read.

5. Butterfly Protractor 180o 12 cm

Butterfly Protractor 180o 12 cm
Butterfly Protractor 180o 12 cm

This 180 o
 Protactor from Butterfly has a diameter of 12 cm. So obviously, your child doesn’t need to provide another long ruler to draw straight lines. With just one product, your child can draw straight lines and identify the angles of the objects on the paper.

Butterfly issued this product as an option for those of you who need a protractor at a low price. With the combination of a transparent base color, a red logo, and black scale lines and numbers, your child will have no problem making observations.

6. Kokuyo GY-GBA310

Kokuyo GY-GBA310
Kokuyo GY-GBA310

Kokuyo GY-GBA310 can be an option for your child to read large angles without having trouble reading the numbers. 
Combining transparent color and transparent orange, this product looks even more attractive. The numbers and scales are colored blue with various thicknesses.

So, on the 30o full scale , the numbers are bolded so your child can easily see the boundaries. In addition, this product will also teach your child the importance of protecting the environment from an early age. The reason is, Kokuyo designed this bow from 100% recycled raw materials.

7. Double Thunders 0 o – 180 o Angle Ruler

Double Thunders 0o – 180o Ruler
Double Thunders 0o – 180o Ruler

If your child likes to play with his measuring instrument so that it breaks and breaks, you can replace the measuring instrument with a Double Thunders 0 
o – 180 o Angle Ruler. This product is made of stainless steel so that it not only makes it durable, but also does not break easily when played or stored in a bag.

Even though it is made of stainless steel, the selling price of this measuring tool is still pocket-friendly, perfect for those of you on a thin budget. Another advantage of this protractor is that besides having an arc, there is also a 10 cm ruler so that your child can take measurements and draw the desired angle.

8. Ziegel Protractor 360 o

Ziegel Protractor 360o
Ziegel Protractor 360o

Most protractors are only capable of measuring up to 180 
o . What if your child needs an arc that can make observations up to a full circle aka 360 o . Do not be confused! Ziegel Protractor 360 o is here to answer your needs.

Products that can observe objects up to a full circle can also be used by children who have entered a higher grade in school. Equipped with a pointer that can be rotated, the process of reading numbers will be easier and clearer.

9. Butterfly Mathematical Set

Butterfly Mathematical Set
Butterfly Mathematical Set

Butterfly issued a Mathematical Set for children who really like math. 
Even so, this product can also be an option for parents who want to buy their child a package of measuring tools as well as a ruler. Not only straight and arc rulers, in one set there are also two angled rulers.

Buying this measuring tool package also saves you more money. It has also been packaged in special plastic, even your child can take it directly without having to store it in a pencil case or just put it in the bag compartment which will make it messy.

10. Butterfly Protractor 180o 10 cm

Butterfly Protractor 180o 10 cm
Butterfly Protractor 180o 10 cm

In addition to providing the Protractor series ruler with a diameter of 12 cm, Butterfly also offers other variants with a diameter of 10 cm. 
This product can also be relied on to measure the angle of various shapes of objects. Even though it’s cheap, Butterfly guarantees its product can identify the size of the angle with precision.

Its compact size and thickness make it ideal for inserting into a pencil case. For example, if you want to put it in another compartment without a storage box, you can too. You don’t have to worry about the ruler breaking because the plastic material is strong enough to accept the crush of books or other objects in your child’s bag.


Protractor is a measuring tool that is inexpensive and easy to use. However, the low price sometimes makes manufacturers subordinate the quality. This causes the measurement results are often not precise because the arc scale has shifted quite far. Therefore, we recommend that you choose products issued by trusted and experienced manufacturers.

Some names like Butterfly are certainly one of the most recommended. Besides being easy to use, the low price also makes it widely used. Also choose products made of plastic with a thickness of more than 0.5 mm. This way, your child can also use a bow to draw lines easily.

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