10 Famous & Best Pen Recommendations (Latest 2023)

Best Blog Review – As a writing tool, pens must always be provided to support various daily activities. Both students, young executives, and professionals need pens for their writing needs on paper. The wide variety of inks, such as water-based, oil-based, and gel inks, requires you to choose your product carefully. Each pen has different characteristics. This can be […]

10 Best Stylus Pen Recommendations (Latest 2023)

Best Blog Review – Along with the popularity of using touchscreen gadgets, especially tabs, the popularity of stylus pens is also increasing, especially among illustrators. This tool not only facilitates the operation of smartphones and tablets, but can also be used to play several games . For those of you who are looking for a stylus pen to support your daily work, this Ainun article will be discussed in full, […]

10 Best Gel Pen Recommendations (Latest 2023)

Best Blog Review – Being one of the most used writing tools in everyday life, a pen is a must for many people. Currently, pens are available in many variants, one of which is a gel pen. Gel pens are pens that have ink made of gel. One of the uniqueness of this pen is that it is […]

10 Recommended List of Best Office Stationery (Latest 2024)

Best Blog Review – Being able to choose the best list of office stationery brands does require several considerations so that all work that requires office stationery can be completed effectively, efficiently, and of course will have an impact on company profits. That’s because not all work can be completed using a laptop or computer. Well, usually […]

10 Best Protractor Recommendations (Latest 2024)

Best Blog Review – A protractor is a measuring tool used to observe the magnitude of angles in a figure, diagram, and other line components. This tool is generally used by children who are in elementary school in mathematics lessons. It will be easier for children to use a protractor to measure the angle of an object on paper. Not […]

10 Best Scientific Calculator Recommendations (Latest 2024)

Best Blog Review – The scientific calculator is a calculating tool that is usually used by students majoring in science and other fields of science, for example for statistics, there is even a sophisticated scientific calculator that can do simple programming. Several well-known brands, such as Casio, Deli, and Joyko, have released a number of scientific calculators with various types, […]

Review of 10 Best Diary Recommendations (Latest 2024)

Best Blog Review – Even though the digital world is experiencing rapid development, some people still like writing activities. One of the most memorable is writing a diary . Maybe, those of you who were born in the 90s will be familiar with the word “dear diary”. Yes, the word refers to the diary that a person usually writes to tell […]

Review of 10 Best Eraser Recommendations (Latest 2024)

Best Blog Review – Various kinds of stationery are needed by students and workers, including an eraser which has a very important role. As the name implies, an eraser is used to erase writing on paper. At least, that’s the general function of erasers since time immemorial. However, now there are many erasers that are able to remove ballpoint ink. Through […]

Review of 10 Best Mechanical Pencil Recommendations (Latest 2024)

Best Blog Review – Which mechanical pencil will help your note-taking activities? Everyone has their own taste. Starting from a pencil that can be rotated, does not break, to have a cushion to absorb pressure, each type must be adjusted to the needs and comfort of the user. Therefore, we will recommend the best mechanical pencils to you. Before going any […]

10 Best Colored Pencil Recommendations (Latest 2024)

Best Blog Review – Colored pencils can produce beautiful coloring on various drawing papers. Not only used by children, many adults also choose colored pencils to make pictures with a wider shade. Brands such as Joyko , Faber-Castell , and Maped may be familiar to you. But which one do you need the most? Even though they look the same, there are actually several types of colored […]