10 Recommended List of Best Office Stationery (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Being able to choose the best list of office stationery brands does require several considerations so that all work that requires office stationery can be completed effectively, efficiently, and of course will have an impact on company profits.

That’s because not all work can be completed using a laptop or computer. Well, usually these various brands of office stationery can be obtained by buying them at the best office stationery stores, such as Gramedia which already exists in various big cities in Indonesia. You can visit Gramedia in Surabaya, Bandung, Jakarta, Tangerang, and other big cities.

Best Office Stationery
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There are various kinds of office stationery sold there, such as pens, scissors, erasers, duct tape, and so on. Then, how to choose a good office stationery?

Tips for Choosing Good Office Stationery

There are various kinds of jobs that still require stationery so the needs for a list of office stationery must still be met. Usually one stationery will be available in various brands and prices so it requires consideration in choosing it. Well, here are tips for choosing the best office stationery when you want to shop at the nearest office stationery stores.

1. Consider choosing a well-known office stationery brand

You will certainly choose the best known brand of office stationery, right? Some of these brands, for example, Kenko, Joyko, Faber-Castell, Staedtler, Faster, and so on. Well, as the years go by, of course, new brands will emerge.

However, it’s a good idea for you to prefer a list of office stationery with well-known brands in order to avoid the dissatisfaction of getting the wrong stationery when buying it at the office stationery shop you visit.

In addition, a well-known brand of stationery certainly has a guarantee of good product quality. So don’t choose randomly, okay?

2. Prioritize choosing a common form of office stationery

The times have made companies that produce office stationery more creative by innovating to create the best variety of office stationery in unique, funny, and so on. For example, a pink ballpoint pen with a character decoration on one end.

However, it’s a good idea to buy a brand of office stationery with a common color or shape to keep it looking professional. If you want to buy stationery that is unique in color and shape, then you can buy it for personal use only.

Usually, this can increase your enthusiasm to do a job that requires writing tools.

3. Adjust the price of office stationery with the budget

You certainly want to get office stationery at an affordable price, right? Usually a list of office stationery purchased individually will cost more than buying in bulk.

Therefore, choose stationery that is priced according to your budget or even less. But that doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to the quality, right! Actually, it would be better if you can buy it directly from a distributor or supplier rather than making a purchase from the best office stationery store. That way, you will get a much cheaper price.

There are many office stationery or stationary stores that provide a complete range of stationery for school, office, and so on. Well, here’s a review of ten recommendations for the list of the best office stationery brands that can add to your reference before choosing.

1. Faber-Castell Stylus Pen Vernate 0.7

Best ATK Faber-Castell Stylus Pen Vernate 0.7
ATK Brand Ballpoint Faber-Castell Stylus Pen Vernate 0.7
The first list of the best office stationery is a ballpoint pen, which is important because it is needed by many people, be it students, teachers, doctors, admin officers, and so on.

Well, there is a recommendation for a pen brand that not only serves to write on paper, but also to operate a tablet or cell phone which of course can support your work.

The pen was made by Faber-Castell with the name Stylus Pen and has a Vernate 0.7 type which can save you time without having to repeatedly replace with other ballpoint pens while working. In addition, this ballpoint pen is available with two ink colors, namely black and blue which can be refilled.

2. Snowman BG-12 Board Board Marker

Best ATKB Board Marker Snowman BG-12
ATK Brand Board Marker Snowman BG-12

You are certainly no stranger to boardmarkers or commonly known as large markers, right? 
Well, the boardmarker which is included in the list of the best office stationery brands is available in various colors, such as black, red, blue with refillable ink.

In addition, this stationery can also be used to write on the board when the lecturer or teacher is teaching in class. However, stationery that can be purchased at this office stationery shop is also commonly used to write addresses when sending packages via expedition. The brand that is commonly known and widely purchased is Snowman BG-12.

3. Staedtler Rasoplast Remover

Best ATK Staedtler Rasoplast Eraser
ATK Eraser Brand Staedtler Rasoplast

Almost everyone must have used an eraser which is one of the best important office stationery lists with its function as a pencil eraser on paper or books. 
Without this one stationery, the wrong writing will certainly contaminate your child’s book.

So, what brand of eraser do you often buy? Usually what is often sold in office stationery stores is an eraser with the Staedtler Rasoplast brand which is white, small in size, and is usually used during exams. The stationery was chosen because of its ability to erase writing until it is clean and comfortable to hold.

4. Epson WorkForce WF-100 WiFi Inkjet Printer

Best ATK Epson WorkForce WF-100 WiFi Inkjet Printer
ATK Printer Brand Epson WorkForce WF-100 WiFi Inkjet
Currently, almost everyone needs a printer for the work they do, such as students who need a printer to print college assignments or theses to be submitted to lecturers or administration employees who print various office administration needs.

Well, one of the recommendations for the best office stationery brand in the form of a printer is the Epson WorkForce WF-100 WiFi Inkjet which is a portable, lightweight, and wireless printer that makes it easy to carry to various places.

This printer uses a rechargeable battery and can be connected to four devices at once. That way, you will get quality prints anytime and anywhere. Really fun, right?

5. Paper HVS A4 SiDU 75 GSM

Best ATK Paper HVS A4 SiDU 75 GSM
ATK Paper Brand HVS A4 SiDU 75 GSM

If you make the printer as one of the list of office stationery, then you definitely need HVS paper. 
Well, a good paper recommendation is HVS A4 SiDu 75 GSM paper which is not too thin and thick so it is suitable for printing files or photocopying files.

You can get this brand of paper at the best office stationery store near you, yes! No need to worry because this paper uses the latest breakthrough technology from SiDU, namely TruTone which makes this brand paper of good quality with a high level of whiteness. Well, this paper is suitable for laser and inkjet printers.

6. Seagate Portable Expansion External Hard Drive

Best ATK Seagate Portable Expansion External Hard Drive
ATK Brand Seagate Portable Expansion External Hard Drive

Do you want to save files and need more memory than a flash drive? 
Well, you can try one of the list of the best office stationery brands in the form of a hard disk from Seagate Portable Expansion which consists of various capacities, ranging from 1TB to 5TB.

In addition to its large capacity, you can transfer data quickly with USB 3.0 connectivity. This portable hard disk can not only be used on PC and MAC, but can also be used on XBox One and PlayStation 4. No need to worry because this hard disk is light enough to carry everywhere. So, are you interested in buying it?

7. Nachi 2 Inch Clear Tape

Best ATK Nachi 2 Inch Clear Tape
ATK Brand Duct Tape Nachi 2 Inch

For those of you who open an online shop, of course you need the Bening Nachi 2 Inch Duct Tape brand as a list of mandatory office stationery. 
This is because online shops will often send packages that have been purchased by consumers. Well, you can easily buy it at the best office stationery stores near where you live, be it small or large stores.

Usually the use of this duct tape will be in conjunction with bubble wrap, cardboard, crackle, or other wrapping. In addition to the clear color, this duct tape is also strong so it doesn’t tear easily. That way, the package-wrapping activities will run smoothly and can be completed quickly.

8. Scissors Joyko SC-848

Best ATK Joyko SC-848 Scissors
Joyko SC-848 Scissors Brand ATK

The next list of office stationery that is no less important is the Joyko SC-848 Scissors which has a size of 210 x 80 mm and is made of stainless steel. 
In addition to being strong and sharp, this brand of scissors is also a stationery that is suitable for schools, offices, or homes.

You can easily find them in the best office stationery stores at affordable prices. Usually the color available is black which is an elegant color so that it is suitable for anyone to have. Well, these large scissors will make it easier for you when cutting large paper, plastic, or cloth. That way, your work can be completed immediately.

9. Paperline White Booklet Envelope 90 PPS

Best ATK Paperline White Booklet Envelope 90 PPS
ATK Brand White Paperline Booklet Envelope 90 PPS

This brand envelope is one of the mandatory office stationery lists in hospitals, offices, and other workplaces. 
Well, usually the official letter that will be sent has been put in a Paperline 90 PPS White Booklet Envelope measuring 110 x 230 mm with a thickness of 80 gsm.

If you’re going to buy it at the best large office stationery store, then you should buy a box containing 100 sheets. However, you can buy individual or retail envelopes at a small grocery or stationery store. That way, you can spend less according to your needs. Then, how much will you buy?

10. Bindex Box File 1034B

Best ATK Bindex Box File 1034B
ATK Brand Bindex Box File 1034B

Does your workplace have a lot of printed files to keep? 
Whether it’s an archive of patient data, company cooperation agreement data, or other data. Well, you can make Bindex Box File 1034B one of the best brands of office stationery that you must have for storing these important files.

Its large size can certainly accommodate a larger number of archives. That way, the archive will not be scattered and easy to find because it has been stored neatly. So, how much is Bindex Box File 1034B you will buy?

That’s a review of ten recommendations for the list of the best office stationery that you must have to support your work. Hopefully useful, yes!

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