10 Best Paper Punch / Perforator Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A perforator or another name for a paper punch is a tool used to punch holes in paper and has various shapes and sizes as needed. There are small sizes (mini), medium sizes, up to quite large sizes. There are also standard shapes or designs that are unique and interesting. You can buy a paper punch tool as easily as at a stationery store, either directly, or you can also order it online through your favorite e-commerce.

The Best Perforator Paper Punching Tool
Illustration of a Perforator / Officemag Paper Punch Tool

Usually the perforator is often used for everyday purposes, such as for office supplies, school and college supplies, or for making crafts from paper. Paper punch tools are also commonly used for businesses such as photocopying or printing businesses. By using a paper punch, the job of punching holes in paper becomes easier and more practical. In addition, you can also save more time and energy.

Tips for Choosing a Good Paper Punch (Perforator).

Choosing the best paper punch tool is not difficult, as long as you know the tips. So that later you will not buy the wrong product because it does not match expectations. Because, if you choose the wrong product, of course you will feel disappointed and regret having bought it. When choosing or buying a paper punch with the best choice, you need to pay attention to several things, including:

1. Purpose of Use

Before choosing a paper punching tool, you need to adjust to the purpose of its use. If it will be used for daily needs, then you can choose a small paper bag that is easy to carry anywhere and stored in a stationery pouch. But if it will be used for business or industrial purposes, then you can choose a large paper bag. That way, the paper punching tool can be used maximally according to your needs.

2. Material Quality

The quality of a product’s material is something that must be considered before buying it, including a paper punch tool. Choose a perforator made of good quality material so that it can be strong and durable. For example, metal materials that are anti-rust and plastic materials that are not easily brittle. In addition, also choose a perforator with a sharp punching blade. This is because there are not a few perforators whose cutting blades dull quickly even though they have not been used for a long time.

3. How to Use

Choose a paper punch tool that is easy to understand how to use it like a perforator in general. So it is not difficult when used and minimizes the occurrence of errors when punching holes in the paper. In addition, choose a perforator that doesn’t require a lot of effort when using it. Because the main purpose of a paper punch is to make work easier. Don’t get confused and find it difficult to use it.

4. Price

Each perforator has a selling price that varies, this depends on several aspects, such as the quality of the material, shape or design, size, features, or brand. Choose a product that has a price according to these standard aspects. As a buyer, you have to be more selective and be able to compare the prices of each product carefully. The goal is that you don’t buy a paper punch that’s too expensive but doesn’t match the quality.

5. Additional Features

There are several paper punch tools that are good and in demand in the market because they are equipped with additional interesting features and can be the advantages of these products. These additional features may include a paper size pointer or ruler, a tray (a place for scraps of paper), or other additional features. Each paper punch tool has different additional features. So, choose a perforator with additional features according to your needs.

6. Shape and Size

Paper punch tools come in various shapes and sizes with various dimensions. You can choose the shape and size of the perforator according to your wishes. For example, if you want to use a perforator that you can take to work, school, or campus every day, then choose a small, lightweight paper punch that has a minimalist shape and size. But if it’s not to be taken away, then you can choose a large paper punch.

7. Appearance and Color Design

An attractive or even unique appearance design can generally be a plus for a product. Not only that, usually you will also choose products with colors that you like. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong if you choose a paper punch tool that has an attractive appearance design with your favorite color. You don’t need to worry because nowadays there are many paper punch tools that have attractive appearance designs and are available in a variety of color choices.

8. Product Reviews

Product reviews of paper punch kits may include information on the above points. You can find reviews directly from family or friends who have bought and used it. In addition, you can also find reviews easily via the internet or e-commerce. Choose a paper punch that has the best reviews or reviews from buyers with a high rating, so you won’t buy it wrong.

10 Best Paper Punch (Perforator) Recommendations

There are many good products that you can choose for paper punching, ranging from small paper punches to large paper punches. The number of holes on paper punching tools varies quite a bit. So that the holes produced are very diverse, starting from 1 hole, 2 holes, 3 holes, 4 holes, up to 20 holes with a small diameter to a large diameter. Here are the 10 best recommendations for paper punching tools (perforators) from various popular brands chosen by Ainun, among them

1. Kenko Punch No.30 XL

Best Paper Punch Tool (Perforator) Kenko Punch No.30 XL
Paper Punch (Perforator) Kenko Punch No.30 XL

This paper punch tool weighs 100 grams with dimensions of 11x6x35 cm. 
Kenko Punch No. The 30 XL can punch up to 14 sheets of paper at a time. This product can make 2 holes with a diameter of 0.5 mm with a hole distance of 8 cm. When using it, your work will not be messy because at the back of this perforator there is a tray to accommodate the remaining pieces of paper. This paper punch from the Kenko brand is also available in a variety of colors.

2. Joyko Heavy Duty Punch No. 85B

Best Paper Punch Tool (Perforator) Joyko Heavy Duty Punch No.  85B
Paper Punch (Perforator) Joyko Heavy Duty Punch No. 85B

Joyko Heavy Duty Punch No. 
The 85B has a large base area. That way, this paper punch can easily stick to a flat surface, so it can minimize the tool shifting when pressed. This product from Joyko is also suitable for heavy work, because it can punch holes in thick paper up to 3.4 mm and can make 2 holes with a diameter of 7 mm. Not only that, this paper punch tool is also equipped with a cutting tray and ruler.

3. Peach Personal Binder A4 PB200-09

The Best Paper Perforator Peach Personal Binder A4 PB200-09
Peach Personal Binder A4 PB200-09

Peach Personal Binder A4 PB200-09 is a product that has multiple functions. 
The reason is, this product can be used as a paper punch tool as well as a paper binding tool and is equipped with a paper size indicator. This paper punch can punch 4 sheets of paper at once with a total of 20 holes, so it is perfect for binder or loose leaf paper. If used for binding, this product is capable of binding up to 50 sheets of paper at a time.

4. Open Paper Punches PU-838

Best Paper Punch Tool (Perforator) OPEN Adjustable Punches PU-838
Paper Punch (Perforator) OPEN Adjustable Punches PU-838

This paper punch tool is very flexible when used, because the distance between the holes in the paper can be adjusted according to your wishes. 
So that way, you can adjust the paper punch to the size of the paper that will be punched. Open Adjustable Punches PU-838 has 3 sharp punching blades and at the top there is a paper size indicator. This product can punch up to 16 sheets of paper at once with a total of 3 holes.

5. Ohome ZZ-MS-AX6613

Best Paper Punch Tool (Perforator) OHOME ZZ-MS-AX6613
Unique Paper Punch OHOME ZZ-MS-AX6613

This paper punch has a unique and funny shape that can be used to hone creativity, for example to make greeting cards, photo albums, and more. 
Because of its unique and funny shape, this product is also suitable for children, it’s easy to use and quite safe. Ohome ZZ-MS-AX6613 is a paper punch tool designed as 1 set. Where there are 11 hole punchers of various sizes and interesting shapes as well as glue and scissors.

6. Kangaro Industries Heavy Duty Punch HDP 2320

Best Paper Punch Tool (Perforator) Kangaro Industries Heavy Duty Punch HDP 2320
Kangaro Industries Heavy Duty Punch HDP 2320 Paper Punch

As the name implies, this paper punch tool is suitable for industrial scale with a lot of paper capacity. 
For example for a printing business or it could be for the office. Kangaro Industries Heavy Duty Punch HDP 2320 includes a large paper punch tool capable of punching holes in thick paper up to 290 sheets at a time, and is equipped with a paper size indicator. This paper punch tool is made of stainless steel which is strong and durable.

7. Deli 4-Hole Punch 0121

Best Deli 4-Hole Punch 0121 Paper Punch Tool (Perforator).
Paper Punch (Perforator) Deli 4-Hole Punch 0121

This paper punch tool is made of metal and weighs 300 gr. 
As a minimalist punch, Deli 4-Hole Punch 0121 can make holes with a diameter of 6 mm and a depth of cut up to 9 mm. This paper punch tool is quite practical when used, because it is capable of punching holes in up to 10 sheets of paper or about 80 grams of paper at once with a total of 4 holes. The resulting hole distance is 80 mm, but can also be adjusted to the size of the paper.

8. Eagle P5133

The Best Paper Punch (Perforator) Eagle P5133
Eagle P5133 Paper Punch

This paper punch has a minimalist design which is made of metal and the surface is made of plastic. 
Eagle P5133 can punch 10 sheets of paper at once with a total of 3 holes. This paper punch is equipped with an open flap container feature to accommodate the remaining pieces of paper. In addition, this product also has a body with an obtuse angle. The goal is to minimize collisions with sharp objects and be more comfortable when held and pressed.

9. Max Hole Punch DP-35T

The Best Paper Punch Tool (Perforator) Max Hole Punch DP-35T
Paper Punch (Perforator) Max Hole Punch DP-35T

Max Hoe Punch DO-35T is a paper punch tool that can punch up to 35 sheets of paper at once with a total of 2 holes. 
By using this paper punch, you can punch holes in various sizes of paper. You can also fold or lock the punch to fit in use and save more space. In addition, this product is also equipped with a paper size indicator and a container for scraps of paper with a lid that can be partially opened.

10. Kw-Trio 92AO

Kw-Trio 92AO Best Paper Punch Tool (Perforator).
Kw-Trio 92AO Paper Punch (Perforator).

Kw-Trio 92AO is a paper punch tool that has a mini shape. 
Its dimensions are 53x27x51 mm and it is made of plastic material which is lightweight and easy to carry anywhere and won’t take up much space when stored in a bag. This paper punch can punch 6 sheets of paper at once with a total of 1 hole. This product also has a lock feature which can disable its function. The goal is to avoid miscuts when you accidentally press them.

How to Use a Paper Perforator

Punching holes in paper using a paper punch is not a difficult thing to do. For those who have often used a paper punch, they must understand how to use it. Especially if you are used to using it every day, you will definitely be more proficient. But for those who are not used to using it, then you can follow the steps from the following explanation. Generally, how to use a paper punch include:

1. Adjust the Paper Position

When using a paper punch, you must first adjust the position of the paper. So that the part of the paper to be perforated can fit the hole in the perforator. So that the paper punch does not move easily, place it on a flat surface, such as on a table, ceramic or other flat surface. This will also make it easier for you when using it. But if this is not possible, you can hold the paper by hand.

2. Adjust the Punch and Ruler or Paper Size Indicator

If you use a paper punch that can be moved, then you can adjust the distance between the holes on the paper to be punched. Adjust the distance between the position of the holes according to your needs. In addition, if the paper punch you use has a ruler or paper size pointer, then you can adjust the size of the paper to the position of the hole, then pin it with the ruler. Because paper has a very diverse size.

3. Press the Paper Perforator

After adjusting the paper position with the punch and ruler, you can press the paper punch. If you are going to punch holes in heavy paper in large quantities with a large paper puncher, then apply maximum pressure. Apply extra pressure with your palm so that all the paper can be punched. However, if you are only going to punch a small amount of paper, for example 1-3 sheets with a small paper punch, then just press it with your fingertips.


That’s information about the 10 best paper punch tool recommendations based on reviews from buyers and can be used as a reference when you are going to buy it. Products from these various brands have good quality and there is no doubt about it. In addition, you can also better understand tips on choosing the best paper punch tool and how to use it in general. Now you don’t need to be confused in making the choice to buy the right perforator.

From all the explanation above, it can be understood that a perforator or another name for a paper punch is a very useful tool. Because the perforator can make paper holes practically with precise holes in a short time. In addition, how to use the perforator is quite easy. Therefore, it is not surprising that products with various brands of paper punch tools are always selling well in the market and are much sought after by the public.

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