Review of 10 Best Eraser Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Various kinds of stationery are needed by students and workers, including an eraser which has a very important role. As the name implies, an eraser is used to erase writing on paper. At least, that’s the general function of erasers since time immemorial. However, now there are many erasers that are able to remove ballpoint ink.

Through our article this time, we will explain to you how to choose the right eraser. By knowing what are the points that must be considered, you will not be confused anymore after seeing the best eraser recommendations that we will also recommend. Let’s continue to follow the discussion to the end!

Eraser Illustration Image
Eraser Illustration Image

How to choose a Good eraser

If you want to buy an eraser at the nearest store, of course you can check the quality of the product directly. But when buying online, you need to really check the specifications of each eraser. At least, the selection of an eraser can be based on the type. Each type has its own advantages and disadvantages, let’s look at it further in this section.

1. Plastic eraser, prioritizing convenience and low selling value

In the market most commonly found plastic erasers. This is an eraser that can erase easily and lightly. This type of eraser is also the most popular due to its ease of use. Simply rub it slowly, over time the writing from the pencil will disappear.

Plastic eraser is more recommended for elementary school students. Besides being produced in white, nowadays plastic erasers also have many color choices, such as black, red, and gray. Because plastic erasers run out faster, it’s a good idea to buy more than one eraser to stock up.

2. Rubber eraser, can wipe a large area without wearing out quickly

Rubber erasers are also popular among students, especially those in the upper middle class. This eraser is made of hard natural rubber so it is not easy to bend when used. With firm pressure, any large area can be removed easily.

The rubber eraser is the right choice for those of you who want an eraser that doesn’t wear out quickly. However, because the basic material is natural rubber, the selling price of this product is quite high. You also need to be careful in caring for it. If exposed to U-rays or air too often, the quality may deteriorate.

3. Sand eraser, perfect for extra collection in pencil case

For those of you who want to buy an eraser for your child for their high school needs, the following sand eraser can be a top choice. The sand eraser can remove the ink marks of the pens that have been printed on. The way this eraser works is by scratching the surface of the paper.

Due to its high abrasiveness, adjust the pressure of the eraser so as not to make the paper very thin. This type is generally made with a slightly pointed tip so that it can remove ink in a small area. Be careful when using it to prevent the paper from tearing.

4. Uli eraser, the ultimate need for those of you who like to sketch

Do you like to sketch all kinds of buildings, characters and other objects? When something goes wrong, you can still erase the wrong part with the uli eraser. Also called a kneaded eraser, this eraser can erase without tearing the surface of the paper, even if you press hard enough.

Uli eraser can be used to erase large or small areas. In addition, the type of paper or charcoal paper can also maintain its surface without being damaged even though it is often removed. Then, the eraser containing graphite particles can be used for a long time because the ink on the paper will seep into the graphite particles.

10 Best Eraser Recommendations

Now is the time to take a look at the ten best eraser products from various brands. You can find what you need, but pay attention to the aspects that must be reviewed, as Ainun has conveyed before, OK!

1. Staedtler Rasoplast Pencil Eraser

Best Staedtler Rasoplast Pencil Eraser
Staedtler Rasoplast Pencil Eraser

Staedtler Resoplast can be used by various groups and ages, from elementary to college students, or even office workers whose daily activities are related to writing. 
This pencil eraser is made of safe materials and is free of latex and phthalates.

Thanks to the safe composition of the ingredients, if you buy it for your child, you will be calmer knowing the safety of this product. Besides being ideal for school purposes, this product also looks attractive with the dominating white color. Men or women, everyone can use a Staedtler pencil eraser!

2. Faber Castell Dust Free

Faber Castell Dust Free - Best Eraser
Faber Castell Dust Free

Almost all Indonesians are familiar with Faber Castell. 
He produced various writing instruments, ranging from colored pencils, crayons, pens, to erasers. If you prioritize product quality, we are sure this Faber Castell Dust Free will satisfy your desire. As the name implies, this eraser is claimed to be flake-free or dust-free.

After deleting, your child or yourself can immediately continue writing without bothering to get rid of the pieces. Thus, no matter how many posts you want to delete, you don’t have to worry because of these advantages. In addition, this product is not only able to erase the scratches of wooden pencils, but also mechanical pencils.

3. Kenko Eraser ERW-40SQ

Kenko Eraser ERW-40SQ - Best Eraser
Kenko Eraser ERW-40SQ

The eraser issued by Kenko may be familiar to artists. 
The following ERW-40SQ series kneaded eraser products can help erase some of the faulty areas of a sketch. The waxy, elastic texture of the eraser can bend in the direction of your pressure.

The Kenko Eraser ERW-40SQ has dimensions of 3 cm x 4 cm x 1 cm, it is quite small and doesn’t take up much space when placed in a pencil case. Interestingly, this product can erase various types of pencils, from ordinary pencils for sketching, to black pencils made of charcoal, chalk, or even crayons!

4. Faber Castell EBTA & SPMB

Faber Castell EBTA & SPMB- Best Eraser
Faber Castell EBTA & SPMB

The advantage of buying Faber Castell products is not only the proven quality, but you will have no trouble buying them offline. 
For example, the Faber Castell EBTA & SPMB eraser, this product is the choice that many students seek when approaching exams.

The soft material erases perfectly without leaving the shadow of the just erased pencil. Don’t worry, this product will not damage the test paper no matter how often you use it. In addition, this sand eraser is also able to clean thick pencil strokes, such as on the answer paper in the multiple choice section.

5. Derwent Dual Eraser

Derwent Dual Eraser - Best Eraser
Derwent Dual Eraser

Derwent Dual Eraser provides two kinds of erasers in one package, namely soft art eraser and art eraser. 
The difference between these two lies in the level of their ability to erase. For example, for a soft art eraser, it is used as part of a fine line eraser.

While the other eraser, the art eraser, can be used to clean all types of pencils, be it charcoal pencils, colored pencils, and the like. If you are a person who likes to make drawings or sketches, the following Derwent menu eraser can be an option. Flexibility of use is a plus of this product.

6. Maped Technic Duo Eraser

Maped Technic Duo Eraser - Best Eraser
Maped Technic Duo Eraser

We recommend Maped eraser to those of you who are looking for a product with a high security guarantee. 
There are two color sides in one product, namely the white part made of rubber and the blue part made of sand. The blue color is made less, compared to the white side which is more dominant.

With this one eraser, you can already erase ink using the blue side, and erase pencil strokes using the white side. Besides being flexible, this product is also free from PVC material so it is safe and environmentally friendly.

7. Tombow Mono Plastic Eraser

Tombow Mono Plastic Eraser - Best Eraser
Tombow Mono Plastic Eraser

Is the name of this eraser foreign to your ears? 
Don’t worry, even though it’s not known to many people, one of Tombow’s products is superior in several countries. Mono Plastic Eraser has a U-shaped cover that can prevent damage to the eraser when used. You can bend the cover to keep it from coming off, so that the eraser still functions optimally.

This plastic eraser made by Tombow is marketed at a price of only tens of thousands. With an affordable price, this eraser is able to clean many areas without the need to press hard. So do not be surprised if this eraser is the choice of many people because it does not cause damage to the paper.

8. Highlighter Exam Grade Series

Highlighter Exam Grade Series - Best Eraser
Stabilo Exam Grade Series

The eraser released by Stabilo is designed with tough durability in mind. 
However, you don’t need to press the eraser too hard because its erasing power is also proven to be strong. In addition, the soft material makes your hands not feel like you’re holding a physical object with a solid surface.

Can erase pencils, colored pencils and crayons is the main advantage of this product. Stabilo Exam Grade Series is presented as a student need, both for their daily activities at school, until entering the exam season. It’s okay to give it to children because it’s free of phyhalates and dust free.

9. Joyko Eraser EB-30

Joyko Eraser EB-30 - Best Eraser
Joyko Eraser EB-30

The Joyko EB-30 is designed with an elongated model like a beam. 
Be careful when using it because the elastic material makes this product prone to tearing in the middle. However, thanks to its long size, this eraser is more durable than similar products.

Joyko Eraser is the best option for those of you who use an eraser a lot. Don’t be afraid to use it with high frequency, because this 6 cm x 1.2 cm x 1.3 cm rubber eraser can clean optimally without damaging the paper you are using.

10. Boxy Pencil Eraser EP-60 BX

Boxy Pencil Eraser EP-60 BX - Best Eraser
Boxy Pencil Eraser EP-60 BX

This pencil eraser formulated by Boxy is indeed a little expensive. 
But who would have thought that it turns out that the fans are actually very high? This product is widely chosen for various reasons. Starting from the black color that looks cool, to its proven optimal performance in cleaning various scratches on paper.

It is mentioned that the Boxy EP-60 BX is able to wipe gently, but with maximum results. Extremely clean is the main guarantee that Boxy puts into this product. You can rely on it to erase detailed drawings made from various pencils, such as graphite pencils, charcoal, pastels, and so on.


The important points in choosing an eraser you already know at the beginning of the article. In addition to looking at the type, you should also pay attention to the shape and size of the eraser to suit your needs and the size of your pencil case. In addition, an eraser that does not produce a lot of debris can also be a top choice. In this way, the results of the erasure do not leave residue on the body or the surface of the paper which is quite annoying.

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