Review of 10 Best Tripod Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Along with the times, now there are several activities that require an HP tripod as one of the supports. Not just having fun, these activities can also make someone make money by becoming a content creator. There are several media used, for example, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and many more. So, don’t be surprised if many make videos for YouTube, YouTube Live, Instagram Reels, Instagram Live, TikTok, and even cell phone tripods are needed during Shopee Live.

Tripod HP TerbaikTripod Illustration Image for HP / Inyourhandmedia

Apart from being purely a content creator, the majority of which are done by themselves, the Covid-19 pandemic has also made many seminars, workshops, and the like to be conducted online. Therefore, moderators and resource people need the best HP tripod so that the display when attending online activities is better and the resulting live video can be more stable. Some of the media used include Zoom, Google Meet, and so on. Seeing this opportunity, more and more brands are now offering not only tripods for cameras but also for cellphones or smartphones.

Tips for Choosing a Good HP Tripod

One way to find the right product is to adjust it to your needs. Then, what are the points to consider when choosing a good HP tripod? Here is the review.

1. Know the materials used to make a tripod

A best HP tripod is usually made using several materials so that the tripod can be used properly. Aluminum, ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer), PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), and Carbon Fiber are the most widely chosen as tripod materials from top to bottom.

Of course, each material has a different character, yes. Well, the tripod itself has several parts, including a mobile tripod holder, a rotating knob, a ballhead, a controller handle, a support leg, and so on.

2. Pay attention to the size of the best HP tripod.

This size range can lead to the length of the support leg, the weight of the tripod, the maximum load capacity that can be carried, and the size of the holder to suit the size of the cellphone. Well, there are two sizes of support legs, namely the normal size and the size when it has been extended as much as possible.

Usually, products made from aluminum will have a heavier weight than carbon fiber. Meanwhile, the maximum load capacity of an HP tripod is certainly many times the weight of an HP, and the size of the holder that is compatible with various devices is equipped with anti-slip material, so it is not easy to fall.

3. Consider choosing a product with more features

to be the best competitive HP tripod on the market, there are several brands that complement their products with more features. Well, these features include the ballhead that can be rotated 360 degrees, the support legs that have a flip lock, and there are also very flexible legs that can be wrapped around a fence or other medium.

In addition, the advanced features provided in some products, namely the presence of Bluetooth for remote operation and LED Flash, add light so that the quality of photos or videos is better.

10 Recommendations for the Best HP Tripod Brands


You must already know that there are not only tripods for cameras that are commonly used by photographers, but also the best HP tripods to support various activities. Well, here at, we provide ten recommendations for the best HP tripod brands with various specifications, which, of course, can be your additional reference.

1. Ulanzi MT-19 Octopus Tripod

Best HP Tripod Brands Ulanzi MT-19 Octopus Tripod
Ulanzi MT-19 Octopus Tripod

If you are looking for the best HP tripod that can not only be placed on a flat surface, then the Ulanzi MT-19 Octopus Tripod could be the right choice. With its flexible legs, this tripod can be wrapped around trees, fences, poles, and so on. Not only can it be used as a tripod, you can also set it up as a monopod by straightening all of its legs without stretching them or wrapping them around each other. So, the product will be more compact when you hold it yourself and use it to record the surrounding conditions.

This product weighs 203 grams but can withstand loads up to 1.5 kg, you know. In addition, Ulanzi’s best HP tripod is also compatible with a variety of cellphones with a width of 2.2 to 3.5 inches. Interestingly, you can also place your DSLR camera and tablet on this tripod, which has a 360-degree ball head. No need to worry because Ulanzi products are made using ABS and TPR materials, which are strong, waterproof, and anti-corrosion.

2. GorillaPod Mobile Mini

Best HP Tripod Brands GorillaPod Mobile Mini
GorillaPod Mobile Mini

Having a mini size can have the advantages and disadvantages of the best HP tripod, you know. Measuring 3.5 x 3.5 x 13 cm, the GorillaPod Mobile Mini is easy to carry around without making you feel tired. In fact, you can put it in your pocket or handbag. Well, this product made from ABS and TPE plastic is suitable for various types of iPhone, Android, and Windows smartphones with or without a casing.

The legs of the tripod support are flexible enough so that they can be used in various places, such as rocks and flat surfaces. If you want to adjust the height of the tripod, just bend your legs outward or inward. While on the holder, there is a rubber to grip the cellphone well, so it doesn’t fall or get scratched easily. The color choices of the best HP tripods provided are quite diverse, namely lime green, sky blue, and charcoal.

3. Coretech Bluetooth LED Flash

Best HP Tripod Brands Coretech Bluetooth LED Flash
Coretech Bluetooth LED Flash

One way that online store sellers can get closer to consumers and at the same time introduce their products is to do Shopee Live. Then, the seller will usually prepare Shopee coins that can be claimed at a certain time to attract the attention of consumers to join the event. At that time, of course, the best HP tripod was needed because the seller had to walk here and there to pick up the product for review and occasionally read consumer questions. In addition to being more free to move, another advantage obtained is the occurrence of closing if the product being reviewed matches the needs of the consumer.

Well, one of the best HP tripods that can be chosen to help with this is the Coretech Bluetooth LED Flash, made of ABS and aluminum. In addition, Bluetooth 4.0 allows the camera to be controlled remotely. There are 3 choices of brightness levels that function to add light, you know. Just place this product on the table or let it become a HP stand that stands 70 cm high and start Shopee Live right away.

4. INBEX T2 Tripod

Best HP Tripod Brands INBEX T2 Tripod
INBEX T2 Tripod

This best HP tripod recommendation is suitable for beauty vloggers who want to record themselves by placing a tripod on a dressing table, streamers, and so on. This product holder is also compatible with GoPros and action cameras to get a better video or photo look. Just like some other products, the INBEX T2 tripod legs can be combined into one, like a monopod or a stick, with a length of up to 18.5 cm.

No less strong than other tripods, the INBEX T2, which weighs about 80 grams, can withstand loads of up to 2 kg. ABS, or Acrylonitrile Butadiene, was chosen to be the main material for making the best HP tripods because it has good durability. In addition, the feet are anti-slip to keep them standing firmly even if they are on a slippery surface.

5. Luna Tripod Portable 3100SS

Best HP Tripod Brands Luna Tripod Portable 3100SS
Luna Tripod Portable 3100SS

A professional would at first be a beginner who has all kinds of limitations. Well, for someone who wants to become a reliable photographer but is hindered by the cost of buying a professional camera, he must continue to work even though he is still using a cellphone. Now there are many cell phones from various brands that have good specifications and are sold cheaper than professional cameras. With the help of the best cellphone tripods, there are many things you can do to make Instagram Reels content, YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and much more.

This product, which is made using an aluminum alloy with PVC plastic, is mostly black in color, so the affordable price doesn’t prevent this tripod from looking elegant. Luna’s best cellphone tripod weighs 300 grams with a length of 24 cm when folded and can be extended up to 86 cm. That way, the HP camera can take a panorama with a wider scope.


Best HP Tripod Brands TAKARA ECO-173A

Traveling is indeed a very pleasant thing, especially after doing routines for days. To make it more fun, go with family or friends to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the mountains or on the beach. It’s incomplete if the moment is not immortalized, right? Taking photos or videos can indeed be done alternately, but using the best HP tripod is also not wrong so that everyone can fit in one frame.

When you buy this product, you will get a tripod, an anti-slip phone holder, and a tripod bag that makes it easy to carry anywhere. TAKARA ECO-173A can be one of your best choices because it is made using aluminum material, so it is light enough to carry around. The flip lock design that is applied to the legs of the best HP tripod supports will certainly make it easier for you to open or lock the legs.

7. Liger Tripod DK 3888

Best HP Tripod Brands Liger Tripod DK 3888
Liger Tripod DK 3888

The following recommendations for the best HP tripods can not only be moved manually but can also be used with remote assistance that supports Bluetooth V4.0 to be applied to iOS 5.0 and above or Android systems version 4.1 and above. Well, this type of Bluetooth allows you to take pictures or videos from a maximum distance of 10 meters without any obstacles. The DK 3888 type tripod is also compatible with cameras for indoor and outdoor activities, yes.

In order to be able to take pictures from various directions, this best cellphone tripod is equipped with a rotating knob to rotate up to 90 degrees and a handle that controls the camera so that it can face up or down. The product, which is made of aluminum and anti-slip rubber for the feet, is given a combination of black and silver color so that it looks simple but still elegant.

8. Mini Bluetooth Tripod Gimme

Best HP Tripod Brands Giime Tripod Mini
Mini Bluetooth Tripod Gimme

Since the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, a lot of work has been done online, so it’s not surprising that Zoom, Google Meet, and the like users can increase more rapidly. If you are a meeting participant, you may not be required to provide attractive visuals. But it’s different when you become a resource or moderator, yes. Usually, a meeting, seminar, or workshop will last about 45-90 minutes. It might feel very tiring if you have to hold your cellphone for that long without the help of the best HP tripod.

Actually, without a tripod, the best HP is also possible. You can prop it up with whatever is in front of it until it stands straight. However, a tripod is more secure to maintain the stability of the cellphone so that it does not suddenly fall during the event. Well, Giime’s product made from aluminum alloy and ABS is suitable to be chosen because it has a mini size, which is 10-70 cm, so that you can talk more freely when sitting facing a 3.5-6.5 inch HP camera. This tripod that can be rotated 360 degrees is also equipped with Bluetooth 4.0, you know.

9. Benro BK10

Best HP Tripod Brands Benro BK10
Benro BK10

The next best recommendation for the best HP tripod brand is Benro, which has provided various kinds of photographic equipment since decades ago, so it’s not surprising that Benro has received an international award. This smart mini tripod with a minimum length of 19.5 cm and a maximum of 91 cm can also be used as a selfie stick or selfie stick, you know.

This BK10 type smart mini tripod equipped with Bluetooth is made using carbon fiber material. Well, these materials make the tripod light in weight but can make it stand firmly to support HP and GoPro cameras. That’s one of the reasons Benro sells its products at a slightly higher price. Slightly different from other products, there is a touch of blue color that makes Benro products look more attractive.

10. YESPLUS Tripod 3120

Best HP Tripod Brands YESPLUS Tripod 3120
YESPLUS Tripod 3120

Taking full body photos or videos is easier for someone to do if you use the best HP tripod. Usually the content is for Shopee Haul by showing dresses, kebayas, shoes that match certain outfits, and much more. Well, one of the product options to choose from is the black YESPLUS Tripod 3120, which has a U-shaped tripod holder for cellphones up to 5.5 inches in size. The support leg of this product, which is 46 cm high, can be extended to about 1 meter, you know.

In addition to cellphones, YESPLUS’ aluminum alloy tripod can be fitted with ring light types to add light so that the image or video quality is better when in dark or dim places. Although the price is affordable, this product is also compatible with various types of cameras, yes. Well, the maximum load that can be held by the best HP tripod from the YESPLUS brand is 7 kg.

How to Take Care of an HP Tripod to Keep it Good & Not Easily Damaged

Everything that is owned must be cared for so that it is not easily damaged, as well as an HP tripod. Well, here are ways to take care of an HP tripod that needs to be done.

1. Clean the tripod regularly

Using the HP tripod in a closed or open location does not prevent dust or dirt from adhering to the tripod parts. Therefore, it is important to clean it regularly, especially when you are done hiking or other traveling activities.

2. Use a tripod only as needed.

If the HP tripod is only for certain cellphones, make sure not to use other mediums to attach it to a tripod. However, there are some products that can be fitted with a ring light, a variety of cameras, and some can even be used as a tablet stand.

3. Lubricate certain

parts So that the parts of the HP tripod can be used smoothly, then you can provide lubricant for the hinges and other parts that need it. Well, one of the lubricants that should be chosen is WD 40 with various functions, namely protecting metal surfaces from corrosion, removing moisture, lubricating all moving components, and much more.

4. Store in the right place.

After cleaning it from dust and dirt and lubricating it, store the HP tripod in a special storage area. For example, the bag you get when you buy a tripod for the first time. Then place it in a cupboard to avoid its reaching the children who like to play.


Currently, there are various kinds of the best HP tripod brands, each with different specifications from the other. Make sure to choose a product that suits your needs so you can find the right product. After reading a review of ten recommendations for the best HP tripod brands in the previous review, it is hoped that you will have a greater view of tripods. Also, make sure to carry out regular maintenance so that the product is not easily damaged.

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