10 Best Baby Pillow Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Mothers who want to keep their babies comfortable while sleeping or breastfeeding need the best quality baby pillow . Today, many brands of baby pillows are found, such as BabyBee , Mothercare , and ComfyBaby . Each manufacturer carries a variety of designs and shapes so you can freely determine.

If at this time you have not used a special baby pillow, then this is the right time to switch to this one special baby product. The reason is that baby pillows are made with materials and shapes that are adapted to comfort when used by babies. This will certainly provide benefits to you and your little one, such as preventing him from crying due to an uncomfortable sleeping position.

How to Choose a Good and Comfortable Baby Pillow

Best Baby Pillow Recommendation
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There are several things to consider when you are planning to choose a baby pillow, such as the shape of the pillow, the design of the pillow, the raw material for making it, and the location of the use of the baby pillow. Make sure you also adjust this baby’s needs with the purpose of its use, yes!

1. Donut-like pillow to prevent oval head shape

The most commonly found of a baby pillow is a round pillow model resembling a donut. In the middle, which is intentionally made with a hole, it can be useful for maintaining the baby’s sleeping position. In the circular area, generally use thick pads so that the baby’s head will not touch the floor mat or mattress. However, the thickness of this pillow can still be tolerated so it doesn’t make your head hurt.

When the baby sleeps facing one side, the baby’s head can change shape to be flat on one side. The term peang or sprawl may sound redundant, but this can happen if your little one is used to sleeping with his head tilted to the right or left. By using a donut-shaped pillow, you can keep the baby’s head in a rounded position on both sides.

2. Consider the material for making baby pillows

In general, manufacturers issue baby pillows made of basic materials such as dacron, memory foam, latex, and goose down. Each type of material has its own advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing is to make sure the pillow prioritizes the safety, cleanliness, and comfort of the baby.

a. Dacron Material. The basic material in the form of dacron on baby pillows has advantages in terms of health, such as not being easily inhaled, such as a torn outer layer. In addition, dacron pillows also have advantages such as not being able to absorb water, so you can wash them by machine or by hand, for example the outside of the pillow is exposed to milk spills.

b. Memory Foam. Baby pillows that use memory foam are not only ideal for babies, but adults too. The nature of this material is that it can return to its original shape when free from external pressure. By using this pillow, the position of the spine will be maintained so it is suitable for maintaining the soft bone structure of the baby’s head.

c. latex. This material is made of rubber latex where there are pores or small holes on the surface that give the pillow elasticity. Latex has the advantage of keeping cool air in each of its pores so it doesn’t feel hot when used. Pillows made of this material are also durable, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal.

d. Goose feather. On the neck and chest of geese, feathers are often taken to be used as the basis for pillows. The feathers on the neck have a very fine texture and the swan’s chest has bone fibers. Pillows made from goose feathers are generally sold at a higher price, especially if you use a lot of neck feathers.

Those are the various materials that are often used as the basic material for baby pillows. If you feel that a pillow made of goose feathers has more quality value, make sure to choose a pillow that has a thick upholstery so that not a lot of fine dust sticks to its surface.

10 Best Baby Pillow Recommendations 2021

Next, Ainun will introduce the best baby pillows that you can buy through online buying and selling sites or coming directly to the nearest store.

1. Baby Head Protection Pillow

Best Baby Pillow - Baby Head Protection Pillow
Baby Head Protection Pillow

If you have a baby who is entering the time of learning to crawl and walk, then protect him with this pillow. 
Created with a special design where there is a support part for both hands resembling a bag, this baby head protection pillow is guaranteed to be safe for children who are learning to walk or crawl.

This pillow will take care of your little one perfectly. You just need to use it like wearing a backpack, then let your little one explore his ability to walk and crawl. This pillow is ideal for children aged 4 to 15 months who are generally active and enthusiastic about new things.

2. Baby Breast Feeding Pillow

Best Baby Pillow Baby Breast Feeding Pillow
Baby Breast Feeding Pillow Produk

This baby pillow is made to help you while breastfeeding your little one. In terms of shape, it may be true that the main purpose of this pillow was created for this need. The presence of a small section in one corner is useful for supporting the baby’s head so that it gets a comfortable position while feeding.

This pillow is perfect for those of you who don’t want to be sore from having to carry your little one while breastfeeding. Of course a solution that is beneficial for you and your baby. In addition, this pillow can also be used when your baby gets older, by making it a support when he is learning to sit.

3. Synthetic Goose Feather Baby Pillow (1 Set)

Recommendations for the Best Baby Pillow Filled with Synthetic Goose Feather
Baby Pillow Filled with Synthetic Goose Feather

As we have reviewed previously, baby pillows made of goose feathers generally have a high selling value. Like this pillow, which is pegged at 200 thousand rupiah, even more. Although it seems expensive, with just one process, you will get a set of this baby pillow, there is a pillow, two bolsters, and a sarong for both items.

This pillow comes in two color choices, namely light blue and pink. When you buy it, you can ask for the writing to be pinned on the pillow through embroidery. The advantage of this pillow is that it is comfortable and soft on the head area. Not only that, this pillow can also follow the shape of your baby’s head when used.

4. Babybee Sloped Pillow

Best Baby Pillow Babybee Sloped Pillow
 Babybee Sloped Pillow Products

Babybee is a manufacturer that produces world-famous baby products. Its baby pillow, the Sloped Pillow, is also considered to be one of the best baby pillows. This pillow is designed with a tilt of up to 15° to keep the baby’s head higher than the body.

With a position like this, of course, the child’s sleep quality is also getting better. Not only that, the upper part of the body that is higher than the body position, the child’s respiratory system while sleeping or not will be better. This has an impact on the health of your baby as well.

5. Puku Bantal Bayi Latex

The Best Latex Baby Pillows
Puku Baby Pillow Product Latex Baby Pillow

Don’t want your baby’s head to sweat while he sleeps? We recommend that you use a baby pillow made of latex. For information only, babies generally produce more sweat than adults. Including when sleeping, the baby’s head can sweat especially if the pillow used does not provide good air circulation.

Therefore, Puku comes with this latex pillow that offers coolness for your little one while sleeping. With a large number of pores, the air flow also hits the back of the head. As a result, your baby will get more quality sleep hours without being bothered by stifling feelings.

6. Baby Bee Mini Pillow

Recommended Best Baby Pillow Babybee Mini Pillow
Babybee Mini Pillow Products

Babybee re-released pillow products for children aged 0 to 12 months . At this age level, babies will generally spend more time sleeping. To support this instinctive habit, you need to give Babybee Mini Pillow.

This pillow is not only comfortable to use for sleeping in a baby bed, but for you to carry it also still makes it fall asleep. With rubber or hand inserts, you will have more control to make sure your little one sleeps well.

7. Mothercare Fogarty Anti-Allergenic Cot Pillow

Best Baby Pillow Mothercare Fogarty Anti-Allergenic Cot Pillow
Mothercare Fogarty Anti-Allergenic Cot Pillow Bayi

Besides Babybee, there is another brand of baby products that is no less famous, namely Mothercare. In its range of baby pillows, Mothercare released the Fogarty Anti-Allergenic Cot Pillow which is equipped with anti-allergic features. This feature has even been endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation.

If you have children who have problems with allergies, then support their sleep time with this pillow. By using the Mothercare Fogarty Anti-Allergenic Cot Piilow, your little one can sleep better without worrying about allergic reactions that can be caused by asthma. This pillow can be used for babies who have stepped on the age of 12 months and over.

8. ComfyBaby New Born Memory Foam Pillow

Best Baby Pillow ComfyBaby New Born Memory Foam Pillow
ComfyBaby New Born Memory Foam Pillow Produk

If you want to make sure your little one sleeps without being disturbed by uncomfortable feelings due to inappropriate pillow materials, then make sure to try this baby pillow from ComfyBaby. Comes with a cover that offers coolness to your baby while sleeping.

This baby pillow is made of memory foam with a target age of 0-2 years. Its flexible nature is not only good for maintaining the bone structure of the baby’s head, but also ensures that the baby’s head is sweat-free due to the ventilation holes on the surface of the pillow.

9. Anti-Rolling Baby Pillow

The Best Anti Rolling Baby Pillow
Anti Rolling Baby Pillow Products

An alternative product with a more affordable selling value for those of you who want to make sure your child doesn’t fall out of bed. This pillow has an anti-rolling feature that will ensure your little one doesn’t fall off the high mattress like you’re just cooking or scrubbing.

This baby pillow provides two separate pillows and the distance can be adjusted between 11 cm to 15 cm. By using this pillow, your baby will not only avoid risks such as falling, but also ensure that his sleep time is of higher quality due to the use of memory foam inside.

10. Benbat Total Support Headrest

The Best Baby Pillow Benbat Total Support Headrest
Baby Pillow Benbat Total Support Headrest Produk

Want to travel with your little one without having to bother you when your little one is fussy because of insomnia? Just bring Benbat Total Support Headrest. This baby pillow from Benbat will help you get rid of your baby’s crying due to an uncomfortable sleeping position. This pillow is designed with the shape of a neck pillow which is suitable for babies aged 1-4 years.

You can put this pillow on the baby’s head and put it in the car seat. If you want to take it for a walk using a stroller, this pillow can also support the baby’s head so that he can see the front and right sides more freely. This baby neck pillow from Benbat comes in a cute design that your child is sure to love.

Conclusion of the Best Baby Pillow Recommendations 2021

After reading how to choose and recommend the best baby pillow above, of course your awareness of maintaining the risk of injury to your little one will be higher, right? Every parent wants their little one to be well looked after. Therefore, by buying a special baby pillow, you will be one level calmer than not having one.

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