10 Best Glue Gun Brands Recommended (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – There are many sophisticated tools that have been created to make it easier for humans to do and create things, one of which is a glue gun or another name which is often called a glue gun . Even though it looks simple, glue gun is one of the useful tools for us. Glue gun tools can not only be used to make handicrafts and for carpentry activities. Due to the large number of needs for using this type of glue, there are many good glue gun tools on the market.

Best Glue Gun
Illustration of a Glue Gun

The way the glue gun itself works is that the glue in the form of a clear colored stick is melted with the heat generated by the tool and then comes out through the provided hole. These good glue gun tools have their advantages and disadvantages, so you need some considerations so you can choose which brand is right for your activities. So, here are some points that might be your consideration.

How to Choose a Good Glue Gun

Below are some things to consider before deciding to buy your hot glue gun.

1. Knowing the Tool Temperature

Different temperatures of the glue gun have different uses. If you are a beginner or need a glue gun to make simple crafts, it is better to choose a glue gun that produces a low temperature.

However, if you need this tool to glue hard objects or objects, please choose the type that has a high temperature.

2. Shape and Size

It’s a good idea to determine the shape and size according to your needs, before choosing a product from a glue gun. It fits here that fits in your hand as well as a size that isn’t too heavy, so you can feel comfortable.

The reason is, using the tool comfortably will make someone more comfortable to operate it. Especially if you use it for a long time and with a lot of intensity.

3. Power Supply

Any glue gun, whether from a good glue gun or an ordinary glue gun, of course, requires electricity or a power supply to run the tool. Currently, the power supply used there are two types.

Power Supply that uses a cable to move the tool with electric power that comes from the socket. Meanwhile , a cordless power supply usually uses a battery as its power source.

4. There is a Power Switch feature

Good glue gun brands usually have products with this switch feature . This feature is referred to as a form of increasing security when the user is operating it. When the glue gun is to be used and electricity has started to flow, you can control when the heating process is done with the switch feature .

When you are still using the tool but have to stop for a moment for some reason, you don’t have to work hard to remove the cable from the wall socket, you just need to stop heating it by pressing the switch button .

Those are four tips that you can pay attention to when deciding to choose a good glue gun brand. Apart from that, you can also consider other additional features, such as the strength of the adhesive, the size of the glue, the supports, and other features that you might need.

10 Best Glue Gun Brand Recommendations

Well, now is the time to choose a good glue gun brand for you. The following are 10 recommendations for the best glue gun brands selected by Ainun, which can be your reference when you want to buy them.

1. Joyko

Joyko's Best Glue Gun Brand
Joyko’s Glue Gun Tool

Who has never heard of the Joyko brand? 
As well as being a great glue gun, Joyko is well known for the products it sells. Already having 
switch and stand features, Joyko is priced at a very affordable price. In addition, the shape is quite small, it will be suitable for those of you who have small hands or even for children.

This glue gun is made of plastic so it feels light when held. It is suitable for those of you who like to travel because besides being light, this hot glue gun has a fairly small size, namely 13cm x 11cm. Making crafts will be easier and more fun using this tool.

2. Yosinogawa

Yosinogawa's Best Glue Gun Brand
Yosinogawa Glue Gun

The next great glue gun brand is from a Japanese company, Yoshinogawa. 
Almost similar to Joyko, this glue gun also has a tool body made of plastic so it’s light when you lift it. You can easily get Yosinogawa hot glue anywhere, both 
online and offline. Buying online you will find those selling them at very affordable prices, that is, less than twenty thousand excluding postage.

This glue gun already has a power switch feature which makes it safer. As a glue gun brand, this tool is also equipped with a stand and indicator light. The hot glue gun tip is made of an aluminum muzzle which is definitely not flammable. For electrical power, the tool requires a power of 20 Watts.

3. Krisbows

Krisbow's Best Glue Gun Brand
Krisbow Glue Gun Tool
Of course you will be quite familiar with the next good glue gun brand, Krisbow. Krisbow is a brand from Indonesia that sells products in the form of tools and household items from all over the world. It’s very easy to get a Krisbow gun, you can find it in outlets that sell tools and also in e-commerce such as Lazada and others.

This glue gun has a tool body that is quite thick and of course made of high quality materials. This product is perfect for those of you who always do professional work using hot glue. The electrical power required by the hot glue gun is quite large, namely, 60 Watt so that the result of the temperature is of the high type. However, electric power with that number is quite economical for professional work.

4. Bosch

Bosch Best Glue Gun Brands
Bosch Glue Gun

Bosch is a good glue gun brand and is often recommended by many people. 
It has a quite unique design with a green color, making it look quite different from the previous glue gun. 
The body of this tool is made of a material called polyamide, so it is quite durable when used for a long time. It is equipped with a feature to prevent glue leaks that may occur, known as drip locks.

To use Bosch hot glue, you need around 200 Watts of electricity. This large electric power makes Bosch one of the brands of glue gun tools that can produce hot glue temperatures up to 200 degrees Celsius. So this tool will be suitable for those of you who need a glue gun for professional work and also need a very strong adhesive.

5. th year

Joer's Best Glue Gun Brand
Alat Lem Tembak year

In fifth place from a good glue gun brand, there is Joer. 
If previously you were more often offered a glue gun that had an electric power setting feature, Joer actually offers an offer on setting the temperature of the glue. The adjustable temperature range is around 140-220 degrees Celsius. The existence of this feature can help you use the glue gun more wisely according to existing needs.

It has an additional feature where the glue gun has an LED light so you don’t have to worry about the lighting you have. The price offered is also quite affordable with an attractive design with the appearance of the dominant color Outih. What’s interesting about this glue gun is that the power supply comes from the battery. So you can operate it anywhere without having to look for an outlet.

6. Ingco

Ingco's Best Glue Gun Brands
Ingco’s Glue Gun

If you travel a lot and are looking for a travel friendly
 glue gun , you can choose Ingco. This good brand of glue gun, even though it uses a battery as its power source, it doesn’t take long to prepare the glue, which only takes about 60 seconds.

Its strong-looking design and a touch of dominant yellow and a little black make it a more attractive pond. The product from this glue gun brand can stand stably upright when you want to store it because of the flat design of the battery surface. If you are interested, feel free to check Lazada as well as other e-commerce or buy it at your local hardware store.

7. Kenmaster

Kenmaster's Best Glue Gun Brands
Kenmaster Glue Gun

The next good glue gun brand from Viva Teknik Mandiri, namely, Kenmaster. 
This product is perfect for supporting the home industry that you are currently running. It is the right investment if you are focusing on a home business because the price is affordable and easy to find anywhere. Being a glue gun that is durable and functional with the 
power switch feature , the need for electrical power, and the type which is a cable type glue gun.

The use of electricity is very efficient compared to the previous spot glue because it only requires 15 Watts of electricity for each use. The varied designs are also one of the plus points of this glue gun. Even more interesting, at an affordable price, this glue gun is also equipped with 2 sticks of glue for every purchase.

8. Pro’sKit

Proskit's Best Brand of Glue Gun
Proskit Glue Gun Tool

If grip comfort is a very important point in choosing the right brand of glue gun for you, then the Pro’sKit is the right choice for you. 
The Pro’sKit Battery Operated Glue Gun edition is one of their hot glue products that will suit you. This product is equipped with an LED light that can help you when gluing objects in a dark place.

That’s not the only thing that makes the Pro’sKit a hot glue gun. This glue gun is equipped with a rubber grip so it feels soft when you hold it. This tool is also not slippery, so it reduces the possibility of slipping from your grip. The source of the electric power for this tool comes from the battery, so you don’t have to bother looking for a plug anymore. Unfortunately, it can take up to 3 minutes while activating the glue to get to the ideal temperature.

9. Rapid

The Best Rapid Glue Gun Brand
Rapid Glue Gun Tool

This glue gun offers the feature of setting the required electrical power, namely, 40 Watts and 80 Watts on one tool. 
Interestingly, when you buy the tool at an 
official store or a partner, you will get a 2-week warranty after purchase. With the dominant color green, this tool looks fresher and more attractive.

Rapid is a good brand of glue gun, has a fairly simple design but is sturdy when held because it will feel comfortable for you. This glue gun is usually used to glue various types of materials very strongly. This is also supported by the candle which is quite large in size. You will find it very easy to find offline and online outlets .

10. Happy

The Best Glue Gun Tool Brand happy
Happy Glue Gun Tool

Like the meaning of the name, it is hoped that this glue gun will also make its users feel happy. 
Mostly recommended by people, this hot glue gun has many features for you to consider. One of its features is the existence of a 
power switch that adds security to this tool.

This product is suitable for those of you who want to use it to repair household appliances made of wood, plastic, glass, and even leather. This good glue gun brand has a fairly light and small weight. However, it has many uses, including helping you make various crafts out of paper or something else.

How to Use a Glue Gun

If you’ve never used hot glue before, it’s best to know how to use it first. Here are instructions on how to use a good hot glue gun.

1. Read the Instructions for Use

After buying a good glue gun, of course you need to do some preparation before you can use it. Even more so if this is your first experience in operating it. The preparation can be in the form of reading and understanding the instructions for use which are usually listed on the packaging. By knowing this, you can understand and know what you should and shouldn’t do when using hot glue.

2. Check the completeness of the tools and preparations

After understanding the instructions for use, it’s a good idea to also check the tool. It is possible that this tool has suffered accidental damage even though it comes from the best glue gun brand. Then you can start filling the glue gun with the appropriate glue stick and then supply power to the device by plugging the cord into the wall socket or making sure the battery is charged.

3. Operate the Right Glue Gun

Each product from the glue gun brand has a different timeframe for melting the glue, so you have to wait according to the time needed after turning on the tool. Once the glue has warmed up, you can start using it by gently pressing the trigger of the hot glue gun to release the melted glue. Use the melted glue according to your needs and desires, then wait for the glue to dry. Do not touch the trigger or the glue before it has dried from the heat.

4. Use of Hot Glue

The glue gun tool will support the various uses of hot glue for you. Tools that help you when you are going to make handicrafts, such as brooches, accessories, flowers, and many more. The nature of the glue that can be used to glue various items with materials such as paper, cloth, plastic, and even wood makes this tool can help you when the furniture in your home is cracked or even broken. There are many more uses of this glue gun which are quite important for everyday life.


Well, that’s some information about hot glue. Starting from how to choose a good glue gun, some recommendations for the best glue gun brands, and of course how to use them. In addition to its use, hot glue is also very easy for you to find anywhere. Starting from stationery outlets such as Gramedia, building shops, even in e-commerce such as Lazada. So, have you decided which brand of glue gun is right for you?

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