10 Best Modern Carpentry Tool Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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 The Best Modern Carpentry Tool Brands

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Best Blog Review – There are various kinds of work carried out by modern carpenters and modern construction workers, so it is not surprising that the modern carpentry tools needed are also different. Basically, these tools are made in order to ease the work of every handyman so that his time and energy can be saved more. Well, modern carpentry tools can be found easily in the marketplace or building shops around your house.

How to Choose a Good Modern Carpentry Tool

Every time you buy a product, of course you want the product to have good quality so you don’t buy new products in the near future. Well, you can do various ways of choosing the following modern carpentry tools in order to find a good and quality product.

1. Customize Modern Carpentry Tools to Your Needs

Currently there are various kinds of modern handyman tools that are sold in the market so you need to buy tools that suit your needs. For example, you need a modern carpentry tool to measure the distance of an object or room, then the tool you can choose is a laser meter.

Well, usually wood or ceramics also need to be cut as needed, so they need the help of a jig saw or marble cutter. Not only that, a shaving machine or a wood sanding machine should also be chosen so that the wood becomes neater and smoother.

Splicing one wood with another is one of the jobs of furniture makers that must be done so that the selection of firing nails can be the right step. Meanwhile, the last job usually done by builders is painting the walls to make them look more attractive and comfortable to live in.

So that the painting results can be better, then a paint spray machine should also be selected. By buying products according to your needs, the benefits of these modern carpentry tools can be really felt.

2. Know the Tool Specifications Well

Every brand that produces modern carpentry tools will of course inform the product specifications in the marketplace description column or include it on the packaging. The information submitted includes the type of product, product size, power required, speed produced, materials used to make the tool, and much more.

Usually the product type will be written using a combination of letters and numbers, while the product size is stated in mm, cm, m, or other units. Of course to express the power of any modern carpentry tool that requires electricity will be written in watts.

In addition, the manufacturer will write down the rpm to indicate the speed of a tool and do not forget to include the type of material used to make the tool. Make sure you always check the specifications of the tool you are going to buy in order to get a good quality product as needed. By knowing the specifications of the tool, then you can use it according to the specified limits and carry out proper maintenance.

3. Find out the product price range from various sources

Before buying a modern carpentry tool, it’s a good idea to look for the price range first from various sources. Usually the better the quality of the product offered, the higher the selling price. Well, you can look for it on the marketplace, the product’s official website, YouTube, or other sources.

That way, you can estimate the budget that must be prepared to buy the tool. If your budget is limited, then you can choose a modern carpentry tool that fits your budget or save first to get the equipment you want. Surely you’ve heard the term there is a price for goods so it’s not surprising that better quality products will be more expensive.

Top 10 Recommendations for Modern Carpentry Tools

Carpenters and modern builders certainly have different needs, so it is not surprising that currently there are various brands that sell modern carpentry tools. Well, here are ten recommendations for the best modern carpentry tools selected by Ainun that can be a reference.

1. Bosch GHO 18 V-LI Cordless Planer

Best Modern Woodworking Tools Bosch GHO 18 V-LI Cordless Planer
Modern Woodworking Tools Bosch GHO 18 V-LI Cordless Planer

For those of you who are craftsmen of wood or furniture, of course you need a tool to tidy up wood, smooth the surface of the wood, and form elbows at the corners of the wood to make it look neater. 
Therefore, it is not surprising that the Bosch GHO 18 V-LI Cordless Planer can be very helpful. There are several names for this planer machine that you need to know, namely the wood shaving machine or the crab machine.

This Bosch GHO 18 V-LI Cordless Planer has a high-quality surface due to the dual TC blades which are very sharp and of course durable. In addition, this 2.6 kg modern carpentry tool has a no-load speed of up to 14,000 rpm with a cutting depth of up to 1.6 mm. Meanwhile, the blunting depth is up to 8 mm and the maximum pruning width is 82 mm. In order for Bosch’s modern carpentry tools to function properly, you will need to provide an 18 volt battery.

2. Mailtank Jig Saw SH-29

Best Modern Carpentry Tools Mailtank Jig Saw SH-29
Mailtank Jig Saw Modern Carpentry Tools SH-29

The wood that will be used to make furniture of course needs to be cut to the required size. Cutting wood can indeed be done using a conventional saw, but it requires considerable time and effort. Therefore, the Mailtank Jig Saw SH-29 is certainly very beneficial for wood craftsmen. This professional-grade modern carpentry tool features machine components made using pure metal for quick heat dissipation and non-flammable.

In addition, this product with a rubber-coated handle also has a mat so that the cutting process is carried out in a more balanced manner and makes the machine less prone to damage. The advantage of Mailtank products that can be used for various blades is that the 45 degree cutting angle can be adjusted as needed. This modern woodworking tool that has a clear cover on the blade also has a power, on, and off lock button. Interestingly, this modern carpentry tool is also equipped with a connecting hole for a vacuum cleaner so that the pieces can be cleaned immediately.

3. Black Decker Paint Spray Machine HVLP400-B1

Best Modern Carpentry Tools Black Decker Paint Spray Machine HVLP400-B1
Modern Carpentry Tools Black Decker Paint Spray Machine HVLP400-B1

Basically, the process of painting an object can be done manually, but nowadays there are modern carpentry tools in the form of a paint spray machine. With this electric powered machine, you can apply a thin layer of paint over a large area quickly. You can use this tool to paint walls, frames, fences, and much more. Well, one of the paint spray machines that you can buy is the Black Decker HVLP400-B1 with an electrical power requirement of 450 watts.

This product has a 6 meter long hose and paint flow indicator so you can know the flow setting to ensure even painting. In addition, the tank capacity provided for this paint spray machine is 1200 ml so that the results in one painting can be more. You can find modern carpentry tools from the Black Decker brand in various places, such as the marketplace or the nearest building store.

4. HL Sanding Machine – Sander HL 9000

Best Modern Carpentry Tools HL Sanding Machine - Sander HL 9000
Modern Carpentry Tools HL Sanding Machine – Sander HL 9000

Before being sold on the market, of course, the rough surface of the wood must be smoothed first using sandpaper. That way, finishing processes such as painting can provide satisfactory results and have a higher selling value. In order for the sanding process to be carried out more quickly, this modern carpentry tool is needed. Well, this electric sander or sander from the HL type 9000 brand is indeed widely chosen by professionals to make their work easier.

In order for this 150-watt product to work properly, you need to attach sandpaper at the bottom. Although the majority of sandpaper is used to smooth wood, this product with speeds up to 10,000 rpm can also be used to smooth walls and other materials. When you buy this modern carpentry tool, of course you will get an official warranty from HL which can be claimed according to the provisions.

5. Ingco 2 in 1 Combo Air Brad Nailer

Best Modern Woodworking Tools Ingco 2 in 1 Combo Air Brad Nailer
Ingco Modern Woodworking Tool 2 in 1 Combo Air Brad Nailer

If in the past you had to use a hammer when you wanted to put nails in, you can now use a modern carpentry tool called a nail gun. One of the nail gun products offered in the market is the Ingco 2 in 1 Combo Air Brad Nailer with a yellow base color. This electrical equipment can accommodate up to 100 nails with a size of 15-50 mm or the equivalent of 1.5-5 cm.

When you buy products from the Ingco brand online or offline, you will get 1,000 pcs of special nails. The media that is suitable for this modern carpentry tool is wood with a size that is not too thick so that the process of unification between the two woods can be maximized. You don’t need to be confused because this tool can be operated quite easily, including dealing with nails stuck in the tool.

6. Mailtank Marble Cutter SH59

Best Modern Carpentry Tools Mailtank Marble Cutter SH59
Mailtank Marble Cutter Modern Carpentry Tools SH59

One of the jobs that is usually done by builders is to install ceramics for a room. Of course, this requires the help of modern carpentry tools in the form of ceramic cutting machines so that the work becomes lighter. Well, one product to choose from is the Mailtank Marble Cutter SH59 with 1,200 watts of power. Ceramics that will be cut wet or dry, the results can be kept precise using this modern carpentry tool.

The cutting speed of this Japanese-tech tool reaches 13,000 rpm so that work can be done faster. With a comfortable grip, your hands don’t feel sore and tired when cutting. In addition, this modern carpentry tool does not heat up easily because it has air vents on the back. When you purchase this Mailtank product, you will receive a ceramic cutting machine, a tool for opening or installing the cutting blade, along with a manual and a warranty card.

7. Krisbow Wood Profile Machine 1200 W

Best Modern Woodworking Tools Krisbow Wood Profile Machine 1200 W
Modern Woodworking Tools Krisbow Wood Profile Machine 1200 W

You must have seen beautiful motifs on wood, be it on wooden tables, wooden chairs, doors, windows, and other wooden furniture. Well, one of the modern carpentry tools that can be used to make these motifs is the Krisbow 1200 W Wood Profile Machine. The motifs given to the wooden furniture are concave and convex in both vertical and horizontal directions. With the motif on the furniture made of wood, of course, it will make the selling value higher.

In addition, you can also use this tool to flatten the edges of the wood to make it look neater and more beautiful. No need to worry because this carpentry tool has a sturdy handle. Not only that, this modern carpentry tool also has a strong and durable motor. Krisbow’s power tools that you can buy through the marketplace on his official account to get original products.

8. Bosch Cordless Screwdriver 3.6Volt

Best Modern Woodworking Tools Bosch Cordless Screwdriver 3.6Volt
Modern Woodworking Tools Bosch Cordless Screwdriver 3.6Volt

Bosch has been known as one of the brands that provides a wide range of tools to support carpentry needs with good quality. These modern carpentry tool recommendations are perfect for those of you who don’t want to spend too much time and effort installing or removing screws. This battery screwdriver is made with a black and blue color combination, which is ergonomically shaped so that it is easy to grip when working in various positions. Interestingly, this product can switch between manual mode and power mode because the spindle is strong.

In addition, this modern woodworking tool also has a dual activation mode so you just have to push the tool or press a button to get started. You can also adjust the speed of this battery screwdriver according to your needs and will stop immediately after deactivation via the electronic brake. However, the no-load speed that can be carried out by this tool reaches 360 rpm. If the battery runs out, you can charge it using the micro USB cable that came with it.

9. Kenmaster Electric Drill Impact Drill 13mm

Best Modern Carpentry Tools Kenmaster Electric Drill Impact Drill 13mm
Kenmaster Modern Carpentry Tools Electric Drill Impact Drill 13mm

The majority of modern professional builders have this one modern carpentry tool for making holes of a certain size. Usually the media drilled by builders include stone, concrete foundations, and walls. However, the electric drill is not just a builder’s tool because it can be used to make crafts or DIY projects. In addition, the craft that has been made will usually also be displayed on the wall so it requires this modern carpentry tool to install it.

Well, one of the electric drill products that you can choose from is the Kenmaster 13mm Impact Drill. Kenmaster’s modern carpentry tool requires 600 watts of power to make rotations up to 3000 rpm. When you buy this portable tool, you will also get a multipurpose box as a storage area to make it easier to carry to various places.

10. Stanley Laser Meter TLM 30

Best Modern Woodworking Tools Stanley Laser Meter TLM 30
Stanley Laser Meter TLM 30 Modern Woodworking Tools

This last modern carpentry tool recommendation has another name Laser Distance Meters. Well, the function of the Stanley Laser Meter TLM 30 is of course to measure the distance of an object. Different from a conventional meter which requires you to drag the meter as needed, you only need to point this tool at the object to be measured. That way, the measurements carried out only require the power of one person.

Well, the distance limit that can be measured using the Stanley Laser Meter TLM 30 is 0.15-9 meters with an accuracy of about 6mm. However, measurements using this one tool are taken from the back of the product. As the name implies, measurements will be carried out accurately using a laser powered by battery energy. When the battery runs out, you can easily replace it and this modern carpentry tool can be reused.

Tips for Making the Best Modern Carpentry Tools More Durable

Equipment that is not used properly and exceeds its capabilities will certainly make the tool damaged more quickly. Follow some of these tips to make your modern woodworking tools more durable:

  1. make sure you do not use modern carpentry tools beyond the specified capacity;
  2. clean and store again in the proper storage area after use to avoid exposure to dust or other debris;
  3. occasionally check the modern carpentry tools you have to see if the tools are still functioning properly or not.
  4. If there is damage, immediately do repairs independently or to a service center so that it doesn’t get worse.


With a review of the ten recommendations for the best modern carpentry tools above, it is hoped that you can choose a product that suits your needs. Make sure you use them properly and carry out regular maintenance so that these tools can last longer.

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