10 Best Water Purifier Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Not only influenced by the habit of drinking water regularly and regularly, the quality of the drinking water you consume every day also has a big influence on your health and survival. That’s why you need to pay attention to where the drinking water comes from. Please note, not all clear water is healthy and safe for consumption. You also need to know the water content. One tool that is claimed to be able to offer drinking water that is suitable for consumption is the Best Water Purifier. This tool functions as a water purifier. And this tool has been widely used in homes and offices.

Best Water Purifier
Illustration of Water Purifier / cuckoo

Talking about the Best Water Purifier, did you know that this product is very useful for filtering water from the faucet and ensuring that the water can be consumed properly. Therefore you need to ensure many things from the tool, so you know that the water processed by the tool is safe or not for consumption.

How to Choose a Good Water Purifier

Talking about the Best Water Purifier, currently this product has been presented by many brands. So for those of you who want to buy it, don’t miss the following review on how to choose the Best Water Purifier. The goal is that you do not choose the wrong product. And you can be satisfied with the product you bought. Come on, see the following reviews.

1. Water Source

Water quality for each place or house is different. This is based on the water component contained in the water. Standard pH that meets is pH 6.5 – pH 9.5. This is usually determined by the environment in which we live.

2. Sieve Quality

As a water purifier, the Best Water Purifier certainly offers a good filter quality. The filter must be able to transport heavy metal substances without having to damage the mentality contained in the water. In addition, you also need to make sure that the water purifier filter does not reduce water during the filtering process. In other words, don’t just look at the outside, you also need to know what the inside of the product is.

3. Technology Used

Having the main purpose of purifying drinking water, the water purifier now does not only have that function. You can find other features that are equipped with this product. An example of what people like the most when buying products labeled with technology is saving electricity. Another example is being able to survive in areas with low water pressure, and much more.

4. Service Quality

Usually an item will be more attractive and bought by many people when the service quality of the product is good. Examples are service schedules, filter replacement schedules to house-to-house service services. With this quality service, water purifier users will feel comfortable in using the product. So that’s what you should know when buying a water purifier.

That’s a simple way to choose a water purifier. Well, now of course you already know. That the water purifier has many benefits and is also equipped with other features. So before buying this product, make sure to always reread how to choose

10 Best Water Purifier Recommendations

Of course, you already know how to choose a good water purifier. It’s still not complete if you don’t know the 10 recommended products. Don’t miss it, here’s a short review in full.

1. Unilever Pure It

Unilever Pure It's Best Water Purifier
Water Purifier – Unilever Pure It

First, there is the best water purifier product from Unilever Pure It. 
With pureit, bacteria that can cause disease are definitely eradicated. To use this product, you do not need to use a tap water connection. You certainly already know that drinking 2 liters of water or 8 glasses a day is one way to maintain the health and stability of the body’s metabolism. And now Pure It is here that can guarantee the purity of your drinking water with a 4-step purification process. Not only the amount of 2 liters, you also have to maintain the health of your drinking water, namely with Unilever Pure It. Another advantage of this water purifier is that it does not use gas and electricity.

2. Water Purifier SWS Ceramic Cartridge

Best Water Purifier Water Purifier SWS Ceramic Cartridge
Water Purifier – Water Purifier SWS Ceramic Cartridge

Equipped with 3 faucet joints, the SWS Ceramic Cartridge Water Purifier requires no additional tools for installation. This water purifier has a relatively small size, the size of a normal home faucet, so it’s easy to use. This product also does not require additional cleaning, it’s no wonder this product is included in a very economical water purifier. And for homes that have water that is classified as dirty, you should clean the filter as often as possible.

Are you curious what functions exist in this one product? First, filter the water to be free of all dirt and bacteria, purify it so that the water looks clearer, ensure that the water is odorless, healthy, hygienic and safe, the installation is very practical, and easy to clean.

3. CUCKOO Portable Water Purifier Fusion⁺

Best Water Purifier CUCKOO Portable Water Purifier Fusion⁺
Water Purifier – CUCKOO Portable Water Purifier Fusion⁺

Next, there is a water purifier from CUCKOO Portable Water. Being an imported product, you need to know that this product originates from Korea. No wonder this product has a very innovative design. The water produced is very clean and safe. Please note, this one water purifier product has an excellent filtering system that other products don’t have.

Not to forget, this product is also equipped with a guarantee and service that is safe and guaranteed. The service offer is every 4 months including filter replacement if you choose this package. If your product is still under warranty, you are free from installation, service and other maintenance costs. And for the service, make an agreement in advance with a registered professional.

This tool is able to provide water with hot, cold and room temperature. So it is suitable for home use. Has a modern minimalist design and is equipped with a locking feature (safe for children) 6 (six) stage filtering system, with 4 (four) filters. In addition, this tool is easy to clean, the water tank in this tool is made of stainless-steel which is anti-rust and also anti-bacterial. The power of this water purifier requires low power: 350 watts of hot water; cold water 100 watts and only used when heating and cooling only. It has dimensions (length x width x height): 48.2 cm x 26 cm x 50.5 cm.

4. Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HC

Best Water Purifier Kangaroo Water Purifier Hydrogen KG100HC
Water Purifier – Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HC

Being one of the best water purifier products, Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HC comes with RO Vortex. This European and Asian touch product has very capable features. This product is able to increase the flow of water, increase its mass thereby reducing waste water. Not only that, this one product is also able to reduce sedimentation and increase filtration performance.

Curious about the complete specifications of the Kangaroo Hydrogen Water Purifier KG100HC? This product requires a voltage of 220V / 50Hz and power: 35 – 38W. the number of filter stages is 10 stages where the filtration capacity is around 18 L -20 L / hour with dimensions of 420 mm x 420 mm x 970 mm. And did you know, this water purifier is equipped with a very qualified filter where water has to go through these purification stages.

5. Advance Reverse Osmosis Allegro C1

Best Water Purifier Advance Reverse Osmosis Allegro C1
Water Purifier – Advance Reverse Osmosis Allegro C1

Designed in a modern and elegant manner, Advance Reverse Osmosis Allegro C1 is a water purifier that is perfect for placing on a table. And what is unique about this tool is that it has a hot water off function when not in use. That way you can save electricity. For its capacity, this product has a capacity of 10 liters per day.

Of course this product is able to meet the needs of those of you who have quite busy family members. For its size, this product is 48 cm long, 28 cm wide, 52 cm high and weighs 23 kg and requires power up to 360 W with a voltage of 220 V. When buying this product, you will receive a 1 year warranty.

6. Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier
Water Purifier – Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier

One of the very good and mandatory protection for the family is clean and healthy drinking water. And to get this drinking water, you can choose to use the best water purifier, the Xiaomi Mi Water Purifier. This water purifier product has the advantage of being able to filter impurities of the smallest size up to 0.0001m. Not only that, this product is also equipped with an osmosis filtration system which has filtering stages such as Microfiltration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis. These stages are stages of water filtration ranging in size from 1 – 0.1 microns up to 0..0001 microns.

For its size, this xiaomi product can hold 400 gallons of water with a filtering speed of up to 8x faster than other products. That way, you can quickly get drinking water without having to wait long at the filtering stage. Not only that, you need to know that this product is also equipped with a built-in TDS where you can see the feasibility of drinking water through your smartphone. So you don’t need to buy TDS separately.

7. BWT Pure CE Water Purifier

Best Water Purifier BWT Pure CE Water Purifier
Water Purifier – BWT Pure CE Water Purifier

If you want to turn ordinary water into healthy drinking water, you must have the best water purifier product, BWT Pure CE Water Purifier. With the complete multi-natural diatom ceramic filter technology in this product, it is claimed to be able to remove batteries, dirt, odors, viruses with a size of 0.1 micron and taste up to 99.99%.

In addition, this product is also recognized as easy to clean, economical in maintenance costs and also has a 1 year warranty period. For its own size, this product has dimensions of 138 mm x 254 mm x 341 mm, with a minimalist design made in Taiwan.

8. Yamaha Water Purifier OH 300

Best Water Purifier Yamaha Water Purifier OH 300
Water Purifier – Yamaha Water Purifier OH 300

Who is not familiar with this one brand? One of the best water purifier products comes from this brand, the Yamaha Water Purifier OH 300. Currently, this product is very widely found and has been widely used to get clean and healthy drinking water. Usually it is very difficult to get clean, healthy and safe drinking water. You must have this one product.

This water purifier product is recognized as capable of producing clear and quality water thanks to its ability and features which are able to remove iron, color, neutralize Ph, odor, and other organic compounds through a filtering process. And you need to know, this product can be combined with pumps from other brands.

For complete specifications, this product has dimensions (PXLXH), namely 450mm X 450mm X 873mm with a unit diameter of 322 mm and a tube capacity of: 76 liters and a water discharge of up to 30 liters / minute.

9. Cosmos CAO Minerva Evolve

The Best Water Purifier Cosmos CAO Minerva Evolve
Water Purifier – Cosmos CAO Minerva Evolve

Coming to meet the needs of drinking water, Cosmos is now presenting its best water purifier product, the Cosmos CAO Minerva Evolve. This product uses filter evolve filter technology with a capacity of up to 2.5 L and the filtering capacity is 1.5 Liter. The evolve filter functions to filter out all particles of dirt, dust, chlorine and also pesticides and other chemical substances. With this product, your PAM water is safe for consumption. How? Are you interested in this product? Come on, have it now and get healthy and easy to get drinking water.

10. Jaco Hydrogen Water Cup

Best Water Purifier Jaco Hydrogen Water Cup
Water Purifier – Jaco Hydrogen Water Cup

Next is the best water purifier from the Jaco Hydrogen Water Cup. This water purifier product has a slightly different product shape than usual. The Hydrogen Water Cup comes in the form of a drinking water bottle that is capable of converting ordinary water into drinkable water which has a high hydrogen content.

Easy to carry anywhere, you must have this. That way you are free to drink any kind of drinking water. Just put it in this bottle, the drinking water is sure to be safe for consumption. Especially for those of you who often eat out. Because not a few people will choose to buy mineral water instead of drinking the water that has been provided. This is of course because you do not trust the quality of the drinking water. Well, with the Jaco Hydrogen Water Cup, you don’t have to worry anymore.

To use this product you need a battery. This battery has been provided and you can recharge the battery anytime you want. This product has very powerful features which can convert raw water into alkaline water with a PH of 9.0. Very cool, right? That’s just 1 of the many advantages of this product. To find out, buy immediately and feel the benefits. Not to forget, when you want to buy this product, you will get a 1 year warranty.


That’s a complete review of the Best Water Purifier. How? Has this article answered your curiosity about the product? Hopefully yes. Now of course you already know how to choose a good Water Purifier. Not to forget, you have also been presented with the 10 best recommended water purifier products. Have you found a product that fits your needs? Don’t be late. Just order at your favorite store.

For those of you who are curious about other recommended products, just visit other product recommendation articles only at AinunEnjoy exploring.

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