Review of 10 Best Electric Welding Machine Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – An electric welding machine is one of the industrial tools commonly used to connect industrial materials made of iron, copper, steel and others. This welding machine will produce heat energy that can melt the material so that it can be joined. This electric welding machine can strengthen the material, making a permanent and durable connection between the materials being joined.

Best Electric Welding Machine
Electric Welding Machine Illustration / Amazon

There are many offers that you will get in the market and in e-commerce. But you also have to be more careful in order to get a quality product. Therefore, this article will present some information ranging from tips on choosing the best electric welding machine, a list of recommendations to how to properly care for a welding machine.

Tips for Choosing a Good Electric Welding Machine

So that you don’t go wrong in buying an electric welding machine, here are some tips that you can use as a reference to choose the best welding machine.

1. Adjust to Needs

Before buying a welding machine, it’s a good idea to know your needs first by analyzing your production capacity and type of business. If you are going to do heavy work with a material welding thickness of more than 10mm, then the MIG 350A ls machine and above will be more suitable. For material thickness less than 5mm, MIG 250 and below are also sufficient. If your production capacity can be higher then it is highly recommended to use a SAW or Roboweld welding machine for MIG machine automation.

2. Genset Features

The next thing that needs to be considered is that the welding machine can be used with a Generator Set or not. Make sure your welding machine can be used with a generator so that it can make work easier anywhere. For electric welding machines 1500 watts and above usually already support use with generators. But for 900 watt welding machines, not all of them support the use of generators.

3. Ideal Electric Current

A more ideal electric current also needs more attention. Thicker metal usually requires a lot of current so that the welding process can be carried out properly. For materials made of steel and machine pipes with the ARC type, it is very suitable. As for thinner metals, you can use a welding machine that is more sensitive so that the heat generated is also more precise.

10 Best Electric Welding Machine Recommendations

After you know some tips on choosing a welding machine, it’s time for you to find out some of the lists of the best electric welding machines that are recommended by many users. The following is a brief review from Ainun.

1. ESAB Buddy Arc 145

Best Electric Welding Machine ESAB Buddy Arc 145
ESAB Buddy Arc 145

One of the best electric welding machines from Japan that has been widely recommended by its users is the ESAB Buddy Arc 145 welding machine. It uses 1300 watts of power so it is optimal for connecting any material you need. 
There are several types that will be offered by this brand, so it is highly recommended to choose a machine type with a large enough current output.

With the quality possessed by this best electric welding machine, the price offered is quite high. Is an MMA welding machine that is easy to use, lightweight and reliable. There is a fan that can increase its reliability and a thermal protection system for the monitoring system. Safe to use with a generator power source so you don’t have to worry about the sensitive components inside. It also comes with an extendable cable. There are 3 heat sinks to extend product life. The DC current in this product can be used on metal alloy, non-alloy, stainless steel and cast iron materials.

2. Krisbow 160A

Krisbow 160A Terbaik Best Electric Welding Machine
Krisbow 160A

Having a large enough power ranging from 1300 to 2200 Watt is one of the advantages of the best Krisbow Welding Transformer Inverter / DC Stick Welding 160A welding machine. 
It has a fairly small size of 41 x 38 x 37 cm and not too heavy, only 7 Kg, so it can make it easier for you to carry it and it doesn’t take up too much space. Works with 1 phase electricity, with a generated voltage of 220V to produce 10-160A of power.

It has been widely sold in various e-commerce with different price offers. In one purchase you will also get Mass Clamp, Welding Cable and Welding Pliers. This welding machine is also able to ignite the arc stably so that the welding process you do will be more optimal. Equipped with a digital indicator screen so that it seems more modern, and of course it will be more convenient and faster to use. This machine also will not make a sound that is too noisy when turned on. Very suitable if used for industrial and commercial work.

3. Mailtank SH196 MIG 160A

Best Electric Welding Machine Mailtank SH196 MIG 160A
Mailtank SH196 MIG 160A

The next best electric welding machine that has good reviews from its users is the Mailtank SH196 mig 160A. This product is a switch from MMA engine to Mig(CO2) which has a very simple design making it easier for those of you who are still relatively newbies to operate. For those of you who have a business that is engaged in automotive workshops, light construction, craft making and others, then this electric welding machine is highly recommended.

With a weight of 7 kg, this mig welding machine is very easy to move. This includes a portable electric welding machine that can work without CO2 gas with a mig fluxcore wire with a diameter of 0.8 mm – 1.0 mm with a weight of 1 Kg/Roll. Made with IGBT inverter technology. In one purchase you will get additional materials such as mig torch, welding cable, pliers, mig wire, brush, welding mask. Using input Voltage (V) AC 220V +-15% with a frequency of 50 Hz to 60 Hz. If the arc is stable then the resulting spark is also small. Soft Switching technology makes this one of the best electric welding machines more efficient and more stable in performance.

4. Orion Vortex-100

Best Electric Welding Machine Orion Vortex-100
Orion Vortex-100

Having nearly 20 years of experience in the manufacturing world, PT. Indotara Persada released the Orion Heavy Duty Welding Equipment DC Inverter MMA product. This best electric welding machine is very suitable when used in the machine conversion industry in large quantities so that it can be used in various workshops, factories and other services. High frequency inverter and single PCB are useful for increasing welding efficiency with high energy saving effect. Embedded with IGBT technology so that the resulting fire is bigger.

Equipped with thermostatic protection which is useful for regulating the temperature during the operating process. The futuristic body makes this best electric welding machine look more modern, and its international quality standards prove the existence of the best of all time. No need to worry about the electric power used, because this machine will not use too much electricity. There is also an electrode holder with 1.5m long cable, 1m earth clamp, brush/hammer, protective mask, 2m MIG flashlight and 1 roll of 0.8mm x 1Kg flux cored wire. Has a size of 45 x 24 x 32.5 cm and weighs 5.60 Kg.

5. MMA-120A . Rhino Inverter Welding Machine

Best Electric Welding Machine Rhino Inverter Welding Machine MMA-120A
Rhino Inverter Welding Machine MMA-120A

The best electric welding machine that has good reviews from its users is the Rhino brand. This machine uses 900 watts of power for a much more optimal performance at a fairly affordable price. The use of 900 watts of power will also avoid trips. This machine will output current from 20A to 120A. For those of you who have a business in the field of home construction to weld stairs, roofs or fences, then this brand is highly recommended for you. With a welding wire capacity of 1.6mm, 2.0mm and 2.6mm, this is enough to complete your needs.

This best electric welding machine has been sold in various e-commerce sites such as shopee, tokopedia and others with different price offers. The design of this machine is also simple with a unique handle that makes it comfortable to use and easy to carry anywhere. In one purchase, you will get additional materials such as a set of welding pliers and a set of mass pliers.

6. Multipro SOLID 125 A-ST

The Best Electric Welding Machine Multipro SOLID 125 A-ST
Multipro SOLID 125 A-ST

The best electric welding machine on this one has no doubt about its quality, namely Multipro with its newest type SOLID 125 A-ST. This machine is efficient in using electric current due to the help of its IGBT Inverter technology. No need to worry if you are in a place that has minimal power because this welding machine can be used with the help of a generator. Has input power in 1 phase of operation with AC voltage of 220V ±15%. There are also welding wires from 2.0mm to 3.2mm in size.

In one purchase, you will get 2 welding wires, 1 welding pliers, 1 mass pliers, 1 welding mask and 1 welding hammer or brush. This best electric welding machine can produce 20A to 120A power. You can weld with SMAW or GTAW processes using this welding machine. Has a size with dimensions of 230x110x150 mm and weighs 3.9 Kg so it is still relatively light. The type of protection is IP23, frequency is 60/60 Hz and insulation class B.

7. Youly MTM-180MI

Best Youly MTM-180MI Electric Welding Machine
Youly MTM-180MI

3 in 1 electric welding machine from Youly MTM-180MI. this machine can function as MIG, TIG or MMA. Have CE specifications. RoHS, CCC. ISO9001 and ETL. Adopting inverter technology so that it can produce good welding quality and have high efficiency. Its IGBT technique allows you to weld objects that have a larger size. Very suitable if you want to do welding on objects made of carbon steel and aluminum. Features a cooling fan and thermostatic protection.

You can have this best electric welding machine by buying from various e-commerce such as shoppe and others. You will get additional products such as welding pliers set (including cable), pliers set (including cable), welding mask, glass, wire brush. This electric welding machine has a size of 35 x 12.5 x 25 cm and weighs 7Kg. Welding wire measuring 1.6 mm to 4 mm with a capacity of 20A to 180A. This machine will consume as much as 1400 watts of electricity to 2100 watts.

8. Daiden MIG-I 130 . Welding Machine

Best Electric Welding Machine Daiden MIG-I 130 . Welding Machine
Daiden MIG-I 130 . Welding Machine

The best electric welding machine at fault from Zhejiang, China is the Daiden brand with the MIG-I 130 type. This includes the CO2 welding machine which saves electricity. Equipped with the Gas-less Welding feature so that it can be used without the need for a CO2 line with the help of Gasless welding wire. This electric welding machine will issue a current of 30A to 130A with a power of 900 watts. Can perform FCAW, GWAW and SWAW welding so that it will facilitate your work in welding. You can weld a variety of steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials.

Quite affordable prices can be found in several e-commerce with different offers. In your purchase, you will get a welding helmet and other supporting tools. You can weld very thin materials up to 1.0mm thickness. You can also weld rust-coated, painted and galvanized materials without having to clean the surface because it contains a composition that can clean the material. The machine has a size of 275 x 135 x 238 mm, a MIG wire capacity of 1 Kg and a welding wire diameter of 0.8mm to 0.9mm.

9. FujiWeld Power Stick 315

Best Electric Welding Machine FujiWeld Power Stick 315
FujiWeld Power Stick 315

The next best electric welding machine is made by the FujiWeld company which has issued various welding products, one of which is the FujiWeld Power Stick 315. This electric welding machine adopts the advanced IGBT inverter with high efficiency, consistency and better switching. Using a frequency or DC balance that can be adjusted to the arc penetration during welding. In one phase welding will use a voltage of 380 volts with an output current between 25A to 315A.

There is a fan feature that can work when needed so that it does not run all the time of use and can save energy for the operator. It has a frequency of 50/60Hz so it is more stable and economical. Thermal protect on this machine can prevent overheating. Its hot start function makes welding and operation much smoother and easier. This machine has a size of 535 x 260 x 375 mm and weighs 22 Kg. It has electrodes with a diameter of 1.6mm – 4.0mm and contains organic matter that can turn into a gas in the ARC series. There is a friendly generator that is friendly to all generators that have the appropriate capacity without having to reduce the performance of the generator.

10. Welding Machine Falcon 120E

Best Electric Welding Machine Lakoni Falcon 120E
Welding Machine Falcon 120E

Entered the list of the best electric welding machines, Lakoni is one of the manufacturers of welding machines for the lower middle class. Lakoni Falcon 120e uses a fairly large power of 900 watts so that it can do quite large welding. The output current that this welding machine can produce can reach 20A to 140A. It is strongly recommended to use electrodes with a diameter of 2 mm to 4 mm.

This best electric welding machine can also use a generator, making it easier for you to operate it in various places that do not have an electrical connection. Lakoni Falcon 120e is referred to as a mini-sized type so that it is easy to carry anywhere.

How to Take Care of a Welding Machine to Keep it Good & Durable

In order to keep your best welding machine well-maintained, here are some ways to maintain an electric welding machine that you can pay attention to.

1. Welding Machine Cleanliness

Cleanliness of the electric welding machine needs to be a major concern, especially if iron powder during welding enters the welding machine unit which can trigger induction or short circuit. In addition, make sure the electric welding machine is protected from liquid because the electronic circuit in the unit is very vulnerable if it is contaminated with liquid substances that can cause a short circuit.

2. Air Circulation

Usually the latest electric welding machines have been equipped with thermostat sensor devices that can secure when the machine overheats so as to avoid fatal damage. Therefore, you must always ensure that the air circulation and the fan are running optimally to maintain a stable temperature.

3. Avoid Collision

Collisions that occur in the machine can make the wiring system in the machine slack. This loose cable can cause serious damage to the engine. Always make sure you put or store the machine in a safe place.


That’s some information about electric welding machines ranging from tips on choosing, a list of recommendations for the best welding machines to the right way to take care of an electric welding machine well, hopefully this information can help you. If you want to know information about other recommendations, you can visit the available pages.

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