Review of 10 Best Haircut Scissors Recommendation (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – For those of you who work as barbers or just want to cut your own hair. Indeed, the scissors that you often find at home can be used to cut hair. However, the results of the scissors cut will not be as good as the scissors that are specifically designed for cutting hair.

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Therefore, barbers are eyeing the best hair clippers. So what are these hair clippers? Below discusses recommendations for the best hair clippers that you can consider if you want to buy one.

Tips for Choosing a Good Hair Scissor

Before deciding to buy a hair clipper of your choice, you should first understand how to choose the right one. The reason is, choosing a hair clipper can not be done carelessly. Here are 4 tips that can be applied when choosing a good haircut.

1. Choose the Best Hair Scissors according to the Type of Need

The first tip that you must pay attention to when you want to buy your first haircut is to choose a hair clipper according to the type needed. The reason is that there are two types of hair clippers whose uses are very different. The types that exist in the hair clipper are the standard type and the thinning type.

Standard type hair clippers have the same shape as the scissors you are familiar with. The difference is, the standard type of hair clipper is specially designed with the function of cutting hair.

The next type of hair clipper is the thinning type of hair clipper, also known as sasak scissors. This type of hair clipper is used for thinning hair, not for shortening hair.

2. Pay attention to the shape of the handle of the hair

clipper. It’s not only the type of scissors that needs to be considered when buying the best haircut scissors. Another thing to consider is the handle of the hair clipper. The comfort when you want to use the scissors will be determined by the handle.

There are at least three types of handles on hair clippers, namely classic handles, offset handles, and crane handles. Hair clippers with classic handles have two parallel handle holes.   offset handle, there is a slope in the grip hole. The crane handle has a shape that is almost similar to the offset handle, but the slope is deeper.

Gunting Rambut TerbaikIllustration Image of Hair Scissors / MrTiger Brand

Choose the Size of Scissors as Needed

3.In general, hair clippers come in 4 sizes, ranging from 5.5 inches, 6 inches, 6.5 inches to 7 inches. Generally, smaller women’s hands use 5.5-inch scissors, while men with larger hands use 6- to 6.5-inch scissors.

The way to find out what the best hair clipper size is can be done by testing it directly. Make sure you choose a hair clipper whose blade length is the same as the length of your middle finger. If you can’t measure it directly, you can use a ruler by measuring the length of your middle finger. If the middle finger is 2 inches long, the blade needed is 2 inches long.

4. Choose Hair Scissors with the Right Sharpness

The last tip must be considered when buying the best haircut scissors, namely the level of sharpness. For a beginner, it is advisable not to buy a hair clipper that is too sharp. Just use a standard hair clipper that has a long, slender blade.

Also, pay attention to hair clippers that have a shaft screw arrangement that holds the two blades together. The purpose of this shaft screw is to make the scissors sharp again. The reason is, hair clippers that are used too often can become loose so that the sharpness is reduced and affect the results of the haircut.

10 Best Hair Scissors Recommendations


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The use of a good hair clipper is very important for producing a good haircut. As for some options that can be a reference in this case, they are as follows.

1. Koryu Nikko JH 801 Hair Scissors Set

Best Haircut Scissors Set Koryu Nikko JH 801
Koryu Nikko JH 801 Hair Scissors Set

In the first place, the hair clipper recommendation is the Koryu Nikko JH 801 Hair Scissors. This is a hair clipper product that comes in a set consisting of two types of scissors, namely hair cutting scissors and thinning or sasak scissors. Each of the scissors in this Koryu Nikko JH 801 set is approximately 6 inches in size, and is also equipped with an adjusting lock.

Presented in an elegant black scissors wallet, this best hair clipper set is perfect for professionals, especially salon and barbershop owners. This is because Koryu Nikko JH 801 is made with the best stainless steel base materials using technology from Japan. This then makes it   a high level of comfort, sharpness, and cutting precision.

2. Dovo Ice Tempered Hair Scissors Set

Best Haircut Scissors - Set Dovo Ice Tempered
Dovo Ice Tempered Hair Scissors Set

The next choice of hair clippers that has been very popular among hair cutters comes from the Dovo Ice Tempered brand. As the name suggests, Dovo Ice Tempered is made using the ice tempered to maximize the structure and material of these scissors.

This best hair clipper is also made using the best stainless steel in its class, which, of course, makes Dovo Ice Tempered one of the best quality scissors that can’t be missed. Dovo Ice Tempered presents two types of scissors in one set, namely cutting scissors with a size of 7 inches, while sasak scissors come in a size of 6 inches.

3. Mizutani We Love Hair

Best Haircut Scissors Mizutani Cronos
Mizutani We Love Hair

Want to experience using an expensive hair clipper, but on a limited budget? Mizutani is a hair clipper brand from Japan that offers various types of the best hair clipper products. Of course, the quality offered by Mizutani comes at a price that is not cheap. However, this is different from Mizutani We Love Hair.

We Love Hair is the latest campaign from the Mizutani brand. This campaign is intended to present something new during the pandemic to help barbers, hair artists, and hair clipper lovers around the world. Mizutani We Love Hair comes with the same quality as other Mizutani products, but at a more affordable price. In fact, this product is predicted to be Mizutani Japan’s cheapest product, you know!

4. Lumi Pro Black 6 Inch Hair Scissors

Best Haircut Scissors Lumi Pro Black 6 Inch Hair Scissors
Lumi Pro Black 6 Inch Hair Scissors

Many of us may know the Lumi brand because of its good straightening products. What is not widely known is that this brand also has a hair clipper product that is no less good and worthy of competing with other well-known brands. One of the Lumi products worth considering is the Lumi Pro Black 6 Inch Hair Scissor.

As the name suggests, this best hair clipper is a hair clipper that has a black blade with unquestionable quality. Cutting hair using Lumi Pro Black will result in a neat haircut and certainly as expected. To get the results of a sasak haircut, Lumi also presents the choice of Lumi Pro Black Thinning as a partner.

5. Toni & Guy Hair Scissors

Best Haircut Scissors Toni & Guy
Toni & Guy Hair Scissors

There is one more set of hair clippers that are widely used by professional barbers, namely the hair clipper set from Toni & Guy. In this set, two types of hair clippers have been provided, namely the type of cutting scissors which come in a straight standard model and the type of sasak scissors which have a jagged shape.

The best hair clipper products from Toni & Guy always come with a choice of strong and quality stainless steel materials. This is why this hair clipper is strong, sharp, and, in the end, often a favorite of barbers.

6. Mr. Hair Scissors Tiger

Best Haircut Scissors Mr. Tiger
Mr. Hair Scissors Tiger

Recommendations for good hair clippers that should not be missed next, namely Mr. Tiger. This hair clipper has a design with a black color combined with a golden color so that it accentuates an elegant impression. Therefore, for those who claim to be barbers, it is like having this hair clipper as a collection.

Not only does it look attractive, but this best hair clipper is also very good for cutting hair. With a fairly small size of 5.5 inches, these scissors are suitable for shaving short hair that is not too long. On the handle, this hair clipper has a classic handle and an offset handle.

7. Shilla Scissors Hair Cut

Best Haircut Scissors Shilla
Shilla Scissors Hair Cut

Products from Shilla do not seem to be missed if you are looking for a hair clipper. The reason is that the blades on this hair clipper are made of ice tempered stainless steel, which has a very hard texture so that its sharpness is guaranteed. Not only that, snacks made of sturdy plastic with a classic model also make it comfortable to use.

The size of this best hair clipper can be said to be quite small, at only 13 cm. So, it is suitable for those who have small hands or want to shave their hair short. But it should be noted that, considering that these scissors are very sharp, they are recommended only for professionals or those of you who work in barbershops.

8. Smith Chu Hair Clipper

Best Haircut Scissors Set Smith Chu XK10
Smith Chu Hair Clipper

Set XK10 This Smith Chu XK10 Hair Scissor Set may be suitable for you to consider. This set of Smith hair clippers consists of standard scissors, sasak scissors, a comb, and a scissors bag. So, for those who want to cut their own hair, maybe this can be the right choice because they already get a complete hair clipper package.

This best hair clipper from Smith has a simple design with a silver color. All parts of these best scissors, from the handle to the blade, are made of stainless steel, so they are durable and sturdy. For beginners, you should be careful using these scissors because the blade is very sharp.

9. Branbow Hair Scissors

Best Haircut Scissors Branbow
Branbow Hair Scissors
Are you bored with the color of hair clippers that are just like that? Maybe this Branbow hair clipper will be the right choice. Do not , this Branbow hair clipper comes with a wide selection of holographic colors such as blue,   and multicolor. When exposed to light, this gunin will look like a beautiful rainbow.

The length of the best scissors on this one is approximately 15 cm or 6 inches, so it is suitable for those of you who have hands that are not too big or not too small. In addition, this hair clipper is also equipped with screws that can be adjusted to the level of tightness. Not only that, this best hair clipper is also equipped with a silencer so it doesn’t make a sound when used.

10. Titan 1918 Professional Hair Scissors, Lefty

Best Haircut Scissors - Titan 1918 Professional Hair Scissors
Titan 1918 Professional Hair Scissors, Lefty

The last hair clipper you need to consider comes from the Titan 1918 brand. This hair clipper with the beauty of a traditional Japanese sword is perfect for those of you who are left-handed. This is because this product has been specifically designed to be used by left-handed users. Not only that, the weight of this best hair clipper is also fairly light, so it is comfortable to use.

Titan Titan 1918 Professional Hair Scissors Lefty is the best hair clipper aimed at professionals. Therefore, this hair clipper is equipped with the German Bearing System. This technology makes the friction that occurs less so that the movement can occur more smoothly. So, professionals who use these scissors will not get tired easily.

Tips for Caring for the Best Hair Scissors to Stay Good & Durable

Getting the best hair clippers is not an easy matter, especially if you are already comfortable with the hair clippers of your choice. Of course, it would be very unfortunate if the hair clippers you have were not durable. Therefore, try to apply some of the tips below so that the best hair clippers you have are still good and can last.

1. Always Clean Hair Scissors

Hair cutting scissors need to be considered first if you want them to stay durable, namely cleaning them regularly. Hair clippers that have been used, sometimes dirty with haircut marks. If you have finished using the clippers that day, you should clean up the remnants of this haircut using a scissor cleaning cloth before storing it. In addition, you may also use a small brush to clean the remnants of hair pieces that may be stuck in the shaft.

2. Use Lubricants on Scissors

It’s not enough to just clean the best haircuts, you also need to lubricate the scissors. Use a special lubricant for hair clippers, not other lubricants. Just apply a little lubricant to the screw, then make a scissor motion so that the lubricant can get into the gaps. The purpose of this lubricant is to prevent the hair clippers from being dragged or hard when used so that you can use them comfortably the next day.

3. Store the scissors in a dry place.

After cleaning the scissors and lubricating them, you need to store the best hair clippers in a safe place. Avoid storing scissors in damp places, as this can corrode the scissors you have. Not only should you store it in a dry place, but you should also make sure that the hair clippers are completely dry before storing them.

4. Avoid falling or knocking

scissors In order for the best hair clippers to last longer, avoid falling scissors or hitting hard objects. If the hair cutting scissors fall too often and hit a hard object, it can make the scissors blunt. Not only that, the impact can also make the blades of the scissors no longer aligned, so they are uncomfortable when used.


Maybe that’s enough information about recommendations for a good hair clipper that you can consider. Don’t forget to always pay attention to some of the tips described above, in order to get a good haircut right.

If you decide to buy the best hair clippers, it’s a good idea to buy them directly so you can try them first. However, if you do have to buy it online, make sure the store has good reviews so that you get the original hair clippers and avoid being scammed by fake goods.

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