10 Best Deep Fryer Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Deep Fryer is a machine that is widely used by medium-level businesses to fry food ingredients by soaking all parts of the food with sufficient oil. There are lots of deep fryer products made in Indonesia and outside Indonesia that are sold under various brands. There are two types of this tool, namely gas deep fryer or electric deep fryer.

Best Deep Fryer
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However, with the abundance of deep fryer offers provided at varying prices, it also makes it increasingly difficult for you to choose a quality product, especially if you have a business where the main ingredients of the food must be fried. You need to compare between the specifications of each deep fryer. Therefore, this article will provide information ranging from tips on choosing a good deep fryer, a list of recommendations for the best deep fryers to ways that you can pay attention to to clean your deep fryer properly.

Tips & How to Choose a Good Deep Fryer

The following will explain some tips for choosing a deep fryer that you can adjust to your needs.

1. Tank Capacity

The thing you need to pay attention to is the capacity of the deep fryer tank. These tanks are available in various types with various capacities, ranging from tanks with a capacity of 5.5 liters to 46 liters. To choose the right type, first make sure the amount of production to be produced.

If you are running a small-scale culinary business, you should choose a medium deep fryer tank capacity. On the other hand, if the business you are running is quite large, then you must choose a deep fryer with a large enough tank capacity so that the process of frying foodstuffs can be done in large quantities at once in a short time.

2. Quality materials

In order for the frying process to produce perfectly cooked food, you need to pay attention to the pan material used. A pan made of stainless steel is able to hold oil well enough so that it is not absorbed by food and the process of delivering food is also quite even. Stainless material is also resistant to rust and scratches. Aluminum pans can also withstand the process of absorbing oil from food.

3. Use of Fuel

As is known, the fuel used for the deep fryer machine consists of two types, namely gas and electricity. This also needs to be considered before buying a deep fryer. If this deep fryer will be used indoors, then you should choose an electric deep fryer because it is relatively safer and more practical.

Don’t forget to pay attention to your electric power because the deep fryer machine will usually consume a large amount of electricity. If you use the deep fryer outdoors or where there is no access to electricity, a gas-powered machine would be a better purchase.

4. Deep Fryer Price Considerations

Every time you buy something, be sure to choose a product that fits your budget. Each type and brand of deep fryer is offered at a different but still affordable price. The price of an electric deep fryer is generally relatively cheaper than a gas deep fryer, but you also need to pay attention to your needs without being tempted by low prices.

10 Best Deep Fryer Recommendations

The following is a list of some good deep fryer brand recommendations that you can use as a reference before buying a deep fryer

1. Getra Gas Fryer

Best Deep Fryer Getra Gas Fryer
Deep Fryer Getra Gas Fryer

If you are opening a business that is engaged in serving snacks such as fried foods on a medium to large scale, then speed of service is the main thing that needs to be considered. 
To get this, you definitely need a tool like the best deep fryer with a jumbo capacity that can also work to cook various dishes at one time. This Getra can be the right recommendation to use.

This machine is made of sturdy materials such as stainless steel. In addition, this best deep fryer has a Timer and Thermostat feature. With the Thermostat feature, the machine can release heat up to a temperature of 260 degrees Celsius. This deep fryer has a size of 110 x 80 x 135 (in cm), and a 30 cm tank with a tank capacity of 30 liters, which is capable of producing 10 – 12 kg. Although this tool is fairly heavy, the electrical power used is very low, only 5 kw.

2. Modena FF 4210 ES

Best Deep Fryer Modena FF 4210 ES
Modena FF 4210 EN

The Modena series FF 4210 ES is the best deep fryer that is suitable for use at home or for selling because it has a slim shape with a size of 50 x 30 x 32 cm. 
However, it is also possible that this deep fryer is also suitable for use in restaurants, food stalls, and other culinary businesses. This Modena Machine is made of stainless material so it looks sturdy and rust-resistant.

Equipped with 1 burner and 1 tank with a capacity of 5.5 liters. No need to worry about the current drawn because this deep fryer only requires 2.5 kw. Because the features are complete, the food will also cook faster and evenly. Get more crispy fried results but cook evenly. Currently, you can find the best deep fryer at the nearest furniture store or even in an online shop.

3. Oxone OX-99FS Deep Fryer

Best Deep Fryer Oxone OX-99FS Deep Fryer
Oxone OX-99FS Deep Fryer

Frying tool with a jumbo capacity. 
It is suitable for those of you who like to cook a variety of dry foods such as french fries, crackers, and others. Besides that you can also boil or whatever is much easier. This best deep fryer is also equipped with a fry net, where this tool can make it easier for you to lift food from the pan.

The OX-99FS Oxone has a jumbo size fryer. This deep fryer is made using high quality stainless steel. Because it uses quality materials, this deep fryer is very easy to clean. If you want to cook in large quantities, you can make this the best deep fryer as your choice. The pot size is 19cm in diameter, the pan is 17cm high, the filter diameter is 16cm and the filter height is 11cm.

4. Maestro Gas Deep Fryer MT G72

Deep Fryer Terbaik Maestro Gas Deep Fryer MT G72
Maestro Gas Deep Fryer MT G72

Maestro Gas Deep Fryer with the MT G72 series has a large capacity. 
This machine is suitable to help launch the culinary business that you run. With a capacity of 2 x 6 L, you can cook a lot at once so you can save electricity, save time, and of course you can earn more. This best deep fryer has two tanks side by side with a capacity of six liters each.

With a deep fryer, the process of lifting your fried products is also easier. The product is also equipped with a cover so that the oil is not splashed everywhere and you are safer and more comfortable when frying. This best deep fryer measures 58 cm x 55 cm x 50 cm.

5. Tenno FRY-133-TR

Best Deep Fryer Tenno FRY-133-TR
Deep Fryer Tenno FRY-133-TR

Tenno FRY-133-TR is a product that you can use with the help of gas fuel. 
This best deep fryer is suitable for those of you who want to save electricity. In every single purchase package, you will already get a fryer net which will make it easier for you to drain the fried foods from the oil. This deep fryer is made of stainless steel which is definitely sturdy. The deep fryer furnace itself is made of iron so that it can accommodate even heavy objects.

You can use this deep fryer automatically by turning the knob. By turning this knob, it makes security even more guaranteed. This best deep fryer is very practical and lightweight so it is very easy to move, and clean after use. It has a capacity of 13 liters so it is very suitable for culinary business purposes. The size of the machine is 52 cm x 39 cm x 42 cm.

6. Maspion Maslon Deep Fryer

Best Deep Fryer Maspion Maslon Deep Fryer
Maspion Maslon Deep Fryer

Are you looking for a large capacity fryer to fry lots of fries at the same time? 
With the best deep fryer from Maspion Maslon, dishes such as friench fries, crispy chicken, even all dishes can be cooked and fried evenly to produce crispy food. Made of aluminum, this Maspion fryer is equipped with many advantages. There is good protection from the aluminum material given to this product so that the deep fryer is not easily scratched and lasts longer.

Designed with a modern and simple shape, this fryer is very functional. Able to produce the best dishes, just by entering all the ingredients to be processed into the machine. The deep fryer will transfer heat quickly and spread evenly so that the food cooks faster and is ready to be served for the whole family. In addition, your food will cook evenly because of the good heat and non-stick ingredients.

7. Quigg Mini Deep Fryer Electric

Deep Fryer Terbaik Quigg Mini Deep Fryer Electric
Deep Fryer Quigg Mini Deep Fryer Electric

This is the best deep fryer machine that can be used with the help of electricity, namely the Quigg Mini Deep Fryer Electric. 
This deep fryer measures 24.79 x 23.7 x 20.29 cm, making it suitable for use at home because it doesn’t take up much space. The capacity of this machine is 1.5 liters so it is suitable for small families. Quigg Mini products are certified so you don’t have to hesitate to use them.

This tool is equipped with a fry net making it easier for you to drain any fried food. There is also a frying pan so you don’t have to bother after frying it. This deep fryer consumes electricity with a large enough capacity of 900 watts. So, what are you waiting for, get this best electric deep fryer right away.

8. Tomori TEF-82A

Best Deep Fryer Tomori TEF-82A
Deep Fryer Tomori TEF-82A

Tomori TEF-82A is a deep fryer that has pretty good reviews for the electric type with a power consumption of only 2.5 kW. 
Tomori is equipped with 2 tanks with a capacity of 6 liters each. Therefore, this deep fryer is very qualified for use in restaurants and for those of you who have a fried food business.

For the heat of this deep fryer, the temperature can be adjusted until it reaches a temperature of 300 degrees Celsius. It weighs 9 kg and has dimensions of 57 x 45.5 x 31.5 (in cm), so this deep fryer machine is very suitable for use in the business of selling food.

9. Maspion Multi Fryer 18 SH

Best Deep Fryer Maspion Multi Fryer 18 SH
Maspion Multi Fryer 18 SH

Maspion Multi Fryer 18 SH, the best deep fryer that can complement your cooking process activities. 
This deep fryer is very practical for frying all types of food such as french fries, crackers, and others. No need to worry anymore oil will spread anywhere. This tool can also be useful at the same time for draining cooking results. No need to bother anymore to drain food on a plate.

Coated with satin material that can last for a long time and is easy to clean. A basket equipped with a handle, very capable of cooking steamed dishes such as vegetables. There is also a useful hole to hold the basket so that it does not shake to the left anywhere. This best deep fryer is also equipped with an anti-heat handle with a heat-resistant glass cover.

10. Bistro Panci Deep Fryer 3 in 1

Best Deep Fryer Bistro Pot Deep Fryer 3 in 1
Bistro Panci Deep Fryer 3 in 1

Deep fryer with medium capacity that can be used for businesses or households who like to eat dry fried foods with the help of the 3 in 1 Deep Fryer Bistro. Can be used for frying potatoes (french fries), sausages, meatballs, otak-otak, chicken, etc. 
Every food you fry with this best deep fryer is drier and crunchier

This deep fryer is equipped with a slicer which can be used directly on the stove, practically practical. This Depp fryer is designed with an elegant and modern concept. The material is made of thick stainless. The handle is made of plastic. This best deep fryer has a diameter of 18 cm, a height of 14 cm, a handle length of 16 cm and a volume weight of 3 kg.

How to Clean the Deep Fryer

The following are some of the ways you can pay attention to the best deep fryer cleaning you have.

1. Unplug the Deep Fryer

Make sure if you have unplugged the electric deep fryer from the electric current, then let it first turn off until the oil in the deep fryer tank cools down. After the oil has cooled, you drain the oil contained in the fryer tank and remove each part of the basket. After all the parts have been removed, wash them separately.

2. Rub the Corners of the Deep Fryer

Rub every corner of the machine so that any stains can be removed from the body of the deep fryer. You can clean it with the help of a stainless steel wire cleaner.

3. Fill the water into the tank

Fill water into the tank where the oil is filled, then add a little dishwashing soap so that the sticky oil in the tank can come off and not stick so that the pan is rougher. Then turn on the deep fryer with soap bubbles until it boils.

Then wait within 5 minutes, turn off the deep fryer and chill again. Now, after the soapy water is cold, drain the water without any foam, then rinse using a solution of water and vinegar.

4. Clean the Outside of the Deep Fryer

After the inside of the deep fryer is clean, you can continue the cleaning process for the outside of the deep fryer by mixing water and baking soda. Let stand for a moment, then clean using a damp cloth.


That’s an explanation of the deep fryer, starting from tips on choosing a deep fryer, a list of the best deep fryer recommendations to several ways to take good care of a deep fryer. Hopefully the information provided can help all your questions. If you want to know information on other product recommendations, please visit the page about other recommendations.

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