10 Best Donut Mold Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A donut mold is a tool that can facilitate the process of making donuts. In Indonesia, you can buy donut molds at cake shops or come to the kitchen utensil rack in supermarkets or shop directly at the market. Consisting of various variants of shapes, sizes, and materials, making some consumers confused which one to choose.

You want to learn to make your own donuts? Get a donut printer now! No need to be confused about which one to choose. Please read this review article first to the end. We will guide you to get the right product as well as see references to the best donut molds that you can buy online.

Tips and how to choose a good donut mold

Recommended Good Donut Molds
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Despite their simple function, donut molds come in a variety of shapes, materials, sizes, and types. Each type has a way of working and gives different printouts. For more details, see the following tips for choosing a donut mold!

1. Choose based on the type you want

In general, donut molds are divided into 3 types, namely the cutter type, the baking sheet type, and the dispenser type. These three types have different characteristics. The ripening and manufacturing methods of each type are not the same. Therefore, get to know more about each of the advantages, come on!

  • Cutter Type . This type of donut mold is quite easy to find. How to make donuts with this type is to prepare the dough and then cut it with this donut-shaped mold. In the middle there is a special section that is practical for punching holes in circular donuts. The results of this molded dough piece can be cooked by frying or baking methods.
  • Baking Type . This donut mold is very practical. Donuts made from these molds are also healthier because they do not go through the frying process. You only need to pour the dough into a donut pan type mold. You can also be creative with this type of mold, such as adding raisins, dried fruit pieces, and the like.
  • dispenser type . This type of mold makes it very easy for you to make donuts. The tubular part is used to hold the dough. There is a lever that is used to press the dough so that it comes out of the mouth of the tube in the form of ready-to-fry donuts. With this donut mold, you don’t need to get your hands dirty, you know.

2. Pay attention to the material used

There are two ways to ripen donuts, namely by frying or baking. For this, you can adjust it according to your needs. However, to facilitate the ripening method, donut molds must be made of a supporting material. Because of that, you will see several materials used to make donut molds, such as silicone, stainless steel, and Teflon.

  • Silicone Material . Donut molds made of silicone are the mainstay of many people to make baked donuts. Not only makes it easier to put the dough in, but also takes out the donuts when they are cooked because of their flexible character. The silicone material in the donut molds is also easier to clean. However, this material is not good as a medium for evenly conducting heat.
  • Stainless steel material . Donut molds made of stainless steel are the most common. There are not only round shapes like regular donuts, but other shapes like animals. Commonly called the cuter type, donut molds made of stainless steel are more resistant to rust and don’t change shape easily, so you can use them for a long time.
  • Teflon material . Silicone or Teflon processed materials are also used to make donut molds. Its advantage lies in its nonstick properties. The dough treated with this mold will fall perfectly on the frying pan or To remove the cooked donuts from the mold, you only need to grease them beforehand.

3. Choose the size that fits in the mouth

The average donut size is between 5 – 10 cm. However, you may find donut molds that are larger in diameter than that. If you want to serve donuts to your family, then choose a donut mold that is not so big that those of you who have children can also eat it.

In addition, you can make donuts measuring 5 cm, for example, if you want practicality. One bite is enough, you can immediately swallow the donut whole. The mini donut size also allows you to be more creative. For example, if you want to have a small party at home, make mini donuts that you can enjoy in one bite.

10 Best Donut Mold Recommendations

How? Have you got an idea of ​​what kind of donut mold you want to buy? Here, Ainun recommends ten of the best donut molds, some of which are produced by well-known brands, such as Rosita and Happy Call . So, we hope you find a product that fits your cooking style!

1. Donut Cake Mold Set of 3

The Best Donut Cake Mold Set of 3
3 Donut Cake Mold Set

In one purchase package, you will get sets of prints with different sizes, namely large, medium, and small. 
You can make donuts of the same size or vary, for example, some of them you want to make for your child to take to school or travel.

For those who haven’t got the perfect dough recipe, you can use this mold as a study buddy. Because it’s a cutter type, you only need to press the mold on the dough without having to think about the density of the dough itself. The material which is made of thick aluminum steel guarantees anti-rust.

2. Happy Call Donut Mold

The Best Donut Mold Happy Call Brand
Happy Call Donut Mold

When you don’t want to get even printing results, Happy Call offers products that can make your wishes come true. 
This brass product is certainly practical to use. Made of strong and thick aluminum die cast material, this product is not only able to spread heat, but is strong and durable.

The success of making donuts using this mold also does not depend on the density of the dough, perfect for those of you who are still learning. For its use, you only need to put the dough into each mold and then bake it on the fire.

3. Plastic Donut Maker

Best Donut Mold Plastic Donut Maker Products
Plastic Donut Maker

Even though it is made of plastic, this donut maker guarantees its strength. 
You can make donuts in large quantities without having to strain your hands. The reason is that the manufacturer designed the pressure section with a wide and not sharp design.

Convenience is an added value that you will feel while using this product. Besides prioritizing durability and comfort, this mold is also capable of producing medium-sized donuts with a diameter of 8.5 cm. This tool is quite widely sold in cake shops so it is suitable for those of you who want to buy it without having to shop online.

4. Teflon Donut Pan

The Best Donut Mold Teflon Donut Pan
Teflon Donut Pan

In one print, you can make 12 donuts. 
In other words, if you want to print a lot of donuts in a short time, use this donut mold. Without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can save hours in the process of making donuts. Very effective and efficient!

Besides allowing you to produce dozens of donuts in just a few batches, these donut molds are made of non-stick material that doesn’t dent easily. The surface of the mold is also guaranteed to be durable so that it is not easily peeled off during the cleaning process.

5. Carcool Fast Revolving Doughnut Mold

Best Donut Mold Brand Carcool Fast Revolving Donut Mold - Best Donut Mold
Carcool Fast Revolving Doughnut Mold

If you intend to open a culinary business shop selling donuts of various flavors, this donut mold will help you speed up the process of making donuts. 
Just prepare the dough lengthwise, then turn this press and “Tara!”, you can print 6 donuts in one mill.

This unique and innovative donut mold is perfect for those of you who want to open a business or just make donuts as a snack in the morning or evening. Each mold is removable for easy cleaning.

6. V587 Dispenser Donut Maker

Donut Mold Product V587 Best Donut Maker Dispenser
V587 Dispenser Donut Maker

If you only want to get your hands dirty during the dough-making process, but not when printing, this product from V587 must be added to your wishlist. 
The reason, the manufacturer designed this tool in the form of a dispenser. That way, you just need to put the dough in and press it without having to hold the dough back.

Place the tube containing the dough on the frying pan, press the lever provided to push the dough. Every dough that slides into the hot oil instantly turns into donuts that are ready to be served. Because it doesn’t consist of many parts, this mold is suitable for those of you who are lazy to wash a lot of equipment.

7. Mold Plastic Donut Maker

Mold Plastic Donut Maker Best Donut Mold
Mold Plastic Donut Maker

You can use this versatile donut mold whenever you want to sell donuts as a casual companion in the morning or at night. 
Type of cutter, this tool is fairly practical to use. Even though the shape is a bit unique, you won’t have any trouble wearing it.

The part for pressing donuts or other components is made of ABS plastic material which is non-stick and durable. Manufacturers complete this mold with a clamp that slips in the middle. The purpose of these tongs is to sprinkle toppings, such as powdered sugar, melted chocolate, or meses without damaging the shape of the donut.

8. Silicone Donut Maker

Best Brand of Silicone Donut Maker Donut Mold
Silicone Donut Maker

Difficulty in removing donuts is an obstacle that makes people lazy to make donuts with molds. 
However, with this tool, you won’t have this kind of problem. The reason is, this product is made of flexible silicone material.

So, when the donuts are done, all you have to do is bend the tool to remove each donut in each of its molds. The characteristics of silicon are of course owned by this tool. For this reason, this donut mold can withstand temperatures up to 210 o C.

9. Rosita Donut Cake Mold

The Best Brand of Rosita Cake Molds
Donut Cake Mold Rosita

If you are looking for branded donut prints at affordable prices, products from Rosita can be considered. 
This product, which is made of stainless steel and has a non-slip handle, will make it easier for you to scoop the dough or remove it to another mat.

Because of its design that resembles a ladle, this tool can be useful for those of you who want to make donuts from liquid dough. It’s just that you need more time because this tool is only capable of producing 1 donut in 1 frying time.

10. Cat Donut Mold

Picture of the Best Cat Model Donut Mold Brand
Cat Model Donut Mold
Want to make donuts with interesting shapes? Try this printer. Designed with the shape of a cat’s head, your homemade donuts won’t look boring. Children will love every donut that is served on the plate. If you want to try your luck with selling unique-shaped donuts, you should rely on this tool.

This mold is made of stainless steel which is thick enough so that it is not easily dented even though it is often used. To avoid sticking, you can apply a little oil before printing the dough. In addition, this dough also requires more effort during the cleaning process because there are corners that are a bit difficult to reach.


The activity of making donuts is now easier with the donut mold. Easy to use, it doesn’t take you long to adapt. It is just. The texture of the donut dough determines the enjoyment of the donuts you have made. For that, learn in advance to get the right composition of ingredients to make donuts that are soft and soft in the mouth.

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