10 Best Ice Shaver Recommendations (Latest Update 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Enjoying shaved ice in hot weather can keep your mood in good shape. If you want to eat a dessert in the form of mixed ice, high ice, or fruit ice at home, you should have your own shaved ice machine. Besides being able to save costs, you can even do experiments to get dishes that are unique and of course appetizing.

GEA , Akebonno , and Fomac ice shavers can be a good choice. You can use this shaver not only to serve meals for the family, but also to open a commercial business. To find the best product, we will provide a guide to choosing an ice shaver in this article. We have also made a list of the best product choices for you to reference.

The Best Ice Cube Machine and Tool
Shaved Ice Illustration

Tips and How to Choose a Good Ice Crusher

There are several things you need to consider before buying an ice crusher. Ranging from cheap to expensive, the types are manual, electric, or use an electric rock. Besides the size, and most importantly the quality of each component of the ice crusher itself you have to think carefully about in the selection process. So, see the explanation below!

1. Choose based on the type of shaver

Broadly speaking, ice crusher is divided into two types, namely electric shaver and manual shaver. An electric planer can make it easier for those of you who don’t want to grind manually. Of course, this type of electric ice crusher requires electricity to move the machine. The level of smoothness of ice on the electric shaver can be adjusted according to taste.

Convenience may be more value than the electric type. However, you may need to prepare more budget to buy this tool because most of them are sold at quite expensive prices. Meanwhile, for those of you who don’t have a problem grinding the ice yourself, you can save money by buying a manual ice crusher.

On a manual planer, you can move the grinding blade by turning the lever or handle. It does take energy, but it will be more flexible because you don’t need to bring the tool closer to the plug source. Low prices, flexibility, and saving electricity are the advantages that can be found in manual drawstrings.

2. Adjust the size of the tool with the space capacity and frequency of use

If you want to shave ice for home use, you don’t need a large shaver. The compact drawstring is enough to accommodate your needs at home. However, if you want to open a commercial business such as a coffee shop, restaurant, or serve shaved ice at certain events, you need to consider a larger sized shaver.

Of course, the larger the size of the tool, the more you can shave off large quantities of ice in less time. Regardless of whether the tool is electric or manual, the size of the tool is an important point to consider. In addition, the capacity of the place also needs to be used as a reference so that whatever size tool you buy can fit on it. It would be even better if you pay attention to the frequency of use so that the function of the tool can be felt more optimally.

10 Best Ice Crusher Recommendations

Ainun has collected ten of the best ice crushers from brands that are experienced in producing ice crushers in the world. Please take a look at the following list and determine which one is the most suitable to meet your daily needs and then you can look for it at the nearest store or online shop on the internet.

1. Mickey Ice Shop

Mickey Ice Shop's Best Ice Shaver Pictures
Merk Mickey Ice Shop

For those of you who want to hold a birthday party for your children at home, entertaining your children’s friends with shaved ice will certainly provide unforgettable memories for your children or their friends. 
This miniature car-shaped ice crusher will create a playful vibe that kids are sure to love.

The design of a red car that resembles an ice cream car can also make your kitchen room look cute with its presence. The existence of a lever with an ergonomic grip will make it easier for you to grind the ice. This medium-sized drawstring not only guarantees ease of use, but you can also store it even in a narrow room because its size is not too big.

2. GEA Ice Planer/Shaver FL-150I

GEA Ice Planer Shaver FL-150I Best Ice Shaver Pictures
Merk GEA Ice Planer Shaver FL-150I

When you gather at a meatball shop with friends or partners, you may often encounter shaved ice devices in this shape. 
GEA is a brand that has experience in producing ice crushers. One of his products, Ice Planer/Shaver FL-150i, is quite popular. Of course, you’ve seen this tool in meatball stalls or favorite places to eat.

The affordable price makes the ice shaver from GEA attracts many people. Besides being able to be purchased for culinary business needs, you can also use it at home. This is an electronic ice shaver that is classified as energy efficient. It says the GEA Ice Planer/Shaver FL-150i only requires 500 watts of power. The number of electricity consumption that is considered ideal for your business, right?

3. Multifunction Crusher

Picture of the Best Multifunction Crusher Ice Shaver
Merk Multifunction Crusher

Even though it seems simple, this ice shaver cannot be underestimated. 
An economical price will probably attract the attention of many people, including you. However, this tool is multifunctional. Apart from being able to crush ice cubes, you can also rely on it to process some vegetables and fruit. In other words, this tool can also function as a food processor.

The closed design resembles a bowl with a lid that will keep the ice shavings clean because they are not exposed to air from outside. You also don’t have to worry about ice flakes falling on the table because the ice shavings are stored in the container. The grinding handle is designed on the side of the product, ensuring ease of use.

4. Akebonno DB-20B

Picture of Akebonno DB-20B's Best Ice Shaver Tool
Merk Akebonno DB-20B

If you don’t want to be tired of moving the lever, you can buy an electric ice crusher. 
Using a small amount of electricity, this drawstring tool promises a soft texture of the shavings. Designed in a minimalist form, Akabonno DB-20B is suitable for those of you who like minimalist kitchen equipment.

Its compact and medium size will not take up much space when stored. This tool is suitable for home use. The operation is also easy, you only need to insert small ice cubes (2×2 cm) into it, then close the tool and press the button. In a few moments, you can have your family’s favorite dessert ready.

5. GEA Ice Planer/Shaver-ET-118

Using GEA products will not result in chunks of ice remaining or snagging on the grinding blades. 
This drawstring tool in a unique shape and sturdy material is suitable for those of you who want to open a commercial business. Electric type, you will not waste energy to turn the lever every time you make an order from a buyer.

The Ice Planer/Shaver-ET-118 is designed with a large size to facilitate the process of smoothing large amounts of ice at once. You can put large ice cubes into this tool. Having a tight lid keeps the ice clean. For example, if you want to use this tool for home needs, you can change it manually too, you know!

6. Fomac Ice Crusher ICH 300BD

Picture of the Best Ice Crusher Fomac Ice Crusher ICH 300BD
Merk Fomac Ice Crusher ICH 300BD

The stainless steel material which includes the components for the ice bowl and blade makes this product made by Fomac durable. 
Not only does it guarantee the longevity of the product, this ice crusher is also stainless. For those of you who prioritize hygiene, have the ICH 300BD Ice Crusher right now!

Its classic look will add a unique accent to your kitchen. This tool provides a knife that is equipped with a cover so that it is safe when it is near children. To grind ice, Fomac designed the lever part by pressing it so that it can operate. In this way, your energy will not use too much energy.

7. GEA Ice Planer/Shaver-TB-158

Picture of the Best Ice Shaver GEA Ice Planer Shaver-TB-158
Merk GEA Ice Planer Shaver-TB-158

If you look at most ice shavers, there are many similarities, namely making noise when operating. 
For some, this can interfere with the activities of your family members. For this reason, GEA presents an ice crusher machine that can operate automatically without disturbing noise and vibration.

You will be more comfortable when using this tool whenever you want even if your family members are sleeping or concentrating. Also with this tool, you can produce coarse and fine textured shavings. Access to the fineness level settings is also an added value that this has.

8. Ice Shaver BB-002

Picture of the Best Ice Shaver BB-002
Merk Ice Shaver BB-002

Even if you are only using it to shave ice, you should keep the tool clean and hygienic. 
Therefore, buy an ice shaver whose components are not complex so that it makes the cleaning process easier. Ice Shaver BB-002 is an ice shaver that offers easy cleaning. You can wipe the pole and clean the main components of the tool with clean water.

Besides being easy to clean, Ice Shaver BB-002 also provides a grinding blade made of stainless steel material. So, no matter how often you use this tool, the results of the shaved ice are guaranteed to stay clean because of the stainless blade. You can use this tool to grind ice in the form of blocks or small chunks. When you buy this tool, you will get 3 bowls of shavings made of plastic material that meets food grade standards.

9. Starco Electric Ice Shaver SIS-888

Image of the Best Ice Shaver Starco Electric Ice Shaver SIS-888
Merk Starco Electric Ice Shaver SIS-888

Want to enjoy your time off together out of the house accompanied by ice cream or ice cream but don’t have much space in the kitchen to place an ice shaver? 
Don’t worry, Starco guarantees that this product won’t take up much space in your kitchen. This ice shaver with a slim and tall design will fit in the tight spaces left on the kitchen counter.

Although small, this tool is still optimal in crushing ice cubes. The presence of a powerful motor ensures that small or large ice cubes have a smooth texture after being processed with this shaver. In addition to high performance, Starco also guarantees that its products can be cleaned easily because of its removable components.

10. Zalik Ice Crusher

Picture of the Best Ice Crusher Zalik Ice Crusher
Merk Zalik Ice Crusher

Elegant, that’s the word that best describes this ice shaver. 
Zalik designed this device in a compact form so that you can place it in the rest of your kitchen space. Judging from the product image, you can certainly guess that this tool can accommodate large amounts of shavings.

The large capacity container can be used to serve two to three servings of mixed ice in a standard-sized cocktail. For those of you who want to adjust the level of smoothness of the ice texture after being shaved, Zalik Ice Crusher makes it possible. If you want to get a smooth ice shavings, all you have to do is turn the lever to the right or forward. And vice versa, for coarse shavings, turn the lever to the left or back.

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