10 Best Oven Portable Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – If you enjoy making cakes or having a business in that field, you must be very familiar with the best tangring oven products or what is commonly called otang. Roasting using this oven does not use electricity at all but uses heat from a gas stove, coals and the like.

Hock's Best Tangkring Oven
Illustration of Tangkring Oven / hockID

Talking about this tangkring oven, mothers at home definitely want to have this one product. So, before buying the product, make sure to find out what a tangkring oven product is like, then what are its features, what brands are most recommended. That way anyone can decide to buy the right product. And all of these things will be summarized in this article. Don’t skip it, look at the reviews.

How to Choose a Good Oven Portable

Easy to find in cookware shops, this Portable oven has been presented by many brands. There are so many of them, it’s no wonder anyone can get confused when buying one of their products. So, so you don’t get confused and can get the best product, consider the following tips, namely how to choose the best tangkring oven.

1. Equipped with temperature control

First, try to choose a tangkring oven that provides temperature control in one set. You can buy these tools separately if they are not available, but it will be better if the oven is packaged with complementary features from the original brand where you bought the tangkring oven.

2. Recover the oven which is made of sturdy and thick material

Not only does it fulfill a beautiful design, it is made of a sturdy and thick material which is also recognized as one of the guarantees that the best tangkring oven you will buy has a long durability. So, make sure you know the material for making the oven. Besides being sturdy and thick, choose an oven made of stainless steel.

3. Choose an oven that comes with a manual

For those of you who are used to using a tangkring oven to bake sponge cakes or other pastries, a manual might not be what you need anymore. However, for those of you who are still beginners in using this tangkring oven, you should choose an oven product that provides a manual. This will really help you when you start using the oven so you can use it properly.

Those are 3 tips that you can consider when choosing a tangkring oven product. Hopefully the tips are useful.

10 List of the Best Tangkring Oven Recommendations

Here we go

Of course, you already know how to choose a good tangkring oven product. So, to make it more complete, also know the 10 Best List of Recommended Products for Tangkring Ovens. What brands are you curious about? The following is a Ainun review

1. Aluminum HOCK Oven No. 3 Circular Air / Gas Stove Oven

Best Oven Tangkring Aluminum HOCK Oven No.  3 Eve rotation - gas stove oven_1
Oven Tangkring Oven HOCK Aluminum No. 3 Eve Cycle – Gas Stove Oven

Who is not familiar with this brand, HOCK is a brand that is well known to the wider community and its products are used in almost every household. 
One of them is the best tangkring oven, namely the Aluminum HOCK Oven No. 3 Air cycle / gas stove oven. This oven has 3 racks with air rotation models. As for the material, this oven hock product is made of thick anti-rust aluminum.

With dimensions of 400 x 340 x 380 mm and a combustion chamber of 315 x 315 x 293 mm, this oven can accommodate pan sizes up to 311.5 x 311.5 mm. And the distance between the pans is 75 mm. The features provided are a thermometer, 2 cake plates, 1 wire plate and 1 chicken grill plate.

2. Oven Portable Colorful Flipper Oven

The Best Tangkring Oven Colorful Flipper Oven
Oven Tangkring Colorful Flipper Oven

Presented in many colors, the best tangkring oven this time comes from the Colorful Flipper Oven Tangkring Oven. 
This oven has dimensions of 38 x 30 x 30 cm which is equipped with 3 stackable racks that can be removed. The material for which this oven is made is made of thick stainless steel plates that are not easily porous. Weighing 8 kg, this oven can be used to bake cakes, pizza, bread, and pastries such as nastar, castangel, etc.

In one set, this oven product is equipped with 1 oven, 2 square pans, 3 round tins and 1 oven stand. For the size of the pan that is loaded in this oven is a maximum of 30 cm. This oven is also equipped with an air cycle located above the product.

3. 3 Layer Mickey Mouse Stove Oven

Best Tangkring Oven Mickey mouse stove oven 3 layers - uk40cm free 3 pans
Mickey mouse stove oven tank 3 layers – uk40cm free 3 pans

Made of stainless steel galvalum, the best ovens are now available from the 3-layer Mickey Mouse stovetop oven. 
This oven can be used to make pastries and cakes. Having dimensions of 35 cm x 25 cm x 28 cm, this oven has 3 stacking shelves that can be removed and are easy to clean. This oven is made of anti-rust galvalume on the outside and zinc material on the inside.

The dimensions in this tangkring oven are 29 x 24.5cm x 21cm with a box model. When purchasing, this oven usually offers several other complementary tools such as a baking sheet. So be sure to check this out before purchasing the product.

4. Oven Portable Otang Bima 3 layers

The Best Tangkring Oven Otang Bima 3 Layers
Oven Portable Otang Bima 3 layers

Being one of the most well-known brands in the wider community, the next Tangkringan oven comes from the Bima brand, namely the Tangkring Otang Bima 3 Arrangement Oven. 
This oven is made of aluminum plate which is thin and rust resistant. As the name implies, this Bima brand oven product has 3 stacking shelves that can be removed with air circulation above.

The overall dimensions are 37 x 35 x 32 cm and the combustion chamber dimensions are 30 x 32 x 26 cm. Please note, this product purchase includes a shelf but does not include a baking sheet. So make sure to buy the baking sheet separately when buying this oven product from the Bima brand.

5. Portable Oven Butterfly Stove Oven A-2403

The Best Oven Tangkring Stove Oven Butterfly A-2403
Portable Oven Butterfly Stove Oven A-2403

Just like the previous product, this best tangkring oven is also made of anti-rust aluminum plate. 
Tangkring Oven A-2403 Butterfly Stove Oven is equipped with 3 detachable shelves, a manual thermometer, 2 tins with a size of 31 x 31cm and a buffer net with the same size of 31 x 31 cm. For its size, this oven product has overall dimensions of 37.5 x 33.5 x 37cm and the baking dimensions are 31 x 30 x 32 cm.

How to use this oven is very easy. Just put it on the stove and wait for the food you burn to cook evenly. For its weight, this oven weighs 11 kg. This oven is equipped with an oven lid lock, that way you can guarantee that the oven will not open while in use.

6. Portable Powder Coating Stove Oven 38

The Best Tangkring Stove Oven Powder Coating 38
Powder Coating Portable Stove Oven 38

Priced at a very affordable price, this is only one of the advantages of the best Tangkring oven from Coating 38. The Tangkring Powder Coating 38 Stove Oven has a size of 38 x 30 x 30 cm. 
For the body plate, this oven is designed with a powder coating finish. No wonder this oven is very easy to clean. This oven is also claimed to be very practical for all needs. So you can prove it by using this one product.

Made of thin zinc material, you don’t need to worry because this one of the best ovens is very sturdy and also rust free. In addition, this oven also has the advantage of being able to produce even heat. How? Like this one product, don’t run out of messages right now.

7. Hock Portable Oven / Portable Charcoal Burner no.4

The Best Tangkring Oven Hock Tangkring-grilled portable charcoal no.4
Portable Oven Hock Tangkring-grilled portable charcoal no.4

Equipped with a thermometer, 2 cake plates, 1 wire plate, 1 chicken grill plate, the next tangkring oven comes from the hock tangkring/portable charcoal grill no.4. 
For the size of this oven, the product dimensions (LxWxH) are 364 x 300 x 345 and the dimensions of the combustion chamber (LxWxH) are 283 x 280 x 274 mm. The size of the pan that can be loaded in this oven is 278 x 278 mm with a distance of 75 mm between the pans.

The body is made of stainless aluminum, this No. 4 portable charcoal hock hock oven can be used to bake all types of bread, cakes, fish, and also chicken. Not only that, this oven is also equipped with a temperature indicator so that it can produce perfect grills.

8. HC Color Cake Oven / Portable Oven

The Best Tangkring Oven Cake hc color oven - tangkring oven
Oven Portable Color cake hc oven – tangkring oven

Available in many colors such as Light Blue, Light Green, Dark Pink, Electric Blue, Purple, Orange, the best tangkring oven this time comes from the hc color cake oven / tangkring oven. 
This oven has a size of 38 cm x 30 cm x 34 cm which is equipped with 3 removable shelves. Can be used to bake sponge, pastries such as nastar, castangel and also pizza. For weight, this one oven product weighs 5.5 kg.

As for the material, this HC cake oven is made of iron which is coated with an anti-rust coating. Not surprisingly, this one oven product is very easy to clean. How? Does it suit your needs? Come on, don’t miss it, get an oven according to your favorite color.

9. Portable Bima Sakti Super 2 Stack Oven / Aluminum Stove Oven

The Best Tangkring Oven Tangkring Super Milky Way Oven 2 layers - aluminum stove oven
Oven Portable super 2 layers milky way – aluminum stove oven

If the previous Bima oven product had 3 layers of shelves, this next Tangkring oven also comes from the Bima brand but with 2 shelves that can be removed. 
Please note, the Tangkring Bima Susun 2 oven is made of thin, anti-rust aluminum which is easy to clean. The size of the pan that is accommodated by this oven is 27cm x 30cm.

This oven product is equipped with an air cycle at the top. Having overall dimensions of 37 cm x 35 cm x 32 cm, this tangkring oven has dimensions of the combustion chamber of 30 cm x 32 cm x26 cm. Come on, bake your food ingredients with this oven and get even maturity.

10. Bima Boga Gas Oven Type 8044 Full Stainless

The Best Tangkring Oven Gas oven bima boga type 8044 full stainless steel
Oven Portable  Bima boga gas oven type 8044 full stainless steel

Lastly, there is a tangkring oven product from the Bima Boga gas oven type 8044 full stainless steel. 
This Bima Boga brand gas oven has a size of 80 cm x 44 cm with a height of 57 cm which is made of stainless steel plate. Equipped with 1 door, 2 stacking shelves and 2 fires located above and below. Purchasing this product, you will pray for a temperature gauge/thermometer, hose, 
regulator , feet/oven table.

For the capacity of the pan that can be loaded in this oven, there are 4 pans measuring 30 cm x 30 cm or 2 pans measuring 60 cm x 40 cm. With this oven, the fire is guaranteed to be evenly distributed so you will get the perfect grill results. As previously explained, this product has 2 fires, namely the top and bottom. You can use the lower fire for baking pastries, cakes, and other types of cakes. While the top fire, you can use it for baking closed legit and pastel cakes as well as for the finishing stage. Not to forget, please note that the bima catering type 8044 full stainless gas oven is guaranteed for 1 year from purchase.

Advantages of Oven Portable

Very popular among the general public who have a hobby of cooking cakes, baking bread, and baking other food ingredients. Did you know that the best tangkring oven has several advantages when compared to an electric oven. Curious what are the advantages? Check out the following reviews.

1. Prices are relatively cheap

When compared to an electric oven, this tangkring oven has a lower price tag. Not only that, its use is also not too expensive, namely using a stove fire and of course not increasing electricity costs than usual. That’s why many people prefer to use this oven because it is recognized as more economical.

2. Easy to carry

Having a weight that is not too heavy, this tangkring oven also has the advantage that the product is easy to carry anywhere. So you don’t need to bother if you want to move this best tangkring oven. This is also based on the use of this oven which is placed on the stove. So, the weight must also be adjusted to the power of the stove.

3. Heat faster

The latter is the best tangkring oven to heat up faster. Naturally, in heating it you can adjust the stove fire you are using, after getting the temperature you need you can freely reduce the fire from the stove you are using. Very simple right? Not only that, this tangkring oven is also recognized to have a more even heat.


Those are the complete reviews about Portable oven products or what is commonly called the best otang. In this article, it has been explained how to have the right otang product, namely knowing the completeness of the thermometer, the number of arrangements which are then adjusted to your needs and budget. That way you can be free from the wrong product. What do you think? Has this article answered your curiosity about this Portable oven product?

Not only that, you also already know the 10 recommended product lists from the Portable oven. How? Have you found a product that fits your needs? Don’t forget to order directly at your favorite store. Not to forget, for those of you who want to know other product recommendations you can visit other articles.

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