10 Best Pasta Maker Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A good pasta maker is of course the target of many people to make pasta and noodles because it usually has good quality and durability so that the machine can be used for years. Even though pasta comes from Italy, you can make it yourself at home using a pasta maker from a certain brand.

Best Pasta Maker Noodle and Pasta Maker
Noodle and Pasta Maker Pasta Maker Illustration Image / Amazon

Not only local products, you can easily buy pasta makers from abroad in Indonesia. Before describing the ten best noodle maker & pasta maker recommendations, you should know how to choose them first.

How to choose a good pasta maker to make pasta at home

Having any good quality product is certainly everyone’s hope. Are you still confused about which pasta maker to buy? So, you can choose the best pasta maker by paying attention to the following points.

1. Pay attention to the materials used to make pasta maker

Each material has a different character, so it’s no wonder that the product prices also vary. One of the materials chosen to make pasta maker, is high-quality plastic that is easy to clean, strong, light, flexible, resistant to rust, and not easily broken or damaged.

Apart from that, there are also good pasta makers made of stainless steel with the advantages of being easy to maintain, more resistant to rust, corrosion, and high or low temperatures. Because each part has a different function, it’s no wonder that a pasta maker is made using various combinations of ingredients.

2. Choose a pasta maker that has several levels of thickness settings

You may like thick pasta, but other people don’t necessarily like it and vice versa. Therefore, every pasta maker will be equipped with several levels of thickness settings which are usually marked with numbers.

3. Make sure the pasta maker is easy to clean so it lasts longer

Another thing that you need to pay attention to when choosing a good pasta maker is whether or not the machine is easy to disassemble and install for cleaning or storage. How to disassemble and install it is usually listed in the manual that you get when you buy a pasta maker.

If the machine is always clean, the pasta that will be made next will also be hygienic, right? In addition, a clean pasta maker can also last longer so you don’t have to ask a service person to repair the damage or buy another one in the near future.

10 Best Pasta Maker Recommendations for Making Pasta

Here we go

Currently, there are several good pasta maker brands on the market, of course, sold at various prices. Cheap or expensive, of course, depends on the specifications given, yes. You just adjust the product to your needs. So, here are ten of the best pasta maker recommendations selected by Ainun to complete your kitchen equipment in your home.

1. Gourmia GPM500

Gourmia GPM500 Best Pasta Maker
Pasta Maker Gourmia GPM500

The first good pasta maker recommendation is the Gourmia GPM500 with a red body. 
On the body there are several settings buttons that you can choose accompanied by an LCD screen. If you usually have to knead and form the dough in a different place, then this will no longer apply if you choose to use this pasta maker.

There are three modes in the Gourmia GPM500, namely kneading, extruding or shaping, and drying the pasta. All of these three modes can be selected or only partially, yes. In addition, you can also set the automatic time setting yourself. When you purchase this fine pasta maker, you will receive 8 pasta forming discs, 2 measuring cups, a pasta cutter, a wrench, an instruction manual and a cleaning brush.

2. Sirman Concerto 5

Best Pasta Maker Sirman Concerto 5
Pasta Maker Sirman Concerto 5

Currently, Sirman has become one of the big and legendary brands that provide high quality food processing machines for restaurants, bars, pizzerias, and so on. 
Well, one of the products being sold is the Sirman Concerto 5 pasta maker with an AISI 304 stainless steel body. Then, the lid is also made using interlocking stainless steel and the bowl is made of anodized aluminum. Therefore, you don’t need to doubt the quality of this good pasta maker.

Now making your own pasta isn’t difficult, is it? This good pasta maker also includes a motor, air conditioner, funnel for adding liquid ingredients, high-performance stirrer, and other parts that will make it easier for you to make pasta. After use, you can disassemble Sirman Concerto 5 to clean some of its parts so that you can still produce a hygienic product when you are going to use it to make pasta again.

3. KitchenAid Gourmet Pasta Press

KitchenAid's Best Pasta Maker Gourmet Pasta Press
Pasta Maker KitchenAid Gourmet Pasta Press

Pasta that is usually sold in the market has various types so that the shape will also vary. 
Well, this nifty pasta maker from KitchenAid can be used to make six types of pasta. Just change it as you wish, okay? But before that, you need to make dough that is ready to be formed first.

After this machine has finished forming the desired pasta, you need to move the available lever to cut the pasta. Each time you make a cut, you will get four to five pieces of pasta. Plus, there’s a special storage box that you can get when you buy this great pasta maker from KitchenAid. That way, KitchenAid Gourmet Pasta Press can stay protected from dust and other impurities.

4. Signora

Signora's Best Pasta Maker
Pasta Maker Signora

It cannot be denied that many people really like pasta because of its texture and taste. 
Are you also one of them? If that’s the case, you can make your own pasta using the nifty pasta noodle maker from Signora. The interesting thing about this machine is that it can be operated manually or automatically so that pasta making can still be done even when the electricity is off.

So that it can be used manually and automatically, this good pasta maker is equipped with a lever and a driving machine. Apart from that, this Signora product also has a machine mount and clamp so that the pasta maker can stay upright. You are also given the freedom to cut sheets of pasta dough with a certain level of thickness.

5. Vicenza V150AT

Best Pasta Maker Vicenza V150AT
Pasta Maker Vicenza V150AT

The next recommendation for a good pasta maker is Vicenza V150AT, which is made of stainless steel so it is not easily corroded, resistant to high and low temperatures, anti-corrosion, and easy to maintain. 
The most important thing is that the ingredients won’t affect the taste of the pasta you put your heart into. That way you can be calmer, right?

This product belonging to Vicenza includes a good manual type pasta noodle maker so you need to move the handle by hand. No need to worry because the handle is easy to assemble and disassemble so it’s also easy to clean before or after use. In order to meet the needs of everyone with different tastes, the Vicenza V150AT is equipped with seven thickness settings. Apart from pasta, you can use this pasta maker to make snacks in the form of fried sticks, molen skins, or other snack skins.

6.Philips HR2332

Best Philips Pasta Maker HR2332
Paste Maker Philips HR2332

What Philips products have you used at home so far? 
Philips has indeed sold various kinds of household electronic devices whose products you can find easily in electronics stores, mini-markets, supermarkets and marketplaces. One of the products that you can buy is a good pasta maker type HR2332. In addition, this Philips product is not too large, so the required storage space is also not too large.

As an electronic device, this plastic pasta maker needs to be powered by 150 watts of electricity so it can be used to make pasta. Interestingly, you only need to wait for approximately 18 minutes until 450 grams of pasta dough is ready to be processed. You can add several other ingredients to give flavor to the pasta or noodles you are making, such as carrot, beetroot or spinach vegetable juice. Don’t worry, because when you buy this great pasta maker, you will also get a recipe to add to the reference for the idea of ​​the dish you are going to make.

7. Atlas Q2-8150

Best Pasta Maker Atlas Q2-8150
Pasta Maker Atlas Q2-8150

The next recommendation for a good pasta maker is the Atlas Q2-8150, which weighs around 3 kilograms. 
The weight comes from stainless steel which is the main ingredient for making pasta makers. In addition, this tool is also a manual type that requires power from your hand to move the handle or grip. So, don’t be surprised if the selling price is also relatively more affordable compared to the automatic one.

For the sake of being able to carry out its duties properly, of course this good pasta maker consists of several parts. So, these parts include the body, handle, clamp to attach the pasta maker to the table, plain and zigzag cutting wheels, and thickness control. If you feel confused about disassembling or installing some of these parts, you can see them in the manual provided.

8. Shuma Bello AT150

Best Pasta Maker Shuma Bello AT150
Pasta Maker Shuma Bello AT150

If you’re looking for a good manual pasta maker, Shuma Bello AT150 is the right choice for you. 
The machine body is made using stainless steel, while nickel-plated steel is chosen to make the mill tube parts. It’s no wonder that you can use this product for years as long as it’s cleaned and cared for properly. In addition, in the mill tube there is also a Double-Slotted opening to insert a lever or handle.

There are nine thickness settings as well on this nifty pasta maker, ranging from about 3.0mm to 0.2mm. To make it easier for you to choose the thickness, there are numbers on the knob parallel to the lever that can be rotated as needed. Not only one form of pasta, Shuma Bello AT150 allows you to make two forms of pasta because of the double cutter.

9. Oxone MultiMaker OX123

Best Pasta Maker Oxone Multi Maker OX123
Pasta Maker Oxone Multi Maker OX123

It’s already familiar with the Oxone brand, which sells various kinds of equipment and household appliances, isn’t it? 
Well, one of their products is a good pasta maker, namely Oxone Multi Maker OX123 made from good quality plastic. The advantages of these materials include being easy to clean, strong, lightweight, flexible, resistant to rust, and not easily broken or damaged.

If the previous products could only be used to make various kinds of pasta, the multi-functional Oxone Multi Maker OX123 is also capable of mincing meat. Usually a good pasta maker will have a sharp object to grind the dough or known as die-cast. Well, this 4-kilogram machine is also equipped with die-cast iron which is easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easier for you to clean it.

10. Akebono Turning Food Centre

Best Pasta Maker Akebono Turning Food Centre
Pasta Maker Akebono Turning Food Centre

Apart from making pasta, you can usually use a pasta maker to make various kinds of noodles and other delicious snacks. 
So, the last good pasta maker recommendation is Akebono Turning Food Center made from ABS plastic. Even though it is plastic, this material is a type of plastic that is not easily broken and easy to clean. It is also what makes this product can be obtained at a fairly affordable price.

Then, the blade is made using strong and sharp steel so that cutting pasta can be done more easily. This good pasta maker from Akebono can make seven kinds of pasta, you know. When the pasta is finished, just place it on the pasta hanger to dry for a while. Interestingly, you can also use this white pasta maker to mince meat and form sausages because there are special sized molds for both.

The best types of pasta makers that are usually on the market

Usually each brand will make products of various types in order to meet the needs of different consumers. That also applies to pasta makers, yes. The following are the best types of pasta makers on the market based on how they operate and the method of making pasta.

1. Based on how to operate the pasta maker

Until now, there are good pasta makers with manual, automatic, or a mixture of the two operations. If it’s manual, the machine only requires power from your hand to turn the lever so it doesn’t need electricity at all. Meanwhile, the automatic pasta maker is powered by electricity so you can save more energy. Well, a mixture of the two only exists in a few products which are usually marked by the presence of a lever and a driving motor in the pasta maker.

2. Based on the method of making pasta

There are usually two types of methods for making pasta in a good pasta maker, namely roller cutter and extrusion. You can find both types in manual and automatic pasta makers. Usually the roller cutter is chosen to make pasta with the same thickness, while the extrusion is chosen because it makes pasta easier to make. You only need to put the dough in the space provided, then turn the lever to press the dough so that the pasta can be pushed out.

The types of pasta that are usually made using a pasta maker

Are you still confused about the types of pasta? Here are some types of pasta that are usually made using a pasta maker.

  1. Angel Hair
  2. Bucatini
  3. Capellini
  4. Casarecce
  5. Conchiglie
  6. Farfalle
  7. Fettucine
  8. Fusilli
  9. Gnocchi
  10. Lasagna
  11. Linguine
  12. Macaroni
  13. Orecchiette
  14. Pappardelle
  15. Penne
  16. Ravioli
  17. Rotini
  18. Spaghetti
  19. Tortellini
  20. ziti


That’s a review of the ten best pasta maker recommendations that you can choose according to your needs. If you have bought the type of pasta maker you want, pay attention to how to use it by looking at the manual that has been provided first. After that, make sure to clean and store your good pasta maker in a closed place but not damp.

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