10 Best AC Brand Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – AC or air conditioner can be the best solution if you feel hot. Especially if the body feels hot, the skin is sticky due to sweat, it can cause itching. If that’s the case, work will also not be comfortable because you can’t focus properly.

Well, that’s the reason for the creation of air conditioners, one of which is the air conditioner, or AC. There are many brands and types of air conditioners on the market now. Some of them are Sharp, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Daikin, Polytron, Gree, and Changhong brands. Then, how to choose the best AC brand? Check out the following explanation.

How to choose a good

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There are several considerations that you should make so that the electronic goods that have been purchased are not easily damaged. That way, you won’t have to pay more for repairs. Well, here are tips for choosing the best air conditioner that you can add to your reference.

1. Choose the one according to the size of the

room. Which room do you want to install air conditioning in? If you want to use AC in your bedroom, then the best AC option is one that has PK. However, you can choose 1 PK if you want to install air conditioning in the living room.

So, choose an air conditioner with a larger PK if the room where the AC will be installed is also spacious, because the air conditioner with a larger PK will make the cooling process more optimal. In addition, you can also install more than one AC if you don’t want to install an AC that is more than 1 PK.

2. Calculation of costs properly

Buying the best air conditioner does not mean only paying for the purchase of the AC alone. There are several costs that you need to take into account, such as the cost of installing the air conditioner, the cost of dismantling the old air conditioner, the cost of making a power outlet if it wasn’t there before, maintenance costs, and so on.

In addition, choose an AC with a small power so that electricity costs are not too high. That way, your finances can be more controlled, right? Don’t just be tempted by cheap AC prices, but instead increase spending because the power is large.

3. Know the features of AC

One air conditioner compared to another air conditioner certainly has differences, right? Every air conditioner must have reliable features, such as an air purifier that functions to clean the air of bacteria or allergens.

That way, the air you breathe becomes cleaner. Then there is a power saving mode that can save more energy. The next feature is a jet dry to reduce air humidity. Well, those are just some of the features that exist in the AC, so you have to know the features that are owned by the best AC of your choice.

Tips for Caring for the Best AC to Stay Good & More Durable

You certainly want to have an air conditioner that lasts, right? You can’t have a durable air conditioner if you don’t take care of it properly. Well, here are tips for taking care of your best AC.

1. Save electricity using AC

Do you know of things you can do to save electricity when installing an AC? Well, you should turn off the AC first if you want to leave the room for a long time.

In addition, avoid using the air conditioner for a full 24 hours without a break. That way, the best AC of your choice can rest and will not be damaged in a short time.

2. Close the room when turning on the air conditioner

. Closing the room tightly is something that is quite often overlooked by some people when using the air conditioner. Did you do that too? By closing a room tightly, it will limit the entry of air from outside.

Well, that’s what can ease the work of the air conditioner because it doesn’t have to work too hard to cool and clean the air in the room. So, the best AC of your choice can last longer.

3. Perform regular maintenance

It is no less important to do routine maintenance or service on the air conditioner on a regular basis. You can do this once a month or every three months because there are things that need cleaning, such as cleaning the dust buildup on the filter.

That way, the best AC of your choice can work more easily. Don’t do the treatment yourself if you don’t know how! This is to prevent errors and reduce the risk of damage.

10 Best AC Brand Recommendations


What are the criteria for the AC you want to have? The many brands of AC with a variety of price options will certainly confuse you in choosing a good AC. Well, tomslead.com reviews ten recommendations for the best AC brands that you can add to your references.

1. Sharp Sayonara Panas Comfort Eco AH-A5SDL

Best AC Brand Sharp Sayonara Panas Comfort Eco AH-A5SDL
Sharp Sayonara Panas Comfort Eco AH-A5SDL

There are several items produced by Sharp, one of which is an AC with Eco type AH-A5SDL. As the name implies, this best air conditioner is environmentally friendly, so it does not damage the ozone because it uses the type of Freon R32.

In addition, the use of plasmacluster ion technology makes Sharp’s air conditioner able to filter the air from bacteria, fungi, and other impurities so that it can produce clean and cool air. This AC brand saves electricity because it has low wattage and low voltage so that it can still work optimally even though it has a low voltage. What do you think?

2. Daikin FTV15CXV14

Best AC Brand Daikin FTV15CXV14
Daikin FTV15CXV14

Are you looking for an air conditioner for your residence or office? Well, Daikin FTV15CXV14 can be one of your considerations because the cooling capacity is 5,000 BTU/h and uses R32 freon, which makes the room cold up to 10m2, and is environmentally friendly.

Daikin itself is one of the electronic brands that are also in great demand by the Indonesian market. In addition, one of the best AC brands has an automatic restart feature that allows the AC to return to the operating mode setting after the power is turned on again.

3. LG Dual Cool Eco Inverter T06EV3

Best AC Brand LG Dual Cool Eco Inverter T06EV3
LG Dual Cool Eco Inverter T06EV3

You are certainly no stranger to the LG brand, right? The LG Dual Cool Eco Inverter T06EV3 is the next best AC brand recommendation. The fast cooling feature of this air conditioner makes your room cool faster.

In addition, this air conditioner also has a sterilization feature that will sterilize the air in the room. In particular, this inverter AC has an active energy control feature that allows you to freely regulate the energy that must be spent so that the electrical power used is also more effective.

Well, you can set the timer to turn the AC on or off automatically, so you don’t have to worry if you forget to turn off the AC when you leave the room. Those things are very interesting, right?


Best AC Brand Samsung AR05JRFSVURNSE

In addition to mobile phones, Samsung also makes air conditioners with the AR05JRFSVURNSE type, which, of course, has several advantages. This best AC brand recommendation is an energy-efficient air conditioner because it has low wattage.

You also don’t need to worry because the air produced is free from bacteria. Then, a triangular shape that makes cool air can spread more quickly throughout the room. In addition, this air conditioner has an elegant design because of its minimalist shape and is equipped with an LED screen.

The outdoor AC unit is coated with anti-corrosion material so that the machine does not rust or become brittle when exposed to sunlight or rain. It certainly makes the air conditioner more durable, right?

5. Panasonic CS/CU-VU10SKP

Best AC Brand Panasonic CS.CU-VU10SKP
Panasonic CS/CU-VU10SKP

The next best AC brand reviewed is the Panasonic CS/CU-VU10SKP which has technology to filter the air so that the air produced is free from bacteria, viruses, and other impurities.

In addition, this product is equipped with inverter technology that can save electricity and cool the room quickly. Then, there is a dry mode feature that reduces air humidity levels. Not only that, environmentally friendly and durable are also the advantages of this AC brand.

Sometimes the air at night makes the room feel colder, right? However, this can be overcome when you use a Panasonic AC because it has an advanced feature that raises the temperature by 1°C every 1 hour if you have turned it on for 2 hours.

6. China’s Changhong CHOL-05L

Best AC Brand Changchong CHOL 05L
China’s Changhong CHOL-05L

It is famous for its cheap but not cheap products. It’s the same with the best AC products on this one. Even though the price is affordable, there is a turbo jet cooling feature with a cooling capacity of 5,000 BTU/h which makes the room cool down faster.

In addition, this AC condenser has been coated with double gold fins, which makes AC spare parts not easy to get dusty, rust free, durable, and not easy to leak. But the drawback is that this AC PK has a large enough power, which is 420 watts. Is that okay for you?

7. AUX ASW-09A4/FFR1

Best AC Brand AUX ASW 09A4-FFR1

Do you want to find the best AC brand at an affordable price? Well, you can buy an air conditioner with the AUX type ASW-09A4/FFR1. With this air conditioner, it will be easier for you to determine the right temperature with the i Feel feature.

So, your body and your family will not be too hot or cold. It’s very interesting, isn’t it? However, this AC is available in a choice of 1 PK with a fairly large wattage, which is 900 watts.

8. Gree GWC-05M003

Best AC Brand Gree GWC 05M003
Gree GWC-05M003

Have you ever heard of triple protection in air conditioners? Well, the next best AC recommendation is Gree GWC-05M003 with triple protection, which makes this air conditioner anti-fire, leak-proof, and high temperature.

In addition, the cooling capacity of the air conditioner is 4,800 BTU/h which is suitable for cooling a room less than 10 m2 and uses R32 refrigerant technology so that it can become an environmentally friendly air conditioner. Well, the design of the indoor and outdoor air conditioner bodies is strong and sturdy because it is made of ABS material, but still at an affordable price.

9. Akari 05D3LW

Best AC Brand Akari 05D3LW
Akari 05D3LW

You should not forget to consider the best air conditioner on this one, because the Akari 05D3LW can cool the room evenly. In addition, Akari made an innovation that allows the wind to blow in five directions at once.

Well, this AC brand has a low PK and also fairly low power. So it’s not too wasteful of electricity, yes! This is in accordance with the energy-saving feature rating, which is already four stars.

10. Polytron Neuva Ice PAC 05VXM

Best AC Brand Polytron Neuva Ice PAC 05VXM
Polytron Neuva Ice PAC 05VXM

Polytron provides a money back guarantee if the Polytron Neuva Ice AC cannot cool your room quickly. What do you think? This is a guarantee given by Polytron because this best air conditioner is equipped with a high efficiency cooling engine feature so that the room can cool down faster by up to 40%.

Of course, it will be very influential when the weather is hot, right? Not only that, there is still an air filter that makes you more comfortable while in the room.

That’s a review of the ten best AC brands that can be one of your considerations in choosing an air conditioner. I hope it helps, eh!

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