10 Best Cycling Gloves Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Bicycle gloves have become one of the most important items for those of you who have a hobby of cycling. The best bicycle gloves in this case will make it easier for you when running a hobby, and ensure your comfort and safety when cycling.

The Best Bike Gloves
Bicycle Gloves Illustration / Outdoorgearlab

Given the important role of these bicycle gloves, you as a cycling fan will eventually need to have this one item. For that, here are 10 recommendations for the best bicycle gloves that can be an alternative for you. But before that, it’s a good idea to know in advance how to choose bicycle gloves so you don’t regret buying the wrong product.

Choosing a Good Bike Glove

Knowing how to choose bicycle gloves is important and cannot be overlooked. By applying these few tips for choosing the best bicycle gloves, the risk of mistakes or losses when buying a product can be reduced as low as possible. For that, let’s just look at some tips on choosing the following bicycle gloves.

1. Choose the right size

The most important thing you need to pay attention to when choosing bicycle gloves is their size. Do not let you choose gloves that are too loose or too narrow, because this will greatly affect your comfort and safety when cycling.

Now to choose the right size, you can try on the gloves directly, or if you shop online, make sure the size of your palm circumference matches the size of the best bicycle glove product you choose.

2. Adjust to the weather

Apart from paying attention to the size, the next thing that is no less important is to adjust the best choice of gloves to the weather when you are cycling.

For example, if you often ride in the morning in dew and cold weather, thicker cycling gloves will work. However, if you prefer to ride during the day or evening, then standard cycling gloves in a thinner material may be more suitable.

3. Pay attention to the features

Currently, there are various kinds of the best bicycle gloves available with a variety of interesting features and of course useful for their users. In this case, you can choose the cycling glove feature which is ventilated so that it is not stuffy, or the anti-slip feature, the sweat wiping feature to wipe away sweat, and the touch panel feature which will make it easier for you to touch the gadget. 

10 Best Bike Gloves Recommendations

After knowing the various ways to choose good bicycle gloves, here, Ainun has provided some product recommendations for the best bicycle gloves that you can choose to support your cycling activities.

1. Eiger X-Rapidez 1.0 FF Gloves

Best Cycling Gloves Eiger X-Rapidez 1.0 FF Gloves
Eiger X-Rapidez 1.0 FF Gloves

The first recommendation for bicycle gloves came from a local 
brand from Bandung, Eiger. In this case, Eiger produces X-Rapidez 1.0 Gloves for mountain bike (MTB) users. These full finger cycling gloves  have a silicone anti-slip feature on their palms which will be very useful when braking suddenly.

These cycling gloves from Eiger are made of a material that has a high absorption of sweat and is also breathable, so it won’t make your hands sweat when using them. Not only that, this bicycle glove is also equipped with a touch panel feature on the thumb and forefinger, so you don’t have to bother taking off your gloves when you have to touch the gadget.

2. Shimano Airway Cycling Gloves

The Best Cycling Gloves Shimano Airway Cycling Gloves
Shimano Airway Cycling Gloves

In the second position, there is a recommendation for the best bicycle gloves from the Shimano brand which is famous for being good for those of you who want to start a cycling hobby. How not, these bicycle gloves from Shimano are sold at affordable prices for those of you who may not have sufficient budget supplies .

This bicycle glove is a type of half finger glove that has been equipped with the basic features needed for beginners, such as cushioning and also breathable material. In terms of design, too, these Shimano Airway Cycling Gloves are available in a variety of attractive color choices, as well as a simple design that still creates a sporty and stylish impression. 

3. Avelio Defender

Best Bike Gloves Avelio Defender
 Avelio Defender

One more recommendation for the best bicycle gloves which is the full finger type of gloves, Avelio Defender. Manufactured by the Avelio brand , this bicycle glove is suitable for those of you who are already experienced in cycling, and often try new trails that are quite extreme for hours.

This bicycle glove is made of spandex material which is more flexible and lighter, and coolmax material which does not make it hot, so it is suitable for use for a long time, even though it is a full finger type.

Not only that, the Avelio Defender bicycle gloves are also equipped with a secure slip-in band feature that makes it difficult to slip out of your hands, fingertech features that make it easy to access gadgets, and so on.

4. Pearl Izumi Elite Gel Gloves

Best Bike Gloves Pearl Izumi Fusion Gel Glove
Pearl Izumi Fusion Gel Glove

Who doesn’t know the Pearl Izumi brand ? This well-known manufacturer in cycling clothing and accessories certainly has the best cycling gloves that you can’t miss. One of its best products is the Pearl Izumi Fusion Elite Glove, which is a bicycle glove made of quality synthetic leather.

The material on the palms of the hands is able to make your hands stick well to the handlebars, while the backs of the hands which are made of soft material are able to absorb excess sweat on your hands.

Not only that, this bicycle glove, which is designed with three attractive neon colors, has also been equipped with an anti-shock feature, making it suitable for mountain bike users who often experience steep trails.

5. United Bike Bicycle Gloves

Best Bicycle Gloves United Bicycle Gloves
United Bicycle Gloves

This type of half finger bicycle glove is indeed a favorite of many people because it tends to be more open. So, the next recommendation for the best bicycle gloves is the best type of half finger gloves designed to reduce the risk of injury to your back and palms.

United Bike Bicycle Gloves can be an option for those of you who are starting to increase the intensity of cycling, because these gloves are able to have a cushion that will make your cycling experience feel comfortable, and reduce friction between the skin and the handlebar due to too long cycling.

These bicycle gloves are also able to absorb excess water so they are suitable for use in rainy weather or when you are sweating. With all these full features, who doesn’t feel at home on the bike for a long time?

6. Giro Bravo Gel

Giro Bravo Gel Best Cycling Gloves
Giro Bravo Gel

Want a great bike glove to go with style? This Giro Bravo Gel might be the best choice, because it has a stylish design and is no less attractive to complete your appearance when cycling.

Available in five eye-catching color options , one of the best bicycle gloves from Giro with the Bravo Gel type has been equipped with a breathable mesh to prevent damp palms , and has a sweat wiping feature with a microfiber material that can absorb sweat.

Based on reviews from many users, these cycling gloves are very comfortable when used, especially because they are supported by the SuperFit design which makes these gloves not easy to shift or fall off, as well as optimized gel padding which makes it feel soft when used

7. FITS Gloves Elite Pro

FITS Gloves Elite Pro Best Cycling Gloves
 FITS Gloves Elite Pro

The next recommendation for cycling gloves that you can’t miss is FITS Gloves Elite Pro. These bicycle gloves are equipped with a strap on the wrist that you can adjust the slack as you wish.

FITS Gloves Elite Pro is also equipped with foam on the palms, and has a half finger design that will facilitate air circulation which will keep your hands dry and make it easier for you to stay free during cycling.

Not only that, because it is made of quality terry cloth , one of the best bicycle gloves will be very comfortable and fit when used during sports. You can also use this one bicycle glove when trying various other types of sports, you know!

8. Rockbros Bicycle Gloves Half Finger Sport

Best Bicycle Gloves Rockbros Bicycle Gloves Half Finger Sport
Rockbros Bicycle Gloves Half Finger Sport

Easy sweating is a major problem when cycling? If so, then this recommendation of half finger bicycle gloves from Rockbros  might be worth trying. So far, bicycle gloves from the Rockbros brand have been very popular because of their unquestionable quality.

Now one of the best products, Rockbros Bicycle Gloves Half Finger Sport is specifically designed so that users feel comfortable while cycling. This is because the material of these bicycle gloves is made from a combination of high quality elastic spy mesh and lycra fabric . These bicycle gloves are also very compatible with all types of bicycles that you use, from MTB (mountain bikes), road bikes, folding bikes, to BMX.

9. Decathlon Btwin MTB XC Bicycle Gloves

Best Bicycle Gloves Decathlon Btwin MTB XC Bicycle Gloves
Decathlon Btwin MTB XC Cycling Gloves

The next recommendation for cycling gloves that is no less interesting to try is Decathlon Btwin MTB XC Cycling Gloves. For those of you who have been in the world of outdoor activities for a long time, the Decathlon brand is certainly no stranger to hearing, because the price is quite affordable but the quality is beyond doubt.

Now, one of the best bicycle gloves product with the full finger type has a design that is not kidding, where the material on the back feels soft, flexible, and porous to facilitate air circulation, and the palms of the hands are made of kangaroo skin which is capable of provides a firm grip on the bicycle handlebar.

In addition, these bicycle gloves are also equipped with a Kevlar surface on each finger, making it easier for you to touch your gadget or GPS, and are also equipped with a clip system that makes it easy to find them.

10. Polygon Gloves Enduro Alpha

Best Cycling Gloves Polygon Gloves Enduro Alpha
Polygon Gloves Enduro Alpha

In the last position, a bicycle glove product recommendation that is no less interesting is the Polygon Gloves Enduro Alpha. As one of the well-known bicycle manufacturers, it is not surprising that Polygon has bicycle gloves with the best design and quality.

Polygon Gloves Enduro Alpha which is a type of full finger glove is made of a combination of lycra mesh material on the back of the hand which is able to keep your hands cool, and clarino material on the palm which makes your grip more stable and not easy to slip.

Talking about the design, the gloves, which are available in three sizes, are black with the addition of red and white minimalist design accents that give the impression of being cool, stylish, and contemporary, making them suitable for use by young people who are just starting out as a cycling hobby.

So, those are the various types of recommendations for the best bicycle gloves that can be an alternative for those of you who have a hobby of cycling. Each of these products has its own features and uniqueness, which you can adjust to your needs while cycling. Apart from the ten choices above, you can also try other brands such as Fox Fire, DexShell, Santic, to Hamlin, and many other brands that produce the best cycling gloves.

Types of Bicycle Gloves

In the previous discussion, you may often hear the terms full finger and half finger. But do you know what these two terms mean? Basically, these two terms refer to the types of bicycle gloves that are widely available in the market. For more details, here is an explanation of each.

1. Full Finger

Full finger bicycle gloves , as the name suggests, are a type of gloves that cover all parts of the fingers, so that users can be protected from various frictions, up to bits of rock and soil. Because they have more closed properties, these bicycle gloves are clearly more suitable for those of you who often ride in areas with quite heavy terrain, such as on rocky or muddy trails. This type of bicycle glove can also provide a feeling of comfort because it can dampen vibrations when you grip the handlebar.

2. Half Finger

Unlike the previous types of bicycle gloves, this type of bicycle gloves is only able to cover half of your finger. Even so, the advantages of this type of bicycle glove allow you to touch the gadget while cycling, make it easier for users to get the best touch, and are able to make hands feel cooler and avoid moisture from sweat when used. This half finger bicycle glove is suitable for those of you who usually go through less extreme trails.


Thus a review of the 10 best bicycle gloves recommendations that you can make an alternative choice. Regardless of the brand, it’s a good idea to adjust your choice of bicycle gloves to your needs and budget . Don’t forget to also apply some of the tips for choosing bicycle gloves that have been described previously, as well as the different types of bicycle gloves available, so that you don’t make the wrong choice in choosing the product that will be used later. Finally, hopefully you can find a bicycle glove product that really matches your personality, yes!

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