10 Best Modular Helmet Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Are you currently looking for a modular helmet? Helmet is a driving accessory that must be used by everyone who rides a motorcycle. The goal is to protect the head from impact in the event of an accident. However, to provide maximum protection, a modular helmet can be the answer.

Best Modular Helmet
Modular / Motoracing Helmet Illustration Gambar

However, maybe many are still confused about which modular helmet is good and suitable for use. This is only natural, because currently there are many different types of brands and helmet products that are sold in the market. But you don’t need to worry too much about this, because below we will give you the 10 best modular helmet recommendations to choose from.

Tips for Choosing a Good Modular Helmet

Before knowing what are good modular helmets that you can choose from, you should first consider what tips on choosing a good helmet are. By knowing these tips for choosing a good modular helmet, then you can find the best helmet and can guarantee personal protection when used. Here are some tips for choosing a modular helmet that you must pay attention to.

1. Pay attention to the Weight of the Modular Helmet

When choosing a modular helmet to use, you should pay attention to the weight of the helmet first. There are many kinds of modular helmets to choose from. Make sure to choose a modular helmet with the right weight or appropriate and must be comfortable to use. Modular helmets that are too heavy will cause you to get tired quickly and can’t concentrate while driving. This condition can cause accidents.

2. Pay attention to the Modular Helmet Size

It’s not only the weight of the modular helmet to consider, you also need to consider the size of the helmet. So, before buying it, you can try a modular helmet first. If when wearing the helmet feels right and when moving the head, then a modular helmet that fits properly should not move at all. The reason is, using a helmet that does not fit or is loose is almost the same as not using a helmet at all if an accident occurs.

3. Attention Modular Helmet Certificate

Each modular helmet is of course certified to guarantee quality and ability to protect the head. Some safety certificates that you need to know DOt (Department of Transport), SNELL (Snell Memorial Foundation), JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) and SNI (Indonesian National Standard). Make sure the helmet you want to choose has one of these safety certificates. However, modular helmets usually carry three safety certificates at once.

4. Pay attention to the quality of the foam and liner

The last tip for choosing a modular helmet is to pay attention to the quality of the foam and liner fabric. These two materials are the key to the comfort of the helmet when used. If the helmet has good quality foam and liner cloth, it will be comfortable when used because it feels soft and does not put pressure on the head. So, make sure the modular helmet you want to choose is comfortable when used.

10 Best Modular Helmet Recommendations

After knowing the tips for choosing a modular helmet, the next step is to find out the best modular helmet recommendations that are worth considering. Without waiting any longer, continue to pay attention to the explanation of Ainun below.

1. Helm MDS Pro Rider

MDS Pro Rider Best Modular Helmet
Helm MDS Pro Rider

The first modular helmet recommendation to consider is the MDS Pro Rider. 
This one helmet weighs two kilograms, so those who are not used to modular helmets might get tired while using it. In addition, this one helmet has many safety certificates which include SNI, DOT SNELL and SJ. So, when you get used to the weight of this modular helmet, this helmet becomes very sturdy.

This best modular helmet uses thermoplastic material, thus maintaining the helmet’s quality when used normally. In addition, this best helmet is also equipped with a double visor that allows you to see during the day without fear of glare. In addition, it is also equipped with an inner knockdown feature , so you can remove the inside for cleaning.

2. Helm JPX MX 726-R

JPX MX 726-R Best Modular Helmet
Helm JPX MX 726-R

The modular helmet that must be considered next is a locally made helmet, the JPX MX 726-R. This one of the best modular helmets has a cool design and looks like an off-road helmet, but the chin guard can be removed. This helmet also has safety certificates, namely SNI and ECE, so there is no need to worry about the quality of its safety.

There is something unique about this modular helmet, namely that it is equipped with a built-in visor, so there is no need to buy additional goggles like other off-road helmets . Not only that, this best modular helmet also applies airflow technology to off-road helmets so that the head is always cool and comfortable.

3. Helm INK Adventure Modular

Helm Modular Terbaik Helm INK Adventure Modular
Helm INK Adventure Modular

INK Adventure is a modular helmet worth considering next. This helmet with a good design is perfect for those who want maximum protection from a full face helmet but don’t want to be complicated when drinking or wearing glasses. This best modular helmet is also equipped with safety certificates from DOT and SNI.

This INK Adventure Modular has a double visor that keeps drivers from being dazzled when driving during the day. Not only that, the double visor on the best modular helmet is also claimed to be anti-scratch and anti-radiation. In addition, on the front of this modular helmet there are ventilation holes that can be opened and closed. The hole is useful as a pathway for fresh air to enter the helmet so that the head remains cool.

4. Helm Zeus ZS 3000A

Best Modular Helmet Zeus ZS 3000A Helmet
Helm Zeus ZS 3000A

When it comes to the best modular helmets, if it’s complete you don’t include the Zeus ZS 3000A. This one helmet has a myriad of advantages that captivate its users. One of them is having an automatic sun-visor system that keeps its users from being dazzled during the day. Not only that, there is also a ventilation system that allows air circulation to enter properly so that the temperature in the helmet remains cool.

This best modular helmet pays great attention to the details of every part of the helmet. In fact, this helmet is equipped with a rubber trim that allows the visor to close tightly and can resist wind and rain. In addition, the foam can also be disassembled so it will be easier to wash. Not only that, the foam is made from 9 different types of fabrics and has anti-bacterial properties.

5. Helm KYT RRX

Best Modular Helmet KYT RRX

A modular helmet recommendation that should be considered next is the KYT RRX. This helmet with a weight of 1.8 kg has a cool design, simple and not adventurous. Although this weight can be considered quite heavy for everyday use, but for long trips this best modular helmet is very comfortable to use.

This one of the best modular helmets also has a double visor which is useful for keeping the eyes from dazzling during the day. Not only that, the visor on the KYT RRX helmet is also anti-scratch and anti-UV, which makes the visor less blurry and protects the eyes from the sun.

6. Helm INK Top Gun

Best Modular Helmet INK Top Gun Helmet
Helm INK Top Gun

The INK TOP Gun is a must-have modular helmet to consider next. The reason is, the design of this modular helmet is very cool and has a fairly wide field of view. Not only that, the INK TOP Gun helmet is also equipped with SNI and DOT safety certificates, so you don’t have to worry about the quality anymore.

This modular helmet is also very easy to clean, because the opening on the inside of the helmet can be removed and put back on. But unfortunately, this best modular helmet is not yet equipped with a double visor feature .

7. Helm Snail 815 Modular Double Visor

Helm Modular Terbaik Snail 815 Modular Double Visor
Helm Snail 815 Modular Double Visor

You are looking for a modular helmet with a light weight, maybe the Snail 815 Modular Double Visor can be a suitable choice. In addition to being lightweight, this modular helmet also has an elegant and aerodynamic design. So, this modular helmet is very comfortable for everyday use.

Snail 815 Modular Double Visor is also equipped with SNI and ECE certificates, so you don’t need to worry about safety standards. Not only that, this best modular helmet is also equipped with a double visor, so it is very comfortable to use even in the hot sun

8. Helm GM Integra Model Modular

GM Integra's Best Modular Helmet Modular Model
Helm GM Integra Model Modular

This GM Integra Modular Model is worth considering if you want to have a modular helmet. This modular helmet is very comfortable to use because the foam on this helmet is very soft and not hot. In addition, the foam on this best modular helmet can also be disassembled, so it is very easy to wash.

This best modular helmet also has a ventilation system that allows air to enter the helmet, so that the head will still feel cool when using it. As for the visor, it is equipped with anti-scratch and anti-UV capabilities.

9. Helm Nolan N90-3

Nolan's Best Modular Helmet N90-3
Helm Nolan N90-3

If you are a beginner and want to find a modular helmet? Maybe the Nolan N90-3 is for you. This modular helmet has a fairly wide viewing area, making it comfortable to use. Not only that, one of the best modular helmet options on this one also uses a double visor so the rider will not be dazzled even when driving in the daytime. In fact, the visor on the Nolan N90-3 is scratch-resistant and UV-resistant.

The Nolan N90-3 is also equipped with AirBooster technology, so the air inside the helmet will be maintained even in full face mode. Users also don’t have to worry about this helmet being loose when worn. The reason is, this best modular helmet already uses the microlok 2 system which is equipped with a gear lever on the strap.

10. Helm AGV Compact Numo Modular

The Best AGV Compact Numo Modular Helmet
Helm AGV Compact Numo Modular

The last recommendation for a modular helmet is the AGV Compact Numo Modular. The best modular helmet that is designed to be sporty, perfect for those of you who like to ride with friends. Not only that, this modular helmet is also equipped with an integrated ventilation system that makes air circulation inside the helmet.

You also don’t need to doubt the safety of this modular helmet because it already has several safety certificates including SNI, ECE, DOT and SHARP. Some of the other advantages of this best modular helmet are anti fog visor, x-tra quick release system and many others.

Tips for Caring for a Modular Helmet to Keep it Good & Durable

Of course, everyone wants their favorite helmet to last, right? Well, you don’t need to be confused, because there are some tips that can be done to care for a modular helmet to keep it durable. So, what are the tips for caring for the best modular helmet to keep it durable? Check out the full explanation below

1. Clean the helmet regularly

Tips for caring for a modular helmet that can be done first is to clean it regularly. However, when cleaning your favorite modular helmet, you should not wet the styrofoam layer because it can cause the damping quality to decrease.

So, when you want to wash this best modular helmet, make sure to remove the damper first. However, if your favorite modular helmet doesn’t have a damper that can be disassembled, then use a special helmet shampoo and warm water.

2. Lubricate the hinge of the visor

When you have finished cleaning or washing the modular helmet, the next step is to lubricate the visor hinges. The reason is, if the helmet is used for too long and is not lubricated, then the visor glass will be difficult to open or close.

So, lubricating the hinges of the visor helps the best modular helmets last longer. If you don’t have a helmet-specific lubricant, you can use baby oil instead.

3. Use a polishing liquid

Tips for caring for a modular helmet that need to be done next is to use a polishing liquid. Surely everyone wants to have a helmet that is durable and always clean, so the owner must provide a special polishing liquid for the helmet.

By adding a shiny liquid to the helmet, your best modular helmet will become more sparkling. Not only that, using this polish liquid also simultaneously provides protection to the helmet paint so it doesn’t fade easily.

4. Avoid exposure to the sun too often

Do you often just put a modular helmet in the mirror and get hot in the sun? If this is still often done, you should stop immediately. The reason is, helmets that are exposed to direct sunlight for a long time can make the glass or helmet visor blurry. Not only that, this condition can also cause the helmet paint to fade and the helmet no longer looks shiny.

5. Store properly

The last tip in caring for a helmet so that it lasts, what must be done is to store it properly. When you have finished using the helmet, you should not put it directly into the bag.

The reason is, helmets that are after use are usually moist, so if you store them immediately, they can cause mold growth and cause an unpleasant odor. It would be better to let it sit until it is not damp and then store it in a bag and keep it out of the reach of children.


Maybe that’s enough information about the 10 best modular helmet recommendations that can be considered. Make sure to also follow some of the tips and how to care for the helmet that has been explained so you can find a good and durable modular helmet. If you want to buy a modular helmet online, you should make sure the store that sells the helmet has good and good reviews.

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