10 Best Recommendations for Men’s Backpack Brands (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Choosing a backpack for men might be a little confusing, considering the many brands of branded backpacks that are scattered in the market. If explored further, the function of men’s backpacks is now not only used to carry various items, but also as a style complement when traveling.

In this regard, every brand strives to produce men’s backpacks that are good quality, strong and durable to wear, so that they have attractive and unique designs. This best branded men’s backpack is also available in various models, with different price ranges.

The Best Men's Backpack
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Those are some of the criteria that you need to consider before buying the best branded men’s backpack. After understanding and remembering these criteria, you can choose several brands that produce the best men’s backpacks as recommended above, of course. Congratulations on choosing the best backpack!

10 Recommendations for Men’s Backpack Brands

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Currently, there are already lots of brands that produce the best men’s backpack products, which you can make a choice. There is no need to doubt the quality of some of these brands, because they have topped the market for the best branded men’s backpacks in their respective segments. So, without further ado, here are some brands of men’s backpacks from various brands, Ainun options that might be interesting for you to have.

1. Converse Men’s Backpack

Converse Best Men's Backpack Brands
Converse Men’s Backpack

Who doesn’t know this brand that is famous for its star logo and shoes with monochrome nuances? 
Not only producing shoes, Converse also produces other fashion items with a gender-free theme, such as t-shirts, hoodies and bags, which are available in several types, including backpacks.

Its casual design has made Converse one of the best brands of men’s backpacks that many young people choose, especially those with an urban background.

Apart from being suitable for use in schools, colleges, and workplaces, the Converse backpack is still very relevant for use when traveling because it has quite a large compartment. With very good quality.

2.  Kalibre Men’s Backpack

The Best Men's Backpack Brand Kalibre
Kalibre Men’s Backpack

Kalibre is one of the best locally made men’s backpack brands. 
Every product owned by Kalibre is designed to be used for traveling, riding, or office activities. One of Kalibre’s strengths is that it offers a product durability guarantee of up to 5 years.

This is what makes Kalibre one of the best branded backpack brands for men. This brand itself has many choices of backpacks, so you can be more free to choose a backpack that suits your needs.

The materials used by Kalibre are usually canvas and nylon. Canvas material has a long shelf life and is easy to care for, but fades quickly. As for nylon material, it tends to be light, strong and elastic. Prices for Kalibre bags vary greatly.

3. Eiger Men’s Backpack 

The Best Men's Backpack Brand Eiger
Eiger Men’s Backpack

Maybe you are already familiar with this one brand. This best branded men’s backpack brand is famous for its outdoor products which provide various kinds of backpacks, from mountaineering or carrier bags, daypacks to sling bags.

In addition, Eiger is also known for its consistent and quality materials used, and also its models which are always up to date following developments. This is what makes Eiger one of the best men’s backpack brands that can be included in the list of recommendations for you.

When choosing the best Eiger brand backpack, adjust the product you choose according to your needs. If you want to use it for daily activities, you should choose the Eiger daypack type. However, if it is used for long trips with a long enough duration, you can choose the type of carrier.

4. Men’s Backpack  Rei

Rei's Best Men's Backpack Brand
Rei Men’s Backpack

It seems like the previous brand, this one brand is also very popular among climbers. This is because, the best men’s backpack brand, this one produces a lot of carrier bag products that have many variants with good quality.

Not only that, this brand also provides many choices of backpacks that can be used everyday. The prices of Rei’s products can be said to be suitable for the lower middle class.

You can get the best branded men’s backpack for this brand at a low price. Even though the price is quite affordable, the quality of the Rei brand bag can be compared to other brands that fill the bag market for the upper middle class.

5. Men’s Torch Backpack 

Torch's Best Men's Backpack Brand
Torch Men’s Backpack

It turns out that there is another best locally made branded men’s backpack, Torch. This brand has a travel bag product that uses an exclusive and stylish design. Even though Torch produces products that are suitable for traveling, the backpacks produced by Torch, especially those included in the hiking daypack model, are basically smaller than the usual mountain bags.

This is the best branded men’s bag brand, famous for its good quality. You can see this quality from the seams that are good, strong, and also neat, so that this backpack will last longer. Regarding the model, Torch provides a variety of models that can be selected for use in daily activities.

6.  Fjallraven Kanken Men’s Backpack

The Best Men's Backpack Brand Fjallraven Kanken
Fjallraven Kanken Men’s Backpack

School children to college students must be very familiar with the bags from the Fjallraven Kanken brand, which have a simple, unique and distinctive design, which makes them different from the best branded men’s backpack brands.

The bags produced by this Swedish brand are generally made of Vinylon F, which is water resistant, so it can protect the contents of your bag, be it books, laptops, or other important items, from rainwater or other liquids.

Apart from that, the best men’s backpack from the Fjallraven Kanken brand is also very comfortable when used, because the seat pad can be removed occasionally. That way, it cannot be denied that this backpack brand.

7. Men’s Bodypack Backpack 

Bodypack Best Men's Backpack Brand
Men’s Bodypack Backpack

Not only foreign brands, the popularity of the best branded men’s backpacks from local brands is also to be reckoned with. Bodypack in this case can be an option for those of you who love domestic products.

If your main goal in buying a backpack is to use it as a place to carry your laptop , then the Bodypack backpack can be the best choice. The material from the best men’s backpack brand Bodypack generally has quality material which is very suitable for use as a storage place for electronic goods, because it has thick foam and waterproof materials.

Not only that, this backpack, is equipped with small compartments inside that can be used to store chargers and other small accessories.

8. Adidas Men’s Backpack 

The Best Men's Backpack Brands Adidas
Adidas Men’s Backpack

Maybe those of you who like sports have often heard of this brand. This is because, Adidas is known as a well-known brand that produces sports equipment products ranging from shoes, jersey, football and others.

Even so, this one brand also turns out to have backpack products that are in great demand with guaranteed quality. The bags issued by Adidas do not only prioritize functionality, but also stylish models so that they are in great demand. This is what makes Adidas one of the best branded men’s backpack brands.

9.  Jansport Men’s Backpack

Jansport's Best Men's Backpack Brand
Jansport Men’s Backpack

The Jansport brand has succeeded in gaining popularity among young people, because of its varied designs, some are plain and simple, some have unique and interesting motifs. Not only that, this one of the best men’s backpack brands is also available in a fairly wide range of colors.

Speaking of quality, this bag from a brand originating from a neighboring country, Australia, is in great demand thanks to the padded back panel system technology that makes the wearer feel comfortable even though the bag is filled with a variety of heavy items.

That way, even though the price is quite high, choosing the best Jansport branded men’s backpack can still be a good decision.

10. Reebok Men’s Backpack

Reebok Best Men's Backpack Brands
Reebok Men’s Backpack

Reebok, like Adidas, is a brand that is quite popular in producing various sports fashion items for men and women. One of the products that is quite popular is the men’s backpack, which generally has an attractive design with unique colors.

Not only used when exercising, Reebok also produces the best branded men’s backpacks which are more formal and you can use them for work, as well as bags which are more casual and suitable for carrying college books. There are various styles and technologies used in each backpack.

Like the Reebok Run Gymsack, which is specially designed with an ergonomic shape that allows you to get comfortable. Plus, the straps and belt around your waist keep you steady.

So, those are some recommendations for the best branded men’s backpacks that can be an alternative for those of you who are confused about making a choice. Keep in mind, be careful before you buy, pay close attention to the reviews of other buyers, because now there are many counterfeit products circulating from the best branded men’s backpacks on behalf of the well-known brands above. To avoid losses, you should shop at official stores that are sure to sell original branded products.

Criteria for Considering a Good Men’s Backpack

However, before deciding to buy a branded men’s backpack, it’s a good idea to pay attention to a number of important things, such as the budget, the designation of the bag, to the design that suits your personality.

This is important considering that the men’s backpack that you are going to use can also guarantee your comfort and confidence on various occasions. For more details, here are other things that you should pay attention to when choosing a branded men’s backpack.

1. Bag Material

For those of you who want to get the best men’s backpack, the choice of material is an important thing that must be considered. In this case, you should choose a bag that is made of thick, good quality material, because it will guarantee the durability of the best backpack.

Apart from that, you should also choose a men’s backpack that is strong, but also feels light when carried everywhere, so it doesn’t burden you too much when traveling. For a more formal look, you can choose the best branded men’s backpack made of leather, and vice versa, for a more casual situation, choose a canvas backpack.

2. Bag size

The second criterion that you need to consider if you want to buy the best branded backpack is the size of the bag. Adjust the size of this men’s backpack to your needs.

If you want to use the backpack for long trips and you need to carry a lot of things, then choose a larger bag. Conversely, if the backpack you need will only be used for carrying things to the office, then the best small backpack for men will certainly suffice.

3. Bag Type

The type or type of bag is the next very important criterion to consider. As with size, the type of bag is also a criterion that needs to be adjusted to your needs. If you are going to use this bag for a longer duration, then choose the type of bag that emphasizes comfort, with a shape that is not stiff on the back.

So, if you are someone who values ​​appearance, then the best type of branded men’s backpack that you choose can be adjusted to the type that is currently hype or popular in the market.

4. Bag Design

This last thing is often the main criterion that becomes a benchmark for someone in choosing the best branded men’s backpack. You can adjust the design criteria for this bag according to age, taste, and designation.

The selection of this men’s backpack design will be able to represent your personality, profession, and activities that you can carry out daily. As a reference, for those of you who want to display a more mature and formal impression, then a minimalist design with neutral colors can be an option. Conversely, for more casual needs, you can choose the best men’s backpack with a more chic design and colorful colors.

5. Bag Components

The best branded men’s backpacks certainly have several main components consisting of straps, back pads, to pockets for stuffing them. So, for those of you who want to buy the best men’s backpack, pay close attention to the quality of each of these components.

Choose a men’s backpack that has straps and also a padded back pad that has foam that is thick and soft enough to make you feel comfortable. In addition, pay attention to how many pockets are available in the backpack. For those of you who carry a lot of small items, choose a men’s backpack that has compartments in it, so that the items in your bag don’t get messy easily.

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