10 Best Specs Brand Futsal Shoes Recommendation (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Playing futsal is a hobby for men. However, it is also possible if it is also liked by women. When playing futsal, it takes energy and playing skills as well as shoes which also influence the game.

This is because this game is a game that relies on kicks from feet wrapped in shoes, of course. That’s why not a few men are willing to spend quite a lot of money to get comfortable and good shoes to use when playing futsal. One of the shoes most often used by futsal players is the specs brand futsal shoes.

Best Specs Futsal Shoes
Specs . Futsal Shoes Illustration

These specs shoes are local brand shoes that have good quality that can compete with other foreign brands. These specs shoes have been widely marketed with different models so that they can be adjusted to the preferences of the users.

When talking about futsal, there are very identical things that people might immediately think of. It is playing ball. In your opinion, is playing futsal the same as playing football? If these two things are the same, what is the difference between the two things?

So, for those of you who are curious about these two things, especially about futsal, don’t miss the following reviews. In the following, things about futsal will be explained, including how to choose futsal shoes with specs brands, 10 recommended products, as well as other reviews related to the topic of futsal.

How to Choose the Best Specs Futsal Shoes

Want to get the best specs futsal shoe products? You need tips so you don’t choose the wrong one. Plus you might be confused when you want to buy it because there are so many products on the market. Come on, don’t miss the following tips on choosing the best specs brands of futsal shoes.

1. Select the series and style as you wish

Already available in many series or styles, these specs shoes have met the needs of their users. So, for those of you who want to buy these shoes, you can freely choose the series and style according to your wishes. That way you can use it comfortably and can produce maximum kicks.

2. Adjust to the type of field surface

Futsal field consists of two types of courts, namely indoor courts and outdoor courts. For outdoor fields, it is usually called a field with a synthetic grass surface. Meanwhile for indoor courts, the surface can be made of vinyl, tarralex, or cement.

With these surface differences, you also need to adjust the type of shoe to the field where you will play. This is so that you can play to the fullest.

For outdoor courts or synthetic grass fields, you should use futsal shoes that have a pull so that the grip is stronger when used. As for the indoor field, choose futsal shoes with rubber soles so they are not slippery.

3. Choose a suitable and comfortable size

Third, always make sure to choose according to the size of your feet so that it is comfortable to use. This is of course very important. You should not choose shoes that are too narrow or too big.

This can reduce your performance while kicking or running. Therefore, when buying these futsal shoes, it’s best to just try them at the store where you bought them. And if you buy it at an online store, make sure to check the number and cm length of the shoes you want to buy.

4. Choose genuine shoe products

Finally, you need to know to buy an item with good quality. You need to make sure that the product you buy is original or genuine. It’s the same with buying these specs futsal shoes. We recommend that you choose shoes with original quality.

Even though they are priced quite expensive, it is important to note that genuine goods have more quality and durability compared to imitation products. Even though specs shoes are usually priced at a price that is not too expensive with very qualified quality.

10 Recommendations for the Best Specs Brand Futsal Shoes

Already know how to choose the best specs futsal shoes. Now is the time for you to be presented with a list of the 10 best products from these futsal shoes. Intrigued by the product? Immediately, look at the following Ainun reviews .

1. Specs Metasala Nativ 2

Best Specs Brand Futsal Shoes Specs Metasala Nativ 2
Sepatu Futsal Specs Metasala Nativ 2

Futsal shoes have different models. 
For futsal shoes, this specs brand has a cool style for anyone to use. Having a classic and distinctive model, these shoes are made from synthetic materials with a black and white color combination that are suitable for use outside or inside the room.

Not only capable of style, these shoes are also made with comfortable materials that can protect your heels while in the field. Did you know, this shoe is so good that you can not only use it on the futsal field, these shoes are also suitable for use when hanging out. Very cool isn’t it?

2. Specs Apache

Best Specs Brand Futsal Shoes Apache Specs
Apache Specs Futsal Shoes

Having the main focus in terms of stability and comfort, these Apache specs shoes also excel in terms of their relatively light weight. 
For the material, the best specs futsal shoes, this one is made of leather which will not disturb the user while playing.

That way you can play more agile and agile. With his speed you can dribble and grab the ball well. Being one of the shoes made in Indonesia, this shoe is presented with foot numbers 36-46 in accordance with Indonesian foot standards. What are you waiting for, have it now and get speed and comfort when playing futsal.

3. Specs Swervo Thunder Bolt

Best Specs Brand Futsal Shoes Specs Swervo Thunder Bolt
Sepatu Futsal Specs Swervo Thunder Bolt

Having a very attractive color, this Specs Swervo Thunder Bolt shoe is made with special technology to increase precision and accuracy when playing futsal. 
The best specs futsal shoes on this one are made of quality synthetic leather.

Not only that, the leather material is also very easy to clean when exposed to dirt. It should be noted that the outsole of this shoe is very comfortable and durable when used and is also suitable for all types of futsal courts. So you are free to use it while playing on synthetic grass or on indoor courts.

4. Specs Gurkha Barricade

Best Specs Brand Futsal Shoes Specs Barricada Gurkha
Futsal Shoes Specs Barricada Gurkha

Having a bright color does not make these shoes tacky but still brings a manly and cool impression. 
These Specs Barricada Gurkha futsal shoes have a very cool color combination. Made in a wall-inspired process with a structured layer that can dispel obstacles.

Not only that, this best fusal specs shoe is equipped with an outsole that can protect your feet from injury and can increase your stability while playing on the field. This is because these specs shoes are equipped with a flexiarc that can help you pivot quickly.

5. Specs LS Ultra IN

Best Specs Brand Futsal Shoes Specs LS Ultra IN
Sepatu Futsal Specs LS Ultra IN

Playing futsal is not only fun for men. 
It is also considered cool when playing in the field and watched by many people. To look cooler, usually the players also use cool specs futsal shoes such as the Specs LS Ultra IN. Made from synthetic leather, these best specs futsal shoes can be used for indoor courts as well as synthetic grass courts.

These futsal shoes are available in 3 colors, namely rising red and solar orange. Designed in a sporty style with a unique color combination, these shoes can add to the attractiveness of futsal players on the field. But not only that, these shoes can also increase the user’s performance to be more stable and protected from injury.

6. Specs Metasala Void

Best Specs Futsal Shoes Specs Metasala Void
Futsal Shoes Specs Metasala Void

Made from synthetic leather material, this one of the best specs futsal shoes has a shape that can maintain ball control when kicking with the toe. 
This is because the Specs Metasala Void futsal shoe is equipped with thick synthetic leather on the front.

Having a sporty design, this futsal shoe has very smooth stitches. Not only that, these shoes also have a very thick section on the outsole which can provide more support when used for running and kicking in the field. These shoes are suitable for indoor court types by a pivot ready to score. For color, these shoes are combined with indigo, tulip blue and orange clown colors.

7. Specs Viper IN

The Best Specs Brand Futsal Shoes Specs Viper IN
Specs Viper IN Futsal Shoes

Having a rounded toe, this specs viper in futsal shoe can provide a stronger kicking performance. 
Suitable for use on indoor courts, these best specs futsal shoes use an outsole made of rubber. When running, not only the body, the feet must also be very sweaty which can make it uncomfortable when running.

Well, to overcome this, the insole of this specs shoe is made of EVA material which is coated with textiles to ensure that the user’s feet remain dry. Suitable for indoor courts, these futsal shoes made of synthetic leather provide comfort and a powerful kick to score goals. The color of this shoe is combined with astral aura and mango orange.

8. Specs Cyanide Galaxy

The Best Specs Brand Futsal Shoes Specs Cyanide Galaxy
Sepatu Futsal Specs Cyanide Galaxy

Present in 3 very attractive color choices, these best futsal specs shoes also have modern features. 
This shoe has a foottube feature that makes it easy for you to put your foot in and out of the shoe.

With this feature, the ankle will be protected either from the feet of other players or the wrong movement while playing. Very cool, right? If you think modern shoes are only produced by big companies, you are certainly wrong. You must have missed this Specs Cyanide Galaxy futsal shoe.

9. Specs Harpoon

The Best Specs Brand Futsal Shoes Specs Harpoon
Harpoon Specs Futsal Shoes

To increase precision and accuracy while playing futsal in the field, you can be helped by the best specs futsal shoes on this one. 
These specs harpoon shoes are the solution for those of you who want to play freely and move with maximum accuracy.

Not only that, the outsole of this shoe is also equipped with an outsole that can provide maximum comfort. Having a very bright electric color, you can amaze the audience when you are playing on the field.

10. Specs Accelerator Slaz Pro IN

Best Specs Brand Futsal Shoes Specs Accelerator Slaz Pro IN
Sepatu Futsal Specs Accelerator Slaz Pro IN

Want to find futsal shoes that are suitable for indoor and outdoor courts, the Specs Accelerator Slaz Pro IN futsal shoes are suitable for you to consider. 
This one of the best specs futsal shoes has an explosive style of play at high speed.

One of the advantages of these futsal shoes is the stud that is made which can provide maximum speed. Made of synthetic leather, these shoes are designed in a lemon tonic and black color combination. With these futsal shoes, you can move more agile on the field.

Those are the 10 recommended lists of the best specs brands of futsal shoes. How? Have you found shoes that suit you? If you have chosen the right one, just order it at your favorite store. Don’t miss it.

The difference between Futsal and Football

Often considered the same, did you know that futsal has a very significant difference from football. Although they have some similarities, the two things are different. What are the differences? Check out the following review.

1. Game Field

For the playing field, futsal can be done on outdoor or indoor courts. And the size is also smaller than a football field. Futsal courts usually have a length of 38 m to 42 m and a width of 18 m to 25 m.

Meanwhile, playing ball can only be done on the outdoor field. For its size, the soccer field is usually 100 m to 110 m long and 64 m to 75 m wide. So, even though they both use the object of the ball and goal when playing, the two things are different.

2. Number of Players

Having a different field area, the number of players in this game is also very different. Playing futsal requires 5 people while playing football requires 11 players which are often referred to as keblasan.

3. Playtime

For the time, futsal and football also have differences. For futsal it takes 2×20 minutes while futsal takes 2×45 minutes.

4. Substitution

For player substitutions, futsal games do not have a limited number while for football there are only 3 substitutions.

5. Shoes

Having different fields for playing futsal and soccer, this also really supports the difference in shoes that must be used. For futsal games which are usually held on indoor courts which are usually cement or outdoor which are usually made with synthetic grass, the shoes used usually do not have pulls for stepping on.

Usually futsal shoes are made of rubber which is not too hard on the bottom. Meanwhile, for soccer games that are played on ground with real grass, the soccer shoes used usually have a pull of at least 6 at the bottom for footing. For the material, the base is usually made of hard rubber to make it durable when used.


That’s the difference between futsal and soccer games that need attention. Remember, that futsal and soccer are something different even though they both have something in common with kicking a ball. And for the safety and comfort of your playing, be sure to always pay attention to the things that must be used while playing.

Since the point is to kick with your feet, of course you have to wear shoes to qualify for the game. However, not just any shoes. As previously explained, wear appropriate shoes. Besides being able to improve your playing performance, this also greatly affects your safety and comfort when playing.

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