7 Best Fixie Bike Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Cycling is an effective way to burn calories while enjoying fresh air. Of the many types of bicycles, one of the types favored by the public is the fixie bicycle, because it is slim, light in weight, and very easy to ride.

If you’re looking for a good quality fixie bike product, whether for daily use or exercise, this Ainun article will discuss tips and options in full.

Best Fixie Bike
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Get to know Fixie Bikes

Fixie bikes are designed with a drivetrain that only has one gear and is known as a fixed gear or fixed gear. Actually other types of bicycles, such as BMX ( bicycle motocross ) also use fixed gear but have fundamental differences from fixie bicycles.

Fixie bicycles do not have a freewheel mechanism , so the pedals also move when the wheels move, either forward or backward. Therefore, the feet cannot stop pedaling or coasting while the wheels are still spinning.

Although the mechanism is somewhat uncommon, fixie bikes are very popular among people who prioritize the attractive appearance of bicycles. Its simple shape with minimal spare parts makes this bicycle look attractive. Some of these bicycle sellers also provide custom color services for frames and wheels , so you can make your own bicycle in your favorite color.

Tips for Choosing a Good Fixie Bike

One of the attractions of a fixie bike is its appearance, so many products are made in various colors, even a combination of 2-3 colors on one bike. Apart from appearance, there are several other things to consider when choosing a fixie bike, here are the details.

1. Make sure the bicycle frame material

Basically, the frame shape of a fixie bike is similar to the shape of a racing or road bike frame and is made of several types of materials, such as steel, aluminum and carbon fiber. Steel materials made of iron are usually used for older production bicycles, because they are known to have high resistance, are easy to repair when bent, and absorb vibrations better.

Unfortunately, steel is considered to be the heaviest among other materials that are often used to make bicycle frames and tends to rust easily, so careful maintenance is required. Fixie bikes whose frames are made of steel are more suitable for daily transportation at close range, moreover, the price of these bicycles is usually relatively affordable but quite durable.

Another material that is also often used to make fixie bike frames is aluminum which is known to be lightweight so that bicycles can be ridden at fairly high speeds. In addition, aluminum is also a metal that is more resistant to rust than iron, so there is no need to worry that your bicycle will corrode relatively quickly.

The drawback of a fixie bike whose frame is made of aluminum is that it tends to be less strong and repairs are more difficult when damage occurs. Bicycles that use aluminum are not recommended for long-distance travel because they don’t feel comfortable and are more often used as a lifestyle for bicycle lovers.

Not only from metal, fixie bike frames are also made of carbon fiber material. This material is known to have the lightest weight and has a good ability to absorb road vibrations. So cycling activities will feel comfortable even though they cover quite a distance.

Carbon fiber can also be formed into complex shapes so that fixie bike manufacturers can maximize the aerodynamic efficiency of the frame . These various factors cause bicycles whose frames are made of carbon fiber to be sold at the most expensive prices and are still difficult to find in shops in Indonesia.

2. Choose based on the type of handlebars

Fixie bicycle handlebars are divided into several models, including flatbar , risebar , bullhorn and dropbar models , all of which have different characters and comfort levels. Flatbar handlebars are shaped like sticks that are almost flat along the body and are a common style found on these bikes. Flat handlebars are also favored by fixie bike users because they are easy to use, even for beginners.

If the risebar handlebars are characterized by a fracture that curves down in the middle and is usually used on MTB bicycles. On the bullhorn handlebars , the shape resembles a horn which at first glance looks less sporty but is comfortable to use when climbing because it supports a more aerodynamic body position.

For fixie bikes specifically for racing, dropbar handlebars or what are known as racing handlebars are usually used because it allows users to ride quickly but still safely. Dropbar handlebars have a characteristic curved back at both ends which serves to sprint at high speed.

3. Consider bicycles with or without brakes according to ability

In the previous description it has been discussed that fixie bikes only use one type of gear which makes it seem more unique compared to other types of bicycles. Even at the beginning of its appearance, various fixie classic bicycle products were designed without brakes. So to stop the speed, the user needs to hold down the pedal firmly so that the rear tire rotation stops. If it still doesn’t stop, the user needs to stand on the pedal to stop the rotation.

This way of braking makes many people hesitate to use a fixie bike, so now more and more products are equipped with one to two additional brakes. So you don’t have to bother holding down the bicycle pedals anymore. Some fixie torpedo bike products are also equipped with drums to reduce the speed of the bicycle until it stops when the pedal is pedaled backwards.

10 Best Fixie Bike Recommendations

Here we go

You can find several fixie bike brands in e-commerce, such as the Polygon, Tsunami, and London Taxi brands. There are even quite a number of traders who sell used bicycles, of course they are still suitable for use but the prices are much more affordable than new bicycles. Here are some recommendations for fixie bikes that can be ordered through the marketplace.

1. Tsunami SNM100

The Best Fixie Bike Brand - Tsunami SNM100
Fixie Bike – Tsunami SNM100

The Tsunami SNM100 uses aluminum material for its 
frame , so it is very light, even weighs only about 8 kg and is comfortable for beginners to use. The sizes available are also quite varied, you just have to adjust it according to your height until you find the height of the bike that is most comfortable to use. In addition to the stylish model , the Tsunami SNM100 also offers a variety of handlebar options, from risebar, dropbar to bullhorn.

However, this bike is not suitable for use on long distance trips, because the aluminum frame itself tends to be less strong than other materials. Available in a choice of black-green or black-yellow frame colors, the SNM100 Tsunami fixie bike sells for 6.8 million rupiah.

2. Polygon Zenith FX

The Best Fixie Bike Brand - Polygon Zenith FX
Fixie Bike – Polygon Zenith FX

Polygon, which is one of 
the well-known bicycle 
brands in Indonesia, also releases fixie bike products through Polygon Zenith FX. Comes with a chrome plated frame color , making this bike look cool, modern and minimalist. The frame is made of metal alloy material which is lightweight but still strong, so it remains comfortable when used for long distance travel. Coupled with a soft saddle , cycling trips will remain comfortable even for a long time.

The Polygon Zenith FX pedal has a toe clip which makes it even more comfortable to use, especially in urban areas. With a large enough tire diameter, this fixie bike is still comfortable enough to go fast. For the price, Polygon Zenith FX is priced at 3.5 million rupiah.

3. London Taxi Road Bike 700C

The Best Fixie Bike Brand - London Taxi Road Bike 700C
Sepeda Fixie – London Taxi Road Bike 700C

Even though it is a 
road bike, the London Taxi 700C can still be categorized as a fixie bike because it only uses one gear . This bike uses steel material on the frame which is light, strong, and gives a classic look. Plus on the front and rear of the bicycle there are V-Brake and Calliper Brake brakes, so even beginners can use this product, be it for work, sports, or casual cycling.

Because it is made of a metal alloy, the frame of this bicycle is known to be corrosion resistant so it can last for years. London Taxi 700C comes in a wide selection of cool colors, there are blue grey, bordeaux red, mustard, jade, British green, pearl white and charcoal. You can buy this fixie bike through Tokopedia or Shopee at a price of 4.9 million rupiah.

4. Litus Bike Fixie Bike

The Best Fixie Bike Brand - Litus Bike Fixie Bike
Fixie Bike – Litus Bike Fixie Bike

If you want a fixie bike whose 
frame color can be requested as you wish without additional costs, Litus Bike is the right choice. The frame itself is made of iron material which is known to be sturdy, but maintenance must be very careful because this metal tends to rust faster than aluminum.

With bright colors that can be customized as desired, this product is suitable for those of you who like to collect fixie bikes. The price of Litus Bike’s new products is now in the range of 3 million rupiah, but there are also quite a number of traders who sell used products for only 1-2 million.

5. Evergreen 700C

The Best Fixie Bike Brand - Evergreen 700C
Fixie Bike – Evergreen 700C

Looking for fixie bike products at prices that don’t reach 2 million? 
Then Evergreen 700C is the right choice. This product is made using 
hi-ten steel which is quite heavy and the braking uses a torpedo system, so it tends to be less suitable for learning to ride a bicycle.

The handlebars are made in the form of a dropbar like a racing bicycle which also makes the Evergreen 700C look cooler. Compared to some of the previous products, the price of this fixie bike is somewhat cheaper, around 1.5 million rupiah.

6. Viva Cycle Comet

The Best Fixie Bicycle Brand - Viva Cycle Comet 700C
Sepeda Fixie – Viva Cycle Comet 700C

Using CR-MO material and 
welding on the frame , the Viva Cycle Comet feels very light when used, what’s more, the frame is made quite thin. The handlebar itself uses a flatbar and risebar shape so that it looks like a unique classic fixie bike and is suitable for daily use, because it will help the body become more upright to look forward.

Sold for just 1.5 million rupiah on e-commerce, the Viva Cycle Comet uses a torpedo braking system that requires special skills to use it properly.

7. Full Bike Promax Fixie Bike

The Best Fixie Bike Brand - Full Bike Fixie Bike
Fixie Bikes – Full Bikes Fixie bikes

Available in a choice of red, black and blue 
frame colors , the Full Bike Promax fixie bike comes in a simple, modern design and is very cool to wear. This part of the bicycle tire is quite thin, so it still feels comfortable when used to go through narrow and winding streets.

For the braking system, torpedo brakes are used which are not difficult to operate, you just have to turn the pedal backwards. The price for the Promax Full Bike is fairly cheap, around 1.7 million rupiah at various online stores.

Other Types of Bicycles and Their Uses

Apart from fixie bikes, there are quite a number of other types of bicycles to choose from according to your needs. Here are some types of bicycles and their uses.

1. Racing Bikes

As a bicycle that is specifically designed for racing purposes, the price of this type of bicycle is somewhat more expensive than fixie bicycles. Race bike frames are usually very light because they are made of a combination of aluminum and carbon fiber, and some can even be lifted with just one hand. The position of the bicycle handlebars is curved, so that the rider can lower his body position and obtain good aerodynamics even at high speeds.

2. MTB

MTB bikes are considered to be the most popular type of bicycle in Indonesia, even more popular than fixie bikes because they can be used to go through potholes to muddy roads. Supported by a soft suspension, this bike will still be comfortable to use on less smooth roads. In order to be able to meet these various needs, mountain bikes are designed with a tire tread that is large enough and complete with serrated tire threads, so that the grip is also stronger.

3. BMX

Next, there is a type of BMX bike that is often used for extreme sports. The design of BMX bicycles is intended to be able to perform attractions in extreme obstacles and maneuver beautifully. Therefore, BMX bikes usually tend to be favored by young people who are already proficient at cycling. In contrast to fixie bikes that can be used by all groups.

4. Tandem Bike

If you think the look of a fixie bike is quite unique, then a tandem bike has an even more unique shape because it has two pairs of pedals and two main seats or even more in one frame. This makes tandem bicycles often found in various family entertainment venues, because fathers, mothers and children can use them at the same time.

5. Folding Bikes

As the name implies, the striking difference between folding bikes compared to fixie bikes is that the frame can be folded into a smaller shape, so users can easily carry them to various places. This makes this bicycle suitable for use by people who have high mobility, because they can be taken on public transportation, for example KRL, and can even be put in the trunk of a car.

6. City Bike

City bikes have the characteristic of having a basket on the front and having a low frame, so they are often chosen by women. These bicycles are quite easy to find in cities where bicycles are their main vehicle, for example in various cities in Europe. In addition to the basket, on the back of the bicycle there is usually an additional seat for piggybacking other people.

7. Touring Bike

Having a very strong frame, touring bikes are usually equipped with lighting, so you can still ride safely at night. When buying this type of bicycle, usually there is also a chain guard as an additional security feature.


Fixie bikes are bicycles that only have one gear or what is known as a fixed gear and are suitable for various purposes, be it exercising or casual cycling. This article has discussed in full the recommendations for fixie bikes as well as a glimpse of other types of bikes besides fixie bikes.

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