Review of 10 Best Mechanical Pencil Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Which mechanical pencil will help your note-taking activities? Everyone has their own taste. Starting from a pencil that can be rotated, does not break, to have a cushion to absorb pressure, each type must be adjusted to the needs and comfort of the user.

Therefore, we will recommend the best mechanical pencils to you. Before going any further, let’s first follow our review on how to choose the right mechanical pencil. All the information you need will help you find the right mechanical pencil!

Mechanical Pencil Illustration Drawing
Mechanical Pencil Illustration Drawing

How to choose a good mechanical pencil

In the market you will easily find mechanical pencils, ranging from cheap prices and simple designs, to pencils priced in the hundreds of thousands with special functions that help professionals. Are there any doubts to choose? You should first know the points of consideration before choosing a mechanical pencil. Let’s discuss!

1. Choose based on your favorite type

In general, mechanical pencils are divided into 3 types based on how to open or remove the contents of the pencil, namely pressed (knock), rotated, and a special type for technical drawing. First, let’s take a closer look at the characteristics of these 3 types of mechanical pencils.

  • Type Press (Knock) . This type is the most popular used, making its production continues to grow consistently. By pressing the button on the top of the pencil, the contents of the pencil will come out at the end of the pencil. Knock type mechanical pencil has other variations, such as knock type with decoration, double knock type, body knock type, and others.
  • Rotate Type . This type of pencil is a pioneer of the mechanical pencil type on the market. Although its popularity has eroded since the presence of the knock type, the rotary type pencil is still favored by some people. This is because this type of pencil is easy to replace the contents of the pencil.
  • Engineering Drawing Type . This kind of mechanical pencil is specially designed to create thin and sharp lines, when making technical drawings. This pencil is widely used by professionals because it provides more detailed writing results, and is easy to use and the pencil stem is firm and strong.

2. Choose based on the size of the pencil rod

Another important point to note is to look at the size of the pencil rod because it relates to the comfort of the grip, so that the user does not get tired easily. Because everyone has different writing pressures and hand sizes, the comfort level is influenced by these two things. So, choose the size that fits your hand.

  • Large Pencil Rod . Large diameter pencil rods or handles are suitable for people who press the pencil firmly while writing. The pencil will be easier to grip, so you won’t get tired easily when writing because it’s comfortable to wear.
  • Small Pencil Rod . For people who do not press the pencil while writing, it is suitable to use a pencil with a small diameter of the stem. However, it takes a little effort to hold it. This pencil is more recommended for those of you who need to pay attention to details when writing or drawing.

3. Choose by pencil weight

Pencils that are comfortable to wear can also be influenced by the weight and lightness of the pencils, thus giving different effects to the wearer. Which pencil do you find comfortable with writing? To answer this, we will describe the characteristics of light and heavy pencils in this section.

  • Heavy Pencil . Heavy mechanical pencils are more comfortable to use without expending pressure to press, letters can appear more easily. However, because these pencils are heavy, you need some strength to support them. Heavy pencils can also make lines or write clearly because they are easy to control.
  • Lightweight Pencil . You can write more quickly and precisely with a lighter pencil, as it takes less force to support it. It’s just that there are times when the pencil feels more difficult to control, and your hands will tire quickly from using force to press the pencil.

4. Choose based on the material of manufacture

The next step that needs to be considered is checking the materials used. Broadly speaking, mechanical pencils are made of 3 materials, namely plastic, metal, and wood. Plastic mechanical pencils have advantages in terms of low prices and many variations of designs. However, the plastic material makes it not superior in durability, and tends to be slippery when hands sweat.

Unlike the metal material, which is stronger, looks classy, ​​and is suitable for technical drawings. Although a bit heavy, metal mechanical pencils excel in terms of durability. While mechanical pencils made of wood are not slippery when used. But this pencil is more easily damaged when compared to metal, but still elegant in terms of design.

10 Best Mechanical Pencil Recommendations

Now is the time to choose the best quality mechanical pencil that suits your needs and writing style. Remember the points that Ainun explained earlier so you can find the right product for your heart!

1. PILOT Vintage Rubber Coated H-165

Best Mechanical Pencil - PILOT Vintage Rubber Coated H-165
PILOT Vintage Rubber Coated H-165

This Japanese-made mechanical pencil offers good writing quality. 
The pencil design is classic, but because of the many color choices, many people are attracted to it. Its use is also comfortable because the pencil stem is coated with rubber so it is not slippery when held.

You can hold it tight for easier writing. PILOT ensures that writing activities run more smoothly because the pencil is easy to control. The body of this pencil is small so it is more suitable for those of you who don’t press the pencil when writing.

2. Rotring Tikky 0.35 mm Burgundy

Best Mechanical Pencil - Rotring Tikky 0.35 mm Burgundy
Rotring Tikky 0,35 mm Burgundy

With a pencil size of 0.35, this product will be ideal for those of you who want to write without having to press the pencil hard. 
Interestingly, by using a mechanical pencil from Rotring, there is no need to prepare an additional eraser.

The end of the pencil cap is equipped with an eraser to make writing and drawing more practical. The non-slip rubber pad on the handle provides comfort when drawing lines.

3. 3aiside 0,5 mm Minion Despicable Me

Best Mechanical Pencil - 3aiside 0.5 mm Minion Despicable Me
3aiside 0,5 mm Minion Despicable Me

This is the right product to give to children to make them more happy to learn to write. 
This knock-type mechanical pencil is equipped with a Minion on the top end. The material in the form of plastic makes the pencil lighter to use.

Your child will be more enthusiastic about learning to write with this mechanical pencil. Moreover, a variety of color choices make children more free to choose their favorite color. The pencil pad has a ribbed contour for a more steady hold.

4.Mitsubishi Uni Kuru Toga

Best Mechanical Pencil - Mitsubishi Uni Kuru Toga
Mitsubishi Uni Kuru Toga

Mitsubishi Uni Kuru Toga is a pencil that encapsulates the latest functions from Japan. 
During use, the contents of this pencil can rotate automatically, so the tip of the pencil will always be pointed. Thanks to this kind of system, the results of thick and thin writing are consistent.

These mechanical pencils are also durable to use because the tip of the pencil tip is made of metal, while making the contents of the pencil not easily broken. We recommend the Mitsubishi Uni Kuru Toga to whoever you are. Students, students, or even workers deserve to use this pencil.

5. Stable Exam Grade 2.0

Best Mechanical Pencil - Highlighter Exam Grade 2.0
Stable Exam Grade 2.0

Stabilo issued a mechanical pencil to meet the needs of students for the times. 
Exams where multiple-choice answers are checked by computer need a good, cool pencil. Students don’t have to bother sharpening 2B pencils, just use the Stabilo Exam Grade 2.0 right now.

This mechanical pencil is specially designed for exams (exam grade). Made of strong material with a pencil tip that is strong and not easily broken, helping each student to concentrate more on answering questions. Full support for your child, let’s give it!

6. Artline 7070 Mechanical Pencil 0,7 mm

Best Mechanical Pencil - Artline 7070 Mechanical Pencil 0.7 mm
Artline 7070 Mechanical Pencil 0,7 mm

If you want a pencil that is comfortable to use, especially comfortable to hold for a long period of time, this product is worth a try. 
Artline 7070 is a mechanical pencil with a thickness of 0.7 mm which allows it to make writing clearer and more visible.

Even if you use it for a long time, your hands will not get tired because this pencil is designed with a triangular-shaped cushion that is ergonomic to grip. These pencils also have an eraser at the end, so you don’t have to worry if you forget to prepare your eraser.

7. Faber Castell Grip Matic 0,5 mm

Best Mechanical Pencil - Faber Castell Grip Matic 0.5 mm
Faber Castell Grip Matic 0,5 mm

When attending seminars or attending meetings, you may like to jot down important points to remember on paper. 
In order for the recording process to remain consistent throughout the event, you can rely on this mechanical pencil that can be filled out automatically,

Without the need to press the tip of the pencil to dispense the contents, the contents will come out automatically. You can write non-stop and comfortably thanks to the black and contoured rubber pads. Besides not slippery, of course more stable!

8. PILOT Color Eno 0,7 mm

Best Mechanical Pencil - PILOT Color Eno 0.7 mm
PILOT Color Eno 0,7 mm

So far, PILOT is known for its pen products. 
In fact, this brand also produces mechanical pencils, such as this PILOT Color Eno. It is a colorful mechanical pencil that is not only in the body, but the color of the contents of the pencil also follows the color of the pencil body.

If you like coloring activities, this product needs to be your list of choices. For children who like to color, you can also buy this pencil. Ergonomically designed, this ten-thousand-dollar pencil has a rubber pad that ensures a comfortable grip.

9. YBC 0,5 mm Metal

Best Mechanical Pencil - YBC 0,5 mm Metal
YBC 0,5 mm Metal

This YBC pencil refill is suitable for those of you who write without pressing. 
But, if you are the type of person who presses while writing, YBC also offers a metal mechanical pencil with a draw equal to the diameter of the pencil’s content of 0.7 mm, so it is stronger and resistant to breakage.

Metal material makes this pencil look attractive. Even though it is heavy, you don’t have to worry about pressing it firmly because it is guaranteed that this product will not break easily. So, do you want to use this pencil with a diameter of 0.5 mm or 0.7 mm?

10. Uchii Wooden Mechanic Writing

Best Mechanical Pencil - Uchii Wooden Mechanic Writing
Uchii Wooden Mechanic Writing

This product is sold in a set containing 3 mechanical pencils. 
Combining wood and stainless steel components, this pencil body is not only strong, but also looks simple but elegant. Suitable for those of you who want to look professional.

In addition to being used alone, these mechanical pencils can also be used as gifts to your coworkers’ birthdays. Thanks to its slightly heavy material, the Uchii Wooden Mechanic Writing can be used without expending effort. Interesting right?


Which is your mechanical pencil of choice? We hope the list helps. By using the right mechanical pencil, the effectiveness and efficiency when studying and working will increase. Always pay attention to the comfort aspect for you when using it, yes!

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