10 Recommendations for the Best Hair Shaver for Self Cut (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – In the United States, men do a lot of self-grooming. One of the most common is shaving your own hair using an electric hair clipper or better known as a hair clipper. In addition to cutting head hair, this tool can also shave mustache and beard hair with a special shaving cream.

If you want to do a self cut like today’s men, you must have your own hair clipper. In this article, we will share tips on choosing a razor along with the best product choices. Brands like Nova , Wahl , Kemei , and Philips have a collection of shavers you can use. Let’s just start the discussion, shall we!

Tips and How to Choose a Good Hair Shaving Tool

Best Self Cut Hair Shaver
The Best Self Cut / Menswearstyle Hair Shaver

Like other electronic devices, hair clippers also come with various specifications. Starting from the razor, size, weight, design, to advanced features can be found in it. You need to choose the one closest to your needs. For more clarity, you can listen to the guide to choosing a hair clipper below.

1. Choose based on the source of electricity

Even though it moves using an electric motor, the existing electric power is obtained from many sources. For this reason, electric hair clippers are divided into three power sources, namely with a cable that is plugged directly into the wall socket or with a rechargeable or disposable battery.

If you want to be more practical, you can choose a tool with a power source from a rechargeable battery. You can use this type in the bathroom at home or in a hotel. Meanwhile, razors with cables are not suitable for use in the bathroom because they are considered unsafe. However, everyone has their own preferences. Therefore, choose based on your needs.

2. Choose one that provides plenty of razor blade complements

The result of the hair being cut is influenced by the shape of the blade used. You will get the desired result if you get a product that is fairly complete with the blade. Some blades are designed to match the length of hair you want to cut, which can reduce the risk of mistakes in cutting your own hair.

In addition, the size of each razor blade attachment also varies. From the smallest to the largest, all have different uses. If you don’t know the function of each shape and size, look for information about it first so you don’t get it wrong when using it.

3. 4Choose one that is easy to clean

In contrast to ordinary hair clippers where there are very few hairs attached, electric hair clippers are just the opposite. Therefore, so that the product can function in the long term, always clean the tip of the blade every time you finish shaving your hair.

In this regard, it would be better if you have a razor whose blades are easy to clean, either with water or a special brush. You can clean the rest of the hair that sticks with water for thorough results. After watering, don’t forget to dry it and lubricate the blade with special oil to keep it sharp.

4. Choose what is comfortable to use

The average person uses their own shaver for between 20 – 30 minutes, depending on the level of proficiency. Because it takes quite a long time in the process, you need to choose a shaver that is comfortable to use. What we mean by comfortable is that the tool is not too heavy, comfortable to hold, not too noisy, and does not vibrate excessively.

If possible, choose products that pocket these comfort aspects. That way, you can focus more on creating the haircut you want. But usually, a good shaver is pegged at a fairly expensive market price. Therefore, also consider your finances.

5. It’s safer if the product has a waterproof feature

It is important to choose a product that is easy and comfortable to use. However, because most people shave their hair in the bathroom, the safety aspect is also a consideration that must be carefully considered. Especially for those of you who are more comfortable shaving in the bathroom, we recommend choosing a shaver that is equipped with a waterproof feature.

Today there are many razors that are waterproof. This will certainly prevent accidents that will cause you to be electrocuted by a wet tool. Although the average device with a waterproof feature is also higher in terms of price, it doesn’t matter if you are protected from dangers such as electrocution.

10 Recommendations for the Best Hair Shaving Tool for Self-Cut

It will be more economical if you buy your own hair clipper. Therefore, after understanding how to choose one, Ainun also provides ten choices of the best hair clippers that you can buy online. Happy deciding!

1. Nova Hair Clipper

Best Hair Clipper Pictures for Self cut Nova Hair Clipper
Nova Hair Clipper Image

For parents who want to shave their male hair at home, have this product. 
Its small size makes it light and comfortable to hold. You can wear it for a long time without feeling sore.

Nova designed this tool with a battery mechanism as the motor drive. The battery is rechargeable so you don’t have to replace it with a new one every time it runs out of power. With this tool, you no longer need to take your little one to the barber and wait in long lines until it’s his turn.

2. Jinghao Hair Clipper 4616

Best Hair Clipper Pictures for Self Cut Jinghao Hair Clipper 4616
Jinghao Hair Clipper 4616 picture

Jinghao offers a shaving kit that you’re sure to love. 
For a very low price, you will get an electric shaving machine, four sizes of blade attachments, manual scissors, and blade lubricating oil in one package.

Its small size makes it light and comfortable to use for a long time. Futuristic design, you will be happy when you shave your own hair with this tool. Jinghao guarantees that this tool operates flawlessly without fear of stopping halfway.

3.OEM Shavers

Picture of Best Shaver OEM for Self Cut
Shaver OEM Pictures

If you get an assignment out of town by your boss or are planning a vacation, you can still cut your own hair, you know! 
The reason is, OEM has released a wireless hair clipper which is certainly practical and has high mobility.

This razor at a very affordable price is powered by 2 batteries that can be replaced when they run out. Powered by a battery and cordless, this product won’t take up much space in your carry-on bag or suitcase.

4. Yijan HK888S Baby Hair Clipper

Best Hair Clippers for Self Cut Yijan HK888S Baby Hair Clipper
Gambar Yijan HK888S Baby Hair Clipper

Babies often find it difficult to get their hair shaved by a barber who they don’t know. 
If you’re overwhelmed enough to keep your baby shaved at the barbershop, why not just buy your own shaver? This product from Yijan can be your choice!

Designed for the needs of babies under the age of 1 year, this tool is certainly safe and comfortable for both mother and child. Armed with a blade that is designed to be friendly and durable, you can reduce the monthly expenses that are usually used to shave your child’s hair at the barbershop. In addition, this product is also waterproof, you know!

5. Codos CHC-830 Children Clipper

Picture of Best Hair Clipper for Self-cut Codos CHC-830 Children Clipper
Gambar Codos CHC-830 Children Clipper

Codos also offers hair trimmers for babies and children. 
This tool operates a motor whose power is obtained from the battery. Because it is designed for children, the Codos CHC-830 does not make loud noises.

Thanks to the noise-cancelling feature, your child will not be disturbed by the buzzing sound that is close to his ear. In addition, this tool is also designed to be comfortably gripped by parents’ hands. When shaving a child’s hair with this tool, you also don’t have to worry about the child’s scalp being scratched because the blade is made of ceramic so it is guaranteed to be safe.

6. Wahl Chrome Pro Hair Clipper

Wahl Chrome Pro Hair Clipper Best Hair Clipper for Self Cut
Gambar Wahl Chrome Pro Hair Clipper

WAHL Clipper Corporation was the first company to manufacture and patent a hair clipper in the United States. 
One of its superior products is the Chrome Pro Hair Clipper. This shaver is widely used by professional hairdressers because it guarantees the best quality.

The body of the shaving machine is made of the best metal which makes it durable. The sharp blade ensures maximum shaving results. This tool is equipped with a blade attachment consisting of 13 different sizes, you can also get your favorite hair style!

7. Kemei KM-4003

Pictures of the Best Hair Shaving Tools for Self-Cut Kemei KM-4003
Images of Kemei KM-4003

If you are constrained by budget matters and still want to get a good quality product, then this one product should not be missed. 
This razor is made with a blade that is not only sharp, but waterproof and anti-rust even though it is often exposed to water and is in a humid room.

Apart from that, the Kemei KM-4003 is also designed in a shape that follows the fingers. That way, you will feel comfortable thanks to its uniquely designed body shape. In fact, the non-slip material can also reduce the shaver from being accidentally dropped.

8. Kemei KM 3590

Images of the Best Hair Shaving Tools for Kemei KM 3590 Self-cut
Image of Kemei KM 3590

One brand with the previous product, here we recommend Kemei KM-3590 for you. 
For this series, Kemei equipped the tool with 5 different blades and 4 removable blade attachments. This tool is not only ideal for shaving head hair, but also nose hair, ear hair, mustache, and beard.

No need to spend up to half a million, you can already find good quality razors. During the shaving process, your hands won’t get sore because this tool only weighs about 200 grams. The straight shape of the grip handle displays a minimalist and modern impression which is at the same time practical to use.

9. Philips Clipper HC3426

Image of the Best Philips Clipper HC3426 Self-cut Hair Clipper
Gambar Philips Clipper HC3426

When in a hurry to come to the office but you haven’t had time to shave your hair, you can still look perfect with neat hair if you have this shaver at home. 
Philips offers the advantage of a high-speed engine inside.

This feature allows you to make the trimming process faster. The presence of two blade attachments prevents the scalp from being scratched because you are in a hurry. The shape of the handle which is made concave in the middle ensures comfort during use.

10. Onyx OX216

Onyx OX216 Best Hair Shaving Tools Pictures for Self-cut
Picture of Onyx OX216

This simple design shaver can be an option for those of you who like convenience. 
Apart from being compact, the Onyx electric shaver is equipped with a cable to recharge the battery which can be removed when you use the tool to shave.

Onyx completes its products with 3 different sizes of blade attachments to provide access to the shaving results according to the style you want. It doesn’t end there, this product is also accompanied by blade lubricating oil that you can apply to maintain its sharpness. Economical prices and quality that meets everyone’s needs make it worth owning!


Having your own hair clipper means you don’t have to go to a salon or barbershop every time you want to cut your long hair. However, it can be difficult to shave your own hair the first time. Therefore, prioritize choosing products that provide a lot of attachments for the blade so that you can adjust the level of trimming to prevent hair from being cut too much.

In addition, a hair clipper that is accompanied by an excess of water resistance can protect you from the risk of electric shock. Then, for those of you who are more often assigned out of town and don’t have time to go to the barber, then buy a shaver powered by a rechargeable battery to make it more practical.

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