10 Best Makeup Brush Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – One makeup tool that almost every woman has is a makeup brush. Did you know that the secret to getting flawless makeup for a makeup artist is the use of the right makeup brushes? No wonder Real Techniques, Make Up Forever, and MAC produce makeup brushes of superior quality. Which product is right for you?

Various options are available on the market, so it is easy for you to find them. However, how can you be sure that your chosen makeup brush is the best? To find out the answer, we recommend that you read the following article review. From tips on choosing makeup brushes to recommendations for the best products, you’ll find them here!

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How to choose a good makeup brush Makeup brushes

They have hair bristles of varying thickness. The tip and handle of the brush also have various shapes that need to be adjusted to suit your needs. You can use a makeup brush to apply cosmetics such as powder, blush, and other facial cosmetic products.

Although they have similar functions, the level of ability to attach cosmetics to the face of each makeup brush is different. Therefore, you need to use the right makeup brush. Take note of the following points so that you find the right product!

1. Choose skin-friendly brush bristles.

Brush bristles are the part that is in direct contact with facial skin during application. To be comfortable and not itchy, choose a soft-bristled brush so as not to irritate the skin when rubbed on the face. Before buying, put the product of your choice into your hand or neck to find out the comfort of the bristles.

If buying directly from a cosmetic store, check the bristles of the brush. Avoid makeup brushes with uneven bristles because it often happens that these products don’t last long due to the bristles that fall out easily. By ensuring the quality of the fur is comfortable and looks neat, parallel, and even in height, then the product can be said to be a good choice.

2. Choose a brush bristles material that suits your makeup needs.

The two most common types of makeup brushes on the market are natural bristles and artificial bristles. The difference is quite significant, especially in terms of budget. Brushes with natural bristles are usually made from animal hair such as squirrels, ferrets, goats, and the like.

Natural brush bristles have the advantage of not being easy to wear and being softer at the tips, although this is different from every animal hair is used. If you are easily allergic to animal hair, you should avoid brushes that come from real animal hair.

while artificially bristled brushes are more recommended for beginners. These brushes are generally made of nylon fiber materials, such as polyester and tacron. Although not as superior as natural bristled brushes, there are more choices of artificial bristled makeup brushes on the market. In terms of price, it is also cheaper, and the ease of use is a plus in itself.

3. Choose a brush that comes with a case or sheath.

Check the completeness of the item when buying offline or online. Although many provide brush containers, it is not uncommon for manufacturers to be absent from producing brush covers. In addition to considering the softness of the bristles, you also need to consider how to store the brush.

Brushes with long handles usually have a holster, while those with shorter handles are more likely to have a plastic case or something like that. If you want to decorate anywhere, it’s better to choose a makeup brush that comes with a case with a cover or holster. If it’s not available at the time of purchase, you’ll need to set it up separately. So, consider this one point because it is also important.

10 Best Makeup Brush Recommendations


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Cosmetic brands compete with each other to create the best quality makeup brushes, and many of them have received international awards. Generally, high-quality products are used by professional makeup artists. Do you want to decorate yourself and make your makeup look flawless like a makeup artist’s touch? Come on, choose one of the makeup brushes in the tomslead.com below!

1. Make Up Forever Double-Ended Sculpting Brush 158

Make Up Forever Double-Ended Sculpting Brush 158
Make Up Forever Double-Ended Sculpting Brush 158

One of the brushes made by Make Up Forever is quite popular on the market. There are two sides of the brush with flexible bristles. This brush is here to help women get the perfect contour makeup. With straight and wavy bristles, use it in a twist.

One side of the brush is designed with dense bristles and angled at both corners to help you do firm contouring. while the brush on the other side has a round shape that is used as a powder maker. You can use this one makeup brush to apply loose powder and compact powder.

2. MAC 219 Synthetic Pencil Brush

MAC 219 Synthetic Pencil Brush
MAC 219 Synthetic Pencil Brush

This artificially bristled brush from MAC is perfect for those of you who want a smokey eye makeup style. In this collection, the MAC 219 Synthetic Pencil Brush will help you blend eye shadow with a level of precision that is detailed on the eyes.

Besides being good for shading, these synthetic brushes from MAC have long-lasting fine bristles. The pencil shape that is comfortable to hold is ideal for combining eyeliner with eyeshadow. The perfect smokey eye makeup is sure to get you.

3. Real Techniques Powder Brush The Real Techniques powder brush

Real Techniques Powder Brush
Real Techniques Powder Brush The Real Techniques powder brush

It was designed by makeup artists named Samantha and Nicola Chapman—who are also brother and sister. They carry a lot of brush designs that can be used by all groups, from beginners to professional makeup artists.

One of his collections has won an international award. The large head shape helps you get makeup that is smoother and has a high definition effect. This product is ideal for spreading loose powder, compact powder, or mineral foundation. Beginners who are just learning how to apply makeup with a brush will be helped by this product!

4. Sigma Beauty 3DHD Kabuki Brush

Sigma Beauty 3DHD Kabuki Brush
Sigma Beauty 3DHD Kabuki Brush

Sigma Beauty 3DHD A Kabuki Brush is a professional make-up fan because it has a luxurious appearance. Carrying a unique kabuki brush shape, this product that is sophisticated and sought after by makeup artists is designed to be multifunctional. At the tip of the brush there is a flat and pointed double wedge.

Every nook, curve, and crease on your face is easily reached by this 3DHD brush. The inverted V-shaped surface emphasizes makeup around the nose and narrow facial areas. The bristles of this brush are thick and tight, so they can cover all kinds of cosmetics.

5. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Real Techniques is presented again at this point. This collection falls on the Expert Face Brush, which promises super flawless makeup results. The following products are the best sellers in many countries. It has a strong handle with a broad and broad fur surface.

The bristles are designed to be thick and high-density, so they can create a buffed effect that feels very soft when you blend them into the skin. The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush is excellent for applying liquid and cream foundations. The ability to reach a wide area of ​​the face will create a completely flawless makeup!

6. Artist Elite Oval 7

Artis Elite Oval 7
Artist Elite Oval 7

Talking about innovation, the Artist Elite Oval 7 is a revolutionary makeup brush that is currently trending on the market. Although priced at a high price, this one makeup brush has many functions. You can apply foundation, blush, powder, highlight powder, bronzer, and facial cream with this oval head-shaped brush.

The world’s makeup artists love these makeup brushes. Interestingly, even beginners can still use this product because it is easy to use. This brush has the perfect size, made of a revolutionary fiber material called CosmeFibre with a soft buff tip, making it very comfortable when applied to the skin surface.

7. Sigma Beauty E25

Sigma Beauty E25 Blending Brush
Sigma Beauty E25

Blending Brush We recommend our Stigma Beauty E25 Blending Brush to those of you who want to create soft makeup lines with sharp results and are very good at evening out colors. The following products work optimally in concealing fairly sharp contour lines in the eye, cheek, nose, and jaw area.

Natural and flawless makeup is the finishing touch of the use of makeup brushes from Sigma Beauty. The following products have a brush head that is firm and round in shape. Such a design serves as a makeup diffuser. Besides being good at concealing contour lines and blending colors, this product has also been named the winner by Nylon magazine in the Beauty Hit List category.

8. Real Techniques Blush Brush

Real Techniques Blush Brush
Real Techniques Blush Brush

Real Techniques produces a lot of good quality makeup brushes, one of which is the Blush Brush. Designed with 2 in 1 features, this fun-looking product promises flawless makeup results. On one hand, the brush is used to facilitate contouring at several points on the face.

Then, the round and thick parts of the brush are used as a bronzer powder application and define cheekbones. Made of soft and luxurious synthetic bristles, the tapered cut on the tip of the brush can adhere powder perfectly to the cheeks.

9. Morphe M310 Large Soft Fan

Morphe M310 Large Soft Fan
Morphe M310 Large Soft Fan

The Morphe M310 Large Soft Fan won an award from InStyle in the Best Beauty Buys Product category as the best brush for highlighting. This brush that can provide highlight accents has a fan shape. You can rely on it to tidy up makeup to get rid of eyeshadow powder that falls around the eyes.

Due to its unique shape resembling a fan, this product is also a pleasure for world makeup artists. Derived from goat hair with a light fine texture, this brush will give a light highlighting powder appearance on the cheekbones and face.

10. Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush

Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush
Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush

For those of you who are looking for a makeup brush to paint lines on your lips, Real Techniques has the solution. The following product is designed as a lip brush with a sharp tapered tip. You can use it to define and contour your lips precisely.

The Retractable Lip Brush is equipped with a cover to keep the product hygienic and to make it easier to carry and store in a makeup pouch. Made from synthetic fibers, these artificially bristled brushes are so soft they won’t cause any problems later on.


As seen in the list, makeup brushes come in various sizes and shapes of bristles. For beginners, choose a round brush that is easier to use. While the results of natural makeup can be achieved by using a kabuki brush, you can also get contours or firm makeup using a brush with angled bristles. Then, oval-shaped brushes are trending because they have very thick bristles, so they are suitable for various types of facial cosmetics.

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