10 Best Air Mattress Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A good and comfortable air mattress is the right product for you to use at home or when traveling. Many people are still confused when large families come and lack mattresses. If in general the mattress is filled with cotton or silicone, this time there is a mattress filled with air. Apart from being easy to use, this mattress does not take up any space at home. Interestingly, you can also take this mattress anywhere without the hassle and weight.

Usually air mattresses are equipped with a special pump. There are manufacturers who provide manual pumps, which means that it takes effort to use them. However, as technology develops, many are innovating to make automatic pumps, so you won’t get tired. Using this mattress is very easy, just fill it with air until it expands.

Best Air Mattress
Illustration of Queen PremAire / Intex Air Mattress

The best air mattress is perfect for those of you who often travel on business or travel. In addition, this mattress is also comfortable to use for camping or sleeping in the car. It is portable in nature so it is easy to move, the level of comfort is not inferior to the spring bed that you normally use.

How to choose a good air mattress

Air mattresses that are difficult to use will certainly make you reluctant to use them. No wonder the object will only be in the warehouse. Therefore, the following will explain the important points that you need to pay attention to when buying the best air mattress. Check out the full review!

1. Know the pumping technique

Air mattresses generally use three types of pumping, including manual pumps, electric automatics, and inflatable pumps. If you need the best air mattress that you can carry anywhere, then avoid buying an air mattress that uses an electric automatic pump. The reason is, you may have difficulty finding a power source when camping in the open.

In such conditions, you should choose the best air mattress with a manual or inflatable pump so you don’t experience difficulties. The process of filling the air on an inflatable mattress is the same as when you fill the air in a balloon by exhaling air. It’s just that, this type of mattress is easy and fast to fill, but it also quickly deflates.

If you buy a mattress for home use, then the best air mattress with an electric pump can be the right choice. It’s enough to stretch the mattress, then you can connect the pump to electricity, then the mattress will inflate itself. When it’s maxed out, just turn off the pump and you can sleep soundly.

3. Select the size of the air mattress as needed

Before buying the best air mattress, make sure the size of the selected mattress fits in the car or tent. If you want to use a mattress in a car, size is the most important thing to consider. After getting the size, choose a mattress that is comfortable when used so that the quality of sleep is not disturbed.

Meanwhile, if you are tall, buy a mattress that is long and can make your sleep more comfortable. However, if your hobby is tossing and turning while sleeping, a wide mattress will make your sleep more restful and comfortable. By knowing the size of the best air mattress, you can estimate the comfort of your sleep while resting on the air mattress.

3. Check the weight and size when stored

When you travel, there will definitely be a lot of luggage that needs to be carried, right? Therefore, choosing a mattress that does not take up space will be much more practical. Before buying, don’t forget to check how big the size of the best air mattress is when folded. So that the prepared place can fit.

In addition to the size of the mattress, weight is also an important point that needs attention. If the best air mattresses are light in weight, you can easily place a pile of other items on them. So that all the necessities when traveling can be transported or all get into the car.

4. Choose materials according to the resistance and comfort you want

The last thing that is not less important is that the base material on the surface and base of the mattress must not be stifling. The mattress pad should be made of premium material with good breathability, heat insulation and softness. In addition, you should choose the best air mattress material that doesn’t get dirty quickly so you can put it outside during outdoor activities. You can choose a material that feels nice against your skin while you sleep, such as velvet.

10 Best Air Mattress Recommendations

Here we go

Air mattresses have recently been able to attract the attention of many consumers in online and offline stores. There are two types of air mattresses namely manual and automatic expansion . In order to find the right product, here is information about the ten best brands of air mattresses selected by Ainun that you can take into consideration.

1. Intex Durabeam Rest Raised Airbed

Best Air Mattress Intex Durabeam Rest Raised Airbed
Brand Intex Durabeam Rest Raised Airbed

Intex is one of the well-known brands of air mattresses and has very good quality. 
The first comfortable air mattress used was the Intex Durabeam Rest Raised Airbed V2 type. This type of air mattress is good and very comfortable to sleep on. This is obtained from the material used, namely Italian combed cotton which provides the right level of softness. In addition, this material is known to have high absorption so that it can balance body heat. The Intex Durabeam Rest Raised Airbed V2 is equipped with an automatic electric pump that turns on when connected to an electric supply with a power of 60 Watts.

The use of fiber-tech technology in this material is very unique. Its function is to ensure that the mattress remains stable and strong but lightly used. You also don’t have to wait long when filling the air on this mattress. In just 5 to 10 minutes this best air mattress is ready for use. Of course, it is very useful if guests come suddenly.

2. Bestway 67004 Air Bed

The Best Air Mattress Bestway 67004 Air Bed
Brand Bestway 67004 Air Bed

This Bestway 670004 air mattress has a size of 203 x 183 cm with a height of 22 cm after maximum inflating. 
The structure is sturdy with the main material being PVC vinyl, which ensures that the product remains strong and not easily damaged. The surface of this air mattress is covered with soft velvet so that it can make you feel comfortable when you sleep. Not only that, this air mattress is very light so it’s easy to move from one place to another.

You can also take advantage of this one of the best air mattresses both indoors and outside when camping or picnicking. This product can be filled with air with a manual pump, but it doesn’t take long to fill it up completely. This certainly will not interfere with your other activities.

3. Naturehike Ultralight TPU Sleeping Pad

Best Air Mattress Naturehike Ultralight TPU Sleeping Pad
Brand Naturehike Ultralight TPU Sleeping Pad

If you need a strong but super light air mattress then the Naturehike Air Sleeping Pad can be the right solution. 
This product is a type of air mattress that is very light because it only weighs 0.46 kg. The size of this mattress is quite large, which is 185 x 50 x 3 cm so that it can be a comfortable bed for one person.

This one of the best air mattresses is designed according to body posture, thus providing maximum comfort. Also, in order for it to inflate, you only need to inflate it briefly because it doesn’t need as much air. This product made using PVC material can be folded and in one package is also equipped with a storage bag and a patch in case of a leak.

4. Chanodug FX-8602

Best Air Mattress Chanodug FX-8602
Brand Chanodug FX-8602

The next air mattress recommendation is from Chanodug. 
This air mattress weighs 900 grams with code FX-8602 and has dimensions of 180 x 47 cm. The storage method is very easy and practical, because it is easily folded so that only 12 cm x 25 cm remains. For those of you who are still moving where you live, you must have this air mattress.

Each purchase includes a built-up pump that makes it easy for you to fill air with just your feet. The material used to make this best air mattress is strong, durable, and comfortable rubber for sleeping. If you want to fill with air, then close the air valve again and then pump using your feet for about one minute.

5. Kloken – Magic Air Mattress

Kloken's Best Air Mattress - Magic Air Mattress
Brand Magic Air Mattress

The next air mattress is the Kloken product – Magic Air Mattress. 
This air mattress which is an international brand has a fairly large size, namely 2.03 m x 1.52 m x 0.30 m. With fibertech technology, this air mattress is light and strong for long-term use. In addition, the contours on this one of the best air mattresses can add to the stability of this product. Even so, this air mattress still feels comfortable to use to unwind after a long day of tiring activities.

6. Bestway Air Sofa Bed 5 in 1

Best air mattress Bestway Air Sofa Bed 5 in 1
Brand Bestway Air Sofa Bed 5 in 1

This one air mattress is very multifunctional, you know! 
Bestway Air Sofa Bed 5 in 1 is a type of air mattress that can be turned into a living room sofa, relaxing sofa, regular sofa and of course a bed. So you can use this mattress for various needs.

This product is complete with an electric pump for charging. All you have to do is plug it into the electricity, then this best air mattress can inflate in no time. In addition, the maximum size when it is filled with wind is around 188 x 152 x 64 cm complete with a backrest for relaxing. The material is of high quality, so it is not only comfortable but also durable and not easily damaged.

7. Apex PM-100A

The Best Air Mattress Apex PM-100A
Brand Apex PM-100A

If you need an air mattress for medical purposes or a family is sick at home, then buy this Apex PM-100A. 
This type of mattress is designed only for one person who needs to lie down for a long time. The Apex Anti Decubitus PM 100A air mattress measures 200 x 90 cm, so it is perfect for lying down patients.

The advantage of this best air mattress is that it is equipped with an electric pump. In addition, the compressor is guaranteed for one year. This product is one of the best air mattresses specially designed for patients so that this air mattress will make patients who lie down for a long time feel comfortable.

8. Intime 288724 Meradiso Double Air Bed

Best Air Mattress Intime 288724 Meradiso Double Air Bed
Brand Intime 288724 Meradiso Double Air Bed

The next air mattress product is Intime 288724 Meradiso Double Airbed. 
This air mattress is equipped with 2 air beds and 2 pillows. Each air mattress measures 195 x 81 x 25 cm while the pillows measure 62 x 12 x 35 cm. This product is designed to be portable so it’s easy to carry anywhere, it’s also easy to pump and throw back.

This best air mattress is made using vinyl PVC material so that the mattress is very strong and more durable. However, it is still comfortable to use for sleeping and lying down because the surface is smooth and comfortable velvet. Every Meradiso Double Airbed purchase includes an electric pump to pump it automatically by simply plugging it into the mains.

9. Car Air Bed JS

Best Air Mattress Car Air Bed JS
Brand Car Air Bed JS

Air mattresses that are no less quality are the Car Air Bed JS. 
You can take a vacation or do activities outside using this one mattress. The advantage of this mattress is that it is equipped with a repair kit so that it is leak-resistant. Not only that, this air mattress has a unique design, namely there are supporting legs that are separate from the mattress. With this design, this best air mattress can be used both indoors, outdoors, even in the car.

If you want to use it outside of the car, all you need to do is flip the bed over to make it a sofa. The best air mattress brand is made of PVC and velvet on the surface so that it can make you comfortable. You can get a complete package if you buy this mattress in the form of two pillows, an electric pump, a carrier bag, and a repair kit set. This air mattress has separate support legs from the mattress section, so it can still be used in cars, outdoor and indoor.

10. Carac Car Air Bed

Best Air Mattress Carac Car Air Bed
Brand Carac Car Air Bed

This last air mattress recommendation can withstand loads of up to 100 kg and can be used for all cars, such as MPVs, SUVs and sedans. 
The mat measures 137 x 81 x 10 cm and has 35 cm legs. The size is appropriate when placed in the middle seat of the car.

On the surface of the mattress using velvet material with wind spring power. Interestingly, this best air mattress is designed to withstand scratches and pressure because it is made of quality vinyl. This product is also equipped with two pillows measuring 20 x 30 x 10cm.

Tips for caring for the best air mattresses to make them last longer

You certainly want to have a product that is not easily damaged, right? A durable product will of course benefit you because you won’t have to pay any more to buy an air mattress in the near future. Even if you have bought a product whose material is durable, product maintenance must still be carried out. The main thing that should be done regularly is to clean the best air mattress from dust and other impurities.

How to clean it can be by spraying and simultaneously wiping the mattress with disinfectant liquid. Then wait until completely before using it again. So that it is not easily damaged, you can also add a mat in the form of a carpet under the air mattress first. Not only do you provide a base at the bottom of the best air mattress, you also need to provide a base at the top which is commonly called a sheet.

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