10 Best Comfortable Mattress Recommendations

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Best Blog Review – A comfortable and quality sleep is what everyone needs. As a determinant of how much quality sleep is, the mattress is the most important aspect to pay attention to. If the mattress is not suitable for each person’s body condition, it will be difficult to get a comfortable sleeping position in order to achieve good quality.

In order to no longer experience fatigue, headaches, aches, or changes in feelings when you wake up, it’s important for you to sleep on the right mattress. In Indonesia, it is quite easy to find mattresses with various criteria. If you plan to buy or replace a new mattress, use the right one. If you don’t know which one fits best, we’re here to help you find it!

How to choose a good and comfortable mattress

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As the main bed, the mattress must be able to make you sleep soundly all night. In this case, there are a number of elements for you to know. The right mattress for each person is different. Below, we will explain how to choose the right mattress for you.

1. For a spring mattress, choose based on the type of spring used

Mattresses themselves are generally made with springs and without springs. At present, spring mattresses are the most produced because they have more advantages than springless mattresses. The spring mattress itself is divided into two types of springs, namely bonnell springs and high density springs.

  • Bonnell spring . Bonnell springs have a low density level so they are more suitable for use by people with normal weight. Spring conclusions are made on the top, bottom, right and left sides but are not compressed so that people whose body weight is considered ideal or even thin will not experience back pain when using a Bonnell spring mattress.
  • High Density Spring . This type of spring mattress is said to have a high density because the coils or coils of the spring are made 1.5 times more than the bonnell spring. Automatically, the spring will be better able to support the excess load on the body. Therefore, people who are obese or overweight can use this type of spring mattress to achieve maximum comfort.
  • Bag Shaped Springs . Unlike the two previous types of springs, on this mattress the springs stand on their own, aka no knots are made that blend with the springs around them. A spring-loaded design resembling a small bag or barrel holds the load independently. As a result, this mattress does not cause excessive vibration when you move a lot on it. Pocket spring mattresses are more suitable for sleeping with your partner.

2. For a springless mattress, choose based on the level of hardness and softness

When compared to spring mattresses, springless mattresses produce less because the average person prefers a mattress with springs. However, springless mattresses are still chosen by some people because they provide different comfort. If you want to buy a springless mattress, then pay attention to the level of hardness or softness of the mattress you want to buy.

  • Soft Mattress . This type of springless mattress has a fairly high level of softness. However, make sure that it is not too soft so that your body sinks too deeply, making it uncomfortable. Choose one that can at least support your head and waistline well enough. The characteristics of a soft mattress are more suitable for use by women and children.
  • Hard Mattress . Both use foam, latex, or other materials, but are made by compressing the main material so that the density level is quite high. That way, the mattress automatically becomes harder. This type of mattress is suitable for use by those of you who like to sleep on a mattress that is quite hard, people with large bodies, or those of you who have back problems. In terms of durability, this mattress can reach the age of 2-3 years, just like a soft type mattress.

3. Choose a mattress that is not easily damp and easily dried

Mattresses with springs have the advantage of better air circulation so that when the mattress is damp, the air will help the mattress dry faster, especially when it is dried in the sun. A damp mattress can become a hotbed of bacteria and germs that make the body itch easily or even have an unpleasant odor coming from the mattress.

Then, springless mattresses usually use dense foam so that it will be difficult for air to pass through. If it is exposed to water or sweat and the mattress becomes damp, drying it is rather difficult and takes a long time. However, it will be easier if you dry the mattress when the mattress is too damp and wet. Don’t let your mattress become a nest of germs and dirt that makes your sleep uncomfortable and of poor quality.

4. When buying, try the mattress yourself whenever possible

If you’re planning to buy a mattress in-store, then ask if it’s OK to try the mattress for consideration. In this way, you can be more confident about choosing that mattress or choosing another mattress. When trying the mattress, lay your body in various directions, starting on your back, right and left.

When on your back, position your body as if you were standing. Pay attention to the comfort in your waist. The ideal mattress doesn’t push your waist too much or stick out. When trying a sideways position, also check the comfort in your shoulders and waist. If you want to use the mattress together with your partner, don’t forget to check the size as well and add 30 cm larger than the width of your body and your partner’s.

10 Best Mattress Mattress Recommendations

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After understanding the types of mattresses, Ainun will provide you with the best mattress references from various well-known brands. Choose a mattress that is really comfortable and suitable for use by yourself or both with your partner and even your child!

1. Inoac Japan Foam Mattress Foam

The Best Inoac Japan Foam Mattress Foam Mattress
Inoac Japan Foam Mattress Foam

This mattress is easy to move from room to living room or to another room. 
This is possible because this mattress does not use springs. The foam material used has a standard thickness so it is lightly moved.

It is more appropriate to make this mattress a backup when at any time a guest visits and stays the night. However, do not rule out using it every day. These mattresses are more suitable for women who sleep alone with normal weight or children because they do not have a bouncy effect.

2. Quantum Springbed The Maxwell Spring Latex

Quantum Springbed Best Mattress The Maxwell Spring Latex
Quantum Springbed The Maxwell Spring Latex

Quantum Springbed is a well-known mattress manufacturer in Indonesia. 
One of the best collections, The Maxwell Spring Latex, is presented for those of you who have allergies to dust or bacteria. With a latex base material, this mattress doesn’t use springs but doesn’t make the body fall too much.

However, this mattress has a bouncy effect that can make it easy for children to bounce when they jump on the bed to play. Therefore, if you want to buy this mattress, explain to your children not to play on the mattress because it can harm them.

3. Voiland Latex – Spring Pure Natural Latex

Voiland Latex Best Mattress – Spring Pure Natural Latex
Voiland Latex – Spring Pure Natural Latex

Made from 100% pure latex, this mattress is perfect for those of you who are easily allergic to dirt. 
This product is also disinfected. Even though it uses latex, Voiland equips this mattress with springs that are effective enough to support the body while sleeping.

By using Spring Pure Natural Latex, you can help protect the environment because the material is made from processed natural materials in the form of rubber. When compared to spring or non-spring products, this mattress is a combination of both. So, its hybrid nature allows the mattress to support the body longer and evenly.

4. Simplefurniture World Star Premium

Simplefurniture World Star Premium Best Mattress
Simplefurniture World Star Premium

If the room in your room has a high humidity level, choose a mattress that has pores that are good enough to circulate air. 
This product is the answer for you! Spring-type, Simplefurniture World Star Premium relies on soft and comfortable bonnell type springs.

The edges of this mattress are equipped with thick steel so that the mattress is not easily damaged or deformed even though it is often used to support the body weight of up to two people. Because it has a special ventilator, even air can help keep the mattress from getting damp so that germs and mold won’t nest in it.

5. Central Springbed Grand Deluxe

Central Springbed Grand Deluxe Best Mattress
Central Springbed Grand Deluxe

“Kriik… Kriik” that appears when the springs get pressure on the mattress can be a sleep disturbance for many people. 
Central Springbed released a silent spring bed. That way, you can use this mattress with your partner without fear of disturbing each other when going to bed late or getting up early.

Equipped with corner guard technology, the mattress does not deform even if you move a lot on it. In fact, the edge of the mattress is also not easily damaged when you sit on it. It’s just that this mattress is not suitable for use by people with overweight body weight because the tolerated weight only reaches 80 kg.

6. Lady Americana Richmond

Lady Americana Richmond's Best Mattress
Lady Americana Richmond

Comfort is the main aspect that must be fulfilled when sleeping. 
To fulfill it, you can try this one mattress. Lady Americana Richmond is a premium mattress equipped with a spring system using a variety of the latest technologies.

This pocket-type spring is designed to be vibration-resistant. There is a layer of foam on top that can balance the hardness of the spring. In addition, a mattress equipped with latex material can also reduce the number of dust and germ contaminants. It’s perfect for those of you who are allergic!

7. Elite Prudent

Elite Prudent Best Mattress
Elite Prudent

Having trouble finding a mattress that can support your body weight which exceeds the ideal number? 
Don’t be gloomy! Elite Springbed has a collection of spring mattresses that can support the user’s heavy body. This product uses the patented Everflex technology. This technology is equipped with more springs so that it is suitable for those of you who are heavy.

The high density springs on this mattress are more accurate in supporting the body. Even when you move a lot, you don’t need to be afraid of shorter mattress springs. In fact, you can find a comfortable sleeping position easily when wearing it.

8. Uniland Standard Springbed

Uniland Standard Springbed Best Mattress
Uniland Standard Springbed

Uniland Springbed offers mattresses that combine spring and non-spring systems. 
The foam used makes this mattress suitable for use by children. The M-Guard technology which is also embedded makes the spring structure stronger and less slippery when used.

In addition, the M-Guard technology can also dampen the vibrations and pressure that arise when you move a lot on the mattress. Sold at a friendly price, you can use a mattress that uses large seams so it doesn’t tear easily.

9. Serenity Supreme Plush Top Springbed

The Best Mattress Mattress Serenity Supreme Plush Top Springbed
Serenity Supreme Plush Top Springbed

The advantages of the Serenity Supreme Plush Top mattress can be found in the very minimal bouncy effect. 
For those of you who are looking for a mattress whose springs are not too reactive, buy this mattress. The springs are shorter than a regular spring mattress and it features an extra layer of padding on top of the mattress making it even softer.

If you are someone who likes to change sleeping positions, this mattress will accommodate all your sleeping positions. Either on your back or sideways, the waist, back and shoulders won’t hurt because this mattress is soft enough for these parts.

10. Victoria Rebounded Foam Mattress

Victoria's Best Mattress Mattress Rebounded Foam Mattress
Victoria Rebounded Foam Mattress

If you’re not overweight or have back problems, a Victoria mattress is perfect for everyday use. 
Made of foam, the mattress is relatively soft but doesn’t make the body sink too deep. The reason is, the foam on this mattress has been compacted so that its support power resembles that of a spring mattress.

This mattress can be used alone or together. The compressed foam will keep your body in a balanced position even if you sleep with a partner who is heavier than you. But remember, because this mattress uses foam, you must keep the mattress from getting too damp.

After getting the right mattress, also take care steps so that the mattress is not easily contaminated with germs, viruses, or dirt that sticks to the surface or inside of the mattress. Turn over or replace the top with the bottom of the mattress at least once a month so that the mattress is not too damp on one side.


If you buy a springless mattress, it generally has a shorter life than a spring-loaded mattress. For this reason, maintenance in the same way may be necessary, but you can’t expect the mattress to last longer. Especially if you often use a mattress which then makes the foam deflate faster.

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