10 Best Office Work Chair Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – A work chair is an important part of the productivity and quality of work that a person does. Because, in that chair someone spends his time to complete a job, especially in the office. For this reason, the best work chairs must be able to provide comfort for the wearer, so that work in the office can be even more productive. Besides being able to provide a sense of comfort, a work chair must be able to prevent pain in the back, so that work activities run smoothly.

Best Work Chair Images
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In fact, in one study it was revealed that worker productivity would increase by 17.5% if they used an ergonomic office chair. The study also said that in addition to being able to increase productivity, ergonomic chairs are also able to reduce worker muscle and bone problems. Judging from these studies, work chairs have a very important role for work and health.

10 Best Office Work Chair Recommendations

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To choose a work chair, you should choose the best chair that is comfortable when you use it. This comfort usually occurs because the chair has a soft back and seat, has armrests, and the height matches the wearer. Several brands have also started competing to create the ideal chair for you to use, such as Indachi, IKEA, Hanko, and others. To make it easier to find the right chair, let’s see the list of recommendations for the best work chairs selected by Ainun below!

1. Indachi D-3001

Best Office Chair Images Indachi D-3001
Indachi D-3001

To provide a sense of comfort to anyone who uses it, Indachi D-3001 offers an easy-to-adjust office work chair. 
With this chair, a person can raise and lower his chair with the help of a lever that has been installed, so that he can adjust the right seat height. The backrest is also Synchro, so it can be swung back and forth easily. With these capabilities, this chair can be freely arranged as desired and comfortable.

Apart from this, you also get a sense of comfort thanks to the backrest which is made of synthetic leather, so that your back can feel comfortable when in contact with it. The seat cushion is also soft, very suitable for people who often sit at work for a long time. To make it even more perfect, the Indachi D-3001 adds an ergonomic hand pad to make the wearer feel comfortable.

2. Ergotec GL 801 PR

Ergotec GL 801 PR Best Office Chair Images
Ergotec GL 801 PR

Armrests are a must-have part in an ergonomic chair, because they can make the wearer feel comfortable. 
However, many people are still confused about determining the position of the placemat so that it is comfortable when worn. Therefore, Ergotec GL 801 PR is here to overcome this, namely by providing adjustable armrests. That way, you can adjust it so that the coaster fits your arm.

Not only can the armrests be adjusted, this chair also has hydraulics up and down, so it can be adjusted according to comfort. The seat back, which is made of mesh cloth, is so comfortable when occupied, moreover, the back can swing according to the thrust of the back, it will definitely feel even more comfortable. To make it more comfortable, Ergotec added a seat made of fabric/oscar, a seat material which is very comfortable if you sit on it for a long time.

3. Hanko H-018

Hanko H-018 Best Office Chair Pictures
Hanko H-018

Having a more formal appearance, the Hanko H-018 is quite suitable when used as a manager or secretary chair. 
Not only does it have a good appearance, this cheap work chair is also comfortable to use, because it is made using Oscar material which is smooth and easy to clean. The material covers the seat and back, so that the body parts that hit it don’t feel sore.

There is also an armrest, a sturdy armrest to support the arms so that they feel comfortable while working. There is also a hydraulic which allows the chair to be raised and lowered using a special lever, so that the high or low chair can be adjusted according to taste. Even though it is suitable for use as a manager’s chair because of its shape, those of you who want this chair as the best work chair can still use it, because it really makes you feel comfortable and minimizes pain.

4. Savello Pesco MTO

Savello Pesco MTO Best Office Chair Pictures
Savello Pesco MTO

The Savello Pesco MTO office chair is truly made to give comfort to the wearer. 
This can be seen in the very flexible backrest, it can even follow the back that falls on it. Thanks to this, the back will not feel pain and certainly gives a feeling of comfort to the user’s body. Chairs with these features are also very suitable to be used for rest, so that the body can relax when going to continue work.

The existence of an armrest and height adjustment make this chair even more suitable for workers who want to get an ergonomic chair. To make it even more comfortable, the chair from Savello is deliberately designed with the front of the seat slumping slightly downwards, so that the knees can relax more and prevent cramps. Thanks to all of these things, the Oscar/fabric chair will feel so comfortable when used for work.

5. IKEA Bleckberget Swivel Chair

Picture of the Best Office Work Chairs IKEA Bleckberget Swivel Chair
IKEA Bleckberget Swivel Chair

The name IKEA is well known as the world’s best provider of household appliances. 
For comfortable work chair products, they created a product called IKEA Bleckberget Swivel Chair which looks modern but still simple. The main feature that this chair is proud of is the presence of a pressure sensitive brake mechanism on the wheels. That way, when you sit or stand, the chair will stay where it was. This chair is certainly very suitable for those who have high mobility.

Apart from these superior features, this wheelchair from IKEA still feels comfortable, considering that it has soft cushions and backrests. The height of the chair can also be adjusted with a built-in lever, so users can adjust the height of the chair as comfortable as possible. Apart from being good at providing a sense of comfort, this rotatable chair is also easy to clean. Apart from using a vacuum cleaner, you can also use a damp cloth or cloth if you want to clean it.

6. Chairman SC 208

SC 208 Chairman Best Office Chair Picture
Chairman SC 208

If you are looking for a work chair that is minimalist but still makes you feel comfortable, then Chairman SC 208 is the answer. 
The shape is simple and rather small, but anyone who sits on it will feel comfortable. This happens thanks to the presence of a sturdy armrest to support the arms and the flexible backrest that moves according to the pressure of the wearer’s body. Naturally, if this chair can give a sense of comfort when used.

To make it even more comfortable, the height of the chair can be adjusted according to taste, that is, by simply moving the lever on the chair. You will also feel very comfortable thanks to the comfortable seat and curved structure at the knees. Then the manual swivel feature allows the holder to be rotated 360° so that the wearer can easily turn to all sides.

7. Fantoni Melbourne Office Chair

Best Fantoni Office Chairs Melbourne Office Chair Pictures
Fantoni Melbourne Office Chair

If office chairs are usually black, then the Fantoni Melbourne Office Chair is different by carrying the beige color. 
With that color and an attractive design, this director’s chair feels very beautiful and elegant. Not only relying on design, because this chair is also very concerned about the comfort of its users because it has many features that make you feel comfortable.

This feature is in the form of hydraulic up and down, so that the chair can be adjusted in height and low. To make it even more comfortable, two armrests on either side are also added to this chair, so that the arms can feel better. There are also lumbar and headrests in this chair, so your waist and head will feel comfortable and won’t feel sore easily. For those who want a cool and comfortable work chair, there’s nothing wrong with using the Fantoni Melbourne Office Chair as a work chair.

8. Ergotec Office Chair LX 930 TR

Picture of the Best Work Office Chair Ergotec Office Chair LX 930 TR
Ergotec Office Chair LX 930 TR

Apart from issuing the Ergotec GL 801 PR, Ergotec also has other office chair products, namely the Ergotec Office Chair LX 930 TR. 
This chair has an attractive appearance with the main material being synthetic leather/Oscar, a material that is smooth and easy to clean. Just like other ergonomic work chairs, this product also emphasizes comfort, so it dares to provide many ergonomic features in it.

For example, on the backrest, there are made backrests for the back and head which are very soft, so that pain can be minimized. The back is also equipped with hydraulics, so it can move to follow the movement of the back. This chair is also equipped with a sturdy armrest, so your arms can lean back comfortably. The presence of a handle for adjusting the height of the chair makes it the best work chair which is perfect for everyday use.

9. FCENTER TIRA Office Chair

Picture of the Best Office Chairs FCENTER TIRA Office Chairs

The main feature of the TIRA FCENTER Office Chair is the synchro mechanism, which is a mechanism that allows the user to sit with the correct posture. 
This happens because the back is specially designed so that the user is comfortable and does not experience back pain. This chair also supports a hydraulic lever that allows the backrest to rise and fall, so that a comfortable position can be obtained. By using it, you can sit in this chair for a long time without fear of feeling pain.

Even more comfortable, FCENTER TIRA Office Chair also adds various features. One of these features is the armrest which allows the wearer’s arm to rest quietly. With all these things, this chair will be very suitable when used in the office or for personal use. The design it uses is also good, so it will easily blend in with the interior design of your room.

10. Ergosit Office Chair Seat Armrest

Best Office Chair Images Ergosit Office Chair Seat Armrest
Ergosit Office Chair Seat Armrest

The minimalist look of the Ergosit Seat Armrest Office Chair makes it so suitable when placed as the best personal work chair or for staff work chairs. 
Even though it has a simple appearance, this chair still upholds the value of comfort. This can be proven by the foam in the seat which reaches 6cm and on the back which is 4cm thick with a fabric cover. Because of this, users can feel comfortable even if they sit for a long time.

To create a comfortable impression for users, this chair does not only focus on providing foam, but also provides armrests on either side so that users can rest their arms comfortably. The existence of a lever to adjust the height and low makes it worthy of being called an ergonomic work chair. Those of you who want to get a chair that is simple but comfortable when used for work, then this chair can be the choice.


Work chairs really affect work productivity, for that you have to be smart in choosing one. Make sure the chairs you buy make you feel comfortable when you use them. Usually, a comfortable chair has a hydraulic lever, a height adjustment handle , an armrest, and a soft seat or backrest. If the chair you choose fulfills these requirements, then you can be sure that the chair will be very comfortable. If you are comfortable, surely work productivity in the office can increase even more. Therefore, you must choose an office chair that can provide a sense of comfort when employees are working.

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