10 Best Simple Shoe Rack Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – Shoes and sandals are very much needed by humans, because they are able to protect the feet from harmful things. Because of this, every individual must have footwear, some even collecting hundreds of pairs of them. As a result, a series of shoes actually filled the house. Because of this, a shoe rack appears, which is useful for putting sandals or shoes so that they are more organized.

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With a shoe rack, your footwear will not be scattered, so the room looks neater. The shoe rack also serves to protect shoes and sandals from dust and moisture that can damage the footwear. In fact, in the hands of creative people, shoe racks become home decorations that can beautify their homes. For this reason, shoe racks are essential to use in your home.

10 Best Simple Shoe Rack Recommendations


Currently, there are many manufacturers that produce shoe racks of various types and innovations. Those of you who want to buy it should be able to find a suitable shelf to store your favorite shoes. Choose a shelf that is stable, strong according to the size of the shoe, and where air can flow in and out freely. To make it easier to find, let’s see the recommendations for the best simple shoe racks selected by tomslead.com below!

1. Grace RS 39

Best Simple Shoe Rack Grace RS 39
Grace RS 39

Made of particle board, the Grace RS 39 shoe rack gives a minimalist touch but is still luxurious to the eye. The size itself is 68 x 30 x 80 cm, so it can accommodate 12 pairs of shoes. The shoes that you store there will be exposed to the wind, because this shelf uses an open shelf model. Thanks to the incoming air circulation, the unpleasant odor in the shoes can be minimized a little.

Besides being used to store footwear, this shoe rack can also be used to put a large umbrella. There are two special spaces for placing umbrellas, so you can store your umbrellas so they don’t fly and are easier to find. This, of course, will be very useful when the rainy season comes. For those of you who want a minimalist but still cool shoe rack, then this shoe rack could be your choice.

2. Amazing Portable Shoe Rack

Best Simple Shoe Rack Amazing Portable Shoe Rack
Amazing Portable Shoe Rack

As a portable shoe rack, the Amazing Portable Shoe Rack presents a shelf that is easy to move anywhere quickly. This happens because of its light weight, so anyone can move it. Although lightweight, this shoe rack is still made using quality materials, namely stainless steel, which is known to be strong but lightweight. So you don’t need to doubt the durability provided by this shelf.

To make it easier for users to store shoes, this rack has a fairly high shape, with about 10 levels. Thanks to this, you can store about 30 pairs of shoes neatly. That way, a family’s shoes or sandals can be stored neatly and easily found when using this shelf. For those of you who have a lot of shoes at home and want to get a minimalist shelf, the Amazing Portable Shoe Rack could be the most appropriate choice.

3. Damura Double Shoe Rack, 12 Layers

Best Simple Shoe Rack Damura Double Shoe Rack 12 Layers
Damura Double Shoe Rack, 12 Layers

If you have a large collection of shoes at home, then this best shoe rack is the right choice. The size itself is 118 x 30 x 110 cm, which makes it have six levels on two sides, so that is equivalent to 12 levels. With such a size, you can store 36 pairs of shoes or sandals freely. It’s not even just footwear that can be stored, other items such as clothes and bags can also be fit into it, very multifunctional, isn’t it?

Besides being superior in terms of size, this shoe rack is also good in terms of appearance, because there are fabrics that enhance its appearance. The cloth can also be used to prevent shoes from flying dust. In fact, at the front there is an additional screen that can be opened and closed, so that if you don’t want people to see the contents, the screen can be lowered to cover this shelf. Thanks to that, you can use this stainless steel pipe rack as a family shoe rack at home.

4. Lunar Huga 4310

Best Simple Shoe Rack Lunar Huga 4310
Lunar Huga 4310

Lunar Huga 4310, which is a shoe rack product, wants to look different from other products, namely by providing a door and mirror on the front. With a mirror, owners can judge their appearance when wearing sneakers, so they can always look their best when traveling. The door attached to this shelf is also important because it is anti-dust that will enter the shoe. Thanks to these two things, the walnut-colored shoe rack looks very charming.

The dimensions of this shoe rack are 90 x 32 x 120 cm, which is capable of storing many shoes or sandals, even being able to store 28 pairs. In addition to being able to put a lot of footwear, the shelf can also be used as a multifunctional shelf, which means it can store other items. Besides being able to be used to store shoes, you can use this shoe rack to give an artistic touch at home because it looks really good and attractive.

5. Lunar Huga 425

Best Simple Shoe Rack Lunar Huga 425
Lunar Huga 425

Lunar seems to want to make an elegant impression on each of their best shoe racks. In addition to the Huga 4310, the Huga 425 also has an attractive design with a sonoma oak color that is very pleasing to the eye. To make it even more luxurious, the shelves use sliding glass doors, which are very rarely found on other products’ shelves. As a result of that, you can place this shelf in a room that people often pass by. Apart from not being annoying, it also gives the impression of art in the room.

The sliding door that is attached to this shelf is not only a decoration, but is useful for providing comfort to the owner. Thanks to the door, the owner can close it so that the shoes are not exposed to dust or open it so that the shoes get fresh air. The rack that can accommodate 24 pairs of shoes is equipped with a shelf above, so it can be used to store socks. With a cool look and many advantages, this lunar shoe rack is highly recommended.

6. Multifunction & DIY Shelving Atria

Best Simple Shoe Rack Multifunction _ DIY Shelving Atria
Multifunction & DIY Shelving Atria

What’s unique about the Multifunction & DIY Shelving Atria shoe rack is that there are two sides of the shelf that have different sizes. In the first area, there are small shelves ready to accommodate shoes of smaller sizes. While in the second area, there are two large shelves that can be used to put larger shoes or shoe boxes. Thanks to such a design, the best shoe rack with black cloth on the right and left looks simple but still stylish.

This rack does use a black frame that is a bit small, but still strong because it is connected with sturdy connectors. The connector is indeed used to connect one part to another, because this shelf can be opened and installed easily. With a size of 127 x 29 x 116cm, you can store a lot of shoes on this shelf. It can even be used to store polish, shoe brushes, and socks because the fabric on each side has a special place to put them.

7. Furigami Shoe Rack

Best Simple Shoe Rack Furigami Rak Sepatu
Furigami Shoe Rack

There is another unique but cool shoe rack product, namely the Furigami Shoe Rack, a shelf that can also be used as a seat. The sofa to sit on is at the top, and is equipped with very soft cushions, making anyone sitting on it feel comfortable. The rack itself is under the seat, and can be used to neatly store 9-10 pairs of shoes.

What’s unique about this shelf is that it can be opened and closed, so it can protect footwear from dust. If you want to give air to your shoes, you just need to open them, so they don’t get damp and don’t produce a bad smell. With such a design, this shelf can save more space, so it can be placed even in a rather narrow place. For those of you who are looking for a unique and multipurpose shoe rack, the Furigami Shoe Rack will be the right choice.

8. Lion Star Plastic Shoe Rack

Best Simple Shoe Rack Lion Star Rak Sepatu Plastik Terbaik
Lion Star Plastic Shoe Rack

Lion Star produces the best shoe rack that is simple but still functions optimally when used. Their product is made of plastic, but its strength can be calculated, so it can hold 9-12 pairs of shoes on it. Shelves of this brand have also been proven to last for years, so you don’t have to doubt their quality. There is one advantage thanks to the plastic material, which is very light and can be dismantled and assembled easily. Because of this, you can move it easily and quickly.

This shoe rack is an open shoe rack type, so that the footwear placed there can be exposed to the air so that the footwear does not leave a smell. You can choose a three-tier or four-tier Lion Star shoe rack, because these two types of racks are the most commonly circulated. It is very easy to find. The price is also cheap, so it is perfect if you want to get a shoe rack that is simple but still functions well.

9. Universal 8 Stack Shoe Rack

Best Simple Shoe Rack Universal Rak Sepatu 8 Susun
Universal 8 Stack Shoe Rack

If you want to have a shoe rack that can store lots of shoes, then the Universal 8 Stack Shoe Rack can be considered. With a height of 120 cm, this shelf has 8 levels that can store up to 24 pairs of footwear. The length itself is only 60 cm, so it can be placed in various places. Take it easy. This shoe rack is lightweight and can be assembled and disassembled, so when you want to move it, it can feel easier and faster.

Even though they are light, the materials they use are still of high quality because they use sturdy iron. The connector used is also strong, so it can hold dozens of shoes placed on the rack. In fact, not only shoes can be stored there; other items can also be placed there if there is a shortage of space. The colors provided by this shelf are also diverse and fashionable, so even though it’s not used to put shoes on, it still looks elegant.

10. Modern Musbiz DIY Creative Household Shoe Storage

Best Simple Shoe Rack Modern Musbiz DIY Creative Household Shoe Storage
Modern Musbiz DIY Creative Household Shoe Storage

If you want a versatile shoe rack, then this product will be the right choice. There are three shelves in this product, the top two shelves are for storing small shoes, and the bottom is for storing large shoes like boots. On a larger shelf, you can also place a helmet, shoe box, or other items. Each part of the shelf has been equipped with a door, so that dust that wants to stick to the shoes can be properly prevented.

With very diverse functions, this shoe rack comes in an attractive color cast. Therefore, you can place it on various sides of the house to give an artistic element to your residence. Don’t be afraid to get damaged quickly because the frame is made of steel while the body is made of strong plastic. With this, you can choose this shoe rack to be used to store shoes or sandals that are not too many.


Even though it is simple, the shoe rack has an important role, so you should not underestimate it. If you want to keep your shoes or sandals neatly organized and easy to find, then using a shoe rack is the choice. Choose a shelf that suits your needs and has good materials. That way, you will find the best shoe rack that can also be used as an artistic component of your home.

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