10 Best Sleep Pillow Recommendations (Latest 2024)

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Best Blog Review – One of the things that almost everyone uses when sleeping is a pillow. Sleeping with a pillow will provide a better quality of sleep. However, have you used the right sleeping pillow? The number of pillow products on the market often makes people confused about what to choose. 

Therefore, through this article we will invite you to take a look at the ten best sleeping pillows on the list. But first, let’s look at the important points to consider when choosing a pillow product. Because the pillow will affect the comfort of everyone sleeping, so the choice should not be careless!

Best Sleeping Pillow
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How to choose a good sleeping pillow

With adequate and quality sleep, the body will rest to restore its energy and freshness. The recommended sleep time is of the 24 hours spent in a day. If you want to improve sleep quality, of course you need the right pillow and comfortable to use. Below we will explain how to choose a comfortable pillow for sleeping based on each person’s needs. Please listen, yes!

1. Check the size of the pillow according to your body

On the market there are many choices of pillows that can be adjusted to your body. Usually the size of the pillow is also determined by how big the bed is used. But in general, the pillow size used is 43 x 63 cm. The size adjusts the width of the shoulders of people in general.

There is also a pillow with a size of 50 x 70 cm so that it is wider. This kind of pillow size is commonly found in hotels and similar inns. If you want something a little bigger, you can choose a 60 x 75 pillow so that your head stays on the pillow when your body moves a lot. While the pillow which measures 43 x 120 cm is intended for two people.

2. Also check the pillow stuffing material used

Another important point that you also need to pay attention to when choosing a pillow is to look at the basic material of the pillow filling itself. There are at least 6 types of basic materials used in pillows, namely dacron, silicone cotton, goose feathers, latex, memory foam, and beads. Let’s investigate further the characteristics between them.

  • Dacron . The basic material of dacron has a very smooth texture that comes from plastic fibers. Generally, dacron is a better pillow filling than kapok. The advantage of a dacron pillow is that it can adjust to the shape of the head and is safe for asthmatics because this material is not dusty or the contents fly easily when the pillow is perforated.
  • Silicone Cotton . The texture of the silicone cotton is close to the texture of the original cotton, but comes from butane fiber and provides good comfort when used as a pillow stuffing. Pillows filled with silicone cotton are generally cheaper, but have better breathability. Pillows containing silicone cotton can also be an option for those of you with asthma, although the elasticity of the material can decrease with increasing use.
  • Goose Feather . Pillows filled with goose feathers make the texture of the pillow softer. In addition, pillows filled with goose feathers also have advantages in terms of air circulation and can maintain the humidity and temperature of the pillow. Behind the quality offered, the price of pillows containing goose feathers is also more expensive.
  • latex . Latex is a material that has an elastic texture so it is suitable for those of you who suffer from stiff shoulders or necks. Derived from rubber latex through a refining and processing process, latex is guaranteed to be good for health. Moreover, the latex material is also anti-mite and anti-bacterial. Pillows with 100% latex material are generally more durable, even reaching 5 years or more.
  • Memory Foam . This pillow filling material has excellent flexibility. However, the durability of this pillow is only about 3-6 months, depending on the quality of the material. Pillows filled with memory foam need time to get back into shape. Memory foam material is not washable so you need to consider before buying it.
  • Beads . Pillows with bead filling can be chosen for those of you who like a unique feel. This material is also not washable, but the care is to store it at room temperature that is not too hot or cold. Pillow beads can last about 1 – 5 years depending on the quality of the beads used.

The 10 best sleeping pillow recommendations

If you already know the points in choosing a pillow in the previous section that Ainun discussed, now is the time to buy the best sleeping pillow. So what brand is a good pillow? You can choose a pillow by looking at the quality, size, height, and material of the pillow base including the filling, yes!

1. Jesselyn Premium Pillow

The Best Sleeping Pillow Jesselyn Premium Pillow
Jesselyn Premium Pillow Sleeping Pillow

Dacron pillows can be the choice of everyone, especially those who have allergies. 
We recommend Jesselyn Premium Pillow for those of you who are looking for a dacron pillow. In addition to being anti-allergic, this pillow is soft so it is very comfortable to use.

Not to mention its ability to adjust the curve of the neck and not absorb dust, this pillow will prevent you from neck pain or allergies. Pillow care is easy to do, just wash it with water to keep it clean. However, dry thoroughly before use!

2. Bestway 67121 Flocked Air Pillow

Bestway 67121 Flocking Air Pillow
Bestway 67121 Flocking Air Pillow

Bestway 67121 Flocked Air Pillow is made with a unique design, because you can adjust the amount of air you want to put into the pillow to suit your needs. 
Another plus, this pillow you can easily store when not in use.

This pillow has a size of 48 x 30 cm so it is ideal for the shoulder size of people in general, especially adults. If you suffer from allergies to furry materials, the outer part of this material is made of vinyl and the inside is filled with wind to keep you away from itching.

3. Signature Goose Down Pillow

Best Sleeping Pillow Signature Goose Down Pillow
Goose Down Pillow Signature Sleeping Pillow

Do you want to experience quality sleep every night, either alone or with a partner? 
This pillow from Signature will accompany your rest time. Contains 1300 grams of goose feathers, the effect of softness and tenderness that appears will make your sleep really comfortable.

This pillow with a price of 1 million is guaranteed to be odorless. The luxury is not limited to the price, but thanks to the pillow stuffing and the elegant appearance that doesn’t get tired of looking at it. Another advantage of this pillow is that it can adjust to the weather. Don’t worry, this pillow doesn’t shrink easily.

4. Pillopedic the Classic Memory Foam Pillow

Pillopedic the Classic Memory Foam Pillow
Bantal Tidur Pillopedic the Classic Memory Foam Pillow

Have you been having trouble finding a pillow to keep your asthma from relapse? 
Try our recommended product this time. The material in the form of memory foam is equipped with the latest technology, making it not only able to support the neck and head to avoid neck and spine pain, but also anti-allergy.

That’s right, Pillopedic applies anti-hypoallergenic technology which makes this pillow safe for those of you with asthma. In addition, these pillows are also anti-fungal, bacteria, and mites. Unfortunately, only the outside can be washed, but the inside cannot be washed.

5. Manna Super Silicone Pillow

Best Sleeping Pillow Manna Super Silicone Pillow
Manna Super Silicone Pillow Sleeping Pillow

Measuring 64 x 45 cm, this pillow conforms to the standard hotel bed sheet size. 
Manna produced this pillow to provide the same sensation of sleeping as on a hotel bed every day, in your home! With this pillow, you can sleep comfortably at night like you are on vacation and staying at a hotel.

The price of this pillow is also quite affordable, so you can buy more than one as stock. How? Do you want to experience a comfortable sleep quality that is equivalent to sleeping in a hotel with this Manna Super Silicon Pillow?

6. Restking Pillow

Best Sleeping Pillow Restking Pillow
Sleeping Pillow Restking Pillow

Restking Pillow has a filling material in the form of 100% hollow conjugated fiberfill. 
The filling is made evenly and full by relying on the machine so that it is not easily deflated even though it is often used. Although it involves modern technology in its production, this pillow is marketed at an economical price.

This pillow made by Restking is equipped with added value in the form of anti-odor and anti-bacterial. You can also keep the pillow clean by washing it by hand. Comfort also increases thanks to clean and odorless pillows. Come on, buy it now!

7. Therapedic Anatomic Memory Foam Cooling Gel Pillow

Best Sleep Pillow Therapedic Anatomic Memory Foam Cooling Gel Pillow
Therapeutic Anatomic Memory Foam Cooling Gel Pillow

Innovation in the world of bearings has advanced. 
One of them is Therapedic’s sleeping pillow that people are talking about. With a modern design, these pillows are embedded with cool gel technology which keeps the pillow cool at night.

This pillow is also designed for health needs, namely to keep your neck and spine from being burdened. All the advantages of this pillow can improve the quality of your sleep. However, you need to spend almost 2 million to be able to use this pillow with a memory foam base material.

8. Olivia Smart Choices

Best Sleep Pillow Olivia Smart Choices
Olivia Smart Choices

Olivia brought out a set of pillows and bolsters that were both easily washable. 
We recommend washing the following pillows once every 2-6 months. Olivia Smart Choices is made of breathable polyester as the filling.

Its soft surface material will be comfortable when it touches the skin of your neck. Don’t worry, this pillow is guaranteed to be soft so that you sleep better without being disturbed by a hard textured pillow. Just pay once, you will get a set of pillows and rolls that last up to a year.

9. Chillow Pillow

Best Sleeping Pillow Chillow Pillow
Chillow Pillow Sleeping Pillow

When the temperature in the room is hot, the pillows are also hot so that your sleep becomes uncomfortable. 
Do you often experience this? Let’s replace your pillow with Chillow Pillow. This pillow can provide a cool sensation without worrying about sweating while sleeping.

Sleep will be more soundly and no longer disturbed by hot air after using this pillow. But you need to want that this pillow is an additional cushion to put on top of the main pillow. Don’t worry, this pillow is designed thin to prevent stiff shoulders and neck after waking up.

10. Character Pillow

Best Sleeping Pillow Character Pillow
Character Pillow Sleeping Pillow

In addition to prioritizing the quality of materials, not a few manufacturers also design pillows with attractive designs. 
Our product this time, for example, is a pillow that has a cute character. Those of you who like cute characters can buy this unique pillow.

Besides being used as a head pillow, you can also use it as a back pillow and neck pillow. This product is in demand by many women, including children because of its attractive appearance. The laur is soft like a feather with a soft filling.


Use a pillow that is comfortable for you. Check the height of the pillow by reading the product description if you intend to buy it online. Pillows that are too high will cause neck pain or stiff shoulders. Conversely, a low pillow height can circulate blood in the head well and make you sleep more soundly.

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