10 Great Bathroom Wall Soap Holders (2024 Newest)

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Best Blog Review – Nowadays many people prefer wall soap holders attached to the bathroom wall compared to portable soap holders, because they are considered practical and easy to use soap, especially liquid soap. Some manufacturers of soap dispensers also make their products in large sizes, so they can be used to store shampoo, face wash, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and more. If you are looking for a soap dish product that can be attached to the bathroom wall, this article will discuss it in full, starting with how to choose it and the recommendations.

Tips for Choosing a Wall Soap Holder

Bathroom Wall Soap Holder
Illustration of Soap and Toiletries

One of the important things to consider in choosing a wall mounted soap holder is its ability to keep soap clean. Here are some tips that can be applied when choosing a soap holder that can be attached to the wall.

1. Choose based on the model of the soap holder

For bathroom wall soap holders, usually use suction cup so it can stick to the wall. Some soap holders are also installed permanently using nails, so they will be stronger and not easily detached. Soap holders like these allow good air circulation and are easy to clean, so they’re perfect for those of you who prioritize cleanliness. But for a permanent adhesive soap holder, make sure it matches the texture of the wall to be used so that it can be used properly.

If you are still living in a temporary house, whether it’s a rented house or a boarding house, then it’s better to choose a portable soap dish than a soap dish attached to the bathroom wall. Using a portable soap dish will certainly make it easier for you to move soap to various places, be it the bathroom, sink, toilet, and other places. However, the bottom of the portable soap dispenser needs to be cleaned regularly as it comes in direct contact with the box which makes it dirty quickly.

2. Ensure the materials used

One of the materials often used to make wall soap holders is stainless steel. With a glossy appearance, this material looks cool, stylish , and clean when affixed to the wall. Another advantage of a stainless steel soap dish is that it doesn’t rust easily, has a fairly good durability, and the soap residue doesn’t stick easily, so you don’t have to clean the soap box too often.

Another material that is also easy to find in bathroom wall soap holders is plastic or sponge, which are known to be light in weight and easy to maintain. However, they do not crack easily and are quite shock-resistant, making them a great choice for a soap box if you have small children in your home. Because it makes the soap material melt easily, plastic soap containers must be cleaned regularly. Meanwhile, sponge materials tend to deflate quickly and must be replaced with new ones regularly so that they remain comfortable to wear.

To present a warm, classic, natural and traditional impression like a spa, try choosing a soap holder made of wood. Because the color tends to wash off easily and stick to the soap, make sure the wooden soap holder you choose is varnished. In addition to making the color not fade easily, varnish also prevents the appearance of mold in the soap dish.

Apart from the three materials above, there are also bathroom wall soap holders made of glass and ceramic which have a luxurious appearance, and are very easy to clean when dirt gets stuck. What’s more, the ceramic material has high enough absorption to keep the soap dry for a long time. However, extra caution is required when using soap holders from these two materials because they tend to crack and break easily when dropped. So make sure the surface of the bathroom wall is flat and stable if you want to install a ceramic or glass soap dish.

3. Make sure the placement area is suitable

Bathroom wall soap holders made of glass or ceramic should be placed in the sink because they break easily. Meanwhile, for a place made of wood, it should be placed in a place that is not too wet so that it is not easily moldy and weathered. For stainless steel materials, actually they can be placed anywhere, but make sure they are not exposed to water constantly because they can get dirty quickly and can be damaged. If the soap dish is made of plastic and silicone, you can put it anywhere, as long as you clean it regularly so it doesn’t get slippery.

For those of you who choose a bathroom wall soap holder in the form of a soap dispenser , make sure the capacity matches the soap you are buying. Choose a bottle with a capacity of 200 ml for hand soap that is placed in the sink, but for storing body wash and shampoo, choose a bottle with a capacity of 450 ml or even more.

10 Bathroom Wall Soap Holder Recommendations

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Currently, there are quite a number of brands of bathroom wall soap holders that have unique designs and are even multifunctional. Prices also vary, ranging from tens of thousands for places made of plastic to hundreds of thousands of rupiah for those made of stainless steel. The following is a recommendation for a wall soap holder that is discussed by Ainun in full.

1. Dejavu Multipurpose 2 Layer Wall Shelf HRD104

Bathroom Wall Mounted Soap Holder Shelf - Dejavu 2 Layer Multipurpose Wall Shelf HRD104
Wall Soap Holder – Dejavu 2 Layer Multipurpose Wall Shelf HRD104

The Dejavu HRD104 bathroom wall soap holder is made of high quality aluminum which is strong, lightweight and anti-rust. 
Designed with two levels, this soap box can also be used to store shampoo, 
skincare , and other bathroom needs.

The size of this bathroom wall soap holder also varies, there are 1-level corner, 2-level 3-level corner, as well as 1-level, 2-level, and 3-level square, each with a height of 4 cm, 38 cm, to 55 cm. The Dejavu Wall Shelf HRD104 can be purchased through the official store with a price range of 35 thousand – 89 thousand rupiah, depending on the size chosen.

2. WARS Soap Dispenser 2 Tubes 6001-B 700 ML

Mounted Bathroom Wall Soap Rack - WARS 2 Tube Soap Dispenser 6001-B
Wall Mounted Soap Holder – WARS 2 Tube Soap Dispenser 6001-B

For easier use of liquid soap, this bathroom wall soap holder can be the right choice. 
Designed in the form of 2 tubes with a total capacity of 700 ml, the WARS Dispenser 6001-B can be used to store various types of liquid soap, be it bath soap, face wash, 
shampoo or lotion. ABS plastic material is used as the main material for making this product, resulting in a strong, sturdy and durable soap dish.

WARS Dispenser 6001-B is equipped with a lock and a strong drill nail, so you just need to drill a hole to hang it. To refill the soap, just open the top and put the soap in, and just press the button to use the soap. This bathroom wall soap dish is sold for 47 thousand rupiahs and is equipped with a key so that the contents cannot be used by unauthorized persons.

3. Oxihom Hanging Soap Holder B2137

Bathroom Wall Hanging Soap Rack - Oxihom Hanging Soap Holder
Wall Soap Holder – Oxihom Hanging Soap Holder

Oxihom B2137 is a bathroom wall soap holder specifically for bar soap and is made with a length of 12 cm, a width of 4.5 cm and a width of 10 cm. 
This product is made of polypropylene material which is equipped with a lid on the front, so your body wash can be protected properly. On the back of the soap holder there is a special adhesive so that Oxihom B2137 can be easily attached to the bathroom tile wall.

It’s not difficult to install this bathroom wall soap holder, you just have to make sure the wall surface is dry, then attach the adhesive to the wall and press firmly on the glue until no air is trapped in it. The price for Oxihom B2137 is also very affordable, only 20 thousand rupiahs.

4. LetYeah Wall Mounted Soap Storage Rack

Bathroom wall mounted soap storage rack - letYeah Wall mounted soap storage rack
Wall Soap Holder – LetYeah Wall Mounted Soap Storage Rack

Like the previous bathroom wall soap holder, LetYeah Soap Rack is also made of polypropylene. 
Available in white and blue colors, this product is made in a size of 27.2 cm x 10.1 cm x 6.3 cm which can be placed practically anywhere, including in the kitchen, bedroom, living room and other rooms. On the back of the shelf there is also super strong glue but will not damage the wall when installed. LetYeah Soap Rack is sold at 18 thousand rupiahs and can be ordered directly through the official LetYeah 
store in e-commerce.

5. Europe Enchanting Stainless Wall Soap Rack E891

Bathroom Wall Mounted Soap Rack - Europe Enchanting Stainless Wall Mounted Soap Rack E891
Wall Soap Holder – Europe Enchanting Stainless Wall Soap Rack E891

Europe Enchanting E891 is made of 
full stainless steel polish which is anti-rust, and there is even a non-rust guarantee for more than 5 years. This bathroom wall soap holder is available in chrome and black which looks elegant when mounted on your bathroom tile wall. Europe Enchanting E891 is made measuring 20 cm x 20 cm x 6 cm and is sold at 150 thousand rupiah.

6. UNISOH Soap Holder Paste UNA 70025

Bathroom Wall Mounted Soap Rack - UNISOH Minimalist Sticky Soap Holder
Wall Soap Holder – UNISOH Minimalist Stick Soap Holder

UNISOH UNA 70025 is made of the best quality ABS plastic as the main material and comes in white which is suitable for minimalist room designs. 
On the 
suction side there are 3 layers of material that has very strong adhesion, so you can stick it on bathroom ceramic walls, glass, metal, stainless steel , or other materials. Even though the size is not too big, this product can withstand loads of up to 2 kg.

How to install this bathroom wall soap holder is very easy. Clean the place where this product will be installed from oil and dust, remove the protective plastic from the suction cup and attach it to the wall. After that, release the suction cup button by turning it to the right, remove it from the shelf, press the scrub in and hold it until there is no air left, then reattach the suction cup button by turning it to the left and tighten it. UNISOH UNA 70025 can be ordered through the UNISOH official store at a price of 35 thousand rupiah.

7. Krisbow Liquid Soap Dispenser Silver

Bathroom wall mounted soap rack - wall soap holder - ace krisbow liquid soap dispenser
Wall Soap Holder – Wall Soap Holder – ACE Krisbow Liquid Soap Dispenser

There is no need to doubt the quality of Krisbow’s various furniture, including this bathroom wall soap holder. 
Made from the best quality plastic, Krisbow Liquid Soap Dispenser has a maximum capacity of 380 ml so it is still suitable for installation in the sink area. However, because it is a type of permanent soap holder, you have to really consider where this product will be placed so that it doesn’t go to waste later.

Once properly installed, the Krisbow Liquid Soap Dispenser is very easy, just press the button to remove the soap. Apart from being purchased through ACE Hardware outlets , this bathroom wall soap holder can also be ordered through e-commerce at a price of 90 thousand rupiah.

8. Happy Time Stainless Wall Hanging Rack 2 Layers

Bathroom wall soap rack mount - happy time 2 tier stainless wall hanging rack
Wall Soap Holder – Happy Time Stainless Wall Hanging Rack 2 Layers

Happy Time bathroom wall soap holder is made of the best quality 
stainless steel , thick and anti-rust. Designed in two tiers with a size of 40 cm x 16 cm x 40 cm, this shelf can not only be used as a soap holder, but can also be used for various toiletries. At the end there is an additional guardrail which functions to prevent the equipment placed there from falling.

This bathroom wall soap dish is also equipped with small holes to prevent stagnant water when bathing, so it will be free from germs, fungi, and bacteria. Sold at 92 thousand rupiahs, the luxurious appearance of the Happy Time Hanging Shelf makes it also suitable as a home decoration.

9. Tanaga Contactless Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

Bathroom wall mounted soap rack - tanaga contactless wall-mounted automatic liquid soap dispenser
Wall Soap Holder – Tanaga Contactless Wall-Mounted Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

If you need a sophisticated bathroom wall soap holder, the Tanaga Contactless Automatic Soap Dispenser is the right choice. 
This is supported by the presence of an infrared sensor that allows you to remove the soap in it without pressing any buttons, so it will prevent 
second cross infection. The material for its manufacture is ABS plastic and is powered by four AA batteries. The presence of an LED light indicator on this product makes it easier to use, especially at night.

However, there are several important points to remember when using this bathroom wall soap holder, including do not install the dispenser with a height of less than 5 cm from the table, the maximum sensor effect is 10 cm, and only for indoor use. Tanaga Contactless Automatic Soap Dispenser is made in a size of 11 cm x 10 cm x 6.5 cm with a maximum soap capacity of 700 ml. With the good quality offered, the price of this product is relatively expensive, around 160 thousand rupiah.

10. Trisensa TS-1 Ivory Plain Box

Bathroom Wall Mounted Soap Holder Shelf - Trisensa TS-1 Ivory Plain Box
Wall Soap Holder – Trisensa TS-1 Plain Ivory Box

Made of ceramic material, the Trisensa TS-1 bathroom wall soap holder is specifically for bar soap only. 
This product measures 11 cm x 22 cm x 5.5 cm with a plain and ivory-colored design that looks calm. Because the installation needs to be done by planting it into the wall, you need the help of an expert if you want to attach this product to the bathroom. The Trisensa TS-1 is sold at a fairly affordable price, only around 27 thousand rupiah.

Tips for Caring for Bathroom Equipment

As equipment that is very often in contact with water and humidity, the bathroom wall soap holder must also be cared for properly so that it does not become moldy or become a breeding ground for bacteria. Here are some ways you can take care of soap dispensers and other equipment in the bathroom.

  1. Returning soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste or other equipment to their place.
  2. Ensure that the water holes of the soap dish are always clean and not clogged.
  3. Clean the soap dish using a cloth and warm water only or special cleaners, because certain chemical liquids can potentially damage the soap dish.


The bathroom wall soap holder now not only functions as a bathroom fixture, but can also be used as a room decoration. In this article, we have discussed several wall soap dish products, ranging from those that cost tens of thousands of rupiah to hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

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